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Udmurt literary national epic. Eine kleine Nachtmusik. El Shaddai.

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Giv'at Halfon Eina Ona. Byzantine dome - church now a mosque , located in Istanbul , Turkey. Kings' saga by Snorri Sturluson. Jeux d'enfants. However, what makes Antonioni a true filmmaker of Art film is that he seeks to frustrate our intuitions. On a visual and auditory level, the objects seem to replace the lifeless human forms.

Antonioni also uses a series of magnifying close-ups as a scientific would use a microscope in order to get closer to reality. The extreme close-up on the ear of an old man seems to freeze his face, objectifying it.

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Unlike the objects whose liveliness appears suddenly, the human movement seems impossible anymore. Francis Ponge was a French poet whose goal was to create a poetry able to be opened to the most commonplace objects and to reveal their inner characteristic s and beauty. In one of his most famous book entitled Le part pris des choses , Ponge seeks to give a voice to the ordinary speechless things of our daily life such as a crate, rain, or a candle.

He strongly believes that Man who cannot go out of language 8 is able to approach objects in a new way through a poetic description. However, language will always remain unable to find the essence of the thing —in-itself, because language is only a feature of Humanity. This is where the link between Ponge and Antonioni can be made.

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Antonioni seems more annoyed by the fact that the people in the last sequence are more like a ghostly manifestation of modernity than by the growing importance of objects in our lives. An object is useful for human beings insofar as it can be a way to connect distinct human subjectivities. However, when the lack of vital energy strikes the human beings, they are not able anymore to connect and they tend to shelter on themselves.

When Godard films in several magnifying zooms a cup of coffee while talking about the necessity to attain the consciousness of being-in-the-world with others and therefore other subjectivies , he believes in the existence of object, in their capacity to link human beings. To conclude, one has to agree with W. Sar tre, Being and Nothingness. Avertissez-moi par e-mail des nouveaux commentaires.

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Site web. Don Quixote to Dulcinea.

Udmurt literary national epic. Eine kleine Nachtmusik. El Shaddai. Giv'at Halfon Eina Ona. Byzantine dome - church now a mosque , located in Istanbul , Turkey. Kings' saga by Snorri Sturluson. Jeux d'enfants. Ethiopian 's national epic. La finta giardiniera. Gheg Albanian. Albanian national epic poem. Le chasseur maudit. Le tombeau de Couperin. L'Isle joyeuse. Inca site, located above Urubamba Valley , Peru.

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