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Crossing Borders Education is an international non-profit organization and charity registered in the UK.

Border crossing between Turkey and Greece

Through our fiscal sponsor, the Peace Development Fund PDF , a c 3 public foundation, our supporters are able to make tax-deductible donations in the U. Crossing Borders Education intercultural feature documentaries are produced by Crossing Borders Films. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Discovering Diversity Develop life skills through the power of film. Featured Sections Our intercultural toolkits and video packages are designed to enhance key competencies such as critical thinking, leadership skills, cross-cultural skills, civic engagement, and social skills.

Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians

Discover our videos on Initiating Interracial Dialogue View now. Footer About Crossing Borders Education Crossing Borders Education sponsors and helps to create engaging resources, films, and travel programs that empower individuals to view the world from multiple perspectives. Purple : not enough information. Warning: border areas are highly sensitive areas.

Do not go near a border unless you are planning to cross at a border crossing. Just being near a border is already suspicious in many countries, and having a camera on you is even more so.

Tajikistan Border Crossings

A word about bribes at the border. There is some chance that you will be asked for a bribe at the border crossing, mostly at the Kyzyl Art border by Tajik border guards.

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Occasionally, Kazakh border guards try something as well. At other borders, there is little chance of being asked for money illegitimately these days. Should you run into trouble, it is wise to stay polite and act like you have no idea what they are talking about.

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  2. International Border Crossing Points between Tajikistan and the Republic of Kyrgyzstan;
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They will eventually tire of you and let you go.