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Trial By Fury J. Jance 0 2 0 The dead body discovered in a Seattle dumpster was shocking enough—but equally disturbing was the manner of death. The victim, a high school coach, had been lynched, leaving behind a very pregnant wife to grieve over his passing, and to wonder what dark secrets he took to his grave. A Homicide detective with twenty years on the job, J.

Beaumont knows this case is a powder keg and he fears where this investigation will lead him.

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Because the answers lie on the extreme lethal edge of passion and hate, where the wrong kind of love can breed the most terrible brand of justice. Jance 0 2 0 An explosive novel of betrayal and blood vengeance featuring Seattle detective J. Not surprisingly, many individuals, too many in fact, are eager to take responsibility for the brutal slaying of the hated biotech executive whose alleged crimes ranged from the illegal trading of industrial secrets to rape.

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For Seattle Detective J. You should be. The husband: in over his head with no way of knowing the truth. The mistress: blinded by love, betrayed by her family The neighbour: will stop at nothing to protect the life he has fought to create. The wife: a woman bent on revenge, but how far is she willing to go? Dark as night, this is a brilliantly plotted, gripping short story from the e-book sensation, Jack Jordan. Detective Billy Able knows that from experience.

Review: R N Morris – The Mannequin House – Sarah Rhiannon Ward

A high society attorney has been murdered while dressed in a wedding gown. The monkey, which Silas does not believe is the killer of the poor unfortunate girl, has disappeared and just cannot be located. There were in total, six mannequins staying in the mannequin house and there was a lot of jealousy between the girls.

Although most of the girls were from London Mr Blackley urged them to use French names and to communicate in French to make them appear more exotic, and living in the house with them was a Monsieur Hugo.

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Also Mr Blackley was thought to spend nights there from time to time with whichever girl he was thought to fancy. Silas has great difficulty in making any progress in his investigation and he is badgered all the time by his Superintendent who has a great dislike for him, as on a previous case a number of deaths occurred which he believes Silas could have avoided.

The Silas Quinn Mysteries Omnibus: Books 1 and 2

As the case goes on there are a few more deaths which Silas's boss again thinks should have been avoided and he asks a local inspector to take control, which upsets Silas greatly. New to eBooks. How many copies would you like to buy?

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  8. Summon up the Blood First in a historical mystery series featuring decidedly unconventional turn of the century sleuth, Detective Inspector Silas Quinn.