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On a side note. The pasta, pizza, cheese and sorbet I had in Italy were all fine. I had one of each almost daily for 9 days. Actually, once I realized the sorbet was completely different from here — I did have it daily. Once home all symptoms returned, unless I was eating the pasta I brought home from Italy. My darling nephew has full blown Celiac. His mother, my sister has a pet theory that the reason the US has so much trouble with Celiac as well as other food sensitivities is our reliance on GMOs, assorted preservatives and all the other related food nonsense in our country.

Neither of us have the skills or resources to launch a formal studying on the problem….. I live in Ireland and feel bad for anyone who expects to get corned beef and cabbage here. But then again, no one comes to Ireland for the food or the weather, although we have lots of good restaurants now and occasionally get decent weather. I literally picked Ireland to honeymoon in because of the weather! I stand corrected! And I hope that Ireland delivered all the dreary, cozy rain that you could hope for. Any chance you were married in summer or November ? I really loved the food we ate in Ireland — maybe we were just lucky, but we always got great bread, excellent seafood, and very fresh produce prepared simply and beautifully!

But yes, the stereotypes about green beer and corned beef and cabbage… absolutely false. So delicious. The seafood in it was so fresh and sweet…man. All the food I had in Ireland was as varied as it is in the US Italian, steak, fish and chips, seafood, French, etc and honestly, seemed very reasonably priced too.

I live in the Midwest, and I paid the same to eat out in Dublin that I would at home. I had also gone in , and at two different restaurants, had a take on a Caesar salad that had lettuce swimming in dressing and hot bacon bits, which made for a very sad salad. That was not a win. Ireland had the best cheese plates so far that I have ever experienced. I was last in Ireland last June, and we nearly died of heat stroke and sunburn!

Last year was a freakishly good summer. Like the last time a summer had been that dry and sunny was My mother-in-law is in the northwest Co. Donegal and she boils absolutely everything. Except fish fingers. So when my wife and I go back to Ireland, we tend to eat out quite a bit. The one thing I miss more than anything is Club Orange the drink, not the candy version. There is just no American equivalent. There is a place in New York that I can order from online, but they ship by weight.

So getting Club Orange becomes a really expensive habit! Is there anything inherently wrong with food cliches? Exposure is good! Are you trying to mitigate their disappointment? Or just tell them off for being stereotypical? If the latter, definitely do not do that. I dunno; I have a new student from Milan who is absolutely scandalized by the produce and, generally, the food here NYC!

I thought things were pretty good at Trader Joes or Whole Foods and our restaurants, but she is like…. NO that is not real food. But the funny thing is, Iowa has lots of farm land, so I would expect decent, fresh produce to be easy to come by. Of course Iowa has suburbs. Des Moines is a city, smaller cities adjacent to it are suburbs like every other part of the country. What a bizarre thing to nitpick. Iowa may be largely a rural state, but there are certainly suburbs outside of Des Moines and Davenport, Cedar Rapids, and parts of Omaha over the state line.

Something like , people live in the suburbs of Des Moines. Hi Dan! In my experience, U. Food cliches: Haggis. Or deep-fried Mars Bars yes, they are an actual Thing, but mostly made only as a joke. They were…surprisingly good? Taste like smoutebollen no idea how to Translate that with a Mars filling, basically. You do surprise me! The journalist covering the story always says the end result is surprisingly good, though.

About 7 of us tried it, with everyone else watching and taking pics. Deep fried Twinkies is another delight of state fairs and bar b que festivals. The ones we ate had lost structural integrity during the frying process. What was left was a wad of hot sugary goo dusted in powdered sugar. Oh well… we have now had the experience! Oh man, your Twinkie fryer sucks!

The ones we have at the State Fair are delicious. Like a fresh warm donut filled with cream. I hated haggis as a kid… school dinners did that. Cooked in a long cylinder, sliced, cooked and reheated until some hockey pucks finally bounced onto our plates…. Mostly mushrooms and pulses replacing the meat … still has spices and veggies like onions. We had haggis and black pudding in Scotland last summer! I wish it worked like that! And personally, I have to say I think a food trip in Italy sounds amazing. On the other hand, whenever I watch a British series or movie, I make a bet with myself about the number of times the characters make or drink a pot of tea.

Even in gritty dramas like Luther or other police procedurals. Sometimes you might sit down with a cup of tea and a biscuit at the weekend. I absolutely hate the cliche that British food is terrible. It comes from the years and years of wartime food and rationing in the s and 50s — and the hard times that followed the country well into the s.

When I was in England a few years back we had just incredible food. Cucumber sandwiches, tea and scones. Now I want an afternoon tea! I was surprised when I realised that tea was also an evening meal? And then some people say supper for the evening meal.

In the South, when I was growing up, lunch was dinner heavy meal and supper was evening meal which could be leftovers from mid-day or a new meal. Maybe not as heavy as lunch dinner but not necessarily light either. This came about when more people farmed and worked so hard they needed that heavy mid-day meal to keep going. But the habit is so ingrained in me that even at my office, once the clock hits 3 or 4, I make myself a cup of tea and grab a cookie or something. And yes, the entire company 1, people or so downs tools for 20 minutes and has a cuppa and a slice of cake.

At 2 pm everyone would congregate in the canteen for cups of hot milky tea and delicious shortbread-like biscuits. Everything was served in proper crockery and it all seemed so very civilized. Yes it can be great in certain places but not something I would eat everyday! People obviously eat and behave differently on vacation than they do in their daily lives like…not working? Eating out every meal? Garlic bread? Fettuccine Alfredo? Pasta carbonara made with cream?

Chicken in pasta? Those are the only ones I can think of that non-Italians have about Italy. A lot of the others are pretty on-point, except that the Italian version of Italian food is a million times better than the version anywhere else.

the headache prevention cookbook eating right to prevent migraines and other headaches Manual

Yeah the OP needs to be more clear about what the cliche is. The cliche that Italy is good for food is very much real and true. But yeah, Americans should get educated on what Italians in Italy actually consider food. I remember being surprised to learn that while Italians love eating meat, they consider eating meat WITH pasta a cardinal sin. I am not sure I understand?

The vegetables and fruit actually taste of something and the strawberries smell amazing and the gelato is always delicious. Anyway, totally would enjoy returning for food and the food varies based on region. Ah well. I remember being blown away by now delicious the strawberries and fruits were! Also the meat and dairy as well. Idk what it is, but they are so much tastier than what I get here. Why do you need to? Let them enjoy! Pizza Margherita and gelato are delicious in Italy. Which is honestly pretty great! I second pizza Margherita and gelato in Italy!

And the bread they store in a big wooden bin and cut just before bringing to your table! And gnocchi! Holy cow, so yummy! Who cares if it seems cliche? Maple syrup IS great. I ate so much good food when I lived in Canada, I think because there were so many different people from different cultures and the food was cheap and delicious in many places. Not picked and buttered or whatever they imagine ;. Sorry-not-sorry about that. Maybe a buffet of sorts? The thing is, our country is huge, with a large immigrant population who have made their way into the restaurant business.

It took me a long time to figure out that not all rice was created equal. I have a running joke with an Italian co-worker about Spaghetti Bolognese. He was horrified when I described it, and keeps reminding me it is Ragu served with Tagliatelli. Part of this due to the fact that many of your cities in the north are in close proximity to farms and agrarian lands, which is not so much the case in the U.

Migraine Headache *STOPPED INSTANTLY* after Y-STRAP Chiropractic Adjustment by Dr Joseph Cipriano

It seems much easier to import farm to store overnight. I still miss the apertivos and spritz aperols and the pasta. Visitors to Atlanta want either Southern food like fried chicken and sweet tea, or barbecue. I can do barbecue, just not too often. Food cliche for Chicago: deep dish pizza. Not every pizzeria makes good deep dish, any more than anything else.

Probably because I believe US portion sizes are quite large. Nor as a friend described to me after a trip to New York ordering a single dish, say at lunchtime, to share because it would be enough for two. The menu is organized into courses — the pasta course and the meat course are always separate. I live in Texas and when relatives visit, they seem to expect chili everywhere.

My friend from Hong Kong loved to visit so she can eat steak and Tex Mex. I met someone at a conference who was told to try Dr. What a lot of people miss about Texas is that there are different regions. Our food is really different from what you find in DFW or Houston. I posted 2 or 3 weeks ago about a rotten week where not only did I go to the funeral of a dear friend but had a terrible time at a hospital appointment.

I left the hospital upset and in pain with the doctor in a huff. This week I got a letter saying they will not treat me anymore but will refer me to nearest big city if I want although God knows how long the waiting list will be but they will set up an appointment with a Clinical Psychologist who can help with my anxieties about recieving treatment. I wrote a strongly worded letter immediately, which my family helped smooth down to factual and professional and sent it by return post. My GP seems suportive but there is little they can do outside our health board.

So my family suggested using a patient advocate to help with the conplaint. I like this idea as I could advocste for others and do in my job but its much harder when you are the one hurt and exhausted. Has anyone used a patient advocacy service before? How did you find it? Not saying it is, just genuinely curious. Yep, teeth is a metaphor! I was trying to say that of the area needing treatment the doctor treated half of it and used the other materials to treat an area that was fine.

I did actually have to sign a consent form for the procedure but the exact area was not covered in the document. Having had this done many times without problem I never considered having the area spelt out before signing it. Curses to the lousy dentist and his equally lousy team and your health board the people who recommended the Clinical Psychologist. Kudos to your family for helping you polish your letter. Can you contact your elected official s , meaning elected at any level that knows enough about constituent services to be helpful?

Bonus points if the elected official is someone for whom you voted.

7 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

My other idea is to see if there are any non-profit patient advocacy groups? Or advocacy groups in general? Sorry for the question marks. My family are great but not local so it would be good to have gelp from someone on my side and who knows the system. My current MP is pretty useless, but have had some awesome constituency MPs — including the late Sir Hector Munro for whom I would never have voted, but was a very hard working constituency MP.

That sounds terrible. The doctor just took out a needle and injected me. Do you have any other options? Can you go to another country and seek treatment there? Is there any other kind of treatment that you can access where you are? Ty for the tips though.

UGH I hear ya on this. He may be spraying because of that cat next door. Does the cat next door hang around your perimeter a lot? If so, you could buy the motion-activated air cans. You put them in the places where the cats hangs around. When it walks by, they get a blast of air. It trains them to stay away from that area. I use lots of Feliway Multi Cat plug-ins, like at least two per room. I found it works better than the regular one.

You can also use the spray on things they like mark. It will go a long way towards cleaning up. Unfortunately cat spray is intended to be pungent. My cat marks to establish territory; invader marks to push back on boundaries; etc etc, until the front line settles on our house. They liberally mark the front and back doors — invader from the outside and our cat from the inside.

We have a special spray cleaner from the pet shop which genuinely neutralises the unpleasant smell at least from a human perspective. I talked to my vet about it and she said having cats go outside can increase the chances of them spraying inside. They may mark outside based on smells of other outdoor cats and then feel the need to defend their territory inside. The other suggestions are good too — more Feliway diffusers. There is also a Feliway spray you can apply to areas previously marked. Also an enzyme cleaner. Gabapentin is another calming medicine for cats. Something Prozac is even used for cats that are very anxious.

Thanks all. Yes, I think that the behaviour is related to the cat next door and is stress related. One of my friends posted something on Facebook this week that I loved and I want to post it here. Not sure if it was an actual Thing on FB or whether it was just something one of her friends started. Hey friends! Today: I am working through my traumas. And I am really good at my specialism at work. Also parenting yadda yadda really proud of my kid and how I try and teach him stuff re politics, economics, consent, blah blah blah ;.

Thankful to God, my stem cell donor and my wonderful medical team. Life has a very different meaning for me now — fully enjoy each day, reclaim and thrive in the life I am living. I guess what I see as awesome is that half a year ago I moved over miles to start a new very high pace job at a large university in CA and I am able to keep up with it.

Nobody here has a clue how sick I was. To all my coworkers I appear as an older person who is very physically active and eats healthy. That is awesome. I wish you continued good health and I would also really relish having the choice whether to share your history or not.

Everyone knows about my depression. I would love to one day be able to live with it to the extent I can share only with my friends, not line managers and other people who are affected. That is awesome! Being able to run a 5K without stopping is one of my goals, and I am always so pumped up by people who are already there. This week, two different managers in production specifically sought me out to tell me how glad they were to have me here and how much they feel supported.

One stated that she and the general manager were talking about how I really care about doing right by my people, and that just made my heart explode. HR gets a bad name sometimes, and I work really hard to be the kind of HR person who advocates for my employees in addition to upholding company standards.

It really just meant the world to me to get the unsolicited positive feedback. Awww that is lovely. I am proud of myself for my resilience. I have survived growing up in a toxic environment, and left the second I was able. I am genuinely the scourge of the evildoer and I have thwarted many bad people. I can even do the fancy driving with the lights and sirens!

Also, I can make wonderful Yorkshire puddings. UK readers will know they can be tricky beasts but I have The Power! A good Yorkshire is a wonderful thing! Bonus points if you make enough to have some with golden syrup or butter and sugar later. I wanted to comment on more of these achievements individually but it always sounded sarcastic or patronising. But well done, go everyone! My 12yo students who had reading ages of 7 year olds last year are now not only up to speed but are enjoying English lessons.

Some of them were actually nasty and disaffected in attitude. I get knocked down, but I get up again. My daughter pointed out I have a lot of actual survival skills and told me I should do this exercise more often. Does that somehow make it okay? I like the points you make. People deserve to be loved whether or not they conform to societal beauty standards. Yes, absolutely agree with you. I hope they asked their sis if it was okay to plaster her face all over Twitter. I think at that point, I would be just as upset with my sib as I was with the ex-bf. I felt similarly when news stories would report on a young teen suicide, and if the teen was cute or pretty, it was considered way more tragic and sad than if they were gawky or homely.

It did make me uncomfortable to read comments by adults saying how beautiful the kid was. Basically, the whole praising beauty thing by strangers about teens can get squicky. Ugh to that! I am also disliking all the videos of military parent showing up at Event to surprise kid, who is then crying all over the place for the world. I hate those because it sets the kid up to expect future surprises and extreme denial if that parent dies. You are correct. And if it were true, I suspect a large part of the reason why the sister is vulnerable to that type of verbal abuse is that she was brought up in a family with such skewed priorities.

Or something else. Who knows. Bobby has something to gain by making you feel bad. Avoid him. Take it as a compliment. And focus on people who are nice, who appreciate you, who make you feel good. I also have an issue with it because validation is supposed to come from within. How many people do they need to get compliments from? And that you should care what other people say about you. It re-enforces that stereotype. These types of posts are probably not even real. That was inadvertently amusing. Though the whole thing with Kal Penn this week was hilarious!

Now, if only NCIS would pack it in. That show is about 5 years past when it should have ended. See also, Supernatural. Supposed to end after season 5 in I watched the backlog of episodes right up until I had caught up back in…I think in ? At that point, I decided that it had run its course, at least as far as I was concerned. I agree. I think what made the show so funny, four social misfit nerds who actually did cool nerd stuff, long passed. I get they had to move on, find relationships and such, but a lot of the fun teasing has become Seinfeld-like general jerkiness. When it was nerdy and geeky were those Feynmann diagrams in the first episode?

When it became more about relationships, it became just like every other show. Sheldon in particular has gotten on my nerves in the last few years. I went to see my GP initially who referred me for an ultrasound. I relayed what the ultrasound technician had told me and it appeared to be new information to her.

After a while of us sitting in silence as she clicked around on her computer, she asked me if I would like to be referred to a specialist, which I agreed to. Gynae issues do run in the family: My mum had undiagnosed Endometriosis and fibroids with no pain, but very, very heavy periods. Does anyone here have any experience of going through this process?

I would really appreciate any insight or advice. My first suggestion would be to go to an actual gynecologist and not a GP which it sounds like you are in the process of doing. General practitioners are just that — general, you need someone whose whole knowledge and expertise is based around your issue. I def used to think my GP was the way to go for gyno-related issues until I went to an actual gynecologist, what a difference!

What solved it for me honestly was getting an IUD. I went in for long-lasting birth control and ended up with the added bonus of regular, light, non-crippling periods. It has a very very small amount of hormones I tried the pill in high school and had an awful experience with it so I was apprehensive to try hormones again and it just kind of smoothed things out for me.

But a specialist will definitely be able to help you more than a GP or regular X-ray technician could, so you might find another solution with them. I have a cream from Herbstrong that I love — just smear a little bit over your uterus area and boom — relief. You just gave me flashbacks to sitting on the ground in the middle of an aisle in Wal-Mart, waiting for my cramps to pass so I could move again… Also had crazy-heavy periods think: put on a fresh pad, walk down to the school bus stop, get on the bus okay, get off the bus having already bled through my jeans. Had multiple ultrasounds including one done internally , they found some benign cysts, but that was about it.

For me, they first tried the pill, but I kept throwing it up, so they switched to a transdermal method the patch at first, and later the ring. That pretty much did the trick. I rarely get cramps or ridiculously heavy periods these days. Also, I may or may not have grown out of it at some point in my twenties.

A few years back before bc became free I stopped taking it to try and see if I could save money by toughing it out, and was surprised to find my symptoms never really came back. Tangentially, if you have any intestinal symptoms, you might want to bring a GI into the mix.

Limited experience in this, I have been working as an assistant in a gyn office for about 6 months now. I gotta say, I like your doctor.

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Taking what the tech said and doing some more research is a great response. I will say be patient, endometriosis is not easy to diagnose or treat but an experienced gyn is going to be a big help. There are a lot of options, some people respond to hormonal birth control. And surgery is an option if all else fails. Best of luck to you. I hope I have this acronym right; if not someone please correct. I was just about to suggest PCOS too. It turned out I had a bunch of other symptoms as well, that I never realized were the same problem.

Do any of these sound familiar? The good news is that PCOS is easy to treat! When I have a particularly painful month, I also experience excessive wind, diarrhoea and an intense stabbing type pain during BMs. As does labor. Well—if endometriosis is on your bowels! Like me! Good luck, again—keep seeing folks. If you see a doctor who seems to be dismissing you and not understanding all your symptoms, move on. Try to find specialists. General doctors I have found are not adept at treating multiple system conditions, particularly chronic pain issues.

I have every sympathy with you as I suffered similarly for almost 30 years before I finally had some treatment that worked. Who knew! Your gynaecologist will go through all possible symptoms to diagnose properly. I used birth control to help in my twenties, but once we were trying to conceive I obviously stopped, and from there my symptoms got worse. I was at the stage where I was bleeding through a super plus tampon AND soaking a pad every hour, for up to seven days a month, so it was having a huge impact on my life and work, not to mention my iron levels.

If your family is complete then that might be something you want to explore. Good luck getting endo checked out — one friend had some surgeries for it and it literally changed her life in every way, for the better. Others have been able to manage it with hormones, etc. Ultrasound is not a conclusive way to rule out endometriosis.

I was diagnosed with endo this past January and the only way to definitively know is through a diagnostic laparoscopy. There is no test or scan for this—a surgeon has to SEE it physically via surgery. My journey resulted in me doing everything I could think as I was experiencing GI symptoms as well as deep pelvic pain and back pain.

So I hopped from doctor to doctor for awhile—first, they thought it was a parasite and gave me crazy strong antibiotics that ended up just completely destroying my stomach flora and made me sicker, then I got sent for cat scans and mris and ultrasounds… I tried elimination diets, wondering if it was something I was eating that was suddenly making my system run amok… then I went to my gyno in complete desperation around Xmas because the pelvic pain was extraordinary.

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As you can imagine, I was livid. I went home and continued my own research and given all the symptoms, really felt it was endo. I was right—stage two endo. Currently I manage the pain and symptoms with a mostly anti-inflammatory diet I avoid dairy, gluten, and red meat , continuous birth control, supplements and vitamins, CBD oil, and lots of rest.

I hope you find your answer, whatever it is! For me, that was truly the worst part of it—not knowing and all the doctors not knowing. YOU know your body better than anyone else. I went almost 25 years without effective pain control or relief. It has taken my frequency and severity of pain down to a few times per year, compared to several days of bad cramps almost every month. Also, just fyi, weirdly enough you can have PCOS aka polycystic ovary syndrome without actually having ovariam cysts.

She was referred to her gynaecologist later, for other issues. Anyway, I know these things vary by region, but our experience with the NHS was that once we got to the specialist, the care was thorough and excellent. My advice is to look for Endo support groups and advocacy groups, and others like them — I hope there are some in the UK. Getting in contact with other people with lived experience of diagnosis and treatment is important. Two things. Find an endo specialist and make sure you get a really good blood workup. PCOS is not likely, but possible and the best way to check that is blood work.

Thyroid is another thing that can totally mess your periods up, and again, blood work is your friend. Last year of exams and group assignments, since next year will be a year-long solo project. Wish me luck! What a handsome kitteh! I miss my own so much. Both passed in January, three weeks apart. My kitty turns ten this month, and sometimes thinking about the inevitable makes me sad. When we got our bunny, we were considering getting pet insurance. I know what you mean about watching for health problems. I lost a kitty unexpectedly last year to heart failure.

Then in February made the choice to say goodbye to another who had kidney disease and intestinal problems. The vet bills are so expensive. I just lost my older one last week. Been a rough week. I want to basically try and financially cover my baking hobby. My biggest concern is being uninsured and working out of a home with a pet.

I really just want to get a chance to build up my knowledge and maybe just cover a portion of the cost of doing that. People frequently buy me the ingredients for a cake and ask me to cook it. I am thinking of someone having a bad reaction to something you baked and suing you. We live in a litigious society. I would up my insurance before doing this. This makes me so sad but I see the reasoning. In the UK, you cannot sell them without some legalities and insurance in place. You would always be at risk of litigation if your cooking makes someone ill whether they contributed any money for it or not, but I think you will need to get legal advice before you embark upon this just to make sure you are within the confines of the law and also because it is worrying you so you can out your mind at rest.

How do people ever host dinner parties then? It would also keep any issues involving your pets or aspects of your home kitchen that might not meet commercial standards from coming into play. Do I have to refuse then? For the actual rules, it will vary depending on your area. The other thing, of course, is how likely you are to be caught and what the consequences are. How much you are willing to risk on that is up to you. Yeah, I think this comes down to assumption of risk— you can either fly under the radar and keep your fingers crossed, or you can build a legitimate business with the costs and protections thereof.

Which do you want to do more? Would you be able to sell your baking at fairs? So, yeah, google those. I think you might be better off consulting an expert for advice on this. My best guess is only a guess, you know? I hope you are able to find a solution that works for you. Petty rant: The neighbors feel very strongly about the plants along the property line. While simultaneously being extremely indecisive. Had this same issue. Resolved it by planting the plants I wanted on my side of the property line rather than ON the property line. Hope you are able to get the plants you want!

Are there set-backs written in the zoning codes?

Aurea Negron - Healthcare - Stanford Who's Who Certified

Who will maintain the plants? Set-backs, a distance in from the property line, can be a good thing. We got new neighbors a few years ago. They just started cutting down trees without a proper survey. We got one later, and they had taken half a dozen of our trees. Their side had a lot of dead trees, but we had some little ones that were doing really well. Then we put up property markers, and their kids took them out and used them as swords.

This was before we moved in. A couple rows of pines had been planted on a little rise on the property line because the neighbor was an alcoholic and kept driving over the hill into our yard. Her husband was tired of fixing the yard, so he planted a lot of pines.

Forty years later…. Clean the windows and the curtains.

Akim cache ses migraines à Lucille (Ep205)

Wash the cushions and couch covers. Get a throw over the couch, or a new rug. Bleach the grout in the bathroom tiles. But a new bath towel set. Buy some new ceramic dishes for your kitchen. Get some grow-your-own herbs along the window sill. Move your bed to another side of the room.

Change the bedding! Has bedskirt, cover, shams and decorative pillows. It really brightens things up. A ceiling hook or wall bracket for hanging plants. I had a decent amount of plants in the normal places: on window sills, end tables, big plants in a corner, and so on.

Adding a few spots of live green at eye level or or in an otherwise empty corner of the ceiling really highlighted another dimension of those rooms. Because they give themselves a pretty low budget to do an entire room, a lot of it involves repurposing items that people already have in their homes — repainting drawers and putting new knobs on them, gallery walls, reupholstering stools which appears to be surprisingly fast and easy for the cost of a bit of fabric, that could even be repurposed bedding or curtains and so on.

I wanted to group stuff, and I wanted to use things that could go in a dishwasher. Rotating wall art — either relocating existing ones to new places or if you have more than you can fit like me change some out occasionally. New regular curtains can also be pretty inexpensive and change the look of a room. Gallon of white paint plus random dark mistints.

These are paint that people have returned because it was the wrong color. Pour some white paint into a disposable container, add some mistint and stir. Add more until you get a pleasing color. Use to paint some window trim or a bathroom or bedroom door. If you can get the small cans of mistints, you can get a lot of different colors out of a single gallon of white paint. When my parents finished their previously empty basement, I did this with a five gallon bucket of white paint. Not bad for an entire basement. Of course, it took more than an hour, though.

I bought a bigger and cushier rug for my bedroom at Tuesday Morning. New cushion covers! Depending on the season you can rotate them in and out too. Woo hoOO! It looks like an amazing race. I have to work, but my husband is doing it. She has started howling in the wee hours of the morning. They gave her a shot of Adequan Thursday and no howling that night. This morning she started howling about 6 am, but I think she was hungry. Please be patient with your poor cat! My year-old was diagnosed with arthritis when he was Once his pain was managed and he was comfortable, he was much more settled.

I hope your cat responds well to the Adequan and that she can sleep more easily during the night soon. CBD all the way!! I have a 13 year old dog and he has bad arthritis. The stuff is great. Hahah that is too cute though! I am an early riser even on weekends and the birds are chirping away :P. Hope the medication helps! Did they check for thyroid and kidney levels in her bloodwork? Two of my kitties had those issues and I always reccomend checking for those, especially in older cats.

My girl was on slow dose of metacam for arthritis for the last couple of years of her life and was a much happier kitty for it — hope you find a regime that works! It was like reset button, for a bit anyways. Yes to the suggestion of dementia. Good morning everyone! My husband and I will be spending 3 weeks in Spain in September. The landscape is spectacular.

Also if you can get to Las Figueres to the Salvadir Dali museum, and to Tossa de Mar or Roses for the beaches Tossa is nicer and has coves etc, and go to the restaurants away from the front in the little alleyways then you may like that. In Barcelona the sagrada familia is worth visiting. Agreeing on the sagrada familia. Also, in Barcelona, spend a day getting lost in the gothic quarter, eating lots of ham and cava, churros, and various tapas.

Good fun. I swear by the Rough Guide series of travel books. You can get the one for Spain on Amazon. I recommend buying beforehand to read on the plane And help plan your holiday. It was one of my favorite day trips out of Bordeaux France. Cuenca is a day trip from madrid and is fantastic. Google the pictures, the mountain landscape lookouts are amazing. I want to thank everyone who mentioned pelvic floor therapy. Thank you thank you thank you! My local comic book store is having a giant get together!

That sounds awesome! I hope you and your dog have a good time! If it is allowed by his training, I might suggest bringing some treats that a few costumed folk can give him — that is how I got my little beastie to get used to small kids. I had forgot it was Free Comic Book Day but I will have to drop by a shop later and see if I can join the celebration….

Even reading AAM feels a little like clinging to a past life! Thanks in advance! I strongly recommend reading some expat-type blogs— there are tons to choose from and this is a HUGE issue in the expat community. I feel you, Clever!! Find something that is just for you. It might be an artistic hobby, a class, a sport, or some other activity.

I always liked home improvements, but I really got into it when the kids were small. I learned to set tile and change light fixtures, simple plumbing, small appliance repair and furniture refinishing. It gave me a sense of accomplishment to see my completed work around the house, and it felt like I was contributing financially, saving us money by not hiring these jobs out. I was able to stay home after the birth of my first until our second son was 5, nearly 30 years ago. I checked books out at the library internet in its infancy, then to learn how to tile, refinish furniture, garden, etc.

Meeting people and finding a way to use your gifts and skills are really important.

  1. with Bob Jones, Paul Keith Davis and Bobby Conner?
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  4. [Popular] Finding Happiness with Migraines: a Do It Yourself Guide, a min-e-bookTM Kindle Online.

Parenting is one. So in leaving the job, it disrupted that pattern. That does make you feel adrift. You need to rebuild a new pattern around it. My oldest goes to Kindergarten next year, and my other 2 will be in 1. I plan to work for those hours. Part of the answer depends on how old your kids are and how many you have. In no time, your kiddo will be in preschool. Oh, and if you are finding yourself with time, get active in the community. But the town, local charities, etc are others. As my oldest gets to be school age, many of her peers are the youngest- so parents that have been in the thick of babies are now looking for things to fill the days a bit more.

A former SAH friend of mine has gotten to be a very well known floral arranger, another went into real estate sales. One went back to work PT as an attorney. One went back to work full time. Before my child was born I was a workaholic. I can address issues I never would have had time to when I was working, and that does feel satisfying. Of course, you have every right to feel how you feel, strangers on the internet be damned.

But I prefer to reframe that feeling for myself. Before I was a mom, I felt dismissive too. And I called myself a feminist. Just picture yourself pushing that stroller right side up in an upside-down world. Consider taking up writing. Friends would ask "are you allergic to your husband"? I laughed it off however, deep down I knew there was something more to it. I have been working on this disease ever since. After reading such a powerful book my Asthma has improved still more false-guilt issues I'm working through Thank You Dr.

Campbell for giving me an "outsider looking in" approach. Bob's book "Freedom From Asthma" is sound in medical knowlegde and rooted in scriptural truths. I love how he has illustrated the way we are to speak and walk in agreement with the word of God. He explains sound doctoral teaching for sound Biblical healing. Bob has opened door to physical and spiritual freedom for those that desire to be healed and walk in freedom.

The book is affordable and easy to read. Bob explains the immune system and its response to things and situations set against us. I love the fact I was able to purchase his book on my Kindle in less than a minute. A definate 5 star rating for this book of freedom. Mary E. Krol RN. After years of treating the symptoms of asthma with my children, we are finally understanding the roots causes. That is something that no doctor has been able to give us adequate answers about. We have been told told by the medical community to stop looking for the cause of asthma and just worry about the symptoms.

After reading Freedom from Asthma we are able to approach asthma very differently. Understanding that the root causes of asthma are spiritual has changed our lives. I am so thankful to have these tools as we battle asthma in our family. Finally, someone is addressing the the root causes of asthma and how to combat them. Having worked in the medical field for over 40 years and been involved in ministry for almost as long, I appreciate and agree with both the medical and the spiritual insights in this book. Modern medicine can ameliorate the symptoms of many ailments, but without addressing the spiritual and emotional roots, conditions like asthma cannot be truly cured.

The spiritual battle plan in this book is well explained with abundant scripture. Campbell's "Freedom From Asthma" is not just a hopeful theory, it's a proven strategy. Quick Search.