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Can you name their capital cities? Enter capital city here:.

World Capitals Quiz

The quiz is paused. You have remaining. Keep scrolling down for answers and more stats Most of the government buildings are in Yaren, so it's practically its capital. From Wikipedia: Yaren is usually listed as the capital of Nauru though this is incorrect; the republic does not have cities or an official capital. Yaren is accepted by the United Nations as the "main district". Vatican City is four quarters of its country's area.

Last I checked size relative to the country doesn't have anything to do with ability to be the capital. It's just that Nauru is really, really small. Here it is. Thank you! I turned 65 this past week and wonder about my heart speeding as I try to type so fast--may need an EMT standing by when we try this fast one!

After 5 attempts!!!!! Finally, of !!!!! I use to get them all but after a year without doing the quiz I missed I spent the whole day with Castries and Bamako in my head. Any chance of increasing the time on this for those of us who type at an average speed :. For another challenge, try this quiz in reverse. So freakin close. My 4th time taking this quiz and I have a score of Only need to learn most of Africa and half of Oceania.

When I was 11 a lot of these countries weren't around, and a number of countries have changed or renamed capitals. Bring back Colombo! I've nailed Europe, but Africa Oh, God, Africa. I've got all the countries. It's time to nail these. This will take a while. I got every single one except for seychelles grenada, saint lucia, and tuvalu. Also didn't cheat. I got Kingstown by luck because it was a type-in for Kingston. And yes, YOLO, except not according to a video that said a boy once said "in my past life I was murdered by an ax". The boy brought his family to a village and said "this is where it happened".

It turned out there had recently been a murder there with an ax, and the village officials had not found the culprit. The boy gave a description of the man, and he was found. The man confessed to committing the murder. So maybe you don't always live once. Finally got on my 5th try. Ouagadougou, Ngerulmud, and Tegucigalpa was the main ones that hand me until my latest attempt. My score was like yours when I first tried though. Got , bunch of the Island Capitals are kinda non-guessable if you don't know them. Yaren isn't the capital of Nauru, only the location of parliament and largest settlement.

Yaren actually is the capital of Nauru, I have a world map and looked a Nauru and Yaren is starred and I also just searched it up. Yaren is the capital of Nauru. Yaren is practically the capital of Nauru, but it isn't the caputal "city" because it isn't a city. I first attempted this quiz on 29th November and now, today on 8 June , I have finally completed this quiz!! I finally know all the capitals, of all the countries.

It feels so good to say that!!!! I knew them all but missed Paramaribo, Tegucigalpa, Ouagadougou, Yamoussoukro, Mbabane, and Nouakchott due to spelling mistakes Distinct lack of Ramallah. Of all your 'Worlds' quizzes and all the disputed territories you include as sovereign nations, it really sticks out that you choose not to put in Palestine. That's because Quizmaster is of the belief that Palestine isn't a country. And I heartily agree.

It would be fine if they had just taken one of Israel's five attempted two-nation systems, but no. This creator is probably from the United States and the United States does not recognize Jerusalem as Palestine's capital. The US recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Palestine claims East Jerusalem as the capital while Israel does not recognize Palestine therefore recognizing all of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

There are not "nations". What this quiz deals with is sovereign states. The "United Nations" is also a misnomer. Conversely Vatican City citizens do not constitute a nation. Somewhat grey area, but contemporary usage is way off. There are UN members and effectively sovereign states plus one sovereign entity. The creator is probably from the US and all of the countries in the map are countries that are recognized by the US.

Kurdistan is not recognized in the US along with Tibet and a lot of other ones. If you were making this comment in the s when the concept of nationalism was a new thing you would be correct. Today, however, nation-states have become so common that the terms "nation," "state," and "country" are all used as synonyms. What is wrong with me. I am sorry to break this to you I know And those of the Caribbean. I also never remember them but I never try to remember them Can I respectfully request that the time be extended by a minute or two.

This should be a test of knowledge not typing speed. As a two finger typist I just can't complete them all in time. For the periodic table of elements elements you get 12 minutes, which I can do with a minute to spare. Here there are answers required in 12 minutes also 3. I think 5 seconds per answer would be more reasonable. I'm also a two-fingered typer and I got it with remaining. Practice makes perfect. Keep practicing. You get quicker bit by bit. I used to run out of time but I've just done it with 2 mins to spare. I'm also now a much better typist!

Try bunching things together. For example, there are 6 "Ports" so just rattle these off. And just typing "Ouagad" and "Kotte" and "Bandar" etc works. Only got I was obsessed with capitals when I was a kid.

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But I was unaware that the capitals of Sri Lanka and Myanmar had changed. I really cannnot believe why you put Cyprus in Asia.. Switzerland is not in the EU or the Eurozone.

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They are still in Europe. The correct way to define this kind of thing is by geographical location, and Cyprus lies closer to Asia than to Europe. If Cyprus is in Europe then Cyprus would lie very close to Europe.

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What about the Greek island of Rhodes? Have learned from only getting maybe 30 or so to all in 8 minutes and 15 seconds. This is the stuff to prevent alzheimers and dementia! Creates new brain paths! Finally did it fairly fast.

1. Little Experimenter Illuminated World Globe

Broke my record and did in Seconds, with left. I can see if you typed perfectly and remembered all the locations where you could break 7 minutes. I lost seconds on misspellings and had to see which city I missed which took a good 8 seconds to find I forgot to fill in Ankara Turkey. This is a great quiz for extending those brain cells and hand eye coordination!

Not bad for a 62 year old. I looked up the capital of Sri Lanka and it said that it was Colombo as well as Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte so maybe accept Colombo as well. Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is in the suburb of Colombo. True, but I'm in a pompous mood so take my bragging about how I did it in a shorter time than you while probably being younger than you to the heart and get offended, please. Doing great when you are young unless like under the age of 8 is no feat. A lot of things you have freshly learned when you are a teenager, while for others it might be 30 years since they were taught certain things.

Plus when you are young you retain things much faster. Plus your mind is still relatively empty. And still works smoothly haha. Try the one minute sprint here. I am surprised more people have Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte than capitals of just some smaller countries. Its probably because they can just look at the comments where there are so many comments about the spelling of Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. Missed: Majuro, Nuku'alofa, and Funafuti, the latter of which I was about to type in. Donald Trump announced, on Wednesday, December 6, that the U. I haven't yet been implanted into the uterine wall and I finished this quiz with 2 hours remaining.

You guys suck! For another challenge, try this quiz in reverse! Can whoever created this quiz also accept Tel Aviv as the capital of Israel? I know its capital is disputed, but since Tel Aviv is recognized as its capital by most countries, it should at least be one of the options. I did this without looking at the list of countries, just visualizing the map from "Countries of the world" and go around my usual route.

When i got to the end, I saw that I had skipped one country, Mexico, which is number three on my normal route. Tel Aviv is the capital city of Israel according to me and many others not Jerusalem. Please accept Tel Aviv as a valid answer. Great quiz, but it requires either you to have memorised all the capitals and be a quick typer, or it requires more time. Especially hard on an ipad when you have to keep scrolling down. Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel, the whole international community agrees except USA and the her island puppet in the pacific.

Asia/Continent of Asia/Asia Geography

Need to brush up on your African capitals? I don't understand how Malabo is still the capital of Equatorial Guinea when Oyala is the new capital! They are still building Oyala, it is not the capital yet but will be once construction is completed. I should have known that I'd suck at this quiz. I only got 38 and I cheated on like half of them! As a geography buff, I love these quizzes.

Human Capital Project

I'm a single celled organism and i completed this quiz with 2hrs left. We are coming for you humans. You humans will never know what is going to hit you. Taking this quiz reminded me how much I need to brush up on capitals My brain is failing me. Can this please have another minute or two. I know most of the answers, but cannot even type quick enough to get to Africa. Any chance we could get more time? Description: This political antique ocean globe is a 4-inch, compact, multi-directional mini globe by stellanova emblazoned with over geographical names.

The precise, easy to read map is scaled at million. This inch world globe includes thousands of locations and geographical features highlighted with bright contrasting colors. Weight: 2. Description: Every household needs a globe, especially one as detailed and versatile as our light-up globe that makes everything so easy to see — including geography in fascinating relief as well as national and political boundaries visible when the globe is unlit , calibrated meridian, time dial, raised equator, and sturdy no-tip base.

Makes a fun night-light for the whole family. Weight: 3 pounds 1. Description: Versatile learning tool for students of geography, history, science and current events Features beautiful mountains in detailed raised relief. Realistically tilted on axis to match the Earth Mounted on a strong metal base with gold finish and steel meridian ring 12 diameter and 16 overall height. Description: Why settle on those traditional globes that only show the political map when you can get this unique, modern design that also shows the 88 modern constellations and displays some of the brightest stars at night?

Your kid deserves to learn more. One of the most important but overlooked aspects of a globe is its size. Forget the hassle of running out of power and constantly buying expensive batteries! The inner PVC is covered with high quality color offset printing. All US states are marked with borders.

Most major cities and capitals appear on the map, as well as the oceans which are clearly labeled. Help your students or kids learn about geography in a fun, hands-on way with this 12 inch Inflatable Globe from Learning Resources. Details on the globe include countries, capital cities, oceans and continents.

Comes with an Activity Guide to help with the learning and for building lesson plans. Includes a patch kit. Description: This inflatable Earth gets lots of attention for its detail from the thousands of NASA satellite photos that went into the splendid view. Weight: 6. I think an inflatable globe would be best for pre-schoolers. Do you have or know of any such product? Thank you. Pam Peterson. Can you tell me why? I thought that globes are based upon real evidence.

Have I been lied to? Have you heard of Google!!! I think we should turn these designs into reality, space I think we should look at it to the state back.