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Edmund Daukoru, adviser on petroleum to President Olusegun Obasanjo, says steps taken in this regard include the awarding of offshore oil blocks to indigenous companies. In one of the latest developments, 32 local firms have been allotted 24 marginal oil fields with an estimated reserve of million barrels of crude oil. The legislator has proposed a new law to the national assembly, the Nigerian Content Development Bill, which seeks to compel multinational companies to give more top posts to Nigerian professionals.

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It also aims to increase the participation of indigenous companies in the oil industry. Offodile says that if the Bill is passed into law, it will create jobs for Nigerians—ultimately helping entire communities. It is believed that the Bill will be on the books soon, given the support for it in official circles.

The hope is that this will reach four million barrels per day by In practice, this means the introduction of development programmes to educate Nigerian scientists who can work in the oil industry. As Ledum Mitee, president of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People Mosop , points out, it is unwise for any country to allow its economy to be dominated by one company—as Nigeria is by Shell.

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Mosop is a group that has lobbied for a greater share of oil wealth to be given to the Ogoni community, which lives in the south-eastern region of Nigeria where much of the extraction has taken place. Create Account Lost Your Password? Toggle navigation Toggle profile.

Slippery Business

Create Account. But Offodile believes more decisive action is required. Beyond the matter of local content, larger issues about control of the sector loom. Nigeria Lagos.

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Politics Lester Kiewit New Scopa chair wants parly watchdog to have more 'bite'. Africa Agency Sudan in revolt is deja-vu for Egyptians driven out by repression. Egyptians exiled in Sudan say the current standoff in Khartoum reminds them of their own broken dreams. ANC pushes through controversial committee chairpersons. He nodded his head toward the eel, an adult a yard long and as thick as a baseball bat.

Slippery Business

It was already making good time squirming across the concrete floor, looking unnervingly like a big snake. It was like trying to hold a handful of water. In a flash, it slid through my fingers back to the floor, leaving a smear of slime drying on my hands.


Then the dealer showed me the trick. Then by pressing the fingers together he cannot move. The idea of an afternoon spent fishing for and handling eels has long since fallen out of favor in the United States. Likewise, eels themselves have disappeared from North American cuisine, where for a long time they held a high place.

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A handful of eel dealers still buy eels on the U. Even though people around the world have been eating freshwater eels, and researchers beginning with Aristotle have been studying them, for thousands of years, much about the animals remains unknown. And they are closing in on the long-standing goal of breeding eels and raising them to adulthood in captivity on a commercial scale, in hopes of freeing the aquaculture industry from the need to gather young eels from the wild.

More than species of true eels, in the order Anguilliformes , have been identified around the world. Fourteen families of exclusively marine eels include morays and congers; one family of freshwater eels, the Anguillidae, consists of sixteen species, all in the genus Anguilla.