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She is also an honoured patron of Music at the City of Westminster College. Neither is his transformation, which culminates in the famous dance scene, original. But it is portrayed in such a perfect way. The dialogue is delivered stilted and monotone. There is no real drama to speak of.

It is slow. But it fits. Everything fits together and creates this backdrop of an endless land, stuck in time, never moving forward. To me, that's why the comparison with i. Juno falters - nothing in this movie is in there "just because". There is no pop culture references made just so the audience can get the cheap thrill of saying "hey! I remember that from my childhood! Everything is a piece of the puzzle.

The dry way the characters act and speak, the scenery and backdrops, the deliberately aged soundtrack. Maybe that's why it's so uplifting to see the journeys the characters make, from nothing out to something - Napoleon, Pedro, Deb, Uncle Rico, and not to mention Kip - whose journey mirrors Napoleons but ten times more bizarre.

I could write more about this, much more, but I'd rather just encourage everyone who didn't like it because of the supposed "indie"-ness to watch it again. Don't mind the fan base. There is so much more to this movie than some "hilarious quotes" to repeat over and over again. Just give it an honest try! I hesitantly allowed my 14 year old daughter to select this movie through our mail order DVD service.

I gave her the green light because it's rated PG and figured it wouldn't have too much profanity. Just the title alone seemed so absurd that I figured I would never actually sit down and watch another teen coming of age movie. When it arrived on new year's eve my daughter wasn't home but my Spanish speaking 65 year old father who is wheelchair bound was here for the day.

I offered to play it for him in Spanish and prefaced the experience by saying that if he hated it I would turn it off. As I worked around the house I could hear laughter coming from the family room.

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This is a man who doesn't even flinch during the climatic scenes in big action films. I decided to sit down and check out what was so funny. I never got back up and mind you I was watching it in Spanish which isn't my primary language. It might as well have been in Japanese comedy knows no language barriers. I'm a middle aged woman, OK, I just turned 40, but there are no age guidelines when it comes to appreciating the small details.

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On New Year's day I played the movie again for my brother and his family and my mother. It was much more entertaining than the Rose Bowl and we had a blast. My boyfriend and I also watched it together and he just rolled and replayed many of the scenes over again.

I later watched the director's cut and was captivated by how they used real people from Preston and actual site locations, including interiors of homes. I can only imagine that it wasn't very expensive to produce unlike some of high budget low entertainment movies that sometimes come out of Hollywood. Today I will put Napolean Dynamite back into it's self addressed postage paid envelope and it will go back to where it came from in DVD heaven, but Napolean Dynamite will live on forever!

This film is a refreshing look at a typical geek in a forgotten part of the country. Jared Hess is to be commended by bringing this dead pan comedy to the screen. Of course, the director is helped by the cast he assembled for the film. The screening I attended had more laughs than I was expecting because, as it is obvious: this is not a comedy for the masses.

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The director is spoofing the genre in his own way. Napoleon, deep down inside is a great kid. He is not malicious and he has to suffer because this culture will reward a stupid person that appears to be cool and will put down a person such as Napoleon because they perceive him as a nerd prototype.

Napoleon belongs to a dysfunctional family, if ever there was one. His brother Kid is playing against type also. He appears to be a feminine boy who is into the chat rooms and has fallen in love with a mystery woman from Detroit. The uncle that comes to supervise them while their grandma is in the hospital is a grease ball and a con man rolled into one.

The ending is just hysterical as Uncle Rico can't see the woman he is selling his bogus merchandise is a muscled person with a super strong husband. All the actors are excellent in their roles. One's heart goes to Jon Heder, the Napoleon of the story, for making his character so sweet and likable. Jon Gries, as Uncle Rico, is effective. Napoleon's brother played by Aaaron Ruell goes through such transformation, but deep inside he is just a pretender.

Efren Ramirez, as Pedro seems to be in a fog throughout the film. What a joke to have him as class president! A film to be discovered for its humor. This movie has become idolized on my college campus, and basically every other one across the country. You simply do not understand half the jokes people say unless you see the movie. I was shocked to find that the first time I watched it I already knew most of the lines just from hearing them being recited by my friends. So, I watched the movie expecting to be entertained. I've heard that if you're under 30 you will love this movie. Well, I'm 18 and hated it.

I know that it's not a movie driven on plot or any sort of character depth, and that it's supposed to just be about humor. The only point of my watching it is to now understand posters around campus and things people say.

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Other than that, it was a waste of time. If you don't like stupid humor then ND is not for you. It goes beyond stupid humor even Napoleon Dynamite is the best dude in the world. He is awesome!!!! Famous Napoleon Dynamite Quotes! I love Napoleon Dynamite. He is the coolest kid in the world. Anything he does is funny. He rocks out loud. The movie is awesome, But the ending is the best. Here's the spoiler.

Kip and Lafawnduh get married, as Napoleon rides in on a quote unquote, wild horse that he just tamed. He just does cool stuff. It was a great movie, but my mom hated it.

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She said it was totally stupid, and the only good part was when they got married. I hope you like the movie just as much as I did. Sincerely, kibirgen. While I'm sure many are genuinely interested in and love the film, it's just not that great. I think one of the main reasons for the hype is the over-exaggerated emphasis on nonconformity among teens in the US.

Since it's an indie, and it's completely different than all the other films and breaks away from all those "GOD-AWFUL" typical films, it has to be great, right? Quote from IMDb user who loved the film: "This movie explores the very essence of boredom and mediocrity as you follow the daily life of a dorky guy doing uninteresting things in a small, unexciting town. Laner 29 January After all the buzz and recommendations from friends, I finally rented Napoleon Dynamite. Rather than laughing uproariously like i was led to believe, I sat there the majority of the time with a "What the hell IS this I honestly don't get the appeal of this movie.

Yes, we've all known someone who was like Napoleon, and there are aspects to his character that almost everyone can relate to. But that is not enough to carry an entire movie. Yes, there were some funny moments. But the vast majority of the film was slow, boring, and thoroughly depressing. One huge problem is the characters - which, considering the big selling point of this movie is the characters, is not a good thing.

Almost all of the characters, especially the lead, are incredibly UNlikable. Napoleon in particular is a mean spirited individual who has no redeeming characteristics, nor does he gain any over the course of the movie. The only people who are even slightly appealing are Deb and Pedro. Unfortunately, they are also as dull as dishwater, which makes it really hard to root for them, or anyone else. And while "quirky" is good to a degree, you have to have an anchor-point. Not to mention the utter despair of the lives these characters led. If I lived in that town I would've shot myself a long time ago.

I suppose the end of the movie would be considered uplifting for those who actually led lives like that, but it's only a small break in the incredibly dull lives of these characters. I did appreciate the fact that this movie was a solid "PG" - a comedy that doesn't rely on fart jokes or sexual innuendo every other line is great. Too bad it wasn't actually funny. As for the violence that another viewer referred to - it was incredibly minor compared to what's on daytime TV. But while this movie was supposedly targeted at someone like me Gen Xer who didn't exactly fit in in high school , it completely missed the mark as far as I am concerned.

I "get" and enjoy offbeat humor, Wes Anderson's stuff, etc. How anyone could make a case for this movie being an example of that is far beyond my comprehension.

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I found this movie to be the worst I've ever seen, higher, actually, than Gigli, and I "get" the jokes, but I just thought they were terrible. I have a great sense of humor, and while I wasn't a "nerd" in high school, I can appreciate most humor. This wasn't funny. This was pointless.

This was the cinematic equivalent of excrement. There is not a chance in hell that I will ever watch this again, in fact, I hope to never speak of it again. I just feel that as a public servant, I need to tell you how absolutely horrendous Napoleon Dynamite is. MadE 14 June I quite possibly cannot find words to describe the intensity with which I loathe this Napoleon Dynamite.

I saw it in theatres with my friend, and we walked out of the theatre wanting the last 88 minutes of our lives back.

We have now determined that the best part of the movie was knowing that it would end eventually.