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This marks a unique opportunity for visitors to discover seminal works by Giorgione and the young Titian, as well as by Sebastiano del Piombo, Lorenzo Lotto and artists less familiar to a modern audience, such as Giovanni Cariani. We do hope you enjoy this exhibition. If you find that it is, negotiate as best you can with Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

Documentary information about his life is so When you judge that the deal is done, if it is advantageous, fig. Despite this — and perhaps because of it — think fit. Among his possessions were garments and a few objects to the myth of Giorgione in a biography published in his In much the same way, each critic holds in his or her of modest value. It is true that the said Zorzo executed one Vasari places Giorgione at the heart of the most his own private Giorgione. But this Becharo is claims made by Baldassare Castiglione in The Book of the I see Giorgione poised overhead in the marvellous firmament, not around these parts at the moment.

He seems more like a myth than a man. Almost nothing is known of da Castelfranco: nevertheless all work in different him, some people even conspire to deny his very existence. Yet all the art of Venice seems inflamed by poverty-stricken death we learn the names of his father in his own style. We believe that in the effects and the estate of Zorzo da on the Terris Portrait cat. There are only two other One surrounded the education of Giorgione, who was Castelfrancho, the painter, there exists a painting of a night documents: official Venetian commissions dated to described in the first edition as a pupil of Bellini who scene, very beautiful and unusual; if this were to be the case, we are extremely desirous of owning it.

For this reason, we and A number of paintings Christ with the cross on his shoulder and a rope round his previously given to Giorgione are transferred to his pupils neck, pulled along by a Jew. This figure was thought by or his followers. The Sea Storm fig. The myth gained strength, with the result that it reattributions is undoubtedly Titian. The canvas of the nude Venus sleeping in a landscape with cherubs, by the hand of Michiel knew some of those who had commissioned Zorzo da Castelfranco; but the landscape and the cherubs were paintings from the artist, and gives their names, the titles finished by the hand of Titian [fig.

The painting of the head of the boy holding an arrow was by the hand of Zorzo da Castelfranco [fig. Not only was Michiel an observer of the work of Giorgione, he was also a passionate collector. This wonderful painting is generally affected. It should be borne in mind that thought to be lost; whether correctly, is another question.

I It has been estimated that about forty paintings the selection is drawn from a restricted group of students believe that I can point it out, and this time I need not take were attributed to Giorgione during the sixteenth century; of Giovanni Morelli — , founder of the my readers far.

The glorious picture, hitherto veiled from the more than two hundred and fifty in the seventeenth; and experimental method. Morelli was convinced that eyes of art critics, is to be found at the Dresden Gallery. To my several thousand during the eighteenth and the beginning painters left incontrovertible evidence of their own style own satisfaction I can testify that I recognised the hand and genius of Giorgione in this enchanting picture before I knew of the nineteenth. This total began to diminish during the in tiny details within their compositions, such as earlobes of its having been mentioned as such in the list of [Jacopo] nineteenth century, and today the number has returned to or the shape of hands.

One cause of such details in a painting would establish the name of its Morelli, however, was not infallible and his this is the rise of connoisseurship among art historians, author. This is who have played a vital role in debating and drawing up resonance. Still, six or eight famous pictures at Dresden, with psychoanalytic techniques. Thus, although Morelli Florence and the Louvre, were with no doubt attributed to had no direct pupils if one excludes Gustavo Frizzoni , him, and in these, if anywhere, something of the splendour he had a host of adherents. In the opinion of Berenson, his included seven paintings by Giorgione, almost the same as it seemed, in those old shadowy times, has been reduced discovery of the Dresden Venus fig.

Over time, Haskell would dispute the claim.

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In the early day. The aim of the exhibition is to shed a little light on conclusion, devote a little more time to a wonderful portrait in the Bridgewater Gallery. It represents And one might ask: what is the meaning of this painting? Before examining this attractive precariously between the two artists.

Such changes had Gamba claimed to have heard the art historian and it is because of this that curators like to say that portrait critically, I thought of Dosso […. This paradox is more valid than ever in the case the form of hand too nearly akin to the quattrocento. One Giorgione. For these reasons, in captions, the — , Carlo Gamba — published a And he was perfectly right; at the time, every art critic fashioned his own Giorgione according to his way of seeing.

We hope the journey in search of and talked at length about the painter from Castelfranco. The perhaps advance its resolution. Despite its impressive Giorgione in the last 60 years. I had meant sometimes expressing his feelings with admirable lyricism. At the The contribution made by the two related exhibitions been, exhaustive. Besides, I ended by doubting whether I had much to the beauty of nature and of mankind, all the peace and publish that others would not do as well.

I would leave many considered in the light of myth and enigma, words that could not come to London, either for reasons of tranquillity of real life, enjoying everything the earth has to formed the subtitle to the pair of exhibitions. The conservation or because they are too important to leave problems not only unsettled but not more advanced towards offer to make man happy, all this is evoked by the name of a satisfactory solution.

How many hours have I spent in the At the same time a glancing suspicion of the uselessness and Vienna embraced an artistic landscape that Nevertheless, To take a purely monographic approach Louvre in front of his Concert. We seem to blend into the of arguing about attributions and dating overcame me. I have scene, our eyes dazzled by the distant sea igniting the setting encompassed Bellini, Giorgione, Titian and some of their with Giorgione would be, even if it were possible, too waded through such swamps of argument to reach with my sun; we hear the wind rustling the leaves of the trees as it leading followers.

By opening up the exhibition to examine the own eye conclusions opposite to those so minutely laboured passes, we hear the harmonies of the Concert […]. That sense comes which the party is grouped, slopes gently down to the sea, a different approach to confronting the myth of show how he shaped a generation of artists. That said, only after a long and loving intimacy and by no short cuts. Only one other stupendous creation is worthy of poses such exceptionally complicated problems that the reigned in the perception of Giorgione ever since his own Giorgione of the future.

NG I n the earliest years of the sixteenth century almost no the portrait of Doge Loredano. The most prominent painter represents a consummate expression of a genre, perhaps in Venice at the time was the ageing Giovanni Bellini, who its highest point. In any case, this was an official died in his eighties in In this milieu, may see their fathers and grandfathers, up to the fourth marked by a state of continuous flux, the artistic genres generation, and in some of the more noble they still go back were also undergoing a series of rapid changes.

Who does not feel infinite pleasure and contentment, to say nothing of the by developments in the field of letters; Venice was honour and adornment that they confer, at seeing the images establishing itself as a literary hub thanks to the presence of his ancestors, particularly if they have been famous and of the publisher Aldo Manuzio and the humanist illustrious for their part in governing their republics, for noble Pietro Bembo.

And to what other The new interpretation of portraiture emerged into end […] did the ancients set up images of their great men in this unique environment, and the genre grew further and public places, with honourable inscriptions, than to kindle in further away from the formula established by Bellini the minds of their successors a love of excellence and of glory?

La prostituzione a Milano dilaga anche di giorno

Giorgione was able to capture his direct inspired by Petrarch, addresses the portrait of his beloved relationship with the sitter, and arouse an appreciation of — who has, in the world of the poem, had her portrait his or her state of mind. The Oh image of mine, celestial and pure, who to my eyes shines brighter than Sun, new codes predicate an anatomy of the emotions as well your countenance mirrors the face of the one as an anatomy of the physiognomy.

And you — cold as stone development of the genre in Venice in that period. Vasari Misfortune has struck. It stands at the midpoint of history of the Terris Portrait, it leaves us with the feeling the history of portraiture, in perfect balance between the we have confronted an individual willing to communicate manieras of the past and the future. Whether it represents with us. The Giorgionesque author closely involved with the examination of amorous portrait defies simple classification; it offers a viewer the emotions, notably in his most celebrated dialogue, opportunity to invest the sitter directly with sentiments Gli Asolani — a prosimetrum, interspersing poetry with according to his or her own perceptions, thereby turning a prose — printed in Venice in The the Royal Collection, although not separated from us by Venetian author was the veteran of a number of the traditional parapet, is somehow inaccessible, whereas passionate love affairs: first with an unknown woman, the subject of the Berlin portrait approaches in friendly then with Maria Savorgnan and finally with Lucrezia fashion, putting his hand on the division.

The gesture and Borgia, Duchess of Ferrara, to whom the text was attitude of this sitter invites us to relate to him as a dedicated. It has been suggested that Giorgione painted character, rather than a representation. In order to were informed readers of the famous amorous work.

In interpret a portrait one needs to know for whom and in Portrait of a Young Man and His Servant cat. He was very sure that painting directly with keenest collector and patron, Gabriele Vendramin — colours, without preparatory study or drawing on paper, was We should not forget that Vendramin is supposed the truest and best way of proceeding, and the only genuine method.

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His portrayed at the centre of the Trial of Moses cat. In John Pope-Hennessy 3 Richter , p. In the German art historian and More recently, Alessandro Ballarin insisted on a Rosand , p. The position of the sitter and the intrusion 8 Richter , the latter who first attributed the painting to Giorgione. In a letter of 25 November , Morelli mentions the in the so-called Paris or Boy with an Apple , formerly 9 Cortesi Bosco , name of Giorgione, adding the following rhetorical Knoedler, New York, sometimes attributed to Giorgione.

If we put aside the traditional reference to Sebastiano, adopted by Wickhoff, or the attribution to the young Titian by Rosand and Joannides,6 the Giustiniani Portrait is one of the few paintings modern scholars attribute almost unanimously to Giorgione. The has not been universally endorsed, it won increasing Museo Nazionale composition emphasises the main figure, who appears approval during the second half of the twentieth century.

His head rests Alternative proposals have not moved far beyond the inv. A fresh outlook was offered by Alessandro Ballarin 1 Testa , pp. The painting was thus analysed p. His different attitude This line of reasoning has attracted many supporters,10 Gamba , p. On the other hand, it has no obvious 8 Ballarin , pp. It entered the Palazzo Venezia with the p. Only a few years after Ravaglia, Roberto Longhi made direct reference to Giorgione, considering the painting to be a late work, along with the Munich Daphnis cat.

Following the restoration Oil on panel, His black cap is pulled over a and Bernard Berenson. In the background one can make attention. In Philip Hendy and Ludwig Goldscheider doc. The mountain range in the far distance is and humanist Pietro Bembo — The sitter suggestion was based on a portrait by Giovanni Bellini 4 Crowe and Cavalcaselle , vol. The earliest reference to the painting was made mentioned by Carlo Ridolfi. The idea that the signature might 9 Gronau , pp. David Alan Brown 14 Pincus , pp. The earliest is to be Brown , p.

A portrait of Bembo painted by Lucas Cranach Gasparotto , pp. In Mary Logan and Bernard Berenson ascribed the Younger has recently come to light in a private the painting to Francesco Bissolo, a pupil of Giovanni collection. The clothing suggests that the painting was di Genova in Similar white brush strokes repeated cleaning and restoation. Morelli wrote the following comment credence by Anzelewsky , indisputable skill. It bears an inscription 10 Bologna second stay in Venice, between the end of and and the date.

January This influential Germans who posed for the altarpiece also hypothesis, appealing as it may be, must remain a matter commissioned portraits, for instance Burkhard of of speculation. The proposition is gift of Anne R. A diagonal shaft of light falls and illuminates On the basis of the fairly dubious facial resemblance, the 1 Vienna Jaynie Anderson , pp. No contemporary Venetian portrait carries such c. To find anything comparable we need Vienna. Messina, dated , now in the Staatliche Museen, portraits. An early copy of the San Diego painting in 5 Andrews , pp.

It has become widely accepted that the 9 Della Pergola B, vol. His head is turned slightly, reddish haire in a black Capp wth a black habbitt lined The Royal Collection, and his bright gaze is directed into the distance. Some of the Board. Burkhard can be seen kneeling on the left, behind Cardinal Domenico Grimani. The garlands of roses are received in order of precedence: Pope Julius II and the Emperor Maximilian receive theirs, respectively, from the Christ Child and the Virgin, the Cardinal from the hands of Saint Dominic, and Burkhard of Speyer from one of the angels.

Not everyone in the painting is honoured with a garland, an indication that Burkhard occupied a particularly prominent position within the German community in Venice. He was in fact the almoner of the church of San Bartolomeo. The panel appears in the inventory of the collection of King Charles I of England — Abraham van der Doort c. He appears to have turned rapidly, Vienna cat. NG bringing his hand to his chest to gesture at himself, his at the Palazzo di Venezia cat. The Groom cat.

The leather glove protects the index finger and Ballarin published the same sequence, 2 Brigstocke , p. This and the metallic with one or two minor chronological differences, again 3 Ridolfi , vol. Carlo Ridolfi elements is beyond doubt. One need only compare 8 Richter , p.

Duarte — , and is recognisable as the work a prototype by Giorgione must have existed to inspire 13 Edinburgh ascribed to Giorgione in the inventory of his collection these works. Portrait of a Man was described by Giorgio Peter Humfrey , p. But it is better to keep silent about the grace quality of the work; he therefore proposed the name of and gravitas and other attributes to be seen in this Giovanni Cariani.

Superficial similarities with Knight and portrait, because it is not possible to say as much of its Groom cat. Not only is the helmet an [Della Rovere]. Bartolomeo della Nave fl. Venice; from which it was acquired in by James, In Roberto Longhi ascribed the portrait to an 4 Theatrum Pictorium , no. Correggio, was repeated even after Leopold Wilhelm gained a number of supporters, past13 and present.

In Joseph Archer Crowe and Giovanni A weakness of this reconstruction is that this painting 16 Padua Sarah Ferrari , Battista Cavalcaselle challenged the traditional attribution, does not match the familiar effigy of Francesco Maria p. Pellegrino da San Daniele. Wilhelm Suida, in , was first to suggest the name of Giorgione. He holds a jousting lance in compared the portrait to work by Cavazzola from the 1 Boccia , pp. Strangely the second half of the sixteenth century. Many scholars nos 99— More jousting and battle time, others found the proposal of Cavazzola convincing.

Lombard in origin and can be dated to the second decade painting and another double portrait, that of a young 6 Morelli , pp. Enrico Maria Dal Pozzolo has also accepted the attribution Berti , p. The earliest reference to this painting occurs in , to Giorgione. Here it Altarpiece fig. It is possible that the painter of the Uffizi Pedrocco , p.

To the left, was directed upwards. Investigation into 2 Caterino , p. No reason has yet been note 15; Fiocco , p. The final word could be a patronymic: the ennoble a personality as controversial as Brocardo by , unpaginated; Pope-Hennessy ; pp. The exact date The scholars favouring the attribution to Giorgione pp. The painting comes from the collection of Budapest work to the portrait now in San Francisco 12 Venturi , pp. Contrary to what is generally believed, Giovanni Morelli did not think that the Budapest portrait should be accredited to Giorgione. William R. Rearick agreed with the attribution.

The rendering of the skin on the recently shaved Palace, Rome, in The tangle of hair on the left is unfinished. Touches of the drawing. Lotto, dating from about — The date can be no other than by the sitter connects it to the fashion of about This is the only study on the subject. The attribution to Lorenzo Lotto was accepted by He proposed a complex network of stylistic 11 Volpe A, pp. Ebooks and Manuals

Detlev von Hadeln in ,2 by Arthur E. Popham in influences ranging from Raphael to Leonardo in particular 12 Farr , p. Boschetto, introduced the idea that it could be earlier than previously suggested, proposing a date towards the end 15 Ballarin , vol. Seilern chose to date the sheet to about —10, on the basis of comparison with the figures of Saint Sigismund and Saint Vitus in the Recanati Polyptych signed by Lotto ; Museo Civico, Recanati.

In his study of Lotto as a draughtsman, Philip Pouncey made no mention of the Courtauld drawing. The first would be Sebastiano del Piombo; Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, turned but gazing straight at the viewer. His bull-like neck, however, his studies, whether drawn or in paint, never Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe, prominent jaw and sulky, slightly threatening gaze convey such marked, unmediated realism.

The second is inv. Giovanni Cariani, who, at the beginning of the second The drawing may be a preliminary study for a decade of the sixteenth century, displayed familiarity with NOTES painting or an independent work in its own right. His work of 1 Agosti , pp. The red stands out on the cheeks, the embellish the sitter — as can be seen in the Saint Agatha in vol. This concentration of colour in the Edinburgh cat. The sheet is dated at lower left.

The level of 6 Ballarin , vol. We owe the reconstruction of the history of this painting — in particular, the heads, the treatment of the drawing to Giovanni Agosti. The window behind him looks out onto the Palazzo Ducale in Venice, seen over the Molo, from across vividly characterised temperament.

The sitter seems under the name of Titian. It then became part of the 1 Thomson de Grummond , to be looking down, producing a sense of superiority. His collection of the New York banker Henry Goldman — p. A new reading of the painting was offered in 2 Paris Alessandro Ballarin , turned and his eyes looking in the opposite direction, by Wilhelm R.

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Valentiner, who agreed with the attribution: p. In his hand he asserting not only his independence, but equality. The attribution to the young Titian and a date of about — 7 Venturi , p. Endorsed two years 8 Valentiner , no. The painting appeared for the first time in , at a the X-ray examinations published by Alan Burroughs that 12 Burroughs , pp. In the catalogue of significant examples of overpainting: in a first version of no. Doetsch — the picture was downgraded to the hilt of a dagger, in the second a scroll and in the third the 15 Brown , p.

This reworking of the canvas 16 Anderson , p. The present More recently, based on an idea by Antonio Morassi,14 portrait appeared in this latter category, and was assumed it has been suggested that the artist should be identified to be by Licinio or Francesco Beccaruzzi. Berenson as Giovanni Cariani. An Burlington Fine Arts Club in London in , Herbert attribution to Titian seems still to be the most plausible for Cook supported the attribution to Giorgione,5 but a the present painting, with a date close to that of Christ few years later it was queried by Georg Gronau.

The small book he holds open is beautifully and, with impressive conviction, by Antonio Morassi Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, bound in green. A fingertip has been cut from his glove to in Kress Foundation, enable him to turn the pages; however his gaze is directed The name of Pordenone, alluded to by Cook, was inv. His head is turned to one side, slightly in ,8 and welcomed by a group of disciples whose NOTES inclined; he appears to be reflecting on a passage that has numbers grew see the summary by Caterina Furlan, who 1 Padua , p.

The earliest mention of this painting was made by with more caution continue to regard the painting as 3 Venturi , pp. Onigo family. His concise yet accurate handwritten notes Macola. Ballarin has recently confirmed his Cavalcaselle and Joseph Archer Crowe, published in In Herbert Cook acquired the painting through extraordinarily detailed formal analysis. It hung that year in the Winter Exhibition at the portrait — cannot be attributed to Giorgione with certainty. Cariani seems to be the most likely author of the Paris Alessandro Ballarin , Cook also published the first photograph of the painting, San Francisco painting, and Enrico Maria Dal Pozzolo pp.

Macola , pp. Budapest portrait to Cariani, should also be emphasised. This The comparison most likely to support attribution 14 Vienna , portrait has recently come into the possession of this writer, of the San Francisco work to Cariani remains the Marianne Koos , pp. The authorship of extraordinary Concert in the National Gallery of Art, pp. Giorgione will certainly be debated: some people say that it is Washington DC c. Numerous common by Cariani, others by Pordenone, others by Licinio and so on.

For the time being, proportion of the heads, the strong naturalism of the judgement is reserved. The right answer may elude us for sitters. With this in mind, the most realistic date for a few more years, or might follow the lucky discovery of Portrait of a Young Man with a Green Book would be a relevant document.

So far no such document has come to light and the problem of attribution remains the subject of debate among connoisseurs. In Adolfo Venturi attributed the latter with certainty to Bernardino Licinio. In the distance, a man has youthful period because of its romantic characteristics. His tilted head indicates a state of work with Portrait of a Man fig. This demonstrated how the influence of Sebastiano del p. Comparison of the Concert c. The 12 Ballarin , p. Portrait of a Lute Player the best painting in the Strasbourg collection. Francis in the desert, executed by an extraordinary intellect; they bear a in oils, was the work of Zuan Bellino […] and it has an resemblance to depictions made in the same sorts of accompanying landscape which is wonderfully detailed location by Leonardo da Vinci.

The Sleeping Venus in Dresden fig. They were simply material for a landscape with cupids was by the hand of Zorzo da personal study, and were only occasionally intended for Castelfranco; but the landscape and the cupids were reuse in his celebrated engravings. Michiel was a was by Zorzi, and the painted nude that I own is by the Venetian nobleman, humanist and collector, whose work same Zorzi. The presence of a paintings. It is also worth considering the possibility that gypsy and a soldier are noted as afterthoughts.

Quite the reverse: same generation. This can be inferred challenge — across the centuries — to the ancient Greek from his very precise description of such paintings, for artist Apelles. Nevertheless it was increasingly a window, and through the door of the study, fleetingly. This version of landscape. Sebastiano was engaged in a painting to find an echo in the words of Baldassare Castiglione fig.

The Fig. Among the of Philoctetes. Whatever numerous paintings inspired by the models of Giorgione the truth of the matter, the close ties between the literary is the newly discovered Venus and Cupid by Giovanni and the artistic worlds form a backdrop to works that Cariani fig. This contemporary trend was evident in literature The possibility has also been entertained that Il Tramonto too, most notably in the acclaimed pastoral text Arcadia belonged to Michiel himself.

Virgil had already lauded Marchesa of Mantua, was eager to get hold of a painting the pastoral paradise of Arcadia as a place where by the artist that she said depicted a night scene. We have tranquillity could be enjoyed. Perhaps it shared the same subject as a copy Manutius in Venice in He turns enjoyed wide critical support. However, it soon became Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, towards the old scribe who had suggested that the infant apparent that the painting did not fit easily into inv.

For this reason it was suggested that a NOTES had been interpreted as a sign that Moses would collaborator might have been involved. The most 1 Haitovsky —91, pp. The female figure to the ingenious name proffered by Giuseppe Fiocco in 2 Lauber B, p. Borean and Mason , p. A woman dressed in black holds the baby of reconzatura — works begun by Giorgione finished 4 Rosini , p. Marcantonio Michiel between and , and pp. Campagnola Brown disagrees , p.

The Trial of Moses is inspired by the first-century as well as the replication of the female figure holding 8 Longhi , pp. The hypothesis proposed in by Antonio Morassi 11 Ballarin , pp. The painting is a pendant to the Judgement of Solomon, and Pietro Zampetti, that the collaborator may have been also in the Uffizi. The antithetical versions of justice Vincenzo Catena, lacks supporting evidence.

The painting was Scholars seem to agree on the innovative status of already attributed to Giorgione when it entered the Uffizi the landscape in the Trial of Moses, and its importance to in , a verdict confirmed by the inventory of It may well be this element In the painting was reproduced in an etching by — seen as an essential antecedent to La Tempesta fig.

The water Kupferstichkabinett, emerges from the millwheel and continues across the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, inv. KdZ rocks and stones of the mountainside.

On the right, between thickets of conifers, sits a young 2 Fara , pp. The figure is generally taken to 3 Rusconi , pp. The artist left Nuremberg to escape an outbreak of the plague; his destination was probably the city of Venice. Although the works in the series vary in size, they are stylistically consistent, and the present sheet has especially strong similarities, technically and stylistically, with the example in the Louvre.

The stream could therefore be the Regnana, which flows into the Avisio, which in turn flows into the River Adige. His robe covers only the lower half of his body; Both de Tauzia; all agreed that it was genuine. Art historians have noted the 1 Berenson , p. In 2 Liberali , pp. He thinks that form, because of 4 Fesch , p. In the distance a solitary horseman is making the date is irregular in shape and slightly smaller than the Alessandro Ballarin , p. The zero that precedes it.

The last digit is rounded, but indistinct. In addition, the landscape depicted in the Asolo pp. He possessed numerous works by Lotto: the Allegory of altarpiece bears undeniable similarities with the landscape Virtue and Vice ; National Gallery of Art, in the Louvre work. From until the they have stopped near a spring to fill their cask. An inventory of in the foreground suggests that the seated youth might the Michiel collection made after his death in be having difficulty walking.

One is that the painting illustrates the myth of 2 Lorenzetti and Planiscig tentatively identified as the picture now in the Philoctetes. National Gallery. In this painting emerged at the Villa Garzoni, after leaving for the siege of Troy with the Greek army, 4 Anderson , pp. After Dunkerton It was not immediately ten years of war against the Trojans, the Greeks learnt included the addition of a hermit, recognised as an autograph work, though its from an oracle that victory would never be won without who can be glimpsed inside a rocky hollow at the far right of the Giorgionesque character was apparent.

The Director of the bow and arrows of Philoctetes. On hearing this, painting. This Anthony Abbot. Permission for this was granted August Many years later photograph of the painting, and claimed that the work no. And this Bernard Berenson also declared that the painting probably we judged it to be. Following the exhibition the working under the supervision of the restorer Mauro leading Italian scholars of the art of the Veneto were Pellicioli, the art historian Roberto Longhi and the then finally persuaded that it was by Giorgione.

The title, Il Tramonto The Sunset , was invented by Longhi,5 who must have had in mind La Tempesta, another famously enigmatic painting. Myrrha, a daughter of the at the Fondaco dei Tedeschi in Venice seems invs and King of Cyprus, was turned into a myrrh tree to atone for impossible. The artist has interpreted the Sebastiano was welcomed by Giles Robertson, Rodolfo 3 Ridolfi , pp.

Sienese belted pig, a Cinta Senese, a breed distinguished Hirst, after examining the paintings in the museum, also 5 Venice Santiago Arroyo , by a white band around its middle. The two panels appeared for the first time in Venice, museum on 1 July The comparison Lucco , p. Ridolfi in established by Lucco seems more convincing he likened 8 Quoted by Andrea G. Lucco also 9 Richardson , pp. Widmann family; one shows the birth of Adonis, the second a observes the unusual pictorial values in the present panels, 10 Rome Mauro Lucco , sweet embrace with Venus, and in the third he is killed by the p.

Although this hypothesis cannot be supported with any hard evidence, it is nevertheless an ingenious idea, and has the advantage of addressing the probable function of the panels in the Museo Civico Amadeo Lia, which may be as the painted parts of a piece of furniture, possibly even a cassone chest , as mentioned by Ridolfi. These illustrate episodes from the Eclogues by Antonio Tebaldeo, and date to about —10, roughly contemporary with the present panels. It has been observed that the scene featuring Adonis and Venus, which would complete the series by Sebastiano, is missing. RF Jesus is depicted moving 1 Paris Alessandro Ballarin , p.

His leg, His head heavily foreshortened. In the distance a village can be seen, 3 Ballarin , vol. More vine leaves could originally pp. There is also p. To gain a more accurate impression of 7 Nova , p. Stylistically, parallels with other artists are to be found, primarily Giorgione and also Giovanni Agostino da Lodi. In the attribution of the painting was accepted by Francesco Frangi, who rightly highlighted the eccentric anti-classical choices made by Romanino.

The painter evidently wanted to Palmesque. There is a cithara leaning against the wall beside him. The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna inscribed to immediate backdrop of rocks and trees opens onto a Giorgione for the first time. Visible in the distance is painting in a footnote in the same essay, attributing it to 1 Carradore , p.

The figure has been identified as the mythical Sicilian earliest paintings to the more sophisticated later works. In Palma Vecchio has exactly the same measurements as the pp. In , on the basis of the analogies 16 Dal Pozzolo B, p. Nevertheless, endorsed by David Alan Brown the following year. She has chosen a sequestered consider complementary: a nude seen from the front and Lent by the Trustees spot, near a dense thicket, and lies on nothing more than from behind Dal Pozzolo wrote further on this subject of the British Museum, London, a sheet.

She appears asleep, her eyes closed, her head in Department of Prints and Drawings, inv. The edge of the sheet is Philip Pouncey categorically rejected this idea in wound delicately around her head. Lacy Judgement of Solomon c. The engraving is known only in a single state, and is from which the engraving was taken must have been by 2 Emison , p. His supported this theory. Konrad Oberhuber was convinced the work 4 Sorce , pp. Zucker the print was made after Michiel. Campagnola is documented as 6 Padua Barbara Maria Savy , pp.

The idea that being in Venice between and However, as has been no. The two do not appear to be in differently coloured inks. Behind figure in a landscape, and the rest added some time later. The female figure is drawn with that the drawing had been executed by Titian at two 1 Le Febre , no.