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Warum furzt der Barsch einen Ton tiefer als die anderen Fische? Weil er ein B vor dem Arsch hat.


Get started. Topic: German. Anyone have any German jokes? December 11, Sie sind effektiv und haben keinen Humor. December 12, There should be a comma after the word "man".

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December 14, A German man once built a bath around his table. Bad um Tisch.

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Thank you, but I am a native speaker and I still don't get it. AbunPang Mod.

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Ist das nicht ein bisschen zu teuer? Was ist Ihre dritte Frage? Rumkugeln are a sweet. They are round, thus Kugeln, and taste of chocolate with rum.

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Rumkugeln is a verb and means something like to bounce around. Shouldn't it be in 'der' Kirche?

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Not quite sure tho, my grammer is not great. May 2, No matter how kind you are, German children are Kinder.


Lorel90 The written version should be Ei-phone which is spelled like Iphone. Welche Sprache spricht man in der Sauna? This is a handy expression to use in that case and also pretty self-explanatory.

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Tomaten auf den Augen haben To have tomatoes on your eyes. You had tomatoes on your eyes.

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Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof I only understand train station. While it will make no sense to you, it makes perfect sense to a German. A guide that covers all of the bases of the German language. Spaced repetition makes you You can see how Through historical trade and relations with neighbouring countries, vocabulary elements have spread far and wide from their