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For example, Juggernaut is NOT a mutant but a person whose powers are powered by the Cytorrak Crystal, Magneto's helmet guards him from Professor Xavier's telepathy in contrast to the cartoons and another one I might explain is Mr. Remember when Mr. Sinister was hit by a super strong optic blast?

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Now that was one super strong one that actually could rip Sinister but not kill him. Sinister was able to survive even after he was ripped apart, who knows, he may already have had an X-Gene even before Apocalypse placed him in the Celestials' machine! I just thought of one thing that Cyclops' optic blasts per se are not always that spectacular even if he's one great game character to play as.

Now looking at this Mega Optic Blast of C…. Tekken presents a rather ambiguous background between Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama which gives birth to their only son, Jin Kazama who looks a lot like Kazuya Mishima.

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So what we know based on canon is that they met in Tekken 2 and in Tekken 3 which happens 15 years later after the second game. Jin steps in revealing himself as Kazuya's son therefore Heihachi Mishima's grandson. The only possible thing I can imagine is rape rather than consent because I doubt it Jun will ever fall for Kazuya in a million years. Namco hasn't really released an official word on that but with its T rating, a rape plot can always be added without making it obvious or detailed.

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I wouldn't think that Jun Kazama a WWWC officer would even consent to Kazuya so I thought, maybe in the middle of the second tournament or whatever, Kazuya may have banged her against her will and I don't think her ending is canon either. She could love Jin, I mean some women who became single mothers becaus….

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I thought that somehow the next Dragon Ball Z ended up having some carry over of traits from the last generation characters like Trunks vs. Goten is pretty much like the later friendly rivalry of Tien vs.

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Yamcha, with Trunks being better. But for Gohan, it's easy to notice he does copy Yamcha's hairstyle in more than one occasion so was he meant to be a next generation Yamcha as well? I always thought it was funny to have Gohan have Yamcha's long hair style during the Saiyan saga and after he got a haircut, his hair is similar to that of Yamcha with short hair.

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When you look at the similarity, you can see the obvious similarities which were either intentional or coincidental. When Gohan grows up, he also has Yamcha's spiky hairstyle. Maybe one of the reasons why I have really gotten mad at Marvel Comics the same way I gotten mad with Capcom is this Now let's take a look at the scenario. I don't have anything against Emma Frost becoming an X-Man but how the writers carried her out is like, as if she's never changed for the better.

And I would like to explain what was going on. Bunny Blanc's setting is an unusual place called Wonderland. Wonderland is the magical and madness-filled location which the life of Ever After rely on. Wonderland has a large selection of strange buildings and plants in it's many locations. It is home to all Wonderlandians. Faybelle Thorn is Bunny's roommate, but the two don't seem to get on.

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  4. Bunny had a crush on Alistair Wonderland for awhile, and the two are now dating. Bunny wears a headband with a top hat embellishment that has a gold watch face on it. On her skirt is a watch design and she wears a waistcoat with a fur collar. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.