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Urban Dictionary: Alligator Death Roll

April 18, Paleosuchus palpebrosus , also known as Cuvier's dwarf caiman. More information: Stephanie K. DOI: Provided by University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

Crocodile death roll snaps other crocs leg.

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  • Terrifying ‘Death Roll’ Almost Universal Among Crocodile Species, Study Finds;
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Creation of big data tool leads to new ideas on form and function of insect eggs 1 hour ago. Jul 03, Love eggs?

Massive alligator does 'death roll' during 'wrestling match' with Florida deputies

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Hot girl summer She can speak french Larrie Mormon Car Bomb Dirty Dane Major Tom Technique In some instances, the reptile was seen violently lashing out and hissing as the team tried to contain it. Andrea Ballard, who was among the large crowd that gathered to watch the commotion, told WMBF : [The gator] literally just sat until the Snake Chasers came out and started trying to get him wrangled and he's like, 'Whoa, wait a minute,' and he's trying to flip around.

They're trying to run him back to the backyard because there's a lot more space and [it's] away from the kids.

He said: "Mating season for reptiles is in the springtime. You're going to see a lot of these. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resource DNR , which sent officers to the scene, said that gators "occasionally make forays over land in search of new habitat, mates, or prey.