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So, make sure you have content on the top of your page as well…not just ads. Color is a major component of your ad unit. Your choice of colors of your ads will determine how they will perform over time.

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Therefore, what you can do is test which of the three works best for your site. Edit the ads based on the approach you want to take and run them for a period. Keep playing around with the ads to see which approach makes you the most money over time. If you are using any of the CTAs mentioned above, you could consider setting up your ads to appear beside them.

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Since CTAs are designed to grab the attention of visitors towards that section of the page where they are placed, they also cast light on your ads by sheer association. You shouldn't get too comfortable with your ad layouts. Not only do I test different ad networks outside of Adsense, but I am always revising just about everything to do with my ads. I set a monthly schedule and once per month, I go in and compare revenue for my best performing ads from the prior month. If I have lower performing ads, I will shut them down and new formats and new ad placements.

What is Google Adsense and How to Make Money With It?

It's easy to get comfortable with a certain amount of revenue if you are making money online, but you should always be testing to ensure you can maximize your revenue streams. Luckily, there are more WordPress themes in the market now that allow for greater flexibility with regards to ad positioning. It used to be that you really could only do an in-content ad and a sidebar. Now it seems you can test all sorts of different layouts.

Google Adsense Tutorial - How To Make Money Online With Google Adsense in 2019

While getting a custom theme designed is generally always more beneficial, you can still do a lot of great testing and layout options by picking a decent premium theme. Choosing a premium theme will give you quite a few options to test your ads, and make sure you are optimizing them on a monthly or bi-monthly basis in order to improve revenue. As much as possible, they will avoid ads because they disrupt the flow of the content, which is the reason why they visited your site in the first place.

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  6. Therefore, some users install ad blockers on their browsers, so they don't have to encounter annoying ads. A poll conducted by IAB UK reveals that people are more than willing to turn off their ad blocker if the site asked them to. If you are running your site on WordPress, ThemeIsle shares five of the best anti-ad block plugins that you can use. Aside from making your website mobile-friendly, you need to tweak your ad strategy that will cater to your mobile audience. An interesting approach to monetizing your mobile sites through ads is by paginating your content.

    Users can move on to the next section by going to the next page. The tactic positively impacts your ad performance as explained in this post at AdNgin. Every time users click to the next page, the server will fetch the ad to the page again. For example, if you paginate your 1,word article into two pages, just like Forbes does, then you can double your impressions as opposed to showing the entire content on a page.

    The higher the impressions are, the more chances you can serve contextual ads based on the content on the page. If done correctly , pagination can increase your revenue. I emphasized doing pagination correctly because it can also bring new problems. Instead of taking your content as a single page, it will interpret the paginated content as individual pages in itself. Once you have decided which plugin to use, make sure to test and observe the results and how it impact your ad performance.

    Therefore, if you want to make money with Adsense you should have big traffic volumes. This will require a lot of work and a lot of unique and quality content. Before starting a project, you can check with Google AdWords Keyword Tool for the most promising niches in terms of traffic volume, competition and cost per click. But it is always reasonable to make a website on a topic you know a lot about. In this case, it will be much easier for you to generate a lot of quality content and this work can be pleasurable.

    It is recommended to create at least pages of content before applying it in Adsense. Briefly summarizing, you can make pretty good money with Google Adsense, but it is not a program where you can get rich quickly.

    Create an AdSense account - AdSense Help

    You should love the topic you are writing about and know a lot about it. This will help you get a lot of traffic and monetize it as well with Adsense. Suggest a topic Suggest a topic Request a feature Report a bug. Your feedback must contain at least 3 words 10 characters. Please enter valid email.

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    Please provide us with a valid email address so we could reply to you. Send feedback Cancel. Thank you for your feedback! Submit post. Go to Blog. SEMrush Blog May 22, AdSense will hold the money for you until you entered all the information.

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    So you can start using AdSense and generate money from ads even before finishing the whole payment setup. You should see notifications in your AdSense backend until you finished the setup process though. AdSense calculates your income for the period of a full month. After the month ends, AdSense takes a few weeks to review your earnings and identify false impressions and clicks before finalizing the payment.

    This review is normally done by the 20th of the succeeding month. Google AdSense sends payments in the last week of the following month. In a nutshell, this is a typical payment timeline, which begins the month after you generated your revenue. Timelines could shift depending on the timezone you are in or if the day a specific action is taken falls on a weekend or bank holiday. The payment itself may take some time, depending on the payment method.