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Of course I did.

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My baby has the softest skin in the universe. Yet softer, still, is my heart, as I gaze into his slow, blinking eyes. It may melt, my heart, as he pats my face and smiles, before he throws bunnybear at my head and cackles. Inside, then, I am made a pool — a place for my children to throw their toys and see how big they can make the splash. It may harden and crack again, but, when I stop a moment and let it, my heart-pool becomes fluid and reflects the sky — a perfect mirror.

There is stillness and calm and silver light, despite the noise and clamour of the world around me. It is fleeting, like childhood. Like a long, slow blink.

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Ten minutes to the shops, ten minutes back. The concrete path has a gentle roll to it. So do my hips.

Through births, death, stumbles and first steps, Michele Powles and Renee Liang wrote.

Inside, you loll in an amniotic sea, kicking a lazy foot out every now and then, to stroke across my abdomen. The scan lady said that your head was deep in my pelvis. Strange how I obsess about things like noses. Strange the things that become fixed beliefs, like the Liang nose is a dominant gene. Your nose could be a freak of nature. In our house lentils equal mentals, and cicadas, alligators. Blueberries are bluebellies.

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