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Certainly the things he is teaching her after the lights go out at night make it a lot easier, even though she does seem to spend an inordinate amount of time turned across his knee for hard bottom warnings that he insists she needs to improve her oh-so-naughty behavior. But the ranch is barely-sustainable, and their growing love for each other doesn't put food on the table.

After ranch work, Kit is desperately trying to strike oil, with no success. Then he gets badly hurt, and it looks like everything is for naught. Can Mary's growing love for Kit change a path that looks inevitable? Love's Possession is classic Carolyn Faulkner, just the right blend of romance, old-fashioned domestic discipline themes, light BDSM, and steamy sexual encounters. Reviews from Goodreads. I love Carolyn Faulkner books.

This was three different stories. The men are harsh but they love their women. The story's are long enough to develop the characters. Very good collection of stories about three young women who find themselves in situations beyond their control with men who are very harsh to say the least.

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The only story I didn't really like was The Centurian but it does have a good ending. This is a good deal as it is 3 books in one. Carolyn Faulkner is one of my favorite authors. There is no love in any of the stories, but the characters are so real. I wouldn't want to change places with any of those women, but I loved reading about them. All three deal with non-con and two of the three were terrific.

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I did not like The Centurion as much as the other two. Still, if you enjoy harsher books this one is definitely for you. I like more stories where there is a growing relationship, and the women submit because they want to. I know in these settings of battle and slavery, this was not the case. Just not my cup of tea.

This trilogy is not for the feint of heart! Three of the those stories that come back to you time and time again.


As much as I did not want to, I would reread. I am really not into these types of stories of rape. Another thing that bothered me was the story The Centurion. It was about her timeline. Anglo-Saxons did not come into power until way after the Romans left Great Britan.

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These are three stories about strong young woman who are forced by either circumstance or family to submit to men who are don't no for an answer. Centurion was definitly not my favority but the ending was great. The other two I liked much better but overall they were all good stories. | Carolyn Faulkner artikelen kopen? Alle artikelen online

These stories depict three strong female characters who had no choice but to submit in order to live. Angel was good but definitly not your typical HEA type of story. The Centurian was brutal at times but had a good ending where the girl got a little payback. In Sold the poor girl was sold by her step father to a minor and definitly had to learn the hard way to obey or elso. All three were good stories and definitly not for the faint of heart. These 3 books are rather hard core.

Not much in the way of love and romance. A nice change if you want a read about rough males doing what pleases them. All of these stories are great. I love Carolyn Faulkner's stories. This trilogy however, is a little dark for me personally.

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All three stories deal with rape and almost torture and while I know there is a place for and fans of all kinds of stories these were not for me. Brietta is taken by the harsh Roman, taught to obey his every command. Yet, he finds himself more under her spell every day Who will be the ultimate victor in their battle of wills? Eight chapters In "Sold! Slavery is no longer legal, is it? Try explaining that to the harsh mountain man who buys Carolyn at auction then takes her days into the wilderness. Four chapters How thin ARE the lines between pain and pleasure, love and hate, bondage and freedom?

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