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All rights reserved. Deep within the Earth, rocky plates compress and pull apart, triggering huge quakes and eruptions—and threatening millions. Within the rocky basin of the Pacific, volcanoes and earthquakes have been causing death and destruction for millennia. The tectonic cycle unleashes enormous energy here, in seismic and volcanic events that change the face of the globe.

Today, with booming growth in Asia and parts of the Americas, more people live close to calamity than ever before. Indonesia—Java, shown here—41 active volcanoes threaten some million people. The seismic and volcanic activity generated has the potential to disrupt the lives of hundreds of millions of people in some 40 countries. Tectonic plates under the Pacific move faster than any others on Earth, driven by a force called slab pull.

The larger the slab of lithosphere sinking at a subduction zone, the faster the plate moves, and the stronger the seismic activity. Plates meet. Cold, dense oceanic lithosphere sinks below an adjacent, lighter plate, plunging into the hot asthenosphere. Within the rocky basin of the Pacific, volcanoes and earthquakes have been causing death and. The tectonic cycle unleashes enormous energy here, in seismic and.

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Today, with booming growth in Asia and parts. The volcanoes shown are among those most likely to threaten humans. The latest eruption and the number of people living within 60 miles are noted. Each mountain is scaled to show prominence—how far it rises above its immediate surroundings. Each mountain is scaled to show prominence—how far it rises above its immediate.

Earthquakes are impossible to predict, but some plate boundaries are especially likely to generate colossal temblors. Helens On just one island in Indonesia—Java, shown here—41 active volcanoes threaten some million people. Direction of view. Pacific Ocean. Surabaya 2,, people. Semarang 1,, people.

Cirebon , people. Indramayu , people. Bandung 2,, people. Bekasi 3,, people. Bogor 1,, people. Depok 2,, people. Population density. Volcanic Features. Volcano most threatening to population centers. Earthquake intensity Moment magnitude.

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Area with greater chance of unleashing strong earthquakes. Tectonic plate boundary. New Zealand. Devastated parts of Aoba Ambae years ago; island was evacuated in Coral Sea. Solomon Islands. Papua New Guinea. Port Moresby.

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Timor-leste East Timor. New Guinea. Guam U.

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Kua la Lum pur. Phnom Penh. Kuala Lumpur. Mariana Islands. Ba ngkok.

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Hong Kong. S eoul. Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy. Her skin has become an unnatural moldy colour, although when she climbs out of a television, her skin appears a murky grey. Her white dress becomes tattered and soaked with water, turning it brownish-yellow, grey, and black. She also popularized the "string-haired ghost girl" horror trope in Western cinema although the trope has long existed in Japanese culture. In , a woman named Evelyn Osorio was held captive in the basement of a sexually perverted priest named Burke.

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Burke raped her under captivity which eventually impregnated Evelyn. Evelyn escaped captivity after eight and a half months and fled to a Christian hospital to give birth. Evelyn soon gave birth to a baby girl named Samara, who ceased to cry and was born with strange supernatural abilities. It is unknown where these abilities came from since both of her biological parents were fully human but it was most likely that she was a human incarnation of a demonic spirit that resided within the waters , which Evelyn lived in constant fear of.

Shortly after her birth, Evelyn claimed to hear voices in her head telling her that the only way to get rid of the evil spirits residing within Samara was by drowning her. Whether these voices came from her conscience or from Samara telepathically telling her to do so is unknown. Evelyn eventually decided to drown the baby girl in the fountain outside the hospital but a group of nuns caught her in the act and seized the baby away. Samara was put up for adoption whilst her mother was institutionalised.

A book dedicated to Samara, which was written by Evelyn, was stored in the basement of the Morgan ranch despite Samara having little memory of her own biological mother. Anna loved Samara dearly as if she were own child due to her several miscarriages between to and Samara loved her back in return. As Samara grew up, she developed strange supernatural powers known as nensha, which enabled her to unintentionally burn gruesome images into her parents' minds whenever she was around.

Having no knowledge over her powers, her powers unintentionally spiraled out of control as Samara grew up. This caused her to be the perfect scapegoat by the local community who blamed her for the island's misfortunes such as not being able to catch enough fish etc. In addition, Anna became more mentally unstable and distant towards Samara, due to the gruesome images that Samara unintentionally burnt inside her head.


Living as an outcast, Samara spent most of her time alone on the swings outside the Morgan ranch. Ironically, she developed a phobia of water despite the fact that she actually human incarnate of sea demon itself. Anna consulted Dr. Grasnik , the local doctor, about the gruesome images in her head but being unable to help her, Dr.

During her stay in Eola Psychiatric Hospital, Samara was unable to sleep and displayed her nensha by burning images onto transparent film which Dr. Scott uses as evidence for her powers. Scott records the psychiatric session on camera and asks Samara on how she was able to perform her powers but she gives cryptic answers such as "I see them The recording abruptly ends on static and it was presumed that Samara killed Dr.

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Scott with her powers. His murder was further hinted when Samara mentally compares him to be a centipede, viewing him as a pest that needed to be exterminated. The footage becomes missing soon afterwards. To prevent Samara from harming anyone else with her powers, her father Richard locked her in the upper level of the horse barn with only a TV set to entertain her.