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Eine Wohnung haben, ein eigenes Leben. He wanted to be an Indian, live in the wild, be free. It also shows how helpless friends, family and even Torstein are in the face of the disease and how unable to cope with the situation on their own. The director manages the difficult feat of telling the story without mawkishness. Exploring the borders between theatre, film, the visual arts and music, she has created a series of theatre productions, short films and video installations, often reenacting dramatic documentary realities within a philosophical framework.

Maria Mok was born in Haarlemmermeer in Since she has been writing numerous scenarios for documentary films. Sie ist ein rastloser Kosmopolit, so frei wie entwurzelt, immer auf der Suche nach dem inneren Zuhause. Menschen, die durchs Leben fliegen, faszinieren jene, die am Boden bleiben. OG is a black beauty from Zimbabwe, a dancer and party queen who has lovers in every corner of the globe. She is a restless cosmopolitan, both free and uprooted, always looking for an inner home. OG is the intimate and at the same time distant friend of film and theatre director Carina Molier and the tangible centre of this intricate film about wanderlust, lifestyles and the feeling of being at home.

People who fly through life fascinate those who stay on the ground. While he worked in India, his wife and kids stayed behind in the Netherlands. She lives in Amsterdam with her daughter, while people like OG stride through life in a state of rapture. Accompanied by a restless Electronica score, OG enjoys the camera like a stage and infuses the film with a magical allure.

He has been directing commercials, music videos and TV programmes. Unter ihnen Ilan und Saran. Ilan, so seltsam naiv und weltverloren, hat es aus Israel hierher verschlagen. Auf der Saran, seine kambodschanische Freundin und Mutter der gemeinsamen Tochter, trinkt zuviel. Auf der einen Seite der permanente Krisenzustand des Paares. Boom Boom. Aber wie soll der bettelarme Ilan ein zweites Kind durchbringen?

Just life. Vietnamese prostitutes, child junkies, rats and street vendors. Among them are Ilan and Saran. Ilan, oddly naive and dreamy, came from Israel. At 51st street, he reads Tarot Cards for the tourists. Saran, his Cambodian girl-friend and the mother of their daughter, drinks too much.

What starts out as a portrait of marginal existences grows into a great narrative of the tragedy and inscrutability of human relationships. On the one hand the couple in their permanent state of crisis; there is hardly any space for tender moments. On the other hand the grainy black and white candid shots of pimps offering the tourists children for sex. Boom boom. But how can the destitute Ilan feed a second child? No chronology, no niche for the viewer to withdraw to, no beautiful images.

Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi, born in Tehran in , earned a degree in physics at the local Azad University — In she moved to the Netherlands to do graduate studies in astronomy physics at Groningen University. Turning to fine arts, she went on to study painting at Minverva Art Academy, Groningen, — and film and video at Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam — , graduating with an MFA.

Lately, she is focussing on drawings, video works and filmmaking. Ghiasabadis Geschichte ist die von vielen und dennoch ihre ganz eigene Odyssee, die nicht nur eine illegale und gefahrvolle Reise von einem Kontinent zu einem anderen meint. Emigration bedeutet nicht Ankunft, sondern vor allem Abschied.


In her opening sequence the Iranian filmmaker Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi depicts a picturesque landscape full of almond blossom trees, a cut barbed-wire fence drifting in the wind and a dreary backyard in some anonymous city — the chronological stations of her escape from Tehran to Europe. Kept together by a hubbub of childhood memories, letters and an interior monologue, these snapshots are the starting point of an overflowing essay which increasingly moves away from real events to depict soul landscapes that are all about foreignness.

Emigration is not about arrival, but about farewell. Wistfully she reconstructs every step that leads to alienation — from her family, her language and her culture. The West has another word for it: exotic. She, the foreigner, can now only be identified by her fingerprint. Ghiasabadi pulls out all the stops as she turns this very private narrative into cinematic entertainment: she stages, invents an alter ego, uses surprising metaphors and spares no poetry to make her reflections manifest. Subsequently, she worked as a freelance producer in the field of television and film, currently holding the position of full time documentary director at the Finnish National Broadcasting Company YLE.

After the genocide in he returned with his family to his home country Rwanda. Jeder in diesem Land hat seine eigene Art des Umgangs mit dem Unfassbaren. In einer Schule lernen Kinder, was ein Genozid ist. Doch auch hier blitzt immer wieder Hoffnung auf. Weil es weitergeht — irgendwie. Loosely linked impressions of people who mourn, cope, suppress and continue to live in spite of everything. Everybody in this country has their own way of coping with the inconceivable. Survivors shout out their grief in an evening service.

A young man in the nocturnal street claims he is glad to have no more emotions. A woman with amputated legs rediscovers her smile while dancing in a church. Children at school learn what genocide is. But even here there are rays of hope. Because things continue — somehow. French filmmaker Swann Dubus, born in Argenteuil in , is currently based in Hanoi. Ville Tran Phuong Thao was born in in Hanoi where she studied foreign trade and interpretation. Filmography: Dream Workers Dien Bien ist eine Region auf Droge. An AIDS zu sterben, ist gespenstisch normal.

Sie lungern mit ihren Motorrollern in der Stadt herum oder liegen daheim lethargisch auf dem Bett. The province of Dien Bien lies in the extreme Northwest of Vietnam. Peace rules among the rich green of the rice paddies and mountains — and addiction. Dien Bien is a junkie region. The men have been on the needle ever since opium was banned in the s. This border region lies along the main heroin route between China and Laos. They hang around the town on their motor scooters or lie lethargically on their beds all day. Unlike the women, who take their men by the hand, organise their struggle against HIV and defy their misery with cheerfulness.

A quietly observant film whose steady camera follows two addicts through their days. The quiet sympathetic tone of this film will stay with the viewer for a long time. Upon his graduation from the University of Edinburgh in Bachelor of Commerce he gave in to his interest for documentary cinema and subsequently learned the craft in diverse courses and workshops.

Since he has directed several documentary short films. She graduated in audiovisual communication at Complutense University, Madrid, and subsequently studied filmmaking. In addition to her documentary work she produces audiovisual translations for the Spanish National Filmhouse. Filmography: Ground Level Held hin oder her. Dass sich irgendjemand in der Verwaltung ihrer erbarmt und ihnen Papiere gibt. Um Geld zu verdienen. Seit nunmehr 18 Monaten. Weshalb ihre Botschaft auch lautet: nicht emigrieren. Jedenfalls nicht illegal. Den falschen Versprechungen nicht glauben. Mehr bleibt nicht zu sagen.

Bei den Gestrandeten von Ceuta wird man den Eindruck nicht los, dass sie von vornherein verloren haben. But what crimes did the 57 men from the Indian subcontinent commit to deserve being washed up by the waves of global migration on the beaches of North Africa? Now they sit in the forests of the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, waiting for something to happen. For someone in the administration to have pity on them and issue papers that will allow them to work, to earn money. The director links the stranded men with their families at home via video messages.

Which is why their message is: do not emigrate, at least not illegally. Do not believe in the false promises. A happy ending was waiting for our classical hero at the end of his odyssey. One cannot help thinking that the men stranded at Ceuta were lost from the start. Filmography Selection : Chilla Der September ist der Tag, an dem Dima Zavjalov sich aufmacht, seine Verwandten zu besuchen. Later he will recognise the swing and the spot in the flat where his father beat his mother to death.

Exhibiting internationally, he combines his filmmaking with video works, installation art and photography. Aber hat man schon je zwei Menschen erlebt, die so mit und durch die Kunst leben? A strange party has gathered here in Moscow in a flat shaded by heavy curtains. The paintings miraculously survived the storms of history and are now spending their lonely existence among the dust and cobwebs.

But have you ever met two people who live so intensely with and through art? Die Katakomben von Odessa sind eine Schatzkammer voller Geschichten. Angelegt im The catacombs of Odessa are a treasure chamber of history. Started in the 19th century as sandstone quarries for construction, a labyrinthine tunnel system developed over the years which now spreads under the whole city with a total length of kilometres. She finds an adequate cinematic form of representation for this polymorphous parallel universe by combining documentary shots from her tunnel expeditions, including countless murals, with animated scenes, her own drawings to visualise non-representable events, weaving these and a many-voiced offscreen narrative into a pleasantly unfinished, fascinating patchwork rug.

A graduate from the Stockholm Film School — , Martina Carlstedt, born in Stockholm in , studied psychology at Stockholm University and is currently enrolled in documentary filmmaking at the University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre in Stockholm. Filmography Selection : Taint , Badet Ein Tag hat 24 Stunden.

Einfach so. A day has 24 hours. Film student Martina Carlstedt sketches the life of pensioner and eccentric Claes in a few carefully framed shots. He went to barbecue parties and followed the stock market before loneliness and isolation grew into neurosis and turned his life into a prison. But now he shares the claustrophobic space with a camera that watches him silently and listens when he talks in sentences that are as short and uncertain as his steps.

Just like that. Apart from directing his own documentaries he has been working as a director, editor and narrative consultant for both documentary and feature films. Das Trauma aber nistete sich tief in seiner Seele ein und wirkte als bleischweres Erbe jahrelang in ihm fort. Bis zum Erweckungserlebnis. Bis zum Moment der Aufarbeitung. Sometimes it takes very little to tell a great story. What was left was the memory of a loving man whose depression had driven him deeper and deeper into isolation.

His death was no surprise to the boy and left him more or less unaffected. The trauma, however, burrowed deep into his soul and left the legacy of a heavy burden on him for years. Until the moment when he came to terms with the past. Until he produced this film which closes with a light shining at the end of the tunnel.

Marta Minorowicz, born in Prudnik in , is a graduate from Jagiellonian University in Krakow where she studied theatre studies and English philology. She has collaborated with Polish television network TVN as a researcher and director on various social reportages. Filmography Selection : Angel of Death Nicht zuletzt werden wir daran erinnert, dass es im Film wie in der Musik auf den Rhythmus ankommt, auf die Pausen. Dass die Kunst nicht im Zeigen, sondern im geheimnisvollen Weglassen besteht. Oder im langsamen Leiser-Werden.

Decrescendo is when the music gets lower within a composition. An image that Marta Minorowicz Golden Dove transfers to the fading of human life. One just has to listen closely. The nursing home in the film is not just a place of disease, isolation, decrepitude und ruin though we see all that , but amazingly also of lightness, joy and — yes — beauty, provided by the young male nurse Tomasz when he gracefully floats through the rooms and the film like a kind of transcendental creature.

Moments of enchanting magic occur when he jokes with the old people, plays cards or contemplates tulips in the garden, when he listens and later dances and smokes with them, when he practices seated dance movements with a former ballet artist. Last but not least, we are reminded that in film as in music rhythm, breaks are all-important. That art does not consist of showing, but of leaving out.

Or of fading slowly. Russian filmmaker Alina Rudnickaja was born in Zaozernyj near Murmansk in Upon graduating from the Academy of Aerospace Engineering in St. Petersburg — she studied screenwriting at the Saint Petersburg State University of Culture and the Arts — Since she has been working for the renowned St.

Petersburg Documentary Film Studio. In starren Einstellungen ruht die Kamera auf den Gesichtern der Frauen, um ahnen zu lassen, was in ihnen vorgeht. Alina Rudnickaja, eine der interessantesten und erfolgreichsten Dokumentarfilmerinnen aus St. Petersburg, begibt sich an diesen Ort, der eigentlich tabu ist. In dieser kalten Stille wirken die Frauen noch isolierter.

Alina Rudnickaja, one of the most interesting and successful documentary filmmakers from St. Petersburg, enters this essentially taboo place. She describes what is happening in serial form, gives a rhythm to the waiting, the getting up, the closing doors, the transport on a gurney. And yet the precision of her framing, every calculated pan and the severe black and white allow us to perceive the women as individuals.

In the same way she banned all colour from the images, Rudnickaja also muffled all sounds. In this cold silence the women seem even more isolated. Born in Aachen in , Julian Schwanitz worked as a camera assistant for German TV before enrolling at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts in where he earned a pre-degree in cinematography.

Wer ist Jocky Wilson? Als ehemaliger Bergarbeiter und Bauarbeiter schaffte er es aus dem Problembezirk der Stadt ganz nach oben. Er kam zu Ruhm, Geld und Ehre. Er rauchte und trank zu viel, wie viele hier. Die Siege blieben aus. Seitdem keine TV-Auftritte mehr, keine Interviews. Die Minen von damals sind inzwischen geschlossen, und es gibt kaum noch Arbeit. Seine Gesundheit macht ihm schwer zu schaffen. Lungenprobleme, sagt seine Frau. Who is Jocky Wilson? He was one of the best darts players ever, world champion in and — a hero. In search of the myth Jocky Wilson, the film almost casually describes the forces that shape his hometown and its inhabitants.

But times changed; like many people around here he smoked and drank too much. There were fewer victories. He quit in Since then there have been no television appearances, no interviews. Sometimes he played darts in return for a beer. The mines were closed long ago and there are hardly any jobs. The pub in which Wilson used to play was turned into a supermarket. He has serious health problems. His lungs, says his wife.

In dem Bett, in dem er damals schlief, liegt jetzt Lugasi, ein junger, nicht gerade gehorsamer und ein wenig zu selbstbewusster Soldat, der seine letzten 14 Tage ableistet. Viel scheint sich inzwischen nicht getan zu haben. Es gibt immer einen Lugasi, der zeigt, wer hier das Sagen hat, auch wenn er selbst nur irgendwelche Befehle von oben befolgt. Military service at one of the many checkpoints in Israel, in the middle of the desert. The filmmaker returns to where he spent almost his whole military service ten years ago. The bed he used to sleep in is now occupied by Lugasi, a young, not exactly obedient and a little too cocky soldier who is serving his last 14 days.

Everything seems pretty much the same. Only the security fence, the wall that separates Palestinians and Israelis, is new, and normal passage between the Palestinian Territories and Israel has long ceased to be routine. The director deliberately omits the cruel incidents every soldier could relate, because the aggression and arbitrariness at the border posts is more than evident even in the small, everyday observations the film records.

Born in Huntington, New York, in , Alexia Anastasio is working as an artist, actress and filmmaker.

European Tribune - Attack on Charlie Hebdo [UPDATE]

Around she started experimenting with film while attending State University of New York at Purchase. Der Filmkritiker W. Erst im vergangen Jahr leitete der zweifach Oscar-nominierte Altmeister der amerikanischen Underground-Zeichenanimation in Leipzig eine Meisterklasse. Film critic W. Last year the two times Academy Award nominee and doyen of American underground animation gave a master class in Leipzig.

Now his fans will be able to enjoy the first documentary about him. He studied directing at the Lausanne Art School — and is also working as a cinematographer. Sie treffen sich zu Partys, gehen schwimmen, chatten oder gucken fern. Armand ist anders. Seine Androgynie macht ihn geheimnisvoll. Er entpuppt ihn nicht als schwul oder transsexuell, sondern zeigt ihn als zarten, undefinierbaren und dadurch hochinteressanten jungen Menschen. Damit formuliert er zugleich die queere Utopie der tolerierten Normabweichung als Normalzustand.

A summer in the south of France: year-old Armand and his classmates are on holiday, doing what people do: nothing. They meet at parties, go swimming, chat or watch television. On the surface next to nothing happens in this film. But its subtle observation and lack of voice-over allow the audience to witness a very short and therefore extraordinary moment in life. Armand is different. He is taller, sturdier and more exuberant than the others. His androgynous traits make him mysterious.

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The film, and this is high art, allows him to retain his aura of mystery. He is not revealed to be gay or transsexual, just a delicate, indefinable and consequently highly interesting young person. Thus the film also formulates the queer utopia that tolerated deviation from the norm be seen as normality. Born in in Rothenthurm, Swiss director Edwin Beeler initially studied history and German literature at the University of Zurich diploma in In he founded the production company Calypso Film AG.

Between and he wrote numerous articles for newspapers like Die Weltwoche and Luzerner Zeitung. Sie sind dunkle Gestalten oder Irrlichter. Man kann sie nicht kaufen. They come as dark shapes or ghost lights. Sometimes one only hears their steps, feels their presence or the touch of an icy hand, perhaps a breeze. They are the souls of the dead who find no release and haunt the mountains, wooden farms, barns, garrets and bedrooms as well as the folk tales of the inhabitants of the Lucerne region.

It is something that Western people desperately search in all kinds of esoteric frippery: a spirituality that is part of a holistic approach to life and death, rooted deep in the landscape, its language and people.


Something that cannot be bought. Viktar Asljuk, born in , graduated from both the Belarusian State University literature until and the Belarusian State Academy of Arts film directing until in Minsk. In he became a member of the European Film Academy. Ein weites Land einst, das sie in alle Richtungen zerstreut hatte. Warm will sie es haben. Sex ist zweitrangig. They are the Askolki — remnants, splinters of the USSR, once a great country where they were dispersed in all directions.

Now they are back in their Belarusian village to live here — alone. Half a dozen men, young and old, united in work, drink, isolation and the fact that they are left over. They pull up water from the well, milk cows and feed chickens. More than one of them prefers to think about the winter instead. A woman has announced her arrival.

She wants it warm. Sex is secondary. But she will tell them how things work. Smith , Changed Landscape Robben sonnen sich auf einer Felsenbank. Das Meer rauscht vor sich hin. Auch am Strand liegt einer, ein toter. Klick, klick — auch er ein tolles Fotomotiv. Die Leute unterhalten sich. Der Wal sei von einem Schiff geschrammt worden. Ein letztes Foto noch — klick, klick! Somewhere on the Californian coast. Squawking seagulls hopping across the beach, seals sunning themselves on a rock.

The sound of the sea lapping the shore. Tourists on a boat out there are taking pictures of whales.

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  • The people are talking. Apparently the whale was hit by a boat. One last picture — click, click! She may permit herself to introduce some subtle sarcasm — for example in the montage of photos of smiling tourists in front of the dead animal — but does not permit herself to lecture. Her four minute film is not an accusation, but a meditation on grainy black and white 16mm material that makes us think. Am liebsten versteckt sich Miguel Adrover.

    Adrover entwirft nicht einfach nur Kleider, sondern nimmt vorhandene Materialien und deutet sie um. Sein Finanzpartner geht Pleite. Das hoch gelobte Modetalent steht vor dem Aus. Fashion designer, outsider and eccentric Miguel Adrover loves to hide out, which gives him time to think — whether in a windowless basement apartment in New York, in Egyptian Luxor, or on his native Majorca. This is a film about the meteoric rise of a young designer with no formal training to the pinnacle of New York fashion. Adrover does not just design clothes, he re-interprets existing materials. He turns the classic Burberry trench coat inside out, transforms a used mattress casing into a coat, a UN flag into a dress.

    His financial backer goes broke. The acclaimed fashion talent faces ruin. With great sensitivity and without exposing him, the director captures situations in which Adrover opens up, reveals his fears and pain. We feel the thin line between success and the loneliness that follows, between recognition and emotional vulnerability. Allein in Brasilien arbeiten rund Basierend auf zahlreichen Interviews mit Betroffenen und Experten durchdringt der Film sein Thema mit journalistischer Akribie. This is the modern meat processing industry, where chickens are carved up in record time and employees, too.

    Anyone who has spent years on an assembly line making the same movement again and again at breakneck speed eventually becomes incapacitated for work and occasionally even loses an arm. Pain, tendinitis, arthrosis, atrophied nerves, degenerative joint and spine diseases as well as serious mental disorders are all part of the daily life of the meat factory workers.

    In Brazil alone, around , people work in the chicken, beef and pork processing industries where they are exposed to a demonstrably higher health risk than in other professions. Based on a number of interviews with victims and experts, the film investigates its subject with journalistic meticulousness. Upon his graduation from school, Till Nowak, born in Bonn in , founded his own media agency frameboX in Mainz in with Tobias Hofer, simultaneously studying media design at the University of Applied Sciences, Mainz.

    Besides producing his own computer animated films and art work, he is working for film and television. Unglaublich, aber wahr! Zudem gelang es ihm, mit dem Chefingenieur Dr. Incredible but true! In the s, New York scientists studied the effects of carousels on the learning curve of four-year-olds. The results were so surprising that the Institute of Centrifugal Research in Florida started to construct a series of devices, each bigger and stronger than the other, to test the effects on adults.

    Even today research fever will lead to the most fanciful experiments. This short film allegedly appropriates the aesthetics of a television documentary to take a tongue-in-cheek look at the more bizarre excesses of US science. Hamburgbased filmmaker Till Nowak uses archive material about old carousel experiments and digital animation.

    In addition, he managed to get an interview with chief engineer Dr. Nick Laslowicz, probably one of the most original thinkers of the Centrifuge Brain Project. Chinese director and film critic Wang Yang was born in Xianyang, Shaanxi province. Since he has been directing and producing documentary films. Filmography Selection : Space — Transition An die Stelle der kommunistischen Propaganda ist ein neues Schlagwort getreten: Bildung. Der Druck auf die jungen Leute ist immens. Wang Yang greift zu einer anderen Metapher.

    Communist propaganda gave way to a new slogan: education. Get a good education and your career in the Chinese modernisation boom is guaranteed. Anyone who passes the narrowest gate will be granted fortune and success. But what if countless high-school graduates per year try to squeeze through this narrow gate to get one of the coveted places at the universities? What if every other path leads straight back to the poverty of the rural areas? The pressure on the adolescents is immense. The picture of hundreds of high-school students studying vocab in a schoolyard during recess is not easily forgotten.

    Better grades every day, forward to victory! Wang Yang uses a different metaphor. The film opens with a shot of tiny lights, like stars one wants to reach for, until they turn into a crowd of adolescents who walk through the school gate in the early morning. Rachid B. Das Durcheinander beginnt schon in der Kindheit, als Rachid B. Filmmaker Rachid B. In the hospital, on a drip, close to death, the two men begin to overcome their feeling of alienation.

    I am a Muslim and a homosexual … And for the first time the son lets his father see his emotions — torn between all worlds. The foundations of this mess were laid in his childhood, when Rachid B. Driven out of the country, Bruno lived in France, became an altar boy, encountered sin and converted to Islam … Rachid B. While the filmmaker guides us through his story from offscreen, the visual level reveals that he is something of a painter, too.

    Kesang Tseten Nepal 35 mm, Farbe, 68 min. Kesang Tseten born in Kathmandu is a Nepali writer and filmmaker of Tibetan origin.

    Armut, Arbeitslosigkeit: Frankreichs Banlieues bleiben Pulverfass

    Initially working as a writer, he started filmmaking in In Katar arbeiten Und alle verdienen an ihnen: die Arbeitsvermittler in Nepal, die Agenturen in Katar, windige Schlepper und einheimische Arbeitgeber. Die meisten schuften auf dem Bau. Nur die wenigsten haben es zu etwas gebracht — beispielsweise zu einem Office-Job. And everyone makes a profit: the employment agencies in Nepal, the agencies in Qatar, dubious smugglers and local employers.

    Most work in construction; very few have managed to climb a little higher — for example to an office job. He interviews the successful and the simple workers, whose families at home can barely live on their earnings. Only the dreams of a better life are unbroken. And what are the experiences of a few disillusioned homecomers against that?

    Born in Hordorf near Braunschweig in , Johanna Ickert studied European ethnology, communication science and sociology at Humboldt University, Berlin, until How do decision processes in large-scale projects work? Can the power of the streets win against the power of money? Or is democracy satisfied when the democratically elected parties and representatives of the people are left to do their job? These are questions Babelsberg film student Johanna Ickert tackles courageously, using the pros and cons of the much-praised by soft coal mining corporations CO2 storage sites as an example.

    One of the great moments of the film comes when we hear the endless screeching of the coal conveyor belts offscreen and see the images of Berlin by night, illuminated as bright as day. The Land of Energy is everywhere. Diejenigen, die das Land aus seiner Isolation befreien wollten, erhoben ihre Stimme. Aus der Euphorie des Aufbegehrens heraus wurde das Web 2. Und dann das Desaster. Die Aufnahmen der Handykameras tragen nun einen anderen Charakter.

    Die Angst ist ins Material eingebrannt. Eine Trauerarbeit. Aber auch ein verzweifelter Appell. For the first time, there were public discussions between the young and the old in the streets of Tehran. Those who wanted to liberate the country from its isolation raised their voices. Television broadcast a debate between Ahmadinejad and his opponent Mussawi. For one brief historical moment a peaceful revolution seemed possible. Image production is vital — and the new media make it possible even where foreign journalists are banned.

    The euphoria of the uprising turned Web 2. Films recorded on mobile phones, trembling in the hands of those who secretly filmed from windows, took on a different character. Fear was burnt into the material. Everyone leaves traces on the Internet, can be found. An anonymous female filmmaker reconstructs the events of using only Youtube material and e-mails.

    He is creating video works for various German theatres. Etwa 9,5 Millionen konsumieren Alkohol in gesundheitlich riskanter Form. The numbers are hardly surprising. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, 1. About 9. But nobody feels concerned. An interior monologue provides the framework around which several protagonists are grouped in atmospheric settings: his amazingly frank mother, a hospitalised addiction patient, a young writer, and an old man whom decades of alcohol abuse have brought to a point where only the nursing service stands between him and dereliction.

    Pamela Yates was born and raised in the Appalachian coal-mining region of Pennsylvania but ran away to live in New York City at age fifteen. She studied directing at New York University and co-founded Skylight Pictures with Peter Kinoy , a production company focusing on social and political issues. Filmography Selection : State of Fear. The Truth about Terrorism , The Reckoning. The Battle for the International Criminal Court Only a few cases are known where a film rose above mere documentation to become an actor in the political arena. When Pamela Yates travelled to Guatemala in to make a documentary about a war largely ignored by the global public, she had no idea of this dimension.

    Her research soon led her to the testimonies of the Maya genocide. The viewing process turns into a thrilling journey back to the events around a military dictatorship supported by the US. Ashamed of her own government, Yates sneaked into the crowd of international journalists. Even today she encounters a wall of silence; even today the role of the US government has not been fully investigated.

    Sagi Bornstein was born in He has been working as an editor and director for television, doing commercials, image campaigns, entertainment programmes and documentaries. Dabei hat Franz Kafka seinen letzten Willen eindeutig formuliert. Die Vermarktung des Schriftstellers von Weltruhm nimmt ihren Lauf. Hier beginnt der Streit ums Erbe. Noch ist der Prozess offen. And Franz Kafka stated his last will very clearly. After Kafka died in , Brod decided differently and started to publish most of the material in his new home in Palestine. It was the first step in the commercialisation of the world-renowned writer.

    This is where the dispute started, for now papers worth millions of dollars were stored in her humid apartment inhabited by dozens of cats. And who owns the writings today? A fast paced film which uses investigative methods to follow all clues. The process is still going on. G zdf. Eric Black is working as a cinematographer, photographer and director in Berlin. Born in Columbus, Ohio, in , he studied photography, anthropology and economics at the University of California before attending film classes at San Francisco State University from where he graduated in Born in St.

    Ingbert, Saarland, in , Frauke Sandig studied German language and literature studies, theatre studies and philosophy in Erlangen. In she was part of the DOK Leipzig jury. Im tiefblauen Dunst schimmern die Berge am See. Picturesque clouds float across the sky. The mountains by the lake shimmer in the deep blue mist. Mayan nature, where gods live in the jungle trees and the underworld rules among their roots, is charged with magic. The idyll crumbles only in the course of the film. Near a temple a young Maya ponders the decline of his culture.

    The breakdown will not be caused by the new Maya calendar that will soon begin, but by the destruction of nature wreaked by gold mines and genetically altered corn. Roser Corella worked as a reporter for both television and newspapers. Moral and Corella have been collaborating on a number of documentaries for several organizations, shooting in Lebanon, Mozambique and Senegal. Upon graduating from his home town university, Alfonso Moral born in Valladolid in started working as a staff photographer for the Spanish newspaper El Norte del Castiliano.

    Subsequently, moving to Syria, he began focusing on the Middle East. His acclaimed photographs from this region have been published in El Pais and Newsweek amongst other print media. Arbeitsalltag in Dhaka, der Hauptstadt von Bangladesch. Auch eine Frau mit Baby vor dem Bauch hockt auf dem Boden und macht dort nichts als Steine zu zerhacken.

    The bricks are made by a few men who kneel on the ground, press clay into moulds and overturn them. There is also a woman with a baby tied to her belly who squats on the ground and does nothing but pound stones to pieces. The film uses reduced depth of field to give a face to the people caught in a dehumanising struggle for survival. In he founded the production company Yellow Cake Films. They used industrial sabotage, usually arson, to harm companies which destroy living creatures and nature in general: a ski resort, a slaughterhouse, a timber company.

    But when it comes to property, the system has no sense of humour. Marshall Curry and Sam Cullman use intimate talks with McGowan and his fellow campaigners, interviews with his persecutors and spectacular archive footage to demonstrate graphically that well-adjusted middle-class kids like McGowan were radicalised and criminalised only by the harshness and brutality of the system. He has been working for Sokurov in many different positions: as camera assistant, editor and assistant director as well as co-ordinating retrospectives of his work and editing a collection of his films.

    Was bringt den St. Sokurov betrachtet ihren Alltag mit einem milden, beinahe sentimentalen Blick. Der Mullah ruft zum Gebet, aber niemand kommt. Nun unterscheidet sie sich in nichts mehr von ihnen. Two tired soldiers hang around their checkpoint at the border of the Autonomous Kurdish Region in Iraq, watching television.

    Petersburg to this godforsaken area? Sokurov contemplates her daily routine with a mild, almost sentimental eye, lingering on a very simple life: day by day a taciturn old woman patiently kneads dough for countless loaves of bread. The mud-walled house nestles against the mountain like a cave.

    The Mullah calls for prayers but nobody comes. When Sveta came to Basra, the women in their burkas looked like cows to her from a distance. Now she looks exactly like them. While Sveta watches a s Soviet documentary on television, the question where or what home is comes up. She has quietly chosen the more difficult path. Immer Fernweh. Dutch director Peter Delpeut is famous for using found footage in many of his films. Born in Vianen, Province of Utrecht, in , he studied both philosophy — and film theory — at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, Amsterdam. Apart from his artistic work he published several books.

    Zur Komposition. Zur Form. Texte durchwandern die sorgsam kadrierten Einstellungen, schmiegen sich an einen Baumstamm oder leuchten auf der Fassade eines Hauses auf. Or rather, who speaks to us through this film, voiced by actress Ursula Werner reading from her diaries and letters. We listen to her while neighbours, friends and relatives talk about Johanna Kaiser without a single bit of direct sound.

    We hear their voices by reading. Letters float across the screen and form themselves into words, words become sentences, texts cross the carefully framed shots, cling to the trunk of a tree or shine on the facade of a house. The two narrative levels interlace biography and memory, intimate details and rumours, mundane and historical elements in a manner that is both visually impressive and playful and turns the film into a work of art and a commentary on modern documentary narratives.

    He has been working as a screenwriter for cinema and television. The fictitious off letter to a grandmother about guilt and betrayal a great, eternal issue within Shia Islam! The omnipresent green reminds us that it is not only the colour of a revolution, but also the colour of the Prophet Ali — the founder of a religion built on suffering.

    If there is one safe answer to the highly complex questions raised by the film, it is this: the presence of Western soldiers will not solve the problems of Shia Islam. Born in , Nima Sarvestani initially worked as a journalist in his home country Iran. In he emigrated to Sweden where he started shooting documentary films, focusing on social and political issues. Ein Schaf ist in Afghanistan rund 40 Dollar wert. Mit Gewalt. Mit einer atavistischen Tradition, die von den Taliban mitleidlos durchgesetzt wird.

    Nach Jahren des Martyriums gelingt Sabere die Flucht in ein Frauenhaus, von wo aus sie verzweifelt versucht, ihre Scheidung durchzusetzen. Was also sollen wir tun? In Afghanistan a sheep is worth about 40 dollars, 50 sheep 2, dollars. The price of a child bride. But maybe we should point out first of all that the Koran explicitly states that no woman may be married without her agreement.

    So the marriage of Sabere, the protagonist of this disturbing film, by her stepfather at the age of ten to a man more than 40 years her senior has nothing to do with religion and everything with power. With violence. With an atavistic tradition ruthlessly enforced by the Taliban. The director, who was in the DOK Leipzig International Programme in with a moving portrait of Iranian fuel smugglers, lets the tragedy of an oppressed country develop out of this individual fate.

    So what are we to do? Filmography Selection : On the Way Beim Film geht alles. Ob Daniel je seinen Film vollendet, ist schlussendlich nicht so wichtig. Daniel is a quite ordinary adolescent: pimply, loathing school, in a bad mood. And when it rains, it pours. Moreover, Daniel lives with his grandmother, a dominant, chainsmoking termagant who frequently gives him an earful though she really means well. He roams the streets of his neighbourhood with his mobile phone camera, asking kids, schoolmates and homeless people about their dreams. When they unexpectedly come true, Daniel is behind it.

    Everything is possible in film. Only his grandmother almost jeopardises his project, even though despite her crabbiness she is the secret star of this backhanded work. A plea for dreams, however unrealistic they may be. After all, he has a grandmother no screenwriter could have invented. Eigentlich kann sie den Hof nicht mehr alleine bewirtschaften. Aber die bleibt stur, denn die Tiere sind ihr Ein und Alles. But she has a crooked back and her health is more than frail.

    The younger, Inger, drives over to Britt almost every day, brings her food, helps with the milking and whatever else needs to be done. But she hates this kind of work and would much rather go dancing or spend the time with her grandchildren. She keeps raging about Britt, wants her to finally give up the cows. But Britt remains stubborn because the animals are everything to her. The renowned Swedish filmmaker Peter Gerdehog paints this loving portrait of two headstrong old women in the course of the seasons in atmospheric and well-composed images.

    It shows two women united by a common destiny, their contradictory needs and how they still brave modern agriculture together. Filmography Selection : 7 x Moscow Am letzten Tag des Sommers ist die Sonne noch da — und das Wissen um die bald einbrechende Dunkelheit. September mit ganzen sieben Jahren unter patriotischer Anfeuerung des Genossen Medvedev in eine Kadettenschule der russischen Provinz aufgenommen werden. Es gibt gute Kinder und schlechte, die schlechten werden bestraft.

    Man blicke in die Gesichter der Kinder am Ende dieses Films. From now on their lives will be ruled by long corridors, uniforms, arms, and drills. There are good and bad children; the bad ones will be punished. Soon they start to denounce each other. You will only get somewhere if you are disciplined and submit is the mantra they hear over and over again. Tomasz Wolski was born in Gdynia in He participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus twice. Was soll er dazu sagen? Konsequent werden die Patienten in dieser Dramaturgie ausgespart.

    Sie erleben wir immer nur von hinten angeschnitten, unscharf fotografiert oder aus dem Off. Hochqualifiziert, ja, aber Handwerk. Mehr nicht. What can he say? Physicians are advocates of health who do not like to lose. The result is a warm and atmospheric film brought to life by its two protagonists and its intuitive camera work.

    Wolski is interested only in the inner workings of a hospital: a world usually closed to ordinary people — the problems, relationships, the everyday gossip and subtle hierarchies among the medical faculty. In consequence, patients are basically left out of the narrative.

    We see them only from behind, truncated, out of focus, or hear them offscreen. Only their words are present. Highly qualified, granted, but craftsmen. Nothing more. Takishita half ihm dabei. Yoshihiro Takishita tells the story of how his mentor and partner, John Roderick, a long-term foreign correspondent for Associated Press, bought a Minka in the Japanese Alps.

    Roderick had the year-old house dismantled and stored to reassemble it later near Tokyo, now with a breathtaking view of the sea. Soweit bekannt, wurde nie eine ping und Folterungen eines Hochschullehrers, to submit the resolution for the international mission in May. Der Mensch last war. Der Internationale Tag der Mobilisierung I bambini sono nel vasto territorio molti pericolosi radionu- i soggetti maggiormente colpiti, e proprio su 3. Ogni anno migliaia di loro Mai ist eine breite Front von Demonstra- vengono ospitati in famiglie o strutture col- tionen gegen die weltweite Liberalisierung des Al disastro ambientale va aggiunto il disses- lettive, per fare si che godano di una migliore Handels geplant.

    Mentre in and even teachers are protesting against it Francia studenti medi ed universitari, politici with strikes and occupations. Complice la giornata mondia- emergency powers will only lead to more le contro la guerra, complice la campagna problems. Il serait peut- dimostranti in piazza e cortei in tutto il years, without explanation. Eppure, nonostante insecurity. Today the situation is worse. Nichts einfacher als das. Der Sprachen lernen und mehr. Das scheint nicht zu betrachten. Was wird morgen, wenn die viel verlangt. La Gesellschaft. La promo- condari e marginali rispetto al mercato e al zione di una complessiva riduzione della marketing.

    Confrontando begonnen. Secondo Carlo tun? Angesichts der selbst geschaffenen Krea- wissenschaftlichen Untersuchungen wird der tigen hat. Denn das unter dem Deckmantel leuchten. Zielinskis Liste keine faschistischen,nationalistischen und xenophobischen gebaut. In Anhang richtungen. Er hatte u. Telematic lessons, or packed in the crowd and dreaming of infinite spaces? Cultural premonitions or science-fiction fantasy? Ho in mano il armando gnisci ROMA. Ruina e la band del Bologna Process Quartet, insieme a delegati da tutta Europa. I presenti richiesti anche i derivati della cremazione creme e gelati, gel, vini dop ecc.

    Il suo viso, dipinto sono solo biblioteche ancestrali, teatri a cavea o odeon, sfere di gesso, lavagne, zone morte molte con qualche ritualmente di rosso urucum, sorride quando raro stalker, il tutto percorso da miriadi di gatti e gatti, o meglio di gatti e cani, in genere affettuosi, sia tra di allude ad alcune parole di cui non ho mai capito loro che insieme agli altri, anche se estranei. Tutti ridono. Io ero qui. Si rimandono parole in ideogrammi e in suaili. La domanda ha un punteggio uguale alla risposta.

    Neanche di verbali Segreterie cibernetiche? Rettori robot? Crediti microchip? Contatto: 20 10 efors. Henry M. Henderson erfand diese Religion es dort keine funktionierende Demokratie? Fragen, die zu men mit dem Theologen John C. Arbeiten und damit verbundener Wissens- Animals on Board the Ark? Wenn z. Der Student mische Leben gestalten. Switching laboratories to- danger? Sowohl euro- then. In graduate school, in former kommen zu Wort, auch einige wenige Chicago, I studied how people control their and the university and private research system Holger Fischer, Vize der Uni Hamburg, die Frauen werden vorgestellt.

    Now, in Berlin, geblendet von den Chancen. The aim of our work is to sources. At the moment I get my funding from tiva der Entwicklung. Studierende werden sich Islam gelebt wird bzw. They anmelden, Leistungsnachweise per Mouseclick Dan Diner seine Fehlersuche auf eben diese allows them to use their arms again. How do you distribuited? Are there opportunities for enthusias- nur den einen Islam gibt.

    Stattdessen zeigen enjoy this kind of intercultural experience? Non-commercial alone. Liberale und konservative anonymous peers and you never know where nor practical. Are there linguistic obstacles download songs for free. But they also and projects and returning to America or did you make work interesting and educational. Most scientists work on temporary contracts with a real danger of ending up with no job.

    A better example of moral com- the future. Home is home, but as a scientist, I plication is that in some cultures, personal will go where I can to do the better research. But if end up making some scary Faustian bargains. April in Berlin. Der Eintritt ist frei. French students are rioting because they see their chances fading away. After their exploita- tion they only serve as customers. Ich marketing classes are not a thing to miss. But I am in for a shock.

    Top Diaries

    In experiences, mainly focused on advertising, a media-based society, culture becomes self- graphics and computer animation. Ich bin viel in Netz- media, even your own lifestyle seems strange theatre for one! But they are not too elitist for werken unterwegs. At the moment they are ich aber doch ALG2 beantragen. My hard-earned knowledge tional format for books — the booktrailer. Das long list of extreme sports events. These events with real commercial aims was designed for need money, which comes from sponsors. Ich hab einfach angefangen und bin nicht sehr zielgerichtet vorgegangen.

    Ich Later, I get involved with establishing an well as from the author himself, and started habe auch nie einen Businessplan geschrieben oder mich ernsthaft mit Finanzplanung auseinan- online skate shop. As I dig up my marketing collaborations with other European publis- dergesetzt. Bonsaininja is now producing booktrai- dilemma returns. And it has agency Tellmedia. Marketing data and instruments are becoming useless.

    Marketers are left clueless. Ich habe mir in den clips. Der Verlag wird sicher noch einige Zeit brauchen, um schwarze Zahlen zu schreiben. You could see one cook spaghetti, ges. The shop theatre to ease the tension after a whole night only sells what these guys like. It does not sell work session. Das Allerwichtigste sind gute Kontakte. Das hat nichts mit Filz what everybody else likes xibility.

    Table of contents

    Imagine the pictures in a minimalist, white and balanced was born in at the University of Nantes. Amsterdam and Barcelona are covered as well Netherlands. It covers topics ranging from the truth Three students decided to create a newspaper as Marseilles and Strasbourg. This is a modest and its weather is infamous for frequent rains about the Olympic Winter games to global that would gather the points of view of young contribution to the construction of a European — not a place where you would expect a cutting warming.

    It has interviews with living legends: people from all over the European continent. But the Dutch are into travelling. The review confronts ideas sion into profession. They become pilots, survives. Cheryl Maas, now one of the best the issues or distribute them mostly in Nantes with opinions and encourages young people stewardesses; others seek employment in the female snowboarders of the world, graces the but also in Paris, Lyon, Rennes and Lille.

    For the editors being objective does not begin. Scores of the Dutch can be found on the time-ever cover of a Dutch snowboarder. Who Iceland to the Ukraine, from Finland to Spain. And we hope that it will be as pleasant for you international slopes each winter, but until says you need mountains anyway? FR pale in comparison to foreign titles. Kleiner Nachtfalter Schaden, was ist Schaden? Es ist mir unheimlich, und voller Freude, Hier zu hassen macht kaputt, aber schlafen kann ich nicht, Hast dich gesehnt nach einem warmen Platz.

    Sahst wohl das warme Licht durchs Fenster. Wer ist hier krank? Keine Geschichten? Der mitmacht oder der schreit? Oder der, der hart verurteilt? Flieg deine wilden Kreise. Wer bist du denn wirklich?