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Dancing Champ. Breeders' Cup Juvenile Prince John USA. Not Afraid USA.

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Tornado FRA. Folle Nuit FRA. Blue Moon USA Pilate USA. Dinner Time USA. Blue Grail USA. Make sure to go check it out. Thanks to Team Lazerbeam for providing the goods, best of luck on your next projects- may they all be as entertaining as this. Thanks so much for playing once again EQ! And thanks for the awesome comment; great to hear you liked the game so much! Looking forward to watching your playthrough - expect high fives on Youtube! The sense of humor that comes from the visuals and funky music really speaks to me, i love it.

The limb movements are off any limits on this one :D. Thanks again for the great let's play! And once again, your thumbnail art is just plain awesome! Is it up on your deviant art? Can we share it? Thank you dudes! Really awesome game, I would love to see a longer game like this in the future with these sort mechanics!

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Thanks SammiiCake! We'd definitely like to mess around with these mechanics more at some point in the future! But first, more wrestlers, icecreams and giant robots! Great game once again : keep up the good work! Bonus high fives on the ace let's play! We'll let you know when our next thing's out! Dress To Express Dancing Success.

More information. Download Now Name your own price. Comments Log in with itch. The Cinnamon Synonym 88 days ago. TeamLazerBeam 86 days ago. SuchAnAlmond 1 year ago.

Camscam 1 year ago. TeamLazerBeam 1 year ago. This was ace - thanks heaps for playing and sharing! No problem!

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Hoping to play more of your games soon! TheFriendlessCouple 2 years ago. MethODDical 2 years ago. It's been so long!!! TeamLazerBeam 2 years ago. Break2fast 2 years ago. Thanks so much for the lovely comment - so rad to hear you had such a good time with the game! BlastBunny 2 years ago. Well I just got owned I guess I finally got to playing this as well! So good the music is.

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