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It was one of the first books we read and they told me weeks later that it was their favorite book of the summer. It was a bit of a challenging read for them so I read it to them while they followed along in their own copies. The book is entertaining and the pictures are great. Highly recommended for young reluctant readers. Will definitely buy and teach a A young boy sees monsters everywhere but his parents never see them.

Will definitely buy and teach again should the opportunity arise. Dec 24, Janice rated it liked it Recommends it for: Children afraid of monsters under their bed. Shelves: childrens-literature. This is a story about a kid who is afraid of monsters until he takes karate, and I guess it is kind of cute.

Monsters in the Closet (Chapter 15) – CROSSIN(G)ENRES

Not one of my favorites, but the pictures are fun. There is a little baby bum crack in the pictures while the little boy fights monsters in the shower, and so everytime we read this book my kids tell me all about how no one wants to see other people naked and how he should cover up or not draw pictures while he is in the shower. But if you don't mind baby bum, you might enjoy it. Dec 18, Elisha Condie rated it it was amazing Shelves: childrens. This is the other book I've been reading 10 times a day for what seems like years.

19 Monster Books For Kids

A little boy is scared of the monsters that are all around his house until he takes karate class and learns to scare 'em off. My 23 month old often wants to sit in her crib with this book and look at it by herself yes! This is a great book. I fear I've opened the floodgates with recommending childrens books. I'm only going to do the ones we really love. A lot. View all 4 comments. Apr 12, Meredith rated it it was amazing Shelves: library , children-s. Kid sees monsters everywhere. Parent's don't believe him. He signs up for karate classes and learns how to be confident and scare away the monsters.

Also, finally takes out the trash by himself. Apr 07, Amy Murray rated it it was amazing Shelves: zoey. Perfect book for preschoolers! I love that the main character learns to overcome his fear of monsters by learning karate Zoey loves this book and we have read it over and over and over the past few weeks. Maybe she'll want to learn karate?? Jan 07, Melanie rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s-literature , families , picture-book , humorous-stories , monsters , fear , bravery , karate.

A boy is convinced that there are monsters in his house even though they seem to hide when his parents are home. But he knows they are there, especially when he's in the shower shampooing his hair. He finally gets his parents to agree to send him to karate classes. They agreed. The boy becomes so adept at karate that the monsters don't dare come near him.

Nov 02, Phil Mitchell rated it it was amazing. Mercer Meyer never seems to let me down. Not only are the illustrations great, some are quite humorous. The story is a good story to teach kids to fight their fears. However, there are some pictures that may seem questionable. I would use your own discretion prior to using this at school. One of my students loved this book. It is for all ages. Feb 20, Trisha rated it liked it Shelves: kids-books. This was a cute story, but I didn't like the way the little boy learns Karate to fight the monsters. I guess that's how kids may see Karate, but usually a Karate instructor teaches for defense and not offense and doesn't promote "fighting".

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Classic Mercer Mayer illustrations though. May 31, Lora rated it it was amazing Shelves: juvenile-fiction , picture-book , laugh-out-loud-funny. This book cracks me up! We are big Mercer Mayer fans around here, and this one didn't let us down. I especially like the boy's karate moves on the trash can you'll have to read it to see what I mean!

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Shelves: children-s. Mercer Mayer never fails when it comes to children's literature. We are big fans. Empowerment is the key. Mar 27, Karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books. Apr 17, Zonia rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-school.

Children and Bedtime Fears and Nightmares

Finally a sequel to There's a Nightmare in My Closet. When he is sure there are monsters everywhere, a boy takes steps to make sure they know who is boss. Dec 17, Tricia rated it really liked it. Apr 15, Karissa rated it really liked it Shelves: read I want a copy of this for my children! Sep 01, Sara rated it it was amazing. I enjoy reading it again and again and again.

Mar 05, Kymberly rated it really liked it. Even after the mean princesses humiliate Lala she does the right thing and saves them when they are in danger. This book had a very predictable feel to it but I am 35 and have lived through mean girls on film many times and been on both sides of it in real life. This is not a book for kids that are squeamish, prone to imaginative nightmares or anxiety about death.

That said if your child can handle a little funny horror, they will love this book. The story follows this human eating book as it wreaks havoc and gobbles people up! I beg parents to pre read this because it may be hilarious to me and my macabre little man but it may seriously frighten your child. While in his room his imagination runs wild and he is transported to a world where there are no rules , no parents and no consequences for bad behavior.

I think this is an amazing love story about parents and children and unconditional love. The book is about a little girl named Molly who is just trying to sleep when her room is flooded with monsters. My favorite part was that the first monster to arrive and the last to leave , never does leave and instead snuggles into bed with Molly.

Monster inc - time to bedtime Scene Hd

I also like that to get these pesky visitors to leave she turns on the light and makes a scary face and scares them. The story is about a monster and all the life changing choices he faces every day like whether to eat a principal or run through a wall of a school. There is quite a bit of talk about monsters eating people , though nothing too gory.

Monster Math by Anne Miranda is a math lesson turned into a fun and entertaining storybook. You can simply read the book or you can have your little mathematician help you guess how many new monsters arrive and leave on each page. The illustrations are adorable and even if the math skills are above your toddler or preschoolers heads they will still enjoy the book.

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We loved this book, as big Goodnight Moon fans we were all laughing reading this before bed. My almost 3 year old thought that this was the funniest book ever made and would correct the book often with the original text. My Friend the Monster by Elanor Taylor is a sweet and not at all scary look at a friendship between a little fox and the monster who lives under his bed. The monster was left behind by a previous owner of the house that the little fox moves into. This is a sad monster but with a little time and patience the monster and the little fox make new friends and all is well.

Go to Bed, Monster! I like this book, and despite his refusal to believe the monster was a monster not a dinosaur my son really likes this book and it got read 5 times today! The story is really about the daily wind down and bedtime for two monsters. You and your child will absolutely relate to them on one page or another or all. We chose our favorite monsters on each page and found interesting details like the recipe for tentacle soup on the page where the mom is making dinner.

Ooh, I love these and I got a great giggle from Goodnight Goon! Definitely going in my Amazon cart. Some of these look like fun. My boys love that book as much as I do. They were beautiful children, so young that a parent might still have read bedtime stories to them. Jackson took that child to his bedroom and closed the door, leaving James to sleep alone on the couch.

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There is one moment in the film in which it is possible to think that Jackson—otherwise portrayed as monstrous—might have had moments of self-awareness, even of guilt. Wade says he once woke up in the middle of the night to find him sitting in the corner of the bedroom, sobbing. He said that just catching sight of the man could make him vomit; that Joe Jackson beat his sons with razor strops and belts when they made slight mistakes rehearsing. Perhaps, as he began to develop his relationships with young boys, he was testing the public, waiting for a punishment that never came. His plastic surgery seemed to become an act of self-erasure.

In the end, the only way he could conquer the night was to have a doctor come and put him under anesthesia. And through this terrible man, this destroyer, poured a force that can only be truthfully described as art. The ancient question: What moral stain awaits us if we cannot abandon the art of a monster? It matters not because of any sociopolitical significance, although many of his songs bear uplifting messages.