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We went around to different homes, and we would take images of their spleens.

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Llardo took samples from the Bajau people and from a related group on the Indonesian mainland called the Saluan. Think about that for a second.

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Because of thousands of years spent in the ocean, a tiny group of people have developed spleens that are half again as big as a regular, land-living person. There we saw this hugely significant difference. They have a unique understanding of the ocean, which for them is a living entity.

Those old sustainable practices are being replaced by much more destructive ones, like dynamite and cyanide fishing.

If you lived underwater what would you look like?

The ocean is their life, but in the last few decades, many of them have been forced to move to land. So although they may have evolved to live in the ocean, time will tell how long they can actually stay there for. Toggle navigation. Alexander Haro.

If only I could live in the ocean.. #quote | ocean blue | Beach quotes, Diving quotes, Ocean quotes

View Comments. Newsletter Only the best. Even better, Huahine tends to be less crowded with tourists than other parts of French Polynesia, so you can enjoy a taste of tropical paradise all to yourself.

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Uepi Island is just 2. The Marovo Lagoon, one of the largest saltwater lagoons in the world, offers the deep ocean for divers on one side and a more serene snorkeling area on the other. Hawaii should definitely be on your snorkeling bucket list, and Kealakekua Bay should probably be the first place you visit.

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Kealakekua Bay offers an off-the-beaten-path snorkel destination that requires an adventurous hike or paddle to access. But the reward of sea turtle, dolphin and whale sightings during your snorkel is well worth the journey.

Although, there are a number of excellent snorkel spots accessed by boats as well. But the Bocas del Toro islands are littered with lively reefs and marine life, so grab a guide and start exploring. The Similan Islands feel much farther away from bustling Phuket than the 84 kilometers that separate the two.

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Koh Similan, or the Similan Islands, are famous for the pristine blue waters that make diving and snorkeling a dream. And with nine islands to explore, you just might be able to find a snorkel spot all to yourself. And best of all, snorkelers who are fearful of sharks and barracudas can enjoy their underwater sightseeing without worry.

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An Interview with a Guy Who Lived Underwater for 31 Days for Science

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