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Your shopping cart is empty Visit the shop. Meditation CD download Traversing the Body with Loving Presence A guided meditation to tune into each part of our temple to shine love, light, awareness into these spaces inviting in balance and harmony. Often we disconnect from all of the messages our body offers us. If we tune in, healing naturally comes. Guided Meditation from EBook 2. Micro Cosmic Orbit Aninteractive meditation invites in a harmony from our front to back, our masculine to feminine.

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Guided Meditation from EBook 3. DNA Restructuring An opportunity to travel beyond space and time back to shortly before the the conception of you and transform your dna.

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This meditation affords a way to heal from our origination point into this body Elements This meditation connects sound color and our universal elements with those of our major organ system. Our own sound is scientifically proven to aid in the healing of our own cellular structure — this meditation incorporates sounding with color therapy and the power of intention to harmonize or organs. King helps clients find new perspective, see clearly or look at life in a different way by visualizing the past, present and future, and healing emotional wounds in the process.

In his private practice, he guides clients to find their highest selves through Sahaj Shabd, or sacred sound therapy. HOW IT WORKS After a private consultation that often includes meditation, the client is wrapped up in a blanket, cocoon-style, and is directed to maintain a specific thought or intention while listening to soothing sounds water, flute, bells, gongs selected by Singh to open up and rebalance the seven chakras; induce a deep, meditative state; and realign body, mind and spirit.

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Knowing the patterns of your behaviors awakens the soul and helps you heal by understanding of your conscious thoughts. He was also a monk in the Vedic tradition. In the silence of pure awareness, you stop clinging to old thought patterns and rigid thinking.

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Mao Shing Ni aka Dr. Mao is a 38th-generation doctor of Chinese medicine, a licensed acupuncturist and one of the most sought-after experts on traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist anti-aging medicine. HEALING POWER Qi Gong or moving meditation is an ancient Chinese mind-body practice that integrates visualization, breath control and postures to promote health and target specific conditions, like pain, metabolic disorders, hormonal imbalance, infertility and cancer.

HEALING POWER Panchakarma Series, also known as purification therapy, is a succession of mind-body healing therapies based on traditional ayurvedic medicine, designed to reverse the aging mechanism, restore balance, strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body. Rituals include a four-hour herbal-oil massage administered by two ayurvedic therapists who work simultaneously and in unison.

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Like acupuncturists, practitioners focus on meridian points on the body, but instead of inserting needles, they tap with their fingertips while repeating statements of affirmation, as well as addressing issues that may trigger a stress response. HEALING POWER The Andreas Method is a hands-on synergistic approach, which reaches the root of energy imbalances that cause illness through integrated detoxifying strategies, such as biomeditation meditative massage with herbal and clay blends , plantbased nutrition, homeopathic remedies and Zen shiatsu.

My method works from the inside out. Her specialties are hypnotherapy, energy and crystal healing, and spiritual development and exploration. Then it can be released, reframed or shifted within the subconscious mind, so that the mind can now give a new directive to the physical body to heal.

The Diamond Process Transformational Retreat ~ Ojai, CA

Miraculously, she was able to heal herself with a single yoga position called Mah Boundlotus, which she learned from her mentor, the wellknown spiritual teacher Yogi Bhajan. The result is a release of conflict and restriction and a return to natural wellness.

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Some issues have been resolved in as little as one session with Kaur. Sickness is a description for doctors. For a healer, sickness is a state of dysfunction in the system. Years later, as a college student, she decided to embrace her gift and became a psychic medium. She also conducts psychic life readings to help clients gain clarity on life questions.

Connecting to the other side and knowing that your loved ones are around you can bring great peace and comfort. Psychic life readings can provide answers to pressing life questions and facilitate emotional healing. He specializes in shamanic wellness practices, chi kung, meditation, bodywork influenced by tai chi, and cranial sacral energy work.