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1. The film might have been cursed

How can there be a tornado in the Smurf Village? Then suddenly the house started spinning around, and the Smurflings could barely stay standing on their feet as everything went around in circles. Sassette saw that the door to their house suddenly opened, and her three friends ended up flying out of it, crying for help.

She hung onto her bunk bed for dear life as the house continued to spin around, being carried high in the air by the tornado. And then soon enough it came down to the ground until it landed hard, though with the house still intact. Sassette was curious as to where the playhouse had been carried to.

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  • Wicked Witch of the West.

She opened the door and looked outside, and was amazed by what she saw -- an entire village that looked much like her own, except that everything was in rich vibrant colors, more vibrant than anything she had seen Painter do any sort of painting with. She stepped out the door to see the beauty of this new world when she heard a familiar barking sound. She looked around and saw that it was Puppy -- but somehow Puppy had shrunk until he was less than Smurf-size.

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How did you get here? And how did you get like this? She took Puppy into her arms and held him for a bit as he licked her face before dropping him back on the ground again. Then Sassette saw a bright pink bubble appear from the sky, floating towards her until it landed in front of her, and then it changed into what appeared to be Smurfette wearing a very fancy dress and hat while carrying a star-topped magic wand. What is this place that I have smurfed to?

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Sassette looked back and saw the striped stocking legs of somebody wearing smurfberry red heels lying underneath where the Smurflings' playhouse had landed. The Wicked Witch didn't actually have a name in L. Frank Baum's Oz books. Wicked opened its third company at the Ford Center for the Performing Arts in Those of us who aren't super familiar with the world of Broadway might not know some of the big theater stars who have had roles in Wicked. It's only the first seven notes of the song because, Schwartz said, copyright law dictates that eight notes can be considered the theft of a song.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (feat) Wicked Witch of the West

And it's also harmonized completely differently Idina Menzel has even recorded a dance version of the song and various artists have done cover versions. Schwartz took the summer to develop something new, and when he came back, he had written "Dancing Though Life. The original costume for Tin Man involved covering Ebsen in aluminum dust which ended up sending him to the hospital for two weeks.

Also, the temperatures on set were also insanely hot due to the Technicolor process requiring very bright shots. Cinematographer Harold Rosson claimed "people were always fainting and being carried off the set," due to the heat. The green makeup was so toxic that Margaret Hamilton wasn't allowed to handle food and had to be specially fed. The makeup put on Hamilton was copper-based and therefore could be toxic if ingested. The makeup person for Hamilton, Jack Young, explained the risk :. Every night when I was taking off the Witch's makeup, I would make sure that her face was thoroughly clean.

Spotlessly clean. Because you don't take chances with green. But not all costumes were toxic. The Tin Man's "oil" was chocolate sauce and the horses were covered in "Jell-O. Jack Haley, the actor who played the Tin Man explained the fake oil: "The oil Ray Bolger squirted at me, to loosen up my joints, was not oil but chocolate syrup.

They squirted chocolate in my face, because the oil wouldn't photograph right, but chocolate will. The horse that kept changing colors was actually played by four horses.

Dark Secrets Behind the Making of ‘The Wizard of Oz’

Each were covered in lemon, cherry or grape powdered gelatin. The horse apparently kept trying to lick the gelatin off. This may seem particularly cruel as common wisdom is that gelatin comes from horse hooves and bones. In fact, the powder is mostly made from cows and pigs. Professor Marvel's jacket was bought from a thrift store.

In the most insane coincidence ever, the jacket used to belong to L. Frank Baum, the author of the original novel.

Schlepping Over the Rainbow

The truthfulness of this is a bit up in the air , but it has been somewhat confirmed by Harold Rosson, the previously mentioned cinematographer and a publicist for the film at the time. Apparently, the crew wanted a ratty, but once expensive jacket for the character of Professor Marvel to wear in the film. They went to a thrift store and the jacket they ended up choosing was later discovered to once be owned by L.

Frank Baum. Someone noticed that his name was stitched into the jacket after it was chosen.

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Image Left: WikiCommons. This, according to the Library of Congress.