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These two statements about preaching reveal the contours of the contemporary debate. For Baxter, the promise of heaven and the horrors of hell frame the preacher's consuming burden. For Fosdick, the preacher is a kindly counselor offering helpful advice and encouragement. The current debate over preaching is most commonly explained as a argument about the focus and shape of the sermon.

Should the preacher seek to preach a biblical text through an expository sermon? Or, should the preacher direct the sermon to the "felt needs" and perceived concerns of the hearers? Clearly, many evangelicals now favor the second approach. Urged on by devotees of "needs-based preaching," many evangelicals have abandoned the text without recognizing that they have done so. These preachers may eventually get to the text in the course of the sermon, but the text does not set the agenda or establish the shape of the message. Focusing on so-called "perceived needs" and allowing these needs to set the preaching agenda inevitably leads to a loss of biblical authority and biblical content in the sermon.

Yet, this pattern is increasingly the norm in many evangelical pulpits. Fosdick must be smiling from the grave.

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Earlier evangelicals recognized Fosdick's approach as a rejection of biblical preaching. An out-of-the-closet theological liberal, Fosdick paraded his rejection of biblical inspiration, inerrancy, and infallibility--and rejected other doctrines central to the Christian faith. Enamored with trends in psychological theory, Fosdick became liberal Protestantism's happy pulpit therapist. Shockingly, this is now the approach evident in many evangelical pulpits. The sacred desk has become an advice center and the pew has become the therapist's couch.

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Sharing Links:. Lectures Lecture 1. Lecture 2. What's the Big Idea? Lecture 3. Tools and rules for selecting and interpreting texts. Lecture 4. The Road from Text to Sermon. Lecture 5. Outlining provides structure for the truth to be related. Lecture 6. Lecture 7.

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Workshop on Homiletical Outlines. Lecture 8. Lecture 9. Exposition is shedding some ordinary light on the path that leads to truth in God's Word. Lecture Workshop on Sermon Introductions. The conclusion is the high point of the message and requires careful craftsmanship.

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