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Let Us Burn Songtext

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Synced by Ajaib Danquah-Boadu. Why don't you count down And break out? Now, let us burn Oh why, why don't you let me burn? Why don't you let me burn? Oh, why?

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  • You're rising the demons in my mind Oh, why am I waiting for chains throwing me to the ground? The darkness has come to the roses And the fire is reaching the air Let us burn Let us burn Light up the skies into night Let us burn Let us burn It's this fire that makes us yearn We're fighting our fear of the silence We're running through walls where they stand Let us burn Let us burn Let us burn. Within Temptation Hydra Album songs 1. Randomly placing the spoken words at the beginning of the song also opened up the chorus and it turned out to become one of my personal favorite sections on the album.

    Within Temptation - Let Us Burn

    You can hear Lauri's voice on chorus too and I think we really form a nice co-op sound here. Lyric-wise I wanted to follow the epic route like the song itself, so it's kind of a more artistic, dark twisted poetry about the struggle of life as it may sometimes seem, in this constantly changing world we live in.

    Within Temptation - Let Us Burn Lyrics

    Valkyrie is a pretty simple, straight forward and melodic song, which we think has a catchy chorus. It's quite easily approachable, I guess, so that's why it was chosen to be the second video song of the album. This was one of the songs for our composer and guitarist Antti, where everything just fell in place easily and the final instrumental arrangement was complete in a very short frame of time.

    I don't think it comes as a surprise that Valkyrie is themed as kind of a melancholic love song, but more than addressing any specific relationship or individual experience, it's about love as an emotion in general. At least most of us know it, I think, and sometimes it can get pretty nasty inside our heads. Our drummer Jarkko came up with a list of cool song names for this album and Valkyrie was instantly the perfect pick to represent a relative figure for the lyrics.

    From there it also found it's way into the album cover. After something quite massive and something more easily approachable we wanted to go fast.

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    Mortal Paradigm is more of an action filled song and even if it doesn't have that much of a wide variety in it, I think it has a great atmospheric chorus and the instrument side is really flying throughout the whole song. This was originally one of the songs we were not so sure about, but it kind of came into life during the final periods just before entering the studio. After we received the first mixes it was obvious it works really well. This is also the only song that has lyrics from someone aside of me, as Jarkko wrote them for most of the song.

    It's about accepting your mortality, and appreciating the short period of time we are here.

    You can't cheat the death. There Will Be Blood was among the first composed songs for this album and it was clear from the beginning it's going to end up in the live setlist too. It's clearly divided in two parts, has quite a big chorus with some piano, some rough triole riffs with maybe the most aggressive chapters of the album too. Lyrically it's a personal song for me.