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Psychosocial challenges of screening for school difficulties Newspaper Article. In: Crossroads of Education, 29 , P. How parents of students and specialised teachers see school success and difficulty Newspaper Article. In: French Journal of Pedagogy, , P. Difficulty in school: the weight of stereotypes Newspaper Article. In: Educational workbooks, P. School Difficulty: What students, parents and education professionals say Newspaper Article.

In: Review of Psychoeducation, 38 , P. Students with disabilities: what self-esteem? What management strategies are faced with stigma? In: Training path, 13 , P. In: Psychologica, 47 , P. Psychology of work and organizations: knowledge in the service of action. In: The new review of adaptation and schooling, 39 , P.

Inter-Group Interactions and coping: Similar processes. A Similar Base? In: Swiss Journal of Psychology, 64 2 , P. Perpetrators of offences and victims of aggression: the Impact of violence and the professional context on the judgement of punishment Newspaper Article. In: Criminal field, Vol. Students with or without a physical disability completed a logic test and were informed that they would be evaluated by students from their own group ingroup condition or from an other group outgroup condition.

When they had been informed they would be evaluated by students in the outgroup i. Findings are discussed in relation to stereotype threat and its consequences in academic contexts. This study investigated the hypothesis that cognitive performance of students with physical disabilities may be influenced by the evaluators ' identity. Le volume de prise de parole de chaque enfant est pris comme un indicateur de son implication dans le jeu. In the course of the lotto games of forms with students of CP, the authors observed a decline in the participation of girls under certain conditions of a competitive nature.

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They interpret this decline as a result of a threat of gender stereotyping. According to this theoretical framework, as girls are considered less efficient than boys in both mathematics and competitive activities, their behaviour can be impacted by an additional external pressure that does not undergo Boys. This translates into a reduction in the voice of girls in a competitive situation. In this article, the authors begin by describing the empirical context of their work and then presenting their observations.

They then propose an interpretation of these observations from the phenomenon of threat of stereotyping. Regarding the method, the study builds on the transcripts of the sessions the Corpus includes approximately speeches in total. The volume of speech taken by each child is taken as an indicator of his involvement in the game. The authors use the content of assertions on a timely basis when they wish to better understand the behaviour of a pupil or pupil. The work is therefore focused on verbal interactions within the classroom rather than on the performance of students in tests or on their perceived competence or the effectiveness of their work.

This kind of approach seems interesting to the authors in the perspective of a better understanding of the mechanisms that can contribute to the construction in class of gender inequalities of the pupil. This study aims to analyze the stereotypes of the student in a situation of physical handicap. From a list of traits, valid students evaluated three targets: a wheelchair student, a deaf student or a valid student. Regardless of the nature of the disability, the student in a disability situation is perceived to be more determined than the valid student.

The implications of these stereotypes in higher education and vocational guidance are discussed. Health is at the heart of the concerns of individuals as well as families and society. Promoting well-being, preventing the occurrence of a disease, facilitating healing processes are all areas to which researchers and practitioners in psychology contribute. Not a day without the media, our entourage or ourselves being the relay of such issues.

This book identifies francophone advances in health psychology and provides answers to questions that affect many decision-makers, medical professions, psychologists and anyone directly or indirectly affected By health: How does the general public understand vaccination, what are the links between sport and health, how and how to communicate with your loved ones during a serious illness, how the couple evolves in a context of violence or conflict but also during of pathologies as diverse as cancer or Alzheimer's disease, what factors contribute and harm the well-being of children, employees, people in precarious situations or seniors, how to encourage the adoption of new Health behaviours In a changing world and in a context of exacerbated economic competition, the psychology of labour and organisations, which is now a hundred years old, is the subject of a very heterogeneous social demand.

This request concerns very diverse fields of investigation and creates a wide range of intervention modalities. Highly sought-after, the psychology of labour runs the risk of being reduced to a repertoire of supposedly relevant practices and, responding to the blow to multiple and heterogeneous demands, to lose its unity. In order to overcome the diversity of the fields of investigation, it is the theory-practice link that seems essential to the unity of the psychology of work and organizations.

What is based, in fact, its originality and its specificity, is the dialectic and binding interaction between theoretical knowledge and interventions on the ground.

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Only validated knowledge can generate useful investigations which, in turn, by the new questions they elicit, are likely to enrich and energize the theoretical constructs. This book appears as a plea for a psychology of work and organizations that relies, in its applications on the ground, on a validated theoretical knowledge. On the basis of the presentation of concrete cases, it also underlines the extreme diversity of the work it creates and offers a panorama, albeit not exhaustive, of the interventions it generates.

This book can be a way of enrichment for those who wish to discover the psychology of work and organizations as well as those who, confirmed specialists, wish to deepen their thinking. It may concern both the student in work psychology and the organizations or HRM as the researcher and the professional already engaged in the action on the field. Biotechnology - Bioengineering - Human health and pathology - Engineering Sciences.

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Economies and finances - Business administration - Political science. Neurons and Cognition - Psychology and behavior - Cognitive Sciences. Architecture, space management - Environmental studies - Geography. Cognitive science - Computer science - Linguistics - Neuroscience - Psychology. What do they unveil and hide in the case of Brussels? Ecology, environment - Agricultural sciences - Agriculture, economy and politics - Horticulture - Soil study - Silviculture, forestry - Animal production studies - Sciences and technics of agriculture - Sciences and technics of fishery.

Architecture, space management - Art and art history - History - Literature - Cultural heritage and museology. Humanities and Social Sciences - Library and information sciences - Sociology.


Law - Economies and finances - Business administration - Psychology - Sociology - Methods and statistics. Enjeux sociaux, analyses critiques et perspectives scientifiques. Computer Science - Education - Library and information sciences - Psychology. Social Anthropology and ethnology - History - Political science - Sociology.

Mutations contemporaines des territoires, mises en ressource des paysages et rec. Statistics - Biological anthropology - Law - Geography - Sociology. Architecture, space management - Geography - Business administration.

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PFC : Preservation of natural history wet collections : feedbacks and future prospects. Analytical chemistry - Biodiversity and Ecology - Biomolecules - Molecular biology - Genomics - Biodiversity - Systematics, Phylogenetics and taxonomy - Imaging - Cultural heritage and museology. Law - Gender studies - Political science - Sociology - Methods and statistics. Economies and finances - Materials and structures in mechanics - Electric power - Signal and Image processing - Electronics.

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