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Then Angard stopped sending for shift all together. When you get the shift, you go to the warehouse, get signed in on a sheet normally days where your duty is and start working. The hardest bit here was I couldn't master any position. I worked couple of times on Manchester section for instance, and when I got the hang of it and started sorting mails fast, they stopped sending me to Manchester but to the roads.

So I forgot the postcodes order in Manchester. And so on. Of course we talk about equality between men and women in the workplace but when it comes to tipping 11kg bags for 4 hours, it doesn't apply. As for wages, you start with the minimum, then after working for 12 weeks, here I mean working at least one shift a week for 12 weeks you will get promoted and the wage will be 12 quids or so. Again the problem here was, I couldn't keep the promotion, as you you have not to have 5 week gap between any two consecutive shifts. Fun place to work enthusiasts. When the mail are heavy it is very typical but enjoyed working through it.

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Sorting the mails in an friendly environment. Good Friendly Sorting mails and friendly environment. Great workplace with good wages for an easy job. Always overtime available if you need it. Management easy to get along with and very helpful when needed. If your looking for a constant stream of income angard is not the place you should be applying to. I've been with the agency coming up to 6 weeks and I am still yet to receive an induction shift! The agency themselves are not helpful and have a poor attitude on the phone. They basically don't care about you wanting to work and make it sound like a chore to speaking to you on a phone.

I repeat if you want a steady wage and work angard is not the place to be. There is so much more I could write on this company but I have wasted enough time with angard. No shifts, rude agency staff on the phone, lack of care for their workers, can make you feel very frustrated. Really good job. Would be good if there were more shifts available to book for the week, some staff get more shifts that others as the management prefer to have other staff which is not fair to others that also want to work.

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Other than that, the pay is absolutely amazing after the 12 weeks at minimum wage and the length of the shifts are fine. The staff and management at the mail centre are really friendly and really care about you, they don't want you to work too hard and they give you breaks if necessary which is good. No hours offered, useless contact team. Next to no shifts offered since being with them. Shifts get given to the same people, as they favour particular individuals. When contacting them, they are unhelpful and often rude and short, and have lied on multiple occasions.

The job and pay itself is good parcel sorting , but awfully managed by Angard. Lack of hours. But still not enough to live on. Not a helpful agency. Working with Royal Mail is enjoyable, however, Angard Staffing as an agency is rubbish. The shifts are very far between, and after 6 weeks of not working because you have not been offered a suitable shift, your pay is reversed back to the national minimum wage. Also, the agency staff are not very helpful.

In contrast, actually working at the Royal Mail distribution centre was a very good experience for me. The Royal Mail managers were very considerate and respectful. Not Great. Don't receive many shifts, you get a text few hours before shift starts, mixed messages from different angard managers, wont advise anyone to apply if they are looking for consistent shifts, you might have to even wait for few weeks before shift comes sometimes and can also get cancelled last minutes on the day.

LTB 107/17 – Treatment of Casual and Angard Workers

Not Enough Shifts, Cancelling shifts, Mixed messages, wrong payments sometimes, favour some staff more than others. I dealt with handling money and assisted in other departments as and when required. It was really good. I highly enjoyed it. I learnt a lot in my job role.

A shambles. I work for this cowboy agency in the run up to Christmas Never again will I work for them the noise level in the office was unbeatable other workers talking and laughing loud using bad language and it seems to be tolerated by the mentors Also I was not paid on the day I should have been and they put everyone on an emergency tax code where we were taxed to the hills Last year it was run far more smoothly but this year was a shambles Thank God it is only for 3 weeks.

Good workplace. Good environment to work at Flexible hours so you can work the time you want Close to my house 30 minutes walk Good people and some people I know form my area. Angard interview. If I could give this agency 0 I would. I was invited to register for work at Stoke mdec for Royal mail work.

I read the enclosed documents regarding Id but I did not have a passport or driving licence. This has not been a problem with every other agency I've signed with as they have accepted my birth certificate and national insurance number plus proof of address. When I emailed angard asking if I could bring other Id I got no reply. I was then turned away from interview as they said I didn't have sufficient Id. I've worked in the 'blue collar' section of the company for years and aside from zero hour contract workers I've never met or spoken to an Angard Staffing manager.

They never come to visit us or hold meetings. The wage scale is good and often over the NMW. Paid weekly. Often early morning Friday.

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Where to start!? Angard said it would transfer Christmas Casual's details from Royal Mail over to Angard to allow us to join them and continue to work. By late January nothing had been done and the new Data Protection rules GPDR was to blame - had to keep on top of Angard, with no callbacks or detailed emails explaining what to do. Staff are left in the middle of Angard and Contractor politics or being given managers who appear clueless. When you try and talk to some like an adult or make recommendations to work smarter and benefit all parties, in keeping with the rules and culture of the company you are ignored but hear your suggestions an hour You already know what the problem is, hence all the genuine reviews.

Nothing said will change anything so, I am just writing this to let people know. Flexibility are pretty good also the job is easy.

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The people I work with they are really nice and friendly and the pay is really good. I enjoyed working with angard and they are not enough shift is available. Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone. This will replace the current featured review for targeted profile. Are you sure you want to replace it? View All num of num Close Esc. Angard Staffing. Connect with our community. Get a free employer account to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and engage with your candidates.

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Jul 3, Doesn't Recommend. Pros - Good Pay - Very simple work - Nice shift times. Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. May 13, Pros Currently working as a casual mail sorter. Cons The shifts aren't consistent and usually contacted last minute without much notice, so can be challenging to plan your time.

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Show More. Advice to Management Make it easier to contact the agency and allow more notice for available shifts. Join the Angard Staffing team. See Our Latest Jobs. Apr 25,