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At this point, it is important to note that variable or pulsating stars are the exception to this equilibrium. Many larger stars at some point during their lives will, for a while, become unstable.

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Cepheid Variables are just one type of these pulsating stars. Through all of the previous stages of a stars life, gravity keeps trying to crush the core. However, it continues to fuse and produce energy; hydrogen fuses with hydrogen to produce helium; helium fuses with helium to produce carbon and oxygen…this keeps it in hydrostatic equilibrium.

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If the iron core is going to be heavier than 1. As a result, the electrons and protons fuse together to make neutrons.

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  6. If the core is less than solar masses then a neutron star will be the supernova remnant, if more, a black hole will emerge. Briefly, with a 2 solar mass neutron star core, when the star runs out of all fuel the iron core shrinks dramatically to about the size of a city crushed by gravity until neutron degeneracy stops it from contracting into a black hole. When these outer layers come crashing in on the neutron star at the center, they effectively bounce off of it and sail outwards into the universe. Is it possible for a star to explode without there being any remnant left over?

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