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To some, this is definitive proof that Bigfoot is as real as mountain gorillas or narwhals. But Gimlin knows exactly what he saw that day.

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This elusive, possibly fictitious animal goes by a number of different names—Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie, Skunk Ape, Yayali—and for centuries, people across North America have had sightings. Many Native American cultures have written oral legends that tell of a primate-type creature roaming the continent's forests. In these tales, the animals are sometimes more human-like and, other times, more ape-like. In the mythology of the Kwakiutl tribe that once heavily populated the western coast of British Columbia, Dzunukwa is a big, hairy female that lives deep in the mountainous forests.

In California, there are century-old pictographs drawn by the Yokuts that appear to show a family of giant creatures with long, shaggy hair. Forest Service. To this day, Strain says, many of the tribesmen she does field research with believe that Bigfoot walks among us. Most famously, in , a group of prospectors hunkering down in a cabin along the shoulder of Mount St. He had taken potshots at the creatures earlier in the day. That same year, another man named Ray Wallace also said he had discovered large prints belonging to Bigfoot.

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  6. Upon his death in , it was revealed that this was a hoax. It was in the mid 20th century when Bigfoot stepped from local lore to national phenomenon. In , naturalist Ivan T. Gimlin says it happened so fast that he considers himself and Roger Patterson pretty lucky that they were able to get any footage at all of the hairy, mythical animal lumbering along only yards away from them. When he watched the footage for the first time a few days later, Gimlin was pretty pessimistic that this would be enough to convince anyone. Yet, it became a phenomenon. Some, like former director of the primate biology program at the Smithsonian Institution John Napier , saw it as a well-done, elaborate hoax.

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    But not everyone saw it that way, including Grover Krantz. It was the dermal ridges, where sweat pores open on palms and soles, depicted in the prints that left him convinced that at least some were authentic. His working theory was that Sasquatch was part of the hominid family, the same one humans shared with apes, and was a descendant of thought-to-be-long-extinct humongous primate species that once lived in Asia appropriately named Gigantopithecus. At some point, million of years ago, it had crossed the Bering Strait when it was still a land bridge into North America and evolved into its own species on this continent.

    So, Krantz was known to spend his nights in the middle of the Pacific Northwest old growth forests with a shotgun quite literally hunting Bigfoot. They believe there are at least 2, ape men walking upright in North America's woods today. An adult male is said to be at least 8 feet 2. The creatures are described as shy and nocturnal, and their diets consist mostly of berries and fruits. Matt Moneymaker had been searching for Bigfoot for years. In the woods of eastern Ohio, he claims he finally came eye to eye with the elusive primate. He wanted to let me know I was in the wrong place.

    Moneymaker, who lives in Dana Point in southern California, is a lawyer who runs his own marketing agency. In his spare time, he leads the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a network of more than 3, people who claim to have seen the Sasquatch.

    People Have Been Chasing Bigfoot for 60 Years—Here's How It Began - HISTORY

    Perhaps the most compelling photographic evidence of Bigfoot is a controversial short film shot by Roger Patterson in , which appears to document a female Bigfoot striding along a riverbank in northern California. Now, Bigfoot advocates are increasingly turning to forensic evidence to prove the existence of the giant creature.

    Investigator Jimmy Chilcutt of the Conroe Police Department in Texas, who specializes in finger- and footprints, has analyzed the more than casts of Bigfoot prints that Meldrum, the Idaho State professor, keeps in a laboratory. Chilcutt says one footprint found in in Walla Walla in Washington State has convinced him that Bigfoot is real. The print ridges flowed lengthwise along the foot, unlike human prints, which flow across. The texture of the ridges was about twice the thickness of a human, which indicated that this animal has a real thick skin.

    Why Do So Many People Still Want to Believe in Bigfoot?

    Meldrum, meanwhile, says a pound kilogram block of plaster known as the Skookum Cast provides further evidence of Bigfoot's existence. The cast was made in September from an impression of a large animal that had apparently lain down on its side to retrieve some fruit next to a mud hole in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington State.

    Meldrum says the cast contains recognizable impressions of a forearm, a thigh, buttocks, an Achilles tendon and heel. Renowned chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall last year surprised an interviewer from National Public Radio when she said she was sure that large, undiscovered primates, such as the Yeti or Sasquatch, exist.

    But the vast majority of scientists still believe Bigfoot is little more than supermarket tabloid fodder. They wonder why no Bigfoot has ever been captured, dead or alive. Bigfoot buffs note that it's rare to find a carcass of a grizzly bear in the wild. While that's true, grizzlies have not escaped photographic documentation. Hair samples that have been recovered from alleged Bigfoot encounters have turned out to come from elk, bears or cows.

    Two Teenage Boys Taunted By Bigfoot In Southern Oregon