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Fascinating and beautiful history as one travels alone through the rural areas. Being a fan of science fiction, some of that fandom spills over to space operas, I like that show, even if at least a third of episodes are absolutely ghastly. Anyway, the little ship goes through space, years and years away from Earth; people aboard just want to get back home, while doing a lot of backtracking along the way, exploring, dying etc.

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On one faithful space day they come about a nebula which seems to contain a wormhole, opening a shortcut to Earth. Everyone is ecstatic about it, of course. Everyone, bar one. The one having reserve against this plot is the ex borg the technocratic space collective woman, the one that has rescinded her borg entanglements in favor of restoring her humanity, of which she knew very little since being taken into the borg at a young age. Only later she falls under the influence of the creature, when its machinations become better aligned with her wishes.

With cryptocurrency, I fear many have fallen for some of the promises because of which they ignore the pitfalls. A new technology comes around, one which is not exactly in the reach of your conniving hands, however you are not completely without means. You know what worked well in the past, like booms and busts as catalytic events for fundamental power grabs. If you can make it rise, you can make it crash and burn.

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How difficult is it to manipulate the price of cryptos? I think that you are right about the fact that commodities of value from currencies to cotton will always contain the liability of being manipulated. Holding on to blind belief only exacerbates the situaton. Money and currencies are not sent from god, they are utilites value of which is based on a promise. The streetcar network was bought and destroyed by Big Oil, Autos and Rubber, with the help of the Mafia. The following generations, born into a lap of relative luxury and ease, run the risk of becoming wastrels and dilettantes, and in this environment may never develop the vision and drive to succeed that the original business founder had.

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers and others perhaps royal families? Perhaps the successful dynasties develop a method of educating their offspring to be of the right mindset and knowledge. Obviously there is enough money to hire the very best talent in every area of business, including the programming of the children who will be heirs and beneficiaries of the empire. My point in all of this: is it possible that the vagaries of being human, in the longer term, will deflect the singlemindedness of world domination seekers?

In a relay race it is not unkown for the baton to be fumbled and dropped during an exchange. There will be exceptional others in the entourage of the principals who may see the way forward, but this creates branches on the tree. Does it really matter? Great interview James!

Primarily just to keep track of my findings about the world but also maybe in the future to enlighten other people. Even David Icke will only elude to them but rarely actually say their name. And even he now will try to claim their irrelevant and get very up tight if you even mention their name any where around him. Again this is me and my believe they are considerably ahead of ALL others and hard for them to be displaced. When eugenics and social stratafication is mentioned, it always makes me think of Jeremy Benthem. Through his work on Utilitarianism and while teaching John Stuart Mill he created the Panopticon and did extensive research on classifications of society through the subtle variations of their physiognomies.

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He went as far as to do autopsies and dissection with drawing and preserved cut cross-sections of specimens. Do you have any insight on these characters, James? In the beginning a handful of people was running the show. Today we are about skilled persons, all involved in the process of making great looking quality shoes for the modern vagabond who cares about style and a sustainable way of life.

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Pun intended.

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Without them knowing a bond was formed A vagabond. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

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