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Comment by PoorLoser I wish I knew this years ago. Just the other day, a level 11 Mage challenged me to a duel. The character was wearing that ugly purple outfit. I hate purple. The Mage kicked my butt probably geared by an Heirloom as mentioned here. I was a level 17 Mage, 6 levels difference.

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I was so angry, I cursed at everyone that day with the worse kind of language ever. I nearly got a heart attack. Thanks for passing the word. What is it like to have to wear the same outfit from 1 to 80 levels? It would be nice if they had a variety. Oh did I mentioned that I hate purple.

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Comment by NathanDarkblade hmmm, it says u can cross realm mail heirlooms, but i seem to be unable to do so. I tried to mail from my worgen on Mannoroth to my night elf on Vek'Nilash, but it didnt work Is there some kind of way to proceed? I want to know plz someone I've been trying to figure out what the best enchants are for Heirlooms.

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Comment by Cinnamontea Holy smokes - thank you so much for your hard work making this! Comment by Adabiel you do can complete the 11 primary professions in the DMF, each month the lock resets allowing you to pick the quest again from all of them making 44 instead of 8, if you survive the grinding having to abandon them and raising them back up to Edit: Wow, downvotes, however this information is useful if someone is struggling for some extra tickets, I used this guide to see how many mats I needed to save, farmed them and then I completed each single profession twice first month, and then the next month to prove this was actually true, so far the only difficulty is to get the gathering skills to 75 easier now with draenor lifting the restriction , if you saved the mats prior hand you only need to do the specific crafting and you are good to go.

I only did it the twice mentioned, I got enough character to get all the tickets I need, please do take your time and read carefully before downvoting something that can be useful for somebody else. Comment by Comboqt I created a spreadsheet to keep track of which heirlooms i own and which are upgraded, might be useful for someone else. Comment by 3xploit How long have there been heirlooms for our alts and Holy Paladins still have to rely on shaman armor? I refuse to see something such as Pristine Lightforge Spaulders as an excuse for plate armor with Int. Comment by do1nk These items should be free of charge.

More like, when u create new character u get a mail from "Blizzard" with all items for your character and "go level up" note.


Comment by Taddy94 Thanks for sharing this list. Very informative. Helped me out deciding which heirlooms to purchase and how much to save up beforehand. Comment by Imthree Great Guide! My question is: does anyone know what, if anything, is happening to the BoA tokens upon the release of 6.

Comment by tony since most of the BOA's are available at the Darkmoon Faire, any chances of the shields being added there also? Comment by Darkaara Just saying, eventually the Garrosh heirlooms will be removed. When that happens, might wanna update it. Comment by ssithl Just to say , regarding the item level requirements - relating to heirlooms having ilvl 1 , They removed the ilevel restriction on Cataclysm dungeons Or it considers heirlooms the appropiate ilvl for their level for LFG purposes, information is unclear on which , so the section about it causing problems entering dungeons post can be refined.

My last few alts, the only issue they had was being unable to enter Trial of the Champion at the Northrend tournament :. Is it possible or not? Hope to find an answer Comment by Lupin3rd nothing to level as enhancement shaman? Comment by wildarms82 As of 6. Comment by Adabiel Just mentioning that you do can complete all the 11 primary professions in the DMF each month. The quests are profession-based it doesn't count the number of primary professions quests you did so abandoning a profession and taking the next to do the quest IS possible obtaining 44 instead of 8 on the primary, and the next month all those will reset.

Saving the materials for each month is the only difficulty this may have IF someone cares to try it. I did it once to prove this was correct and my quests reset without issue, I didn't continue repeating cause I stood with the professions I wanted to keep, I was just testing if this was possible. Comment by ChiakiAccess What about the shields? Comment by bogmore I have a quick comment, you say "Once your character passes this cap, they no longer benefit from an experience increase and the stats no longer increase.

I mean, the resilience exists solely on the items and not as a stat you can mouse over on your character. Does it really do anything for us any more? Comment by chrth Re: "When using the versions of heirlooms, when you hit level 80 they still have their Wrath of the Lich King stats and they only scale to the Cataclysm stats at There is a sharp increase in mob difficulty in Cataclysm content, you may need to decide between stronger gear for one level or an xp boost. In particular the heirloom weapons at level 80 will be substantially less effective than your first green quest reward weapon in Cataclysm content.

The power jump from wrath to cata weapons is minimal, and heirloom weapons are more powerful in relation. Can anyone confirm this, because I've spent over an hour reading various sources now and can't find a mention of this anywhere.

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If it is true, gg for creating a completely useless collection I made the mistake of doing these dailies for about a week and getting enough champion's seals to purchase an heirloom, but didn't realize that I couldn't even purchase till I was an exalted champion. So now I have all of this currency which is useless to me for getting hierlooms unless I'm willing to commit for another few weeks of dailies at this place. Comment by cordell9 If you came here like I did to find out what is cheaper, now or when 6. I copied the following from another post Thanks to Junjonaku for posting.

For anyone who is interested the prices for the guild heirlooms were adjusted for this new system.

Head, back and legs are all g, are lvl and can be upgraded with Ancient Heirloom Armor Casing for g. This does mean that the upgraded versions of the heirloom back pieces are g cheaper if you buy them before the patch on Tuesday.

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This savings only applies to the back pieces. The pants will actually be cheaper as of 6. So this persuaded me to buy the capes now but wait for the pants. Comment by byIncarnate I cant post links yet To purchase every heirloom in the game and upgrade to tier 3 would cost ,g, not accounting for the free upgrade tokens from the intro quest, any existing pieces you may have re: docs.

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