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I was with a wedding event a year ago which looked similar to a circus. Not simply managed they have got the normal situations like bouquet throwing and garter removal, but they insisted on playing video games during the entire night time. Keep leisure similar to this to a minimum. The physician who examined the remains pronounced the case one of spontaneous combustion. The following summer, the remains were exhumed, and Liebig and Bischoff, who examined them, published their report exploding the theory of spontaneous combustion.

The forensic expert, pharmacologist Heinrich Emmanuel Merck founder of the eponymous pharmaceutical company could prove that the countess had been poisoned and partially burnt in order to destroy evidence. Rare first edition of this treatise on blessings and curses by the prolific Jesuit controversialist and theologian Jacob Gretser The first two parts are concerned with the nature and various types of benedictions and blessings, first describing divine blessings and then discussing the forms of blessings in the context of the Mass, blessings at table, consecration of churches, and the use of holy water, among other matters.

Gretser pays much attention to the writings of other theologians, and is particularly keen to attack the Calvinist Lambertus Danaeus. The third book turns to an examination of curses. Gretser defines the curse and gives examples of the circumstances under which curses are permitted, citing St Augustine and St Gregory. A sermon, occasioned by the death of the late Reverend Mr.

Stephen James. A sermon, occasioned by the death of Mr. Two works bound in one volume, 8vo, pp. Patience Wilman from her most obligd humble Servt H. First editions of two scarce sermons by Henry Grove It is particularly appealing, and rare, to find a presentation inscription by Grove. Evidently he had copies of his sermons bound up and presented them to friends and followers, in the present case Mrs. Patience Welman. Williams Library; II. Williams Library Rare second edition of this handbook of forestry surveying for students and practitioners. The first describes and explains the various surveying instruments required with section two discussing the different techniques necessary for forestry work.

He explains relevant geometrical and trigonomical principles, as well as providing lists of useful associated weights and measures. Aspects of forestry management are also discussed. Leipzig, Johann Gottlieb Feind, The reviewer of this book in the Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung issue , September, 25, points out that there had been a lack of household and cookbooks written for absolute beginners, who have no knowledge at all of these matters. The present work was to fill that gap perfectly. The reviewer however bemoans the absence of an index, which is present here on the 16 pages at the end.

The two printed folding tables contain lists of foodstuffs; they are not called for in the collation given by the State Library in Berlin. Neither does the Berlin copy have the index. London: Printed for G. Robinson, 25, Paternoster Row. Scarce first edition of this informative guide to Lincolnshire, by the little known author Miss Hatfield. All we know about the author is that she was teaching children of the nobility and wrote another, similarly rare work, Letters of the Importance of the Female Sex, as an educational book for young women, The theology and mythology of the antient Pagans, which was published in vanished and in Provenance: Inside front cover in inscription by Miss G.

Note in the same hand on front fly-leaf, identifying the Lady N. Underneath is an unusual late s engraved bookplate with a portrait of a lady, simply named Helen. Anderson p. London, [Hartnell and Bailey] for G. Ebooks and Manuals

Robinson, The first edition was published by Wittingham and Arliss in ; however, we were not able to locate a single copy. We only know about this probably lost first edition from an advertisement of the publisher at the end of another book. Miss Hatfield taught children of the nobility and wrote another, similarly rare, work, Letters of the Importance of the Female Sex, as well as a topographical and antiquarian books on Lincolnshire for youth.

En deux parties. This rare monograph on chickenpox gives in the first part an overview of the Italian, French, English and German literature on the disease. The second part is on its detection, spread, cure and prevention of infection. Belief is medicine Leipzig, bei Friedrich Christian Wilhelm Vogel. First edition of this philosophical essay by the Leipzig physician and psychologist Johann Christian August Heinroth , in which he investigates the nature of belief and faith in both religious and secular contexts. His introduction gives a brief account of the nature of free research, before he divides his work into three sections, dealing in turn with history, philosophy, and faith.

He lectured in his home city of Leipzig from , becoming professor of physical medicine there in Egremont, Cumberland, Arcadian Press, []. We were not able to find out anything about the author, apart from that he apparently had studied at Oxford. He might be identical with one Benson Herbert, who published poetry in Oxford in On the 15th of March, One simple division of exhibits is between natural and artificial; books, clearly, fall into the latter category.

John Hopkinson of Watford was a natural historian specialising in fresh water animals, and secretary of the Ray Society. HUME, David. Small-8vo, pp. A pamphlet attacking the Bavarian government in led to his imprisonment for three years, whereafter he retired to Frankfurt and then to Mayence, where he died. However, he also had a profitable sideline as an erotic writer, under the pseudonym of Pruzum and also of Christian Althing.

Provenance: From the library of the Dukes of Oettingen-Wallerstein, which was partly dispersed in Augsburg University bought the largest chunk of it, which among the over , volumes contained incunables. Del Barone Pasquale Galluppi da Tropea. Autore del Saggio filosofico sulla critica della conoscenza. Messina, Presso Giuseppe Pappalardo. In the course of twelve letters, Galluppi charts the most important developments in philosophy and particularly in epistemology from Descartes to Kant. Pasquale Galluppi was initially much influenced by Wolff, before studying Kant in depth between and He became professor of philosophy at the University of Naples in Jessop p.

This volume celebrates and illustrates the Hungarian artistic contribution to the World Exhibition of The style of paintings and sculptures are naturalism, symbolism and art nouveau. Lippich de Korongh, who wrote both on art and on nationalism, stresses the uniqueness of the Hungarian race, and the importance of art for the nation struggeling to maintain their culture in the Habsburg Empire. Despite this stance, Slavonic artists living in the Hungarian part of the monarchy sent their works to Paris as well.

By a Freeholder, Farmer, and late Parish Officer. Leamington, J. The Arrival of Steam Power in the Provinces Archive of manuscript material relating to the construction of a steam mill in a village near the coast of Northunderland. North Sunderland, The advantages of steam power, especially in the coal-rich North East of England, had become obvious even in a small village by the s. This archive contains the very detailed specifications for the building, steam engine and the corn mill itself, with prices for workmanship and material, as well as a large folding plan on vellum with colouring in outline x mm , which indicates that the machine house measured 32 by 26 feet.

Table of contents

Included is another plan of roughly half the size. Nevertheless this little archive documents the arrival of steam power in a rather remote part of England. Troyes, Bouquot, First edition of this rare essay on suicide by strangulation not involving hanging, by the Aube physician Jacquier. Not in OCLC. The Life of Thompson, the Scottish poet influential for Savage, begins on page and was probably translated from an Edinburgh edition of his poems which had a biography at the end.

Courtney p. For Uniting and Defending themselves against Popish Tyranny. Written in French, by the Learned Monsieur Jurieu. Done out of French. London, Printed for R. Scarce first English translation of this unidentified work by Pierre Jurieu. England hath her faults, that are no less culpable; piety is not regarded there; the men are proud, and the women disorderly to a high degree, vain and pompous even beyond imagination. Pierre Jurieu was a Calvinist minister and tireless controversialist.

In , having taught in a Protestant academy at Sedan, he took refuge with Pierre Bayle in Rotterdam, whence he directed a stream of polemic against Bossuet, Arnauld, and many other opponents. Anti-Materialism Paris, Claude Herissant, In the preface the anonymous author promises to spare the readers them from the terminology of the materialists in order to make his argument as accessible as possible.

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The main text begins with a depiction of the materialist system, with particular reference to la Mettrie, and continues with a point-by-point refutation. In twelve chapters the author deals with the the immaterial human soul, the difference between mankind and animals, the existence of god, and the laws regulating moral conduct and ethic principles.

Very rare edition, and the first under this exact title, of this polemic by the great materialist philosopher and physician Julien Offray de la Mettrie. He claimed that the doctors were self-seeking social climbers whose medical practice was based on ignorance. In essence, their medical practice catered to the whims of the wealthy and was dictated by popular trends. Because they scorned practical experience and anatomy, their practice of medicine could have no legitimate foundation.

But while the failings of individual physicians, so ably ridiculed in these early works, were indeed reprehensible, the dealings of the corporate body of the physicians, the Faculty of Medicine, cried out even more stridently for exposure and reform. Rare, and as far as we are aware unrecorded, charming pocket memorandum book for , printed at the Minerva press.

The diary entries are very interesting, with notes for every day of the year and most of the blank pages at the beginning and end, and on the endpapers covered in accounts. The engraving is not the one described on the title page, but is certainly the one that was issued with the diary. It seems likely that the engraving described on the title was not completed in time, and therefore Lane included whatever was available at the time. This extremely rare work explains the new regulations for finance and banking, and the commercial laws in the Napoleonic Empire. The main feat of the entire era was financing 15 years of war without bankrupting the state.

The lawyer Lebeuf opens the book with a quotation from Montesquieu, stating that the laws of commerce improve morale. He then deals with interest, lending, speculation, paper money in relation to gold and silver, contract law, and the laws regulating financial transactions and restricting speculation. The appendix, prepared for this second issue, deals with the law of September 3, regulating the interest rates, lending and credits, including the text of the law itself.

On the final four pages is the decree of March, 17, on usury and the organisation of the Jewish communities in France. Jews were only allowed to trade with an offical accreditation issued by the prefects of the departments. Strangely enough the decree was not applicable to the Jews living in Bordeaux, Les Landes and in the Gironde.

The legal duties of a husband Wittenberg, bez Ephraim Gottlob Eichsfelden, First edition of this rare treatise on the social and legal emancipation of women, and the duties owed by a husband to his wife, by the noted Wittenberg jurist Augustinus von Leyser Although satirical undertones can be detected, this is a serious attempt by Leyser to articulate some of the principles underlying a happy and equitable marriage. Leyser was professor of law at Helmstadt and then Wittenberg, taking up the latter position at The work is a plea for legal divorce and the possibility to marry again, as it was aleready the practice in some Protestant countries of Europe.

Contemporary reviewers of this work regarded it as the strongest - and wittiest - plea for the legalisation of divorce. Linguet was called to the bar in , and soon became the most admired and famous pleader of his century. His very success was his downfall as other, jealous or embittered, advocates caused Linguet to be dismissed from the bar in It was then that he turned his wit to journalism but after a sarcastic attack upon the French Academy in his Journal de politique et de litterature he was compelled to seek refuge in England for a time.

From London he began publishing his Annales politiques, civiles et litteraires. Attempting a return to France in Linguet was imprisoned in the Bastille for two years as a result of a concerted attack on Duc de Duras Gay-Lemonnyer III, col. Dutour had reported that when two different images are shown to each eye, only one of them is seen at any time, with the visible image alternating every one or two seconds. This has come to be known as binocular rivalry. He touches as well on the philosophy of sensualism, in refering to Locke, Malebranche, Leibniz and Gassendi.

In a letter to a friend, beginning on page 90, Testa explains his Latin essay De sensuum usu in perquirenda veritate. This letter contains a philosophy of vision and the senses as a means to gain knowledge of the truth, and examines the positions of Berkeley and Locke. This law regulates in detail the organisation and running of the lottery in the French capital.

Not recorded by OCLC. Lottery held at a charitable school for girls Sigmaringen, in der Hofbuchdrukerei, This pamphlet was issued for participants of a sale of goods produced in a charitable school for girls in the capital of the south-west German principality of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, governed by a Catholic branch of the noble family who ruled Prussia and later recruited the German Kaiser.

The government had recently set up a manufacturing school for girls, who learned sewing, stitching and other textile work. All items the girls had produced during the last winter are listed, altogether pieces of garment for adults and children. The organisers issued lottery tickets, each priced 12 Kreuzer, in order to fund the accquisition of new material for future textile work. The school was a non-profit organisation, which aimed at both producing textiles and teaching skills for girls, who were allowed to bring items to be worked on or darned from home.

Not in OCLC or any other bibliographies consulted. In Firenze. Maria in Campo. First and only edition, very rare, of an extraordinary document: a beautifully printed legal pronouncement on the contentious events in a private lottery held in Florence in A valuable survival, it throws light on the practice of lottery art sale, and, in elucidating the legal groundings leading to the verdict, it sets this particular form of lottery purchase within the triple framework of contractual law Roman as well as jusnaturalistic , mathematical probability and gambling games.

The opening section describes the contention. In preparation for a commissioned work, the Florentine painter Giuseppe Zocchi had produced four studies; he had afterwards decided to sell them through a lottery organized by a gentleman and a gentlewoman of the city, who worked out what they considered to be a reasonable partition of the perceived total value of the paintings and divided it into over two hundred tokens.

Two extractions would ensue, and the winners would obtain two paintings each. A number of successive mistakes had however impaired the compilation of the tokens and effectively excluded two contestants who, having bought a different number of tokens, were entitled to different claims , leading to a contestation.

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The jurist Rinaldo degli Albizzi lays out his sentence imposing a new draw. Legal points on the contractual nature of lotteries are expounded, and subtle distinctions are made between other types of gambling games on one hand Minchiate, Primiera etc. A very attractive boxed French lottery game, akin to bingo, complete with counters and full playing instructions. In Roma, nella Stamperia della Rev. Apostolica, Broadsheet printed in two columns c. This edict, issued by the Governor of Rome and Vice-Camerlengor of the Papal State, Giovanni Battista Spinola , was written on December 12, and announces prosecution of those who play any other lottery than the Papal State Lottery to be set up in due course.

The new monopolized lottery was morally justified by its proceeds going to charities. After the Genoese model of betting on the elections of counsellors in , similar lotteries were established in Milan, Naples and Venice. Bradley, Euler and the Genoese Lottery, p. Hetherington, ]. Extracted from a British book, this is the plan of the female prison in Parramatta, New South Wales, now part of Sydney. The Female Factory had been founded in , and was housed in purpose-built three-storey barracks in , which are here depicted in detail.

The naming of Gordonville, online. Glasgow, Although the ownership and decoration has been scratched out, the collection is evidently meant as a token of devotion. A few additional poems on unnumbered leaves at the end of the volume, including J. Venice, [no publisher, c. A collection of sonnets written by a multi-talented young Venetian.

Marcello was a patrician, who held various administrative posts of the Serenissima and excelled from early youth in poetry, mathematics, globe making, playing various musical instruments and acquiring seven languages. This brought him into contact with a network of artists, writers and scientists from all over Europe, particularly from Flanders and France.

He left compositions of cantatas, poems, engravings, a painted church ceiling Santa Maria Maddalena and writings. The pyjama factory Hornbostelgase 3 [cover title]. A very attractive album containing 25 photographs depicting the factory and products of the Marschner company of Vienna, manufacturers of undergarments and nightwear. The album gives an interesting insight into the kinds of work done by women in s Europe.

The classic of arithmetic in Southern Italy Naples, Paolo and Nicola di Simone, First published in Naples in according to Riccardi this rare handbook of arithmetic was in print in Naples up to , certainly a proof of its usefulness. Pietro di Martino, after the basic modes of calculation deals with the rule of three as well as claculations and approximations of square and cubic roots. Di Marino was an astronomer at the observatory of Bologna, where he contibuted to the debate about the refraction of light and corpuscular theory.

i too can create light Manual

MARX, Karl. Seryja pierwsza [-trzecia]. Paris, Librairie Keva [from vol. II: Librairie Ghio], Three vols in one, 8vo, pp. Translated under the intellectual tutelage of Ludwik Krzywicki, who was responsible for the first edition of the Polish Kapital, of which the last part came out in , these opuscula contain only works in first Polish translations. Set in a rather small type, and therefore containg many - not only minor - texts, this, together with the Kapital, can be considered as an attempt to publish the entire Marx corpus in Polish.

Marx had initially planned a multi-volume work, but he reconsidered his plan, and no further parts were written or published. The work is, however, of considerable importance: Marx himself described Das Kapital as a continuation of his Zur Kritik der politischen Oekonomie. The translator and economist Winiarski was a pupil of Pareto, and taught in Geneva a class called social mechanics, where he applied the mathematics of Lagrange and Clausius.

Winiarski published his books in French, Italian and Polish. Before exile in the West, as a student at Warsaw University, together with his brother Wolf, he had popularized Marx with two publications. Contained is as well, at the end of volume I, an essay on the controversy between Marx and N. Michailowskij Mikhailovskii in Russian; , a Narodnik and materialist philosopher. Apart from the first parts of the Kapital, only the following texts had appeared in Polish editions: Civil War in France, and the Manifesto, none of which is included here.

From an early age Ludwik Krzywicki , together with Rosa Luxemburg and Leszek Kolakowski, had been interested in psychology, philosophy and natural sciences. In he was expelled from Warsaw University, where he studied mathematics and medicine, and went to Leipzig, where he attended lectures of Wilhelm Wundt, before moving on to Switzerland and Paris.

Krzywicki wrote the guidelines on how to translate Western books on politics and economics into Polish, based on his own experience as a translator. He returned to Poland in , continued his political activities, and took part in the revolution. When Krzywicki was involved in translating, editing and publishing the Kapital in Leipzig he had been corresponding with Marx; after his death he continued to communicate with Engels.

Warsaw, [Drukarnia Prasa Polska, S. This charming little book, well illustrated and preserved, is aimed at young workers, and contains a concise biography of Karl Marx, with illustrations of places he lived and worked, as well as portraits of his fellow revolutionary thinkers. We were not able to find out anything about the author, or any other book by him.

Books such as this were probably illegal under the quasi-dictatorship of the former socialist Jozef Pilsudski; this and the subsequent fate of Poland accounts for the rarity of the work. Oxford, B. Blackwell, This surprisingly rare book looks back at the half a century of campaigning, just before the franchise was extended to women. Provenance: With ownership inscription Fussell on front free endpaper, indicating that this volume comes from the library of either - or the joint - library of Emily and Maud Fussell, Bristol WSPU activists.

On Liberty first, had and has reverberations through the turbulent Hungarian history and politics. It was translated at a point in time when more freedom for the Hungarians was granted by the Habsburg Empire, who after the lost Prusso-Austrian war was forced to establish a parliament for the Hungarian half of the realm.

Warsaw, Przeglad Tygodniowy, The author Dygasinski was a pedagogue, journalist and writer of short stories mainly dealing with the lives of domestic and wild animals. His interest in natural history and admiration for the exact sciences accquainted him with Positivism. Mill himself had been following closely the events in Poland of the s, as his Letter on Poland, published in the Penny Newsman for March 15, proves.

Estreicher XIX, vol. IV, p. Sbornik stattei v zashchitu vospitaniia … sostavlennyi Edvardom IUmansom. Perevod c angliiskago, s predisloviem M. Both works had appeared earlier in the year of this Russian edition. Andrews, Feb. The project was based on the idea of payment to authors from the sale in all countries. Youmans was certainly much involved in the present publication, which anticipates the scientific series. OCLC locates a single copy, at Harvard. First edition of this rare introduction to arithmetic and calculation by the French writer, mathematician and theologian Joseph Benoit Morel.

I have attempted to prevent the objections that a student of this science might make by my means of explaining it. Privately printed - by a forger London, Privately Printed, Bunton - printed at the Ashley Library by T. I can find nothing about him in any books, and wondered whether, by some chance, you know who he was.

Indeed, Cockerell was more than familiar with the infamous T. Thomas James Wise was a book-collector, bibliographer, editor and a forger of modern first editions, at a time when this field of collecting began to emerge. Written by John Carter and Graham Pollard, two rare-book dealers and master-bibliographers, it proved that a number of first editions by such writers as the Brownings, Ruskin and Swinburne, were not first editions but counterfeits.

The enquirers did not say that Mr. By forensically examining the typography and the chemical composition of the paper, they ascertained it to be a fraud. What he did was to take an essay or a long poem from a genuine first edition and print it as a searate, pre-dated pamphlet, which then became a sensationally rare first edition. Leipzig und Altenburg, F. Brockhaus, In the present work, prompted by the debate over the depreciation London bank notes to which, notably, Ricardo was a contributor he expands on some of the ideas on monetary theory that he had previously sketched in his Elemente der Staatskunst; he seems in many ways to be setting his theory in polar opposition to Smith, advocating fiat currencies over metal, opposing laissez-faire and the division of labour, seeing competition as divisive rather than effective, and arguing that private property is an institution that undermines the communitarianism necessary for the smooth running of the state.

In his monetary theory, he argues that the value of money lies in its circulation, and its consequent capacity to facilitate commercial exchange. First edition of this rare study of the uses, occurances, and legal status of different types of violence, by the Naples jurist and philosopher Massimiliano Murena A staunch advocate of natural law theory, Murena in the present work examines war and peace, violations of civil, criminal and international law, neutrality, hostage taking, and the status of prisoners of war.

Among the authors he draws on are Hobbes, Bayle, Grotius, and Puffendorf. Murena is best known for his La Giustizia Naturale of The present work was translated into French in Two vols, 8vo, pp. This rare history reports on the advancement of the French troops in Italy from October to May , the establishment of the Cisalpine Republic, new constitutions, Republican festivals, government edicts and proclamations, diplomatic correspondence, the transport of works of art to Paris, and the demolition of the prisons of the inquisition.

The anonymous author writes in the preface of the first volume, dated Florence, November 20, , that he was an eyewitness to the events in Tuscany, where he had access to the Grand Ducal court. He defends the neutrality of Tuscany in , which was under repeated attacks by British diplomats, and reproduces many a document of the struggles of the Italian states under the influece of France and her enemies.

Not distracted by these major events, the author gathered as well much information of the changes in everyday life for the Italians, ranging from the lotteries, through regulations for clothing, to food shortages and the reactions of the Italians. Manchester, A. Swindells, [c. Rare first edition of this biography of Napoleon, printed in Manchester at the beginning of the nineteenth century at the height of his power. The first female barrister to practise in England and feminist campaigner Helena Florence Normanton — wrote this pamphlet arguing for equal pay for equal work after the outbreak of the First World War.

She presented several petitions in support of this claim, and persuaded ninety-five members to vote against the government in a debate in November As a result the government established a select committee, and in April accepted its recommendation for equal compensation. From onwards Tate became a leading figure in the Equal Pay Campaign Committee, whose object was to pressurize the government into conceding equal pay in the civil service and teaching.

Early Photographic Record of the Production of Ovaltine Fascinating photo album of the Ovaltine factory at Kings Langley in Herfordshire, with views of the works, offices and employees. Soon after invention the factory moved out to the village of Neuenegg a few kilometres west of Berne, where it is still produced. Near the factory was a health farm run by the Ovaltine works which was set up as a model farm and a health resort for disadvantaged children, which operated through to the s. Truth Unveiled to the wise women Religioso Francescano. Madre di Dio; singolar Protettrice del Genere humano; e gloria del sesso Femineo.

First edition of this little edificatory work celebrating Saint Mary as the epitome of womanhood and femininity, written by the Franciscan Bonaventura Padovano, who had another book published, a treatise against usury. Women attending church have to be veiled and keep their head covered, he clearly proves from Scripture. Famous Italian Camillas Verona, Tipografia di Pietro Bisesti, This rather unusual collection of historical novelas, entitled Famous Italian Camillas, with only Italian Camillas as heroes, was written by Camilla Paltrinieri-Triulzi ?

The book, dedicated to an Austrian noble lady Austria ruled much of Northern Italy after Napoleon , stresses the independence of women throughout history and gives the lives of over 60 Italian Camillas as examples. Ferri, Biblioteca femminile italiana, p. Lugano, Dalla Tipografia di Franc. Beladini e Comp. Maria was the only daughter of Jewish converts to Catholicism, who was fourteen years old, and apparently a great beauty, when a luthier named Giambattista Malagoli, a guest in the Pedena house, attempted to seduce her.

On failing, he proceeded to torture, mutilate, and kill Maria, without attaining his original goal. The present volume contains a eulogy to Pedena in Latin and Italian , odes, sonnets and canzone by poets including Eleonora Reggianini and Pietro Tortelli, and the judgement pronounced on the murderer by the Modena court, with the full details of the background to the case.

Malagoli had, on being discovered, killed himself illustrated in the folding plate , and the court ordered his effigy to be hanged, and for his assets to be confiscated. London, W. Annan for Sherwood and Co. Rare first edition of this mnemonic aid for pupils written by a schoolmistress and published on subscription for some subscribers, almost all upper and middle class mothers resident in London.

The mnemonic aids are sentences containing historical, geographic, chronological and general information with numbers rising from three to twelve. There has never been an Imperial Palace in that town; towers there are enough. The second part of the volume contains poems by Mrs. Peile, a few by Ann Kendall, and one by M. One poem, titled Woman, by the main author is a defence of the strength and socially important role of women.

England, c. In Torino, Nella Stamperia Reale. In addition to this edition and the first, we are aware of editions of and Piccolomini, a member of one of the most prominent Sienese families and the Duchess of Vastogirardo, appears not to have written any further works, beyond a letter to Cardinal Enea Silvio Piccolomini on the occasion of his elevation to the Sacra Porpora. As studied by the Tsar himself Russian translations in manuscript of articles made for Russian officials and Tsar Nicholas I.

The Dziennik Narodowy was a Polish exile weekly periodical published in Paris from to The political nature of this paper made it suspicious and interesting for the Russian authorities, and for Tsar Nicholas I, one of the most autocratic Russian rulers with a propensity to run affairs single-handedly and who censored - for example - Pushkin. Nicholas felt personally responsible for the control of the opposition.

Most fascicules carry the blind-stamp of a high official, Sergievskii, surmounted by a crown, indicating his noble rank. Ten however, written on slightly different paper, have been blind stamped by the Tsar himself, and were clearly read by him. The articles all concern Russia, the Tsar, his visit to the Pope in December , the prosecution of all non Russian Orthodox faith denominations, including the Catholics, the enforced Russification of all subjects and generally Tsarist terror and police brutality.

The founder of this and other Polish exile papers was the Count Wladyslaw Plater , who had participated in the uprising and was active on behalf of the uprising. Among other contributors to the periodical was the romantic writer Stefan Witwicki , a friend of Adam Mickiewicz, who had to leave the country after the Polish insurrection in Police, snowballs, and a tripe-selling prostitute Oldham, Greater Manchester, April 2, - November 14, This chronologically arranged log book is a rather revealing read about the police force in one town in the industrial North in late Victorian times and the earlier years of the 20th century.

The book opens with an alphabetical list of Police Constables and their numbers. The rest of the volume contains reports of policemen misbehaving, with notes on how they were cautioned, fined, or punished by reduction to a lower rank, deferral of promotion or even dismissal. The first case is that of P. Charles Smith was merely cautioned. However, things could get worse, as one very long report pp. Anderson in the Detective Office at 5. This triggered a whole series of allegations, investigations and witness statements, which culminate in more than one case of rape in the Police Station.

Kearsley, at about Clara Lever told me that during the time she had been detained Sergeant Rawlings had sexual intercourse with her; she said P. Edwards was in the Charge Office at the time, and as soon as the intercourse had taken place, she went to P. Edwards and said she wanted to get to the closet. After I had eaten it Rawlings caught hold of me, and put me against the table.

This serious case report ends with a statement by Rawlings. There is no note on the punishment or consequences in the margin, as usual with other cases, such as that of P. Hutton, who one night in went on a rampage smashing up the furniture and ornaments in his house, which was close to the Police Station. Another long report is on an intimate relationship of a constable with a woman of ill repute, one Mrs. Richardson, who ran a tripe and chip-potato shop, in a rather unusual manner.

All her Riot Girl antics are described in detail, as much as her relationship with young women and men. The chronologically later entries tend to get shorter and less detailed; the reports for the year end on page The early ones in this volume are definitely most interesting sources for the social historian.

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POPE, Alexander. A Londres. The actual translation is preceeded by an eight-page essay by du Bocage on the poem, its place in the English literature and the process of translating itself, exemplified by her attempt to do the original justice in French, without violating its English spirit. Madame Du Bocage ran a distinguished salon in Paris, frequented by, among others, her friends Voltaire and Fontenelle.

He saw it as a natural solution to the problem of bui. There are regular season episodes, plus the special episodes "Isaac and Ishmael" and "Documentary Special". He quit school after Form 3 to concentrate on a badminton career. It was designed and introduced in by English clergyman and mathematician Edmund Gunter — It enabled plots of land to be accurately surveyed and plotted, for legal and commercial purposes.

Gunter developed an actual measuring chain of links. These, the chain and the link, became statutory measures in England and subsequently the British Empire. Description The foot Each link is thus 7. Ten chains measure a furlong and 80 chains measure a statute mile. Since an acre measured 10 s. The following are list of astronomers, astrophysicists and other notable people who have made contributions to the field of astronomy. They may have won major prizes or awards, developed or invented widely used techniques or technologies within astronomy, or are directors of major observatories or heads of space-based telescope projects.

The following is a list of notable astronomers. Name Country Born Died Notable For Aryabhata India Aryabhata correctly insisted that the earth rotates about its axis daily, and that the apparent movement of the stars is a relative motion caused by the rotation of the earth. Solar and lunar eclipses were scientifically explained by Aryabhata. Aryabhata calculated the sidereal rotation the rotation of the earth referencing the fixed stars Marc Aaronson USA His work concentrated on three fields: the determination of the Hubble constant H using the Tully-Fisher relation, the study of carbon rich stars, and the velocity distribution of those stars.

The left—right political spectrum is a system of classifying political positions, ideologies and parties, from equality on the left to social hierarchy on the right. Left-wing politics and right-wing politics are often presented as opposed, although a particular individual or group may take a left-wing stance on one matter and a right-wing stance on another; and some stances may overlap and be considered either left- or right-wing depending on the ideology.

History of the terms The terms "left" and "right" appeared during the French Revolution of when members of the National Assembly divided into supporters of the king to the president's right and supporters of the revolution to his left. One deputy, the Baron de Gauville, explained: "We began to recognize each ot. Sir Francis had been in a declining state of health for some time, and had gone to the continent for change of air. He was, we believe, left one son a m. The Van Gogh Museum Dutch pronunciation: [note 1] is one of the many art museums in the Netherlands dedicated to the works of Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

In the city of Tilburg, the old drawing room of Vincent van Gogh has been reconstructed. The museum's collection is the largest collection of Van Gogh's paintings and drawings in the world. In , the museum had 2. Oiketicus spp. The frenulum can be seen at the top of the rear wing, which hooks onto the retinaculum so that the wings travel together during flight. Magnification: 10x Some four-winged insect orders, such as the Lepidoptera, have developed a wide variety of morphological wing coupling mechanisms in the imago which render these taxa as "functionally dipterous" effectively two-winged for efficient insect flight.

A time standard is a specification for measuring time: either the rate at which time passes; or points in time; or both. In modern times, several time specifications have been officially recognized as standards, where formerly they were matters of custom and practice. An example of a kind of time standard can be a time scale, specifying a method for measuring divisions of time. A standard for civil time can specify both time intervals and time-of-day. Standardized time measurements are made using a clock to count periods of some period changes, which may be either the changes of a natural phenomenon or of an artificial machine.

Historically, time standards were often based on the Earth's rotational period. From the late 18 century to the 19th century it was assumed that the Earth's daily rotational rate was constant. Cable studied Economics at the Universities of Cambridge and Glasgow, then worked as an economic adviser to the Government of Kenya between —68, and to the Commonwealth Secretary-General in the s and s.

From he lectured in Economics at Glasgow University. He served as Chief Economist for Shell from Cable was active in the Labour Party in the s, becoming a Labour councillor in Glasgow. In , he defected to the newly formed Social Democratic Party, which later amalgamated with the Liberal Party to form the Liberal Democrats, and he stood unsuccessfully for Parliament at the general elections of , , , and before being elected for Twickenham in.

Vincent Walker Foster Jr. He had been a partner at Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he was a colleague and friend of Hillary Rodham Clinton and where, as The Washington Post later wrote, he rose to "the pinnacle of the Arkansas legal establishment. Five official governmental investigations ruled Foster's death by gunshot a suicide, but several conspiracy theories emerged.

Foster Sr. This is a list of people who held general officer rank or the rank of brigadier together now recognized as starred officers in the British Army, Royal Marines, British Indian Army or other military force. It does not include English Army generals or Scottish Army generals. Neither England nor Scotland has had its own army since the Acts of Union in William Leybourn — was an English mathematician and land surveyor, author, printer and bookseller.

Wing Chun has been passed from teacher to student verbally rather than in writing, making it difficult to confirm or clarify differing accounts of the martial art's creation. Attempts have been made to apply methods of higher criticism to oral histories of Wing Chun and other Chinese martial arts,[1] and to discern the origins of Wing Chun by determining the purpose of its techniques.

Wing Chun began to appear in independent documentation during the lifetime of 19th-century Wing Chun master Leung Jan, facilitating verification of its subsequent history and divergence into branches. The reg. Life Lotsch studied chemistry at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and completed it with a diploma in Chemistry in Ozin at the University of Toronto. Vincent Grant Gill born April 12, is an American country singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

He has achieved commercial success and fame both as frontman to the country rock band Pure Prairie League in the s and as a solo artist beginning in , where his talents as a vocalist and musician have placed him in high demand as a guest vocalist and a duet partner. He has recorded more than 20 studio albums, charted over 40 singles on the U. Billboard charts as Hot Country Songs, and has sold more than 26 million albums. As of , Gill has also earned 21 Grammy Awards, more than any other male country music artist.

People from North Luffenham

In he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Vincent Rattez born 24 March is a French rugby union wing and he currently plays for La Rochelle and the France national team. References "Vincent Rattez Profile". Retrieved 10 June The third season of the American political drama television series The West Wing aired in the United States on NBC from October 3, to May 22, and consisted of 21 episodes and 2 special episodes.

Production The season premiere was delayed by the September 11, terrorist attacks in the United States. When the season did return, the first episode was a special episode titled "Isaac and Ishmael," in which the main cast paid tribute to those affected by the attacks and informed viewers about what to expect from the delayed premiere. Series creator Aaron Sorkin acknowledged in October that the terrorism-related plots designed to keep the series relevant after the real-life attacks were awkward at times, saying "from week to week, you felt like you were writing the show handcuffed, a little bit.

I didn't know how to write it anymore. It was a constant search for what I wasn't doing that used to make the show work. Maybe there was a way to make it work. There probably was. I wasn't able to find. The Airbus A wingtip Line drawing of wingtip vortices behind a conventional wingtip on the left and a blended winglet on the right Wingtip devices are intended to improve the efficiency of fixed-wing aircraft by reducing drag.

Wingtip devices can also improve aircraft handling characteristics and enhance safety for following aircraft. Such devices increase the effective aspect ratio of a wing without greatly increasing the wingspan. Extending the span would lower lift-induced drag, but would increase parasitic drag and would require boosting the strength and weight of the wing. At some point, there is no net benefit from further increased span. There may also be operational considerations that limit the allowable wingspan e.

Wingtip devices increase the lift gene. Vincent Clerc born 7 May is a former French rugby union player who played on the wing. Clerc earned his first cap for France on November 9, against South Africa. He scored 5 tries during the first two games of the Six Nations Championship against Scotland and Ireland. In a post-match interview after the match against Ireland Clerc stated to the French TV channel France 2 that he "never. It is a designated Superfund site due to a number of soil and groundwater contaminants, including asbestos.

Thomas Street also spelled Streete — was an English astronomer, known for his writings on celestial motions. He has sometimes been confused with Thomas Street the judge, who lived from to The crater Street on the Moon is named after him. Life According to Brief Lives by Street's contemporary John Aubrey,[1] Street was born at Castle Lyons in Ireland on 5 March , and died "in Chanon-row vulgarly Channel-rowe at Westminster, the 17th August, , and is buried in the church yard of the new chapell there".

An Appendix to Astronomia Carolina including tables followed in Astronomia Carolina was widely read, and used by students who later became very notable in their own right, e. Isaac Newton[2] and John Flamsteed. Street's tables in Astronomia Carolina had a reputation f. Left-wing nationalism or leftist nationalism, also known as social nationalism, nationalist socialism or socialist nationalism,[note 1] describes a form of nationalism based upon social equality, popular sovereignty and national self-determination. George Parker George Parker — was an English astrologer and almanac maker, known as a controversialist.

He then took a larger shop, but became bankrupt in , and mistreated his wife and children. In he was keeping a tavern. In it was ca. He joined Apple in , where he remained until his announced departure in After graduating, he was hired by a start-up design firm called Tangerine to work in their industrials group.

Ive began working at Apple in the early s, designing the decade's PowerBooks and Macs. He was invited to join the Royal College of Art in May as its head-of-college, serving a fixed five-year term until May His b. Aerial view of the White House complex, from north. In the foreground is Pennsylvania Avenue, closed to traffic. The term "White House" is often used as a metonym for the president and his advisers.

The residence was designed by Irish-born architect James Hoban[2] in the neoclassical style. Hoban modelled the building on Leinster House in Dublin, a building which today houses the Oireachtas, the Irish legislature. Construction took place between and using Aquia Creek sandstone painted white.

When Thomas Jefferson moved into the house in , he with architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe added lo. After winning a modeling contest, she moved to New York City at the age of seventeen to pursue an acting career. Career Polo's acting debut was in TV Polo became a regular cast member on the.

The St Vincent-class battleships were a group of three dreadnought battleships built for the Royal Navy in the first decade of the 20th century. The sister ships spent their entire careers assigned to the Home and Grand Fleets. Aside from participating in the Battle of Jutland in May and the inconclusive Action of 19 August several months later, their service during the First World War generally consisted of routine patrols and training in the North Sea. Vanguard was destroyed in by a magazine explosion with the near total loss of her crew.

The remaining pair were obsolete by the end of the war in , and spent their remaining time either in reserve or as training ships before being sold for scrap in the early s. Vanguard's wreck was extensively salvaged before it was declared a war grave. Since , it has been designated as a controlled site under the Protection of Military Remains Act and diving on the wreck is generally forbidden.

Background and description The Admiralty's dr. The population of the civil parish at the census was , decreasing to at the census. Church Street History Discovery of an Anglo-Saxon cemetery to the north of the modern village suggests that there were people living here in the village in the 5th and 6th centuries A. The village grew and prospered during the Middle Ages. In the 17th century the village was the scene of a small English Civil War siege when in Lord Grey and his parliamentary forces were gathered at Leicester. With gunpowder and ammunition taken in raids on Oakham, they marched to Brooke to arrest Viscount Campden.