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Instead, let's enjoy today. Because today is what matters right now. That way we can be more involved in her interests and be able to chat about what we take away from the movie after. It also gives her confidence in knowing that she has a voice that can be heard. One of our favorite choices? The new live-action Dumbo, because it not only opens conversations about being inclusive and putting family first, but it also encourages her to soar to new heights no matter what obstacles he encounters.

Like that time that we signed her up for soccer after school. Initially she was terrified of having to make new friends and the possibility of not being good at the sport. Being outside of her comfort zone made her more confident on herself and she enjoys those hours running after a ball so much that now every time we suggest new activities she's excited with the possibility of new adventures and discoveries.

When she's afraid, we share examples from characters we love.

What I learned about motherhood after I brought my newborn to the ER - Motherly

He was scared in the beginning but did it! Both hers and ours. We want her to know that our family is a safe place to be honest and heard. We want her to be comfortable around us to express herself openly so we can all grow together. It probably helps a lot that her dad is in the art world, so we have a walking encyclopedia of knowledge with us whenever we go to one. We've already noticed how our daughter is inspired by what we see, and how her little sponge brain is absorbing all the knowledge we put in front of her.

Bring home the new Disney live-action Dumbo adventure to share these special moments with your families. This article was sponsored by Disney.

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Thank you for supporting the brands that support Motherly and mamas. I have a confession: I hate to say "no" to people. I'm a first-born daughter so perhaps it's just in my DNA to a be a people pleaser. I get a lot of personal identity value from feeling competent and capable. And, truthfully I love saying "yes. I love the "I don't know how you do it" comments, the recognition that I'm the kind of person who always gets things done—they fill me with satisfaction and pride; they fuel me. So when I became a new mama, I said "yes" to it all… to music classes, workout challenges, the Pinterest craft, date nights with friends.

And then I said "yes" some more when I co-founded Motherly while having two young daughters. Do you know what happened? I got burnt out. My personal tank was on empty because I'd left no time for self-care. I was doing so much for other people and continually putting myself last.

I wish I could say that I came to this realization on my own because I'm incredibly wise, but in the end, my body was the one to force me to take a break. I developed optic neuritis, temporary blind spots in my right eye and was quickly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis MS , an incurable neurological disease. Like any significant medical diagnosis, I was rocked to my core and forced to reevaluate everything from my career to my family dynamics, my support structure, my wellness habits—most definitely including how often I said "yes" to everyone and everything except myself.

The good news is, I have amazing doctors and am privileged to have access to cutting edge medical treatments that mean I'm very likely to never fully develop MS. Repeat after me: Self-care is not selfish. Prioritizing your health and wellness as a parent does not make you a '"bad" mom or dad.

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It makes you a smart parent, an empowered parent, a setting-a-good-example parent. You'll be happier and more fulfilled. And as everyone knows, a happy family starts with happy parents and no one is going to decide to serve you up a plate of happiness.

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Take ownership and make it happen. Living in the present means accepting the limitations of who you are right now. You don't need to do all the things at the same time. Some seasons, like when you have a newborn, are going to be a time to hunker down with your family.

Other seasons, like when you start a business or new career, are going to lend themselves to a career-focused period of time. When your children gain a sense of independence, your season for volunteering may arrive. Empty nester? It may be your season to discover a new hobby. And with each new season comes new constraints and new opportunities. That new baby or new career may mean it's not your season to be a class parent or cook home cooked meals every night. Instead, it may be your season to volunteer for a monthly lunch duty shift and schedule a meal delivery service during the week.

And it's okay. There will be a season for the other stuff, I promise. I'm not saying it's easy to say "no" but it does get easier the more you practice. Asked to join a meal train for a new mama? You can say "no" to cooking another home-cooked meal and instead, schedule a healthy delivery service for the night.

Trust me, when you're a new parent, any kind of food that you didn't have to cook yourself! Asked to chair a new committee? A perfectly reasonable response is, "I love the work you are doing, but it's just not my season to volunteer outside the home right now.

Responding this way instead of with a "yes" that I'll ultimately regret, has been life-changing for me.

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It has afforded me the grace of self-reflection to prioritize what means the most to me in my current season, which now includes managing a chronic disease. And here's a secret: The offers and requests won't end. There's no need to suffer from FOMO because there will always be another opportunity.

But your health won't wait, especially for those of us fighting a chronic disease. We must practice self-care religiously because this journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

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Find ways to fuel your mind, body, and spirit. Cue the zombie memes and comeback anthems: It looks like Toys "R" Us may be on the brink of announcing plans to open a handful of new stores in the U. The plan would reportedly include about six stores that would be only 10,square feet a third of the size of the old big-box stores plus an e-commerce site. A spokesperson for Tru Kids told Motherly there was no official comment on this news at the moment. But Bloomberg's reports came after Barry had reportedly pitched this plan at an industry conference last week.

Dolls and Little Tikes, confirmed to Bloomberg that he had been pitched the idea. The toy industry, and those of us consuming its goods, have been anticipating something like this since February, when Tru Kids Inc. That includes Toys "R" Us stores that still exist elsewhere in the world. That's when Barry began promising that his company was brainstorming new ideas for its comeback.

All Toys "R" Us stores in the U. I put the bar back in after each birth.

See a Problem?

I had the bottom pierced. Lol bye girl. I got one of the long plastic barbels and just gave up. It all got too tight at the end.

Bye to my nipple piercings too. Any mamas having issues with their belly button piercings? I took mine out a few weeks ago because I felt it was time. One of my coworker's bought some of the pregnancy belly button bars and gave me one Has anyone removed their belly button piercing that was fully healed then started having drainage causing a rash around their belly button area? I have a belly button piercing and I am 27 weeks and 2 days pregnant today and my belly button is starting to pop!

I ordered of little cheap plastic ones that are all different colors a couple weeks We had vicks and baking soda, but never the caster oil. I think you mom was so right about keeping cleaned out. Thanks Susie. They've taken alot of it off the shelves. I agree with you on the meds. We had paregoric horrible!

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  6. We don't think you can get terpin hydrate anymore. Thank you Kathy. I remember the paregoric as well, just forgot to mention it. It was good for babies when they had the colic. Susie you sure know how to make me and others young again thank you. I loved this post, Susie I recognize many of the old home remedies I remember my mother -in-law first marriage used to put Vicks in her throat when she had a sore throat AND--she'd rub it on her feet at times As a child, I used to take Cod Liver Oil Not sure what it was for, but I took it