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Cheating Man Finds it Difficult to Choose Between Wife and Mistress

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Facing the rumour mill: Philip and Elizabeth in Getty Images. Deborah Grunfeld Deb used to be a maths geek before she discovered the joys of the couch potato life and a "career" writing about celebrities. Now, 21 years of dedicated TV-watching and gossiping later, she's proud to never be seen without a screen.

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Subscribe to our newsletter and receive the latest news, competitions and offers. Forgot your password? BACK Forgot your password? This book contains the unedited result - 30 poems of various lengths about sexual fantasies, musings on sex, and dreams of an ideal mate. It is a poetry book unlike any other - an unflinching look through a perverted subconscious, of desire flirting with darkness, of thoughts too all-consuming to be left off the page.

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Raw Nerve. Sudden Thrust. Warm Embrace. The symphony of self-pleasure. Some mild violence, various fetishes, and dubcon. I am a single man over 30 who is still a virgin. This was not a religious decision nor a conscious choice to save myself, but time just went by and, after weeks of masturbation rituals, here I am.

In that time, I have expressed my sexuality through writing. And now, thanks to the rise of self-publishing, I have formed Wild Cherry Books so that I may share my sexual side with others.

And it's not pretty...

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