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33 Japanese Candy Classics - Japan Talk

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Curry Flavoured Kali Mints

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Japan Talk. Japanese Culture. Awa Odori. Beach Culture. Daruma Dolls. Hina Matsuri. Ice Cream. Kodomo no Hi. Maid Cafes. Mama Chari. Maneki Neko. Martial Arts. Rajio Taiso. Seijin no Hi. Street Fashion. Tea Ceremony. Teru Bozu. Toro Nagashi. Variety Shows. Video Games. White Day. Activities in Japan. Japan Calendar. When To Visit Japan. City List. Small Towns. Japanese Festivals. Travel Challenges. Culture Shock. Japanese Traditions. How Japanese People Think. Japanese Food. Japanese Manners. Things To Do. Shopping in Japan. Pocky is a brand of chocolate covered biscuit sticks introduced in that have become something of a cultural icon of Japan that's increasingly recognized abroad.

Chocolates inspired by the Apollo space missions of the s designed to look like space capsules tipped with strawberry chocolate. Koala shaped cookies with a cream filling and pictures of Koalas doing different activities or expressing different emotions on each cookie. Koala's March come in a variety of flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, white chocolate and pineapple. Kit Kat has been offered in more than flavors in Japan , most of which are unique to the Japanese market. Flavors include traditional Japanese desserts , beverages and savory flavors such as soy sauce or baked potato.

Corn puffs coated in caramel in a red bag with a face on it. Tohato Caramel Corn is another classic that's instantly recognizable to everyone in Japan.

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They often launch novelty flavors and limited editions such as custard cream or lemon sherbet. A brand of chocolate with a hard candy shell that's sold in cardboard tubes or very small boxes. Higashi are a category of fancy Japanese candies typically made with finely ground Japanese sugar and soybean flour. They are produced with handmade traditional molds and have intricate and unique designs. It's the type of thing the Emperor might eat.


Chiroru are small individually wrapped chocolate squares that come in hundreds of varieties. They are often sold individually at convenience stores in Japan, making them a popular choice for children with a few coins to spend. Chiroru come in a dizzying array of flavors that include seasonal, regional and holiday versions. Kinoko No Yama , literally " mushroom mountain ", are biscuits shaped like mushrooms with chocolate tops. A line of chocolate balls in flavors such as caramel, peanut and strawberry that are sold in a small box that's often amongst the cheapest candies on the shelves of a convenience store.

Chocoball is perhaps best known for its parrot-like mascot Kyorochan who is surprisingly popular amongst young children. Ramune candy is designed to taste like Japan's oldest soft drink, a lemon-lime soda known as Ramune that dates back to The candy has a somewhat fizzy taste. It comes in a plastic container designed to look like the soft drink's iconic glass bottle that's sealed with a marble.

Amanatto are beans that are boiled in sugar water, dried and then topped with more sugar. They were amongst the first Japanese candies that emerged when sugar became widely available in the s. Before sugar arrived most Japanese desserts were sweetened with beans , so beans and sugar were an inevitable combination in Japan.

Meiji Chocolate is a classic milk chocolate bar of squares in an iconic gold and brown package that has been sold since Cookies designed to look like hamburgers with milk chocolate for meat and white chocolate for cheese.

JAPANESE CANDY ART - Goldfish, Frog, Cat, Dog Amezaiku Tokyo Japan

A classic Japanese chocolate bar filled with malt puffs. Crunky has several flavors and variations, many of which have wild engrish names. Wafers filled with candy designed to look and taste similar to ice cream cones. Caplico are typically smaller than a real ice cream cone, the exception being Giant Caplico that are about the same size. Tiny cylinders of chocolate in a glossy coating that's intended to prevent the chocolate from melting before you eat it.

If you look closely the ends of Choco Baby they are sometimes imprinted with little shapes such as stars. The classic version of Milky from Fujiya are individually wrapped milk caramels that contain milk powder for a creamy taste. The Milky brand name is also used on a series of seemingly unrelated products such as chocolate bars.

Konpeito are small, hard, sugar candies with a bumpy shape. They were the first type of candy introduced to Japan by the Portuguese in the 16th century. If you visit the Emperor, he'll likely give you some Konpeito. Coffee Beat are tiny chocolates shaped like coffee beans. They contain coffee and are slightly crunchy but don't contain an entire bean. They are popular with children and don't have a particularly strong coffee taste.

Japanese Edition (日本語版)

Black Black. What is Chiroru Chocolate? What is Chocoball? What are Cream Collon? What are Crunky? What are Gari Gari Kun?