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Jesus being seated at the right hand of God means that He has the highest place of honour possible. The letter of Ephesians, chapter states that Jesus was raised from the dead by God , then seated at the right hand in the heavenly places, far above all rule and authority and that God put all things under his feet. Reading these verses, there is no doubt at all about where Jesus is and whether or not He is in charge.

Where is Jesus? Is Jesus in Heaven?

In the book of Acts, an episode is recorded where Jesus is actually seen being at the right hand of God. When Stephen, one of the seven men who were chosen to help look after the church, was stoned, he saw Jesus standing at the right hand of God Acts Even though He is not physically present on the earth anymore, the Lord Jesus is still intensely interested in the welfare of his followers. He saw the suffering of Stephen and comforted him at the moment Stephen was in great physical pain. Why did Jesus go to heaven?

Jesus promises He will send the Helper, and this Helper will convict the world of sin, judgment and righteousness; He will teach and guide and help the church to understand the truth John Jesus went to heaven so He could prepare a place for every person who believes in Him John ,3. When we die, believing in the name of Jesus Christ, we are sure that we will be received in heaven, and that a place has been prepared for us by our Saviour. Jesus went to heaven to continue with His ministry as a Mediator between God and people.

Romans 8: 34 teaches us that He is interceding for us. Christ Jesus is the one who died — more than that, who was raised — who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us. Thank God that Jesus is at the best possible place He can be and that He sent the Holy Spirit to guide you and transform you, and keep you safe until the day you will join Jesus in heaven and see Him face to face.

However, that was just for the time being, as in , the True Cross disappeared once again, and this time definitively, on the battlefield of Hattin, next to Lake Tiberius in Galilee. The crusaders had taken it with them to bring victory against the Sultan Saladin. However, they lost the battle, and Jerusalem fell into the hands of the sultan. The Cross disappeared without leaving a trace. In , the fragment preserved in Constantinople suffered the effects of the Fourth Crusade, which left from the Republic of Venice in an attempt to recover Jerusalem but was diverted to Constantinople to topple the Byzantine Empire and found in its place an Eastern Roman Empire.

The relics of the Palatine Chapel of Pharos were shared between the Venetians and the new empire.

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Nevertheless the latter, threatened from all sides and on the brink of bankruptcy, had to sell its treasures. But during the French Revolution , the fragments of the Cross disappeared. Only a few fragments and a Holy Nail remain, and are conserved today in the treasury of the sacristy of Notre-Dame Cathedral. All the pieces of wood distributed or sold as relics across the globe over the centuries especially since the Middle Ages have been preciously conserved in a number of churches.

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John Martignoni. Not Prepared to Donate? Subscribe By signing, I acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions. We are away from him and long to be reunited with him. But if Jesus is in us, how can we be away from him?

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It seems that we have a tension between what we might call the absence and the presence of Christ. Christ is absent in the sense that we are away from him and we wait for him to come from heaven. Christ is present in the sense that he is in us and with us. How do we hold these together? In this chapter, Paul is appalled at the behaviour of the Corinthians. They are not only tolerating the behaviour of a man in their congregation who is sleeping with his stepmother, but simultaneously they have a high view of their own spiritual status.

Paul is not going to sit back and do nothing. The problem is that he is in Ephesus, about kilometres overland from Corinth. He is absent in body and present in spirit. Like Paul, I think we can view Jesus as absent in body and present in spirit. Writing from prison, in Philippians 1 Paul reflects on the fact that there is a real chance that he may die.

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  • Paul, like every believer, is not with Christ. He is separated from him and so longs to be with him. Even though Jesus is God and so is everywhere, even though Jesus dwells in our hearts by the Spirit, and even though he is with us until the end of the age, he is also absent from us.

    Where Is Jesus and What Is He Doing Right Now?

    We are separated from him. The reason he is separated from us is because, as well as being God, Jesus remains a human being. He is a human being with a body albeit an exalted one , which means that, like any other human being, his location is fixed. He is not everywhere. This comes out in chapter 3 of Philippians. Jesus remains a human being and he retains a human body. It is this body that means he is absent from us.

    “Where Is Jesus Now?”

    There is really nothing gained by trying to pinpoint where in the universe Jesus is. The doctrine of the absence of Christ stresses the fact that he is not with us because he has a body and is somewhere else—beyond the realms of this universe. This doctrine actually places Christ beyond the realms of our universe.

    Modern science since Copernicus and Kepler has sought to describe the inner structure of the universe itself. It cannot say anything meaningful about existence beyond the created universe or multiverse, if you prefer and so does not stand in tension with the idea of Christ in heaven. Positively, we need to remember that while Jesus is absent from us, he is with God.

    Therefore we can be encouraged that he has gone before us and prepared a place for us John with God. Because our risen Lord is with God as a human being, we know that one day we will be too. In the meantime we are absent from Christ. It is very easy to keep in touch with people, even on the other side of the world.

    Two people who live in London and Sydney can phone, email, Skype, text or Facebook any time they like, and so the sense of absence can be diminished. And yet the absence still remains. You might be able to see them and speak with them, but you are still not with them in the fullest sense.

    We will see below that Christ is with us by the Spirit. As good as that is, it is not everything. The Christian life is one of waiting to be reunited with our Lord and Saviour. It is a life of separation and longing. Jesus is not here, and we are not with him in the fullest sense. We are not in his physical presence. We are absent from him. Now, that might seem a bit counterintuitive. No, Jesus is absent but he will return.

    Think of the teacher who tells the class he is going to the admin office, and that they are to get on with exercise 3b. The students know if the teacher returns to find they are not doing exercise 3b that they are going to be in trouble. If we forget his absence and concentrate only on his spiritual presence with us, we can all too easily forget the fact that he is coming back. Some people have argued that Jesus rose only in a spiritual sense.

    They believe that he sort of dissolved into the heavens so that he is everywhere at the same time.