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She can see the future She had a vision of her husband's death ten years before it happened in, for Gwen, chilling deja vu. During this time, she's also had a disturbing connection with another like her, a psychic who has the power to not only see into others but to manipulate and destroy. For twenty-five years, as seemingly unrelated events convince Gwen she has no power of her own beyond bizarre sight, she's wondered why she was given the ability to see pain and death yet never to alleviate them. But when her nemesis targets Dylan Mitchell, the man she loves, and his daughter, all the pieces of the puzzle that have tormented her fall into place.

It's either a match made in heaven Gregg Stevens has spent a lifetime making bad decisions, never knowing true love. Stormie Knight, a new Christian, beguiles him with her eccentricities and well-kept secrets. The heroine is bipolar and a brand new Christian literally who decided God was going to heal her since she got saved, so she stopped taking her meds and, boy, did she turn up the heat. They off meds tend to be highly sexualized when in a manic state so you can imagine some of the antics. However, she was in a sad place because prior to being saved she was raped and the guy had AIDS and shot himself while on top of her so she feared being pregnant and having AIDS for most of the book.

See, I told you it was in-your-face grit. Even with new Christians who have horrible backgrounds. At any rate, I found it fascinating.

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The Christian piece of the story was so much more real and deeper than many CBA novels. You hear in their heads their doubts and fears and struggles and its so REAL how the enemy works on them. This book has made me think about my walk with the Lord and I like that. But the message is clear. Faithful obedience is worth it. Visit my website for more information: www.

Tell us about your journey to publication. How long had you been writing before you got the call you had a contract, how you heard and what went through your head. I wrote my first book when I was 10 years old. Unofficially, I had my own fan club in high school and had a dozen publishing credits to my name all poems.

And, strangely, my first thought was, I just had a baby.

Wounded Warriors Series, Book 4: Wayward Angels

We put off having kids until my career finally launched, gave up on that ever happening, and now I have a baby and a career. It was then that I knew I had to figure out a way to discipline my horribly erratic writing method. Do you still experience self-doubts regarding your work? But after years of leading me so subtly He knows me so well; knows just what I can handle! God showed me that He could use me in this way without taking away the very thing that makes writing worthwhile to me.

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Wayward Angels is the first example of that. It was like having God sit down with me every morning and guide my figurative pen. Yet the reception so far has been beyond what I could have ever imagined. Earlier this week, I took the plunge and dared to read it myself again after so long away from it, and I have to admit I was stunned. This time I recognized my own realistic, powerful edge that I never want to lose, but I also recognized that God had been leading my hand while I was writing it.

Wounded Warriors Series, Book 4: Wayward Angels

While reading it this time, I experienced in an overwhelming way His incredible ability to take a life that seems beyond redemption and turn it into something not only worthwhile but beautiful. After reading Wayward Angels this past week, I thought again of how Romans and 2 cover everything in life. Should I do this? Or this? Or not? What does He want me to do?

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  • The point is my submission. The question: Should I confront this person? The answer: Submit to Him, offer myself to Him. The question: Should I teach Sunday School? These verses are just such a peace to me after so many years of struggling for His will.

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    If your authorial self was a character from The Wizard of Oz, which one would you be and why? LOL, no doubt Dorothy. Can you give us a view into a typical day of your writing life? Everything is planned well in advance, and I keep tweaking my schedule to make it as productive as it possibly can be. The outline can take anywhere from a day to week to work out, depending on the complexity of the book. My annual goal sheet can then include accurate time-tables for researching, writing, and revising outlines and novels.

    Completing a , book generally takes me a month or so. Depending on the project, revision amounts to minor editing and polishing. This year in particular has been very productive for me. As you can tell, I believe momentum is a powerful force in any career. If I stall because I have done a good job of juggling my tasks, I can only blame myself.

    How much marketing do you do? Any advice in this area? These days, I promote almost exclusively through the promotional writing group I created in July of Jewels of the Quill www. I believe the future of author promotion is within groups. Please log in. By Karen Wiesner.

    This keeps the series fresh and interesting because you never really know what to expect. I was wrong. Even more surprisingly is that Wiesner not only redeems him, but I ended up really liking him. The fact that the two of them had lost at least 20 years together just broke my heart.

    Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him

    As for the element of romantic suspense that is part and parcel, Wiesner did a fabulous job keeping me on tenterhooks. And the buildup to the end was Wiesner with every story continues to gain my respect for her talent and storytelling. One more book in the Wounded Warriors Series to go Wiesner writes novels that are so powerful and strong that you will never forget them. It is also a story where you do not realize what you have Unbelievably riveting, Karen Wiesner takes us to the depths of despair and raises us up to victory with this book.

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