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Jordan isn't so sure. I've tried them, but it doesn't fit me so well. I have had them with money problems, but with careers prior to money problems. I want them to assert themselves when necessary. However, Jordan, who's been writing romances for 33 years, usually makes her heroine either a virgin, or inexperienced.

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When my heroine meets the hero, she wants to go to bed with him. For the reader, that's the mark of the effect he has on her. Because you've only got so many pages, it would be very difficult for me to create a heroine who's had lots of partners and immediately knew there was something different about this one. Then comes the hero. Sheikhs are popular, Jordan and Kendrick say, as are Italian billionaires, Greek tycoons and princes. The sheikh, Kendrick says, "represents the ultimate female fantasy — dark, autocratic, completely powerful, outrageously chauvinistic".

However, she says, "he often isn't predatory, as he doesn't need to be. For Jordan, the hero also has to have a charitable side.

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And they always like them to be well off. But for me he has to have some interest in charity, to do something for the good," she says. I don't like a hero without a softer side. He's often damaged by something that's happened in his life, often to do with money. He will be more outrageous to the heroine, and harder on her. He realises he is beginning to feel, he has to resolve that conflict.

And Yates, who at 23 is the publisher's youngest author, says she likes "to play with the conventions a bit. He's still an alpha male, but he's maybe a little more willing to talk about things at times". Her characters are usually pure imagination, but sometimes, she says, she'll "grab a picture, usually of a model, not someone well known" as a template.

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Kendrick doesn't "do the picture thing. Others put up pictures of actors or models with awful overdeveloped six packs. Once the two central players, and their issues, are in place, then, of course, comes the sex.

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I don't have a set of actions, one to five, but there are only so many variations. I try to make it unique for each set of characters, but obviously I must go over the same territory. Straight sex is straight sex.

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It's more really trying to capture the emotional intensity. Over the years, Jordan says, more sex has crept into her books. Perhaps in the earlier books they were more reluctant to admit they enjoyed it. Now it's a battle within them — they're enjoying sex with someone they might be falling in love with, but they don't like. I won't do that. It's all the flow of the story. I have to write sex knowing how they're feeling.

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I have to be her, and imagine him — by that time I will be in love with the hero so it's not that difficult to write. All three authors are adamant that this is a great way to make a living — although Jordan is a little shocked to discover she's written quite so many.

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  7. I probably have. I've been writing since just after my 30th birthday and I'm 63 now.

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