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This Hunter Model does not come with the metal box or any accessories such as scope. This is a standard issue stainless steel Colt Python that was sold in Canada, therefore it has Canadian proof marks on barrel, frame and cylinder. Features full vent rib, full lug, six shot, double action, red ramp front sight, adjustable rear sight, large checkered target hammer, serrated trigger with Colt gold medallion black composite finger groove grips. Aside from light drag line and light cylinder burn marks, pistol is near new and as new inside.

This is the first Canadian-shipped and proofed Colt Python that we have had. High condition Snake Series revolver with unusual proof marks. We have for sale in this auction, three consecutive serial numbered Portuguese Navy Lugers, each being sold separately. This example is serial No. It is estimated that production was limited to 1, pistols or less, with the highest serial number noted being Left side of frame has the "MP" Portuguese proof mark.

All matching numbers with following exceptions; number stamped on right grip panel does not match and wood bottom magazine that is numbered Grip straps are brown patina with some salt and pepper pitting on inside grip frame. Excellent strong bore. Fine action. Very good example of a rare Portuguese Navy Luger. These pistols were made at the DWM Germany plant. The Royal Portuguese Navy crest and anchor surmounted by crown stamped above chamber.

All matching numbers including right grip panel with the following exception; wood bottom magazine not numbered. Excellent example of a rare Portuguese Navy Luger. This beautiful pistol retains virtually all of its polished and contrasting satin finish with just some average storage marks in nickel and wears a pair of genuine bone grips. This is an early large logo which refers to the logo on the side of the slide. This revolver was built in and went to King Gun Sight Company for the full custom target treatment to include Colt King Super Target matted vent rib with integral target adjustable rear sight rear sight King micrometered click adjusting with automatic lock , King stamped No.

Strong clean bore. Action is smooth as silk. This gun is basically the grandfather of the Colt Python in. Standard features include six shot, double action and blued finish. One of the smoothest and most accurate double action revolvers ever assembled. Amongst the most desirable of all Colt New Service double action revolvers are the early so-called "High Polish" examples.

This revolver features the straight barrel, high polish finish with Nitre blue small parts, six shot, double action, case colored hammer, fire blued trigger and Colt logo composite grips. Early first style left side Colt frame stamped that reads "Colt's New Service" with rearing pony and two crosses. The early hammer is full case colored, including the back. Screws a majority of the fire blue. Trigger retains the majority of its fire blue. Colt logo black composite grips are near mint. Standard lanyard ring. Perfect action and strong near mint bore.

Extremely fine condition early Colt large frame New Service revolver. This early single action revolver was closely associated with use by Jesse James. It is an open top with scoop flutes. Matching number on barrel and cylinder. Factory nickel finish with skull crusher bird's head frame and black composite grips. Case colored hammer and blued trigger guard. Mechanics are perfect. Near mint bore. Tight as new lock up. Perfect suction. Sharp legends. Indexes perfectly. Fine unmessed with early Merwin large frame revolver manufactured in the 's. Has matching serial number written on bottom.

They quickly switched to the much more recognizable red picture box; and this is the first early maroon boxed Model K that this author has ever seen. In addition the the rare box, this revolver does not appear to have been fired.

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Cylinder does have a light drag line. There is literally no wear around the firing pin and no cylinder burn. Has a serrated case colored trigger, early style case colored hammer with patent date on back, target front sight, and flush adjustable rear sight. Matching serial number on bottom of barrel and back of cylinder. Beautiful pre-war checkered walnut grips have silver medallion and are numbered to gun on the right panel. Grips are like new. Even the box is in excellent to near mint condition with simple high edge wear. Comes with a copy of the original cleaning instructions. About as nice of an early model boxed pre-war K one could find, nearly unimprovable.

These were issued to poat-war German Army and Police units and were either reworked military weapons or newly assembled from unused parts. Dated on chamber. They can have a mix of military and Nitro-proof stamps. New manufacture weapons bear only Nitro proof. All newly manufactured Model 's have DWM toggle link marking.

It is opined that the single date or guns were only reworked or manufactured at DWM, and double dates were reworked at the Erfurt Arsenal. This pistol bears all matching numbers including the aluminum bottom magazine with military proof mark. Bottom of barrel bears only the Nitro proof mark, as does left side of frame and toggle, which would indicate new manufacture. Police unit marking is stamped out on frame "S. Checkered walnut grips are not numbered and in excellent condition. These pistols were the only ones allowed by law for civil service after the signing of the Versailles Treaty.

Refinished and refurbished by the factory or arsenal and issued to post-World War I German Police units as permitted by Treaty of Versailles, this example has the police unit marking stamp inside front grip strap. Chamber is stamped over Toggle stamped "Erfurt" with crown. This is a rare example in that every single part number matches, including grips and magazine. Front grips strap is a mix of blue-brown patina, rear grips strap is brown patina.

Strong bore and fine action. One of the better double dates we have seen and rarely found with all matching numbers to include grips and magazine. This standard U. Army pistol was manufactured in Standard features include 5" barrel, blued finish, diamond checkered walnut grips, and chambered for the. All original standard features include checkered small parts, long spur wide hammer, original sights, with a replaced A1 arch mainspring housing. Also has the short checkered trigger instead of the long smooth trigger. Slide is stamped "H6" under the firing pin retainer.

The barrel is stamped "SP" at the lug Springfield replacement. Colt horse is at the rear on the slide of the left side. Right side of slide is stamped "Model U. Bore is mint. Magazine is an unmarked pinned two-tone. By replacing the trigger and mainspring housing, this pistol could be brought back to original condition. Comes with a U. Model swivel type cavalry holster which is stamped " TC". This is a Thompson A-1 Tommy gun. Made famous in Chicago during the roaring 20's. This version is chambered for the 45 ACP cartridge and features a 18" finned barrel.

Matte blue finish on frame with rust blue finish on barrel. Has two walnut fingered grooved pistol grips satin oil finish with a matching buttstock. Comes with a drum magazine, two stick magazines, in the black luggage case with instructions. Gun shows as new condition. Also includes case. Correction: Semi-auto. Recent manufacture. This revolver was manufactured in and is chambered for the. This revolver remains in excellent all original condition. The balance of the gun is basically a smooth gun metal patina. Grips are very good with no cracks or chips, although checkering is somewhat worn smooth.

Has perfect lock up with all four clicks. Very good bore with some minor corrosion. Nice clean example of early Colt smokeless single action. A; Caliber-. Left side of frame has the "G. D" Guy H. Dewey-June to July inspector stamp, proof "P" stamp near magazine release. Right side of frame has "U. Army" and "U. Property" stamp. Right rear of frame has the U. Ordnance cannon wheel, used as final acceptance beginning October Slide has center pony, dates and address on left side.

Right side is blank. Has short checkered trigger, serrated arch mainspring housing with lanyard loop, short checkered wide spur hammer and checkered slide stop and safety. Blued barrel is stamped "Colt 45 Auto" on left side with proof "P" on left lug. Sports period Keyes-style brown composite grips. Comes with three magazines, two in the canvas pouch and an empty box of.

Approximately 5, of these were manufactured by DWM for commercial sales. This blued example is stamped "Germany" indicating U. This is an old model with toggle lock, V notch rear sight, no stock lug, grip safety and scalloped toggle with DWM stamped on top. All matching serial numbers including the checkered walnut grips.

Wood bottom magazine No. Original walnut grips show lots of wear but no cracks. Strong bore with some frosting and fine action. Decent unaltered matching example of early commercial Luger. Eagle with swastika and an "M" stamped on front grip strap. There is a Waffenamt "" on left rear trigger bow. Imperial eagle with "N" on right trigger bow. Blued finish, double action, semi-automatic with checkered walnut grips.

Has the Mauser banner and flat variation magazine. Pistol remains in excellent, all original condition. Nazi Navy marked HSC models are very scarce and seldom seen in today's market. This is considered the National Match Trophy Model manufactured from to Has the full, high polish factory nickel finish, matte finish top of slide, Elliason rear target sight, full rib, wide adjustable target trigger, flat serrated rear mainspring housing, and faux black pearl grips and silver medallion.

A most handsome Colt Target Model that appears to be in near new condition inside and out. No drag line. Gun is unfired. Barely visible cylinder line. Comes in the original box with paperwork numbered to gun. Referred to as the Colt Armory Edition, a total of revolvers were manufactured in full nickel plate with silver medallion ivory grips. The first time the Colt Single Action Army is stamped on barrel with ". Comes with an extra. Comes in a blue lined French fitted French walnut case with a copy of the Colt Armory book.

Revolver was manufactured in Revolver is unfired. Has a light drag line. A unique, very small production Single Action Army marked for. The chamber is dated Toggle is stamped "Erfurt" with crown. Has all matching numbers including aluminum bottom magazine. Erfurt Lugers usually bear inspectors proofs on nearly every partof weapon including the grip screws, which this has. The inside grip panels have the Imperial eagle proof mark; this same mark can be found on almost every small part of this gun.

This was basically the standard issue Luger used during the first World War. Has the brilliant straw colored small parts. Pistol has seen little use with light edge edge wear, muzzle wear and light wear on hump of sideplate. Fine action and mint bore. An incredible survivor of the first World War period that usually appear in rough condition.

This example has seem very little use. Manufactured during the second full year of production. Features blued finish, target adjustable front and rear sights, "elephant ear" checkered one piece walnut grips and original pre-war match target two-tone magazine. Near perfect bore and action. The checkered walnut grips are mint, newly made replicas of the original of the highest quality.

Beautiful pre-war Colt. The Model 63 was introduced in It is referred to as the. It is a double action, six shot built on the square butt J target frame with three screws. They were manufactured until This revolver features nearly full coverage, scroll engraving with gold inlay bomb cat on left panel and squirrel on right. The revolver was signed by the engraver G. The revolver has been fired and there is cylinder burn, but remains in near new condition inside and out. The Hawkeye was granted a trademark on March 24, The patent was applied for June 18, Last example was shipped in Total production was 3, units.

Features blued finish, flat top frame, adjustable rear sight, ramp front sight, single shot and Ruger medallion walnut grips. The barrel was factory tapped for scope lock and this pistol has an original Hawkeye scope lock attached. Excellent grips, fine bore and action. The short lived production and experimental nature of this pistol makes it very desirable among collectors today.

This Browning, made in Belgium, comes in the original Browning black leatherette display case with tools and plaque. This beautiful, deluxe presentation pistol features the high polish blue finish, vent rib, click adjustable target rear sight, high Patridge front sight, gold trigger, beautiful deluxe high finished walnut oversized pistol grips with matching forend.

Has the original Browning magazine. Features inlaid gold scroll on trigger guard, grip strap, muzzle, barrel and frame on both sides. Does not appear to have ever been fired. Stunning special order Browning Medalist.

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This revolver started out as a standard New Service six shot double action revolver with blued finish. A custom low profile clock adjustable target rear sight has been perfectly fitted to the frame. A front sight ramp and large serrated blade have been fitted to the front. Trigger has been stippled. Sports a near mint pair of King style checkered walnut right palm swell with left thumbrest grips. This gun has been altered or customized to work in the single action mode only. The action has been finely tuned with the lightest of trigger pull, smooth as silk.

Beautiful large frame pre-war custom target Colt. This revolver was built in and went to King Gun Sight Company for the full custom target treatment to include Colt King Super Target matted vent rib with integral target adjustable rear sight rear sight King micrometered click adjusting with automatic lock , No. This revolver started life as a standard Colt Official Police. A King stamped No. Beautiful early King target revolver. Standard issue, six shot, single action with a black Colt logo composite grips.

Standard blued gun has strong traces of original blue on barrel, strong on ejector flute and in cylinder flutes. Balance is a smooth, clean patina with razor sharp legends. Grips are near mint and perfectly fitted. Perfect action with all four Colt clicks. Front sight not filed. Strong rifled bore. Fine condition, all original Colt. Screws are perfect. Just the way you like to find them, used but well cared for.

Smooth finish and no blotches. Factory letter of authenticity: ". Shipped Western Arms Sporting Goods Co. Salt Lake City, UT. Manufactured by Mauser for unknown commercial or contract sales. This example is dated on chamber. Has Mauser banner on toggle. German Imperial proof marks on left side of frame. Eagle with "K" on right side of frame.

All matching numbers including aluminum bottom magazine and stamped inside walnut grips as well. All blue finish, showing virtually no wear with the exception of thinning at muzzle, tip of rails and hump on sideplate.

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Mint bore and action. Comes in an original dated Dresden brown clam shell holster with loading tool. It would be virtually imposible to find a nicer example of this model. Manufactured by Mauser for German military sales with byf Mauser code. Dated 41 over chamber.

This is one of the finer all matching examples of this model we have handled. Both grip panels have matching number, as does aluminum bottom magazine. German eagle stamped on left side of toggle. Waffenamt stamped twice on right side of frame along with Nazi eagle. Nazi eagle and Imperial proof stamped on right side of barrel. This pistol has light right side rail wear at forward portion, light muzzle wear, light forward left rail wear, and light wear on sideplate hump.

Grips are excellent. Near mint bore and perfect action. Comes in correct period holster stamped "jhg 41" with loading tool. Manufactured for German military sales. The byf with two digit date code appeared early in , and made in to only. Two digit year dated 42 stamped on chamber. Right side of frame has Waffenamt stamps, two with Nazi eagle on right side of barrel. All matching numbers to include magazine and grips written in pencil.

Grips have Waffenamt stamp. Thinning a bit on backstrap. Manufactured by Mauser for the German military with the Mauser 42 code. Chamber is dated Toggle has the 42 code. This example has all matching numbers including grip panels and aluminum bottom magazine. Right side has the Waffenamt 63 stamp two and Nazi eagle. The left side frame flat has a brass ID plaque stamped "PH". Has light muzzle wear, rail wear and wear on sideplate.

Comes in a period holster with an extra matching number magazine and original loading tool. Holster is unmarked. Manufactured by Mauser for certain units in Germany. This pistol bears the date on chamber, Mauser banner on toggle. All matching numbers including grips and magazine. This pistol bears numerous German proofs marks, but none of the Nazi marks. The theory is that this group of pistols was produced for police and other non-military users.

Since it did not see battle, it is not surprising that this pistol remains in near mint, all original condition. Has an original period loading tool. Holster and pistol are near mint. It would be extremely difficult to improve upon this particular model. These look like an all black DWM with the all dark small parts, black composite grips. Finnish "SA" in box on left side of frame and "T" in diamond and circle on top of barrel.

Has "CAI" import stamp. No external numbered part but frame. Has the "N" with crown above on left side. Unmarked black grips. Strong bore. Nice example of a Finnish marked gun. Toggle has the Bulgarian lion and crown crest. The letter "C" in the serial number indicates it is the second order of 5, guns. The safety lever stamped position of frame "OIbHb" which is Bulgarian for 'fire'. Has all matching numbers with the exception of the takedown lever being stamped 14 instead of 94, either replaced or mistake.

Checkered walnut grips are not numbered. Steel wood bottom magazine is not marked. Front grips trap is grey patina; rear grip strap is a blue-brown patina. Has all the usual high edge wear along edges, rails and sideplate. Comes in an unmarked clam shell brown leather holster with unmarked loading tool. Manufactured by Mauser for units in Germany. This one lacks the Nazi stamps. Numerous Imperial German proofs.

With the switch from the straw parts to blued, and the addition of the black molded plastic grips, these are often referred to as the "Black Widow", which would encompass any Luger made with this finish and grips. Grip strap has unit stamped "S xxI" with wheel. No serial number on barrel. Matching number on aluminum base magazine. Black molded grips are not numbered. Grip straps have thinned to grey. High edge wear at sideplate, rails and muzzle with high edge wear along trigger guard and left side of frame.

Strong clean bore and perfect action. Although the Black Widow is a term coined based on outward appearance, it encompassed several models, and every collector wants at least one in their collections. Switzerland began to manufactured their own weapons after Germany could no longer supply them due to the first World War.

Era of manufacture is approximately to This example has the "P" stamp with release date on left side of frame P45 - and became surplus at that time. This pistol has all matching numbers with the exception of the Swiss style checkered walnut grips with borders not being numbered. Has steel magazine with brown plastic end, not numbered but has Swiss cross. Top of toggle is stamped "Waffenfabrik Bern" with cross.

Left side of barrel has Swiss cross. Right side of toggle has Swiss cross, as does the right side of frame twice. Features grip safety, straw colors, blued finish, scarce maker stamped front sight protector H. Light high edge wear. Grips are near mint. Mint bore and perfect action. This is a standard military issue with blued finish and checkered walnut grips.

Has all matching serial numbers with the exception of magazine, which is a blued and aluminum bottom with and Waffenamt The left side of barrel has three British proof marks and is stamped "Not English Make". Left side of frame and toggle have English proofs and two English proofs by safety. Right side of frame has two Waffenamt and one Nazi eagle. Right side of barrel has Nazi eagle. Toggle has 42 factory code.

Grip straps are patina with usual high edge and rail wear. Manufactured by DWM, stamped on toggle. Most of these were made in 7. This example is not so stamped. Numerous Imperial proof marks under barrel, on left side of frame, left side of toggle, but not on the numerous small parts which would indicated civilian market. Walnut grip panels are not numbered. Neither is the magazine. Magazine has aluminum bottom and blue steel body with no markings. This rare variation Commercial has seen little use. All matching numbers with the exception of the wood bottom magazine German Imperial stamp can be found on every large and small part of this weapon.

Checkered walnut grips are stamped with last two digits of matching serial number. This pistol remains in excellent all original condition considering its early date and the subsequent six years of war it would have been subjected to. There is high edge wear at muzzle, some thinning on barrel, high edge wear on rails and sideplate. Strong straw colors. Excellent checkered walnut grips. Even the straps have the majority of their dull military blue finish. Far above average for an early example. These were manufactured by DWM for commercial sale in the U.

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All original World War I battle rifle in fine, rarely seen condition. This rifle is chambered for the ACP cartridge. It is the carbine version and features a 13" barrel. It has the matte blue finish on frame, rust blue finned barrel, square end fore stock, walnut pistol grip, no buttstock.

Comes with the drum magazine. It is unfired with original carry case and all the paperwork. Comes with a gangster era style violin case. Recent manufacture. The serial number of this rifle places manufactured September to December It was rebuilt for use in the Korean War. Features the upgraded rear sight. Barrel is dated SA Left side of walnut stock has the "S. Bolt is No. DSA W Trigger assembly is stamped DSA which is period correct for TE reading: 3. No ME reading. Visible rifling but worn.

Proof "P" with serifs in circle on wrist. Gas port cylinder is raw metal. Balance of rifle retains virtually of the arsenal reapplied parkerized finish. Stocks are near mint with a couple minor impressions. Comes with a sling. Extremely handsome, high condition Korean War rebuild.

Manufactured in Rask Molle, Denmark since Previously in Otterup The Model 54J sporting rifle was manufactured from - It was re-barreled, probably by Weatherby sometime in the late 's. Weatherby style stock with the contrasting rosewood tip and grip cap with white diamond, checkered walnut with rakish Weatherby type rollover cheekpiece, Monte Carlo stock with Pachmayr recoil pad. Equipped with ramp front sight, fully leaf rear sight and rear bridge Williams peep sight.

Stock is excellent with usual hunting dings and minor finish loss. High quality, large caliber Weatherby conversion. John Moses Browning invented this rifle in It is the FN Model that is seen in his hands in numerous photographs. This design was sold in America by Browning as well as Remington, neither of which kept the original lines of the FN from While it is basically the same rifle internally, externally the stock lines of the FN is the only rifle of the three that copied the original stock lines and design.

This example is the early FN Model manufactured in Belgium. The offered rifle retains virtually all of the expertly restored blue finish. It is a takedown with blued finish and light European round knob stock with fire blue buttplate. Rifle is loaded through the magazine. This rifle comes in its original two piece box numbered to the gun, and even the box is in near mint condition.

While the Brownings and Remingtons are readily available in this country, few of the original European models are found in the United States, and almost never found with their original box. Accompanied by a copy of an original booklet, all written in German, and a Browning instruction packet that came with an American gun. All writing on the box is in German with the exception of the printed end label, which lists this as a Grade A1 Automatic Rifle by serial number.

This is a standard Winchester Model chambered for the somewhat scarce. Military rifle, and not to be confused with the. Features full round barrel, sporting front and rear sight, blued finish, walnut forend with ebony tip and Schnabel and rifle walnut buttstock with steel rifle plate. Balance of frame is patina and gun metal grey. Stocks are excellent and not cracked. Strong, clean rifled bore.

Nice, clean example in scarce caliber. This rifle has all early pre-war features. The barrel has the rear sight collar, frame is cut for stripper clip, has the Winchester checkered steel buttplate with teet, standard Winchester sporting rear sight, ramp front sight with hood, rust blue finish on barrel, trigger guard and floorplate, matte finish on frame, pistol grip checkered walnut stock with straight comb, sling swivels. Rifle remains in excellent all original condition. Trigger guard is blue-brown patina. Frame retains virtually all of its original finish as well, with a couple of minor marks near rear receiver sight screws.

Walnut stock is excellent with some usual minor abrasions. Action is perfect. Strong, clean, shiny bore and perfect action. Very fine all original example of the classic pre-war style Winchester Model 70 rifle.

Matching serial number on barrel, frame, bolt and safety. Features full round barrel, hooded ramp front sight, military type rear folding sight to 1, meters, sling swivel attached to barrel and bottom of stock, standard round knob bolt, blued lever release floorplate, blued trigger guard, single trigger, Lyman 48 receiver sight, half stock walnut ebony inset on both sides of Schnabel, checkered squared pistol grip with metal cap, straight comb with roll-over cheek piece and Mauser monogrammed black composite buttplate.

Left side of frame is stamped "Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf". Fine action and strong clean bore. Beautiful, near mint, oil finished walnut stock with only a couple of minor impressions. A lovely early, pre-war commercial Mauser sporting rifle. The frame of this takedown rifle is in a French satin nickel with squirrels on left and right sides and a mallard on top.

Features high polish blue finish, sporting front sight, folding leaf rear sight, deluxe highly finish and figured walnut stock with standard checkering. Gun is in near new condition inside and out. Comes in original black cardboard box numbered to gun. This was Winchester top of the line bolt action, magazine fed target rifle at the time. Features rust blued barrel and frame, ramp front sight with dovetail globe, military style plain pistol grip walnut stock, flat fully checkered steel buttplate. Also has a patented intricate target sight set in rear bridge dovetail.

Walnut stocks are excellent with a couple of minor dings. Floorplate and trigger guard are basically grey patina. Has one original Winchester stamped magazine. Comes with a period U. Springfield type brass frog leather sling. Features high polish royal blue frame and barrel, factory drilled and tapped for scope on bridge with Redfield bases, J. Sauer action, oil grooved bolt, blued trigger guard and floorplate, Weatherby Monte Carlo stock with diamond skip checkering, rosewood forend tip and grip cap with white diamond, solid red waffle buttpad and sling eyes.

This rifle is in near new condition inside and out. Features rust blued barrel, barrel sight collar, matte blue finish frame, front and rear bridge factory tapped for scope, pistol grip checkered walnut stock, checkered steel buttplate with teet, and sling swivels. Bottom of bolt is electro-pencil marked with matching serial number. Another fine Winchester than came out of Canada with small Washington import stamp under barrel. A hint of muzzle wear.

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Wood has a couple minor impressions. Hint of high edge wear on trigger guard. The Model 99 Was a modification of the Model without a traditional trigger. Rifle was fired by depressing the trigger with the thumb, which was part of the sear, and was located behind bolt. This rifle was manufactured after because it was chambered for the. The gum wood stained walnut stock was the same as the Model Was not serial numbered. Built to and is often no recognized by most Winchester collectors.

All metal surfaces are a grey patina. Barrel and bolt have the "P. The hardwood stock is very good to excellent. Legends are sharp and is stamped "Thumb Trigger Model". Has Winchester composite buttplate. Perfect action and strong rifling. This is just one of those unusual rifles that is rarely seen and has a unique profile as it does not have a trigger or trigger guard.

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Features full octagon barrel with standard sporting rear sight and knife blade front sight. Features blued finish, walnut forend with Schnable, case colored lever, and perch belly walnut buttstock. Has matching number for buttstock and forend. Nice traces of case color on sides of lever. Stock is excellent, proud to metal, with a few minor dings but no cracks. Bore exhibits strong rifling. This model has the cartridge counter and cocking indicator. Simply a lovely, old, clean 99 octagon rifle in far above average condition. These fine condition Savage 99 rifles are getting extremely difficult to locate.

Custom matte stainless barrel is drilled and tapped for scope. No sights. Has a blued action. Sports a high quality Zeiss German 4x32 scope with nylon stock. Mint bore and perfect action. Barrel is free floated and shows some rubs. A few storage marks on stock. Otherwise, near new inside and out. Features round barrel, ramp front sight, butter knife bolt full length checkered pistol grip walnut stock, straight comb, rollover cheek piece, trapdoor buttplate, and double set triggers.

Rear sight removed. Sports a Leupold scope on Paul Jaeger mounts. Excellent stock with added finish. Strong bore and fine action. The SVT replaced the M Has a ten round removable magazine, ventilated metal forend, ventilated wooden upper hand guard, pistol grip hardwood stock, military blue finish, military sights. Floorplate has a electro-pencil "CH". Frame is dated Serial number is bridge CH Left side of stock is stamped "CH" with numerous inspector marks.

Bolt is also etched "CH". Bridge has a star and is dated These rifles were widely used by Russian snipers during the second World War and played an important part in the battle for Stalingrad. Factory manufactured as a sporting rifle and not a conversion. Features two leaf sporting rear sight, barrel mounted; sporting ramp front sight' front claw mount; rear block mount; bolt is numbered Light engraving on frame.

Left side of frame stamped "Rw. Factory engraving on bridge, floorplate, trigger guard. Quick release floorplate. Has round knob checkered walnut stocks with Wundhammer wood side panels and small roll over cheek piece. Straight comb, double triggers, factory sling swivels, and fire blued steel buttplate. Has the standard round knob bolt not butter knife. Fine action and near mint, strong rifled bore. Excellent condition beautiful, early pre-war Sporter. When introduced in and throughout its production history, the Winchester Model 52, heavy barrel, single shot, bolt action target rifle has set the standard at international matches around the world racking up a blazing history.

This example was manufactured in Features; full heavy round barrel, factory barrel mounted scope blocks, international style target front sight, redfield international target rear sight which is fully adjustable for all positions. Plain pistol grip walnut stock, grooved forend which allows for additional weights, rear sling swivel and a black rubber buttpad. Has a fine bore and action. Metal retains approx. Walnut stocks are excellent with a few minor bumps. Modern technology finally outpaced the vunerable classic Model 52 but these rifles can still give any gun a race for the roses.

C Winchester Model Manufactured during the war years between and Chambered for the scarce and popular. Standard features include full round barrel, hooded ramp front sight, scarce bolt long range peep sight, half magazine, pistol grip, fluted walnut stock with checkered steel shotgun buttplate. Wood is excellent and proud to metal, no cracks but a small chip at left pistol grip. Barrel has a couple of minor rubs on top. Stock is excellent. Strong rifled bore, perfect action. Sports its original finish with some storage chipping to varnish. Features high polished blue round barrel with no provisions for sights, coin satin nickel receiver, lovely engraving on both sides with stag heads, high gloss deluxe checkered pistol grip stock with Browning black composite buttplate, slings eyes, gold trigger, engraved detachable magazine and engraved trigger guard.

Wood has a couple of minor bumps. Barrel has a couple minor storage spots. Frame has a very light scratch on left side. Beautiful, high grade, deluxe Belgian-made Browning semi-automatic big bore rifle. Offered is a fairly scarce, early. Features high polished blue finish on frame and barrel, sporting front sight and a front scope mount is installed in rear sight groove.

Sports a B. Nickel German 2. Scarce J. Sauer double set trigger for the European market. Stock is a typical Weatherby diamond skip checkered light walnut with rosewood pistol grip cap with white diamond and rosewood forend tip. Has a Sauer marked black composite buttplate and sling swivels.

Stock is near mint. Fine action and strong rifled bore. Line and post optics. Beautiful, early, high condition Weatherby made in Germany in a scarce caliber. This is a nice example of an early four-digit 's custom Weatherby rifle with the early South Gate stamped FN action in a standard American caliber. Has a distinctive Weatherby stock profile, standard checkering, with a dark reddish hue, contrasting forend tip and and grip cap with white diamond, Weatherby black waffle pad and sling eyes.

Features polished bolt with no oil holes. Stock is very good to excellent with numerous scuff, abrasions and some finish loss. Excellent bore and action. These actions were imported by Roy from Germany from the FN plant and were customized and finish at his shop in California. Sauer Bolt Action Sporting Rifle. Standard German Weatherby sporting rifle. Features high polish royal blue frame and barrel, blued floorplate and trigger guard, distinctive Weatherby walnut stock with diamond skip checkering, contracting rosewood forend tip and grip cap with white diamond, Weatherby brown waffle pad and sling eyes.

Manufactured without provision for sights. One of the scope filler screws has been replaced. All blued metal surfaces retain virtually all their original finish. Sauer Action Sporting Rifle. The earliest catalog for reference showing the J. Sauer action is This is an interesting and early rifle for numerous reasons: first, it is chambered for the non-Weatherby caliber, the majority of the J. Sauer action Mk Vs were built around the exclusive Weatherby cartridge line-up; secondly, is has the Weatherby South Gate address on frame but is not marked "Made in Germany", the actions came from Germany but this one is not marks as such anywhere on the rifle.

It has the distinctive stock design with the rakish Monte Carlo comb profile with roll-over cheek piece, the standard diamond skip checkering on forend and wrist, and contrasting rosewood tip and grip cap with the white diamond design that quickly identifies as a Weatherby rifle. Features high polish contoured blued barrel with no markings other than caliber. High polish blued frame is simply stamped "Mk V" with the Weatherby California address.

Sports Redfield mounts with rings and a Weatherby red waffle pad. No provisions for sights. Has a blued floorplate and trigger guard with a slight violet hue. There is a slight hairline crack or wood separation on left side of wrist that almost looks like a break in the varnish. White diamond has toned over as if some finish was added at rear of stock.

Wood remains in excellent condition with the usual bumps and bruises. Bolt is jeweled with oil holes, but not the usual oil grooves seen on later Weatherby's. This rifle has to be one of the earliest known rifles built with the J. Sauer action between to The frame of this takedown rifle is in a French satin nickel with intricate deep engraving with scrolls; right panel shows setter and ducks, top oval has retriever with duck, left side has setter with pheasant.

Engraver R. Features high polish blue finish, sporting front sight, folding leaf rear sight, deluxe highly finish and figured walnut stock with diamond skip checkering. Gun is in near new condition inside and out with the exception of a repaired crack at top back of wrist, should be attended to to make the rifle perfect.

Comes in the original Browning hard leather case. It is not cracked. There is a 1" groove or space in finish that just needs some minor finish re-applied. Engraver signed R. Features high polish royal blue frame and barrel, factory drilled and tapped for scope on bridge, J. Sauer action, oil grooved bolt, blued trigger guard and floorplate, Weatherby Monte Carlo stock with diamond skip checkering, rosewood forend tip and grip cap with white diamond, red waffle buttpad and sling eyes.

This is an early German rifle that has only the South Gate, California address. There are a couple of small storage scuffs on bridge, otherwise all original blue intact. Floorplate and trigger guard have a couple of marks. Stock has a few scattered areas of bumps and bruises to finish. Near new inside. This rifle dates to Roy's earliest use of the Sauer action, early 's. Produced by Thompson as a modern reintroduction of the Model A5, this is listed as a Thompson semi-automatic pistol, as it does not have a buttstock.

Produced by Auto-Ordanance. Comes with an original vintage Thompson drum magazine stamped " Model Type L". Has the finned 14" barrel and pistol grip walnut stocks. Comes with an extra stick magazine. Standard rifle features full round barrel, full magazine, blued finish, walnut stock with rifle buttplate, non-checkered walnut forend, original sporting rear sight, and flip-up globe front sight. All metal is a smooth blue-brown aged patina with flashes of original blue on frame.

Walnut stocks are very good with original finish, proud to metal, with a repaired chip at toe. Strong rifling. Offered is a quality bolt action sporting rifle manufactured in Finland. Features factory high polish barrel and frame, not tapped for factory sights. And sports a top of the line Swarovski 2.

Blued trigger guard and floorplate have silver engraving with just some light high edge wear on magazine floorplate. The beautiful stock features diamond basket weave hand checkering with contrasting forend tip and pistol grip cap, Monte Carlo stock and Sako red rubber recoil pad. Has a single reinforcing stock bolt. Aside from the light wear on floorplate and high edge muzzle wear, gun is near new inside and out. Swarovski optics are perfect. Standard crosshair with wide line base. Beautiful high powered sporting rifle with the best available optics.

All numbers are matching. Round blued "Vulcan" steel barrels with replaced single white bead and solid matte rib with Parker markings, on top, near breech. Extractors, automatic safeties, and double triggers. Plain walnut pistol grip buttstock with maker's pistol grip cap, red rubber recoil pad, small vacant silver shield escutcheon on bottom, and checkered panels on each side of wrist. Checkered splinter forearm with Deeley release. Action is tight, retaining mostly a silver patina with some traces of case colors and some wear to engraving and scattered marks from use.

Stocks good with original crazed finish, checkering showing wear, a non-structural crack on wrist on left side, and scattered marks. One of the highest grade Remington Model 's ever manufactured. Features full vent rib barrels with double beads, hand engraved at breech, fully engraved frame all in leaf scroll , engraved trigger guard. Left side of frame has a gold shield with red, white and blue enamel with eagle that reads "Model All American Trap Gun".

The stocks are a deluxe highly finished, ornately checkered pistol grip fiery grain with solid brown rubber recoil pad. Bolt has light engraving. As to wear; wood has a couple of minor impressions, some wear on slide arm and tube, and a storage spot on trigger guard. Mirror bore and perfect action. All numbers match.

Round blued Vulcan steel barrels, solid matte rib with single silver bead and filed down center silver bead. Extractors, automatic safeties and double triggers. Walnut pistol grip buttstock with checkered panels on each side of wrist and brown rubber recoil pad. Splinter forearm with checkered diamonds and Deeley release engraved with patent date Good condition. This shotgun has a small import stamp from Canada on underside of rib in front of forearm. Bore is good with some light spotting and action is tight. Nickel steel action has been cleaned and has some light pitting, edge wear and a few scattered marks from use.

Safety sometimes sticks when recocked. Stock is good but shows heavy wear to checkering and edges. Support bolt has been put through wrist behind action. Forend good with checkering and scattered marks from use. A series of small dents on right side. Blued round barrels with tall solid matte rib with single brass bead, right breech marked "L. Casehardened sidelock actions marked "L. SMITH" on each sideplate.

Blued triggerguard. Plain walnut pistol grip buttstock with checkered panels on each side of wrist, black maker's serrated hard rubber buttplate and grip cap. Splinter forend with shaped panel of checkering. Very good condition. This gun is imported from Canada and has a very small import mark on underside of rib, near muzzle. SAtocks good, some losses to finish and scattered marks from use, wrist has a scratch on left side and buttplate is broken and missing toe.

This Sweet Sixteen was manufactured in Standard in all respects. Some of the finest quality guns manufactured by Browning and one of the most popular models. This example is in excellent, all original, condition. Features full matted vent rib, single bead sight, lightly engraved frame, round knob, pistol grip, checkered walnut stocks with Browning composite buttplate and gold trigger. Some minor thinness on tang and has a fine clean mirror bore. Walnut stocks are excellent, sharp checkering and no cracks present except for a little minor chipping on the hard rubber buttplate at toe.

Round blued steel barrels with solid matte rib, single silver bead, barrel extension, and stiff-leaf engraving around breeches. Scalloped boxlock action with Greener crossbolt. Right side deeply engraved with three pheasants and left side with two hares. Extractors, non-automatic safeties, double triggers, and cocking indicators.

Walnut buttstock with relief carved cheek piece on left side and sling swivels, splinter forearm with Deeley release and checkering. Action cleaned and has some light pitting on top of lever, some screws are marred. Stock shows heavy wear, probably re-checkered, a few splinters missing along forearm and around scalloped action, scattered marks from use and a couple minor repairs. This is a Field Grade takedown, early post-war with plain barrel, single bead, blued finish with flat bottom grooved walnut forend, plain pistol grip stock, and Winchester black composite buttplate.

The frame shows some wear at base and on high edges, but retains virtually all of the high polish factory blue on both sides. The barrel and tube are a mix of thinning blue and silver patina. Stocks are excellent with a few minor impressions. Perfect action and mirror bore. This fine shotgun saw some use but was well cared for. Features full length rib with double bead sights, blue finish and finely checkered highly finished pistol grip walnut stock with Monte Carlo comb. Fine hand engraving on both sides of the frame.

This is a special trap model and so designated on right side of barrel. Has a red rubber recoil pad and brass owners plate in stock. This shotgun has seen little use and is in near new condition inside and out. The Model A was manufactured - The model Super Lusso featured gold plated trigger along with other small parts, stock made from presentation grade walnut. Extractors, non-automatic safeties, and double triggers. Excellent condition. This gun is imported from Canada and has a very small import mark on underside of rib, near tip of forearm.

Stocks good, some losses to finish around recoil pad and bottom of stock and some scattered marks from use, recoil pad is hard and deteriorating. Serial Number; Manufacturer-L. This is basically the "Skeet-er. Features; solid rib, single bead, standard extractor, all matching numbers, has about approx. Has some usual high edge wear. Mere bores. Diamond checkered high finish splinter forend with case colored furniture which is pressure fit. Thinning on base, traces of color on trigger guard. Has a straight grip English style stock, checkered with Iver Johnson buttplate.

Double set triggers. Very nice example of scarce. Lock up is tight as new. Manufactured in Japan by Miroku. Features screw in chokes, blued barrels, vent rib, single bead, round knob, high gloss, checkered walnut stock, checkered forend, red rubber recoil pad, gold trigger and satin nickel engraved frame. Gun shows in as new condition inside and out. Comes in hard luggage case. Top barrel on serial number is a 12 bore over.

The double rifle barrels have a Leupold Mx scope mounted. Features single select trigger, Monte Carlo pistol grip checkered walnut stock, rubber buttplate, sling eyes and both sets of barrels have folding rear sights. The Valmet shooting system was discontinued in but was an extraordinary idea that you could change the different calibers by switching out the barrel. Other offered calibers include,. Shotguns had screw in chokes. All metal features a high polish blue finish aside from some storage marks. The shotgun top barrel has a vent rib, double rifle has a solid rib.