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Only 75 flew into Israel from The IDF response has also grown stronger. In June, its military drones began firing warning shots near the people making kites.

When that failed to deter them, it launched airstrikes on Hamas military facilities in Gaza. On June 19, we saw an ominous new escalation sequence.

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Kites and balloons ignited 20 fires in Israel that day. The IDF retaliated that evening by bombing three targets in Gaza. Militants there then launched 45 rockets and mortar shells, six of which landed in Israeli towns. The IDF finally bombed another 20 targets. Both rockets and kites damage property. But they cost very little to make. Kite fires mostly worry farmers, foresters and firefighters near Gaza. But rocket attacks hurt tourism and business activity across Israel.

That leads to much larger indirect costs. Also, the kites have not provoked so far an expensive Israeli military operation. Those are big numbers for such small weapons.

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In one Israeli civilian died on average for every rockets fired. By there was one death per 1, rockets. The average number of rockets needed to injure one Israeli similarly jumped from 5. The rockets themselves did not become less lethal. Iron Dome batteries intercepted more rockets , while sirens and shelters protected more civilians. Otherwise, Israeli rocket injuries and deaths during the conflict could have been 2, instead of Read more: Israeli rocket experience shows bomb shelters matter as much as interceptors.

Israel spent heavily to achieve that. It has the second highest per capita military spending in the world. It expended billions of dollars developing, deploying and reloading its Iron Dome rocket interceptors. It spent another half billion dollars upgrading civil defences. The falling casualties and rising expenses make the financial side of aerial attacks relatively more important.

Much like the kites, rockets now make Israel bleed mostly cash instead of blood. But the conflict involved just five rocket and mortar deaths over 42 days. But traffic accidents in killed six times as many Israelis over similar periods. Its low civilian casualties make it difficult to get international support when its Fs bomb Gaza.

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Similar controversy may arise if it starts shooting Palestinian kite-flyers. Gaza faces its own problems.

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