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Source: Books. Even the holy Fathers doubted and prayed God to strengthen their faith. Do you think that Mr Putin does not know that what he is doing in Chechnya is not good? He yelled at me saying: Do you think you have a choice?! Er schrie mich an und rief: Glauben Sie, Sie haben eine Wahl?! Of course, America has been encouraging Sunni leaders in this belief. It will redefine your sense of spirituality and faith.

Source: TED. Do you think he made that mistake on purpose? Source: Tatoeba. In both cases, it takes a lot of blind faith to go from one to the other. Now I too see no basis in these beliefs, but I tolerate them for Ms B's sake. Whistle-blowers who act in good faith must be protected. Oh, never more could it turn to him; for faith was blighted--confidence destroyed!

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Synonyms for "Glaube". Wohl denn. Yes, signor; and if she will not love me, she shall at least marry me; and I—. Hold your tongue, sirrah! But weighty matters now engage my mind. I understand, dear father. Enough of this. Rocco, often I have begged of you to allow the poor prisoners, in this dismal cell immured, to come and breathe the pure air of this garden.

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Though often promised, you have never yet done it. To-day the weather is so beautiful! The Governor never comes at this time of day. But he was talking with you so long: perhaps he was asking a favor? A favor? Well guessed, Marcellina. I think I may venture.

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Jacquino and Fidelio, you may undo the door. Die Gefangenen entfernen sich in den Garten. The Prisoners retire into the Garden. He sits on a stone: round his body is a long chain, the end of which is fastened to the wall. Wir brauchen nicht viel Zeit um an die Oeffnung zu kommen. Gieb mir eine Haue, und du stelle dich hierher. No, no; he only sleeps. The moment is propitious. Give me your hand. Here, under this rubbish, is the cistern of which I have spoken. It will not take us long to reach the opening.

Give me the pickaxe, and stand thou there. Thou tremblest! Das Duett wird durchaus halblaut gesungen.

"Ich vertraue dir." English translation

Ohne Zweifel wird er wieder tausend Fragen an mich stellen. Ich muss allein mit ihm reden. Was verlangt Ihr denn von mir? Ich vollziehe die Befehle die man mir giebe; das ist mein Amt, meine Pflicht. Wenn ich denn verdammt binn, hier zu verschmachten, O so lasst mich nicht so langsam enden!

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Aus Erbarmen, gebt mir nur einen Tropfen Wasser—das ist ja so wenig! Ich kann Euch nicht verschaffen, was Ihr verlangt. Alles was ich Euch anbieten kann, ist ein Restchen Wein, das ich im Kruge habe. Mein Schliesser, und in wenig Tagen mein Eidam. Ihr selbst, Meister Rokko—. The Duet is sung in an undertone. Doubtless, he will again put a thousand questions to me. I must speak with him alone. Well, it will soon be all over with him. What do you ask of me? The orders I receive I execute: that is my province, my duty.

Tell me, at all events, the name of the Governor of this loathsome prison. What you require I cannot procure: all that I can offer is the little wine I have remaining. At present my assistant; a few days hence to be my son-in-law. You yourself, Master Rocco—. Do not forget, whatever you may hear and see, that there is a Providence over all! Yes, yes, there is a Providence over all. Sein Weib! Leonora suddenly draws a small pistol from her bosom and presents it at him. Die Offiziere und Jaquino gehen oben ab. Die Soldaten leuchten Pizarro vor. The soldiers shall ascend, and with lighted torches hence accompany the Governor.

The latter avails himself of the opportunity to grasp the hands of Leonora and Florestan, presses them to his bosom, points to Heaven, and then hasting after him.

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Florestan and Leonora. Kommt, folget mir hinauf. Good news! The Minister has a list of all of you, who are forthwith to appear before him. Your imprisonment has evidently been unknown to the Minister, and is a stretch of arbitrary power, no doubt. Come, follow me all, follow me! German Text, with an English Translation [].

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A Spanish Nobleman. Prime Minister of Spain, and friend to Florestan. Governor of the Prison, and enemy to Florestan. Chief Jailer. Daughter of Rocco. Assistant to Rocco, in love with Marcellina. She carries a basket with provisions, and on her arm fetters, which she deposits on the ground. At her side a tin box hangs by a ribbon. Traurig schleppt sich fort das Leben; Mancher Kummer stellt sich ein. True happiness, so we are told, Is best secured by glorious gold. Offiziere mit einem Detachement treten ein, dann Pizarro.

Das Hauptthor wird wieder geschlossen. Officers enter with a detachment of Troops, then Pizarro. The gate is shut again. Die Wache. Fearlessly, unsparingly, I will tear his heart from out him! The wretch shall quickly repent His daring resistance to me;— I would sooner die than yield. Now that he is in my power, Punishment for his treason Shall quickly be his lot.

No more hope is there for thee. Ist es leben oder nur spielen.

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My worries away? Meine Sorgen sind weg? You're all the things I've got to remember. Du bist alles, woran ich mich erinnern muss. You're shying away. I'll be coming for you anyway. In a day. Innerhalb eines Tages werde ich fort sein. I'll be gone take on me. Ich werde weg sein nimm mich. In a day take on me. İn einem Tag vertraue mir. Reportar un problema. Last activities M. Last edit by Magbet Bunyatov.

Translated by Fabian Uresti. Edit translation. More lyrics from the album. Hunting High And Low Jun 12th Hunting High and Low extended version.