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It's a lot of pressure. Another advantage to being the oldest is that you had a few good years when your younger siblings basically acted as your minions. When my sister was a kid, I made her do everything for me, from pouring me a glass of water even if I could have gotten it myself to forcing her to pretend she did something I did we both knew my parents would be less hard on her.

Younger siblings don't just help themselves to your clothes, tech items, and personal belongings; they also want to steal your friends as well. Are you really an older sibling if you haven't had a little brother or sister tag along with you no matter what you're doing? Infuriatingly enough, your parents allowed it to happen, and probably sometimes even encouraged it. One of the best things about being the oldest is playing pranks on your younger siblings.

Evangeline Weiss (Author of This Thing Called Love A Brother/Sister Story)

Younger sisters will believe you about almost anything. At a certain point, you become the person your younger siblings turn to when they're fighting with your parents or trying to get different advice. You will find yourself stuck in the middle between them and your parents at least once a month, and getting out of that is basically impossible.

You want to be fun and exciting, but you also want them to depend on you. You don't want to tell on them, but you can't get over how unfair it is that they had so many less rules than you did. It's hard to find a happy middle. You're always looking out for your younger siblings. Sure, you can take badly about your younger sibling for hours on end to anyone who will listen, but if they dare to pipe in with their own statement, you'll probably bite their head off.

Only an older sibling knows the intense protective feeling you have over this person you fight with every single day. Your younger siblings will be the first people to remind you of just how old you're getting, and they'll make fun of you forever. But they also make you feel old without even trying. Watching them grow up and do adult things like date people, go to college, graduate college, and get engaged can be incredibly strange.

The good thing about younger siblings is that, although they make you feel old, they can also keep you young if you let them. I heard about Snapchat and Instagram before most of my friends, and it's all thanks to my little sister. It can be exhausting to be the dependable big sister or brother all the time. Sure, you can go to your parents, but every older sibling has had that moment where they wish they weren't the older sibling. Yes, it's true: you love your little brother and sister, even if they drive you up a wall.

As corny as it sounds, you're blessed to have each other, and you know it. Jessica Booth. Facebook Icon The letter F. Link icon An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url. Email icon An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. Twitter icon A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. Pinterest icon The letter "P" styled to look like a thumbtack pin. You may always be expected to be the responsible one.

18 things every oldest sibling knows to be true

But there's a sense of protection over them that you don't have feel over anyone else. Here are a few things every oldest sibling knows to be true: You've had to hide every single thing you've ever owned. Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Check mark icon A check mark.

I cut that number down to nine because the other three were tangential to the saga. But I decided people wouldn't understand the numbering system so we dropped it. After the third film in this trilogy we'll go back and make the first trilogy, which deals with the young Ben Kenobi and the young Darth Vader. Q: What is the third trilogy about? Net :. She's not his sister. That dropped in to wrap up everything neatly. His sister was someone else way over on the other side of the galaxy and she wasn't going to show up until the next episode.

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So at the time of Empire , Lucas was intending to do future films with Luke, just like Kurtz says he was planning on doing. But then Lucas stopped at Return of the Jedi. Kurtz says that Luke was going to meet his twin in the new trilogy. Yes, in Empire , Luke speaks to Leia through his mind, which later is part of their connection as siblings, but I think that is more of a retroactive thing where Lucas said, "Hey, we had Luka talk to Leia through her mind -- why not have THEM be twins?

Plus, this would naturally explain away why Lucas had siblings kiss in Empire. Since the only definitive answer exists in George Lucas' brain, I suppose we'll never know for sure, but I think there's enough evidence that I'm comfortable going with the legend as Be sure to check out my archive of Movie Legends Revealed for more urban legends about the world of films. And click here for legends just about Star Wars! Feel free heck, I implore you! My e-mail address is bcronin legendsrevealed. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

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