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Altounian, P. Fonagy, G. Gabbard, J. Grotstein, R. Hinshelwood, J. Jimenez, O. Cusin e G. Amati Sas, M. Avakian, W. Janigro, G. Leo, B. Litowitz, S. Resnik, A.

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Sironi, L. Psicoanalisi e luoghi della memoria " a cura di Giuseppe Leo editor. Writings by : J. Bohleber, M. Breccia, A. Coen, A. Cusin, G. Dana, J. Deutsch, S. Fizzarotti Selvaggi, Y. Gampel, H. Halberstadt-Freud, N. Janigro, R. Leo, M. Maisetti, F. Mazzei, M. Ritter, C. Trono, S. Varvin e H. Click here to have a preview. I vinti della psicoanalisi" di Giuseppe Leo. Kernberg, S. Intrecci Paesaggi Confini".

Edited by S. Fizzarotti Selvaggi, G.

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Presentazione della curatrice. Il tuo pensiero sui muri di Roma". Comune di Roma ]. Ma non solo. In what way does this TV series alter and change the discourse on the representation of crime in the Italian context? Her research interests are popular culture and crime fiction. She is the co-editor with Marco Paoli of a special issue dedicated to the Italian film noir that will be published with Studies in European Cinema in Yet while recent scholarship has seized upon the cultural implications of this phenomenon, the extent to which costuming is integral to these series has yet to be explored.

Secondly, I look at how costuming is integrated into a larger aesthetic framework, including set design and soundtrack, to become a visual metaphor for organized crime and its relationship to contemporary Italian society. In the film, Thierno is a young tailor who decides to leave his native country and move to Rome to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer. The film offers several reflections on questions that concern integration and assimilation, while addressing a multifaceted discourse on identity through fashion. Garments become a narrative tool and a performative ethical act.

Colors, shapes, and patterns acquire a specific meaning and purpose and, by creating a connection between the fabrics that the people in the African village dye, manufacture, and wear with the hardships the protagonist has to face in his daily life, the director discloses the constant negotiations between the two cultures. She earned a Ph. With this panel we explore the methodological challenges in the study of such performances, considering in particular the ways in which associated discourses of risk and responsibility are mediated by the industry and the press, and how these might be inflected differently by questions of gender, class, regional and ethnic identity.

In the films she examines, including Cloro Sanfelice, , Bellas mariposas Mereu, , Indivisibili De Angelis, , the girl becomes the affective conductor for the human relationship with capital, a liquid, deeply uncertain one. She puts this idea in dialogue with work by Eva Hayward on the ideologies of aquarium display, showing how these underwater portrayals of girlhood inflect performance in contemporary Italian cinema.

She has written widely on gender representation in postwar Italian cinema, and has recently published Italys Other Women: Gender and prostitution in postwar Italian cinema, Peter Lang, In particular, her presentation engages with the difficult negotiations and performances of feminine adolescence Driscoll as these performances relate to the productions desire for a representation of an authentic experience of youth. Both films protagonists have been compared to Enzo Staiola in Ladri di biciclette De Sica, , the iconic face of neorealism.

Seeing the child as heir to neorealism and a notional witness to the ongoing migration crisis in Southern Italy is one way of reading these films. However, looking more closely at the figure of the child as non-professional actor, and the mechanics of performance, can open the broader ideological function of the Italian child in these narratives.

The chair and panelists of this session here included will present from the upcoming volume, Screening Sicily , edited by Giovanna Summerfield and published to offset the near-absence of scholarship that focuses on the relationship between the Mediterranean gem and cinema. Elgin K. She holds a Ph. More recently, her research has geared toward narrative and technical aspects in Italian film and television series. Her research interests are in contemporary Italian literature and cinema, gender studies, motherhood studies, and Sicilian culture.

Her publications focus primarily on gender and representations of the mafia in contemporary Italian cinema. She is the author of Donne, mafia e cinema: una prospettiva interdisciplinare Longo Editore, It examines films and television series branding artists directors, actors, writers to gain international scope, while storytelling national political crisis, scandals, and intrigues.

Assessing media products from a variety of approaches, including discourse and reception analyses, panelists investigate the relationship between masculinity and politics in Italian media at a crucial juncture in both national and global histories. Her research interests focus on Italian cinema, including documentary, film theory and history, gender studies, and feminist and postfeminist theories. Young Salvo, on the other hand, arrives at a finer appreciation of the force of law a ritroso. Publications include essays on serial television in Italy and North America.

Her publications include articles on film and theater in the years of lead s , coming-of-age film, and auteur cinema, and two pedagogical volumes. With Ellen Nerenberg, she is co-author of the collaborative project entitled Winx Nation: educare la futura consumista.

Accusations of style over substance persist, although arguably, in Sorrentino, they are two sides of the same coin. On the other hand, Sorrentino seems to be invested in his own brand of political impegno for a postmodern, post-millennial era see Antonello and Mussgnug, , complicating any easy interpretation of his often parodic portrayal of political conflicts, gender issues and masculine identity crises.

As allegorical tales, Sorrentinos films are the depiction of the moral degradation of a society physically and mentally consumed by the pursuit for power. My paper examines how male and female characters in Loro 1 and Loro 2 become obsessed with reaching the personification of their ultimate ideal, Berlusconi as archetype of gold and power.

I also argue that obsession with power takes possession of the characters body and mind, turning it into a real mental disorder. The characters seem willing to do anything to reach their ultimate idol and get to power, even if involves using others, selling ones body and soul, becoming corrupted, traitors and felons.

My claim is that Sorrentinos choice of Berlusconi as a paragon of power and gold and as an exemplification of moral corruption is perfectly fitting and telling of contemporary Italian society. She is currently working on a book-length project on representation of trauma and power in contemporary Italian and American TV series. La grande bellezza , while being no exception, is in itself a reflection on this binary, exploring the endless search for true beauty. The movies openness to diverging aesthetic and social contexts and its search for contrast introduces the viewer to a procession of characters whose superficially beautiful lives hide endless dissatisfaction and social degeneration.

Sorrentino presents elements of aesthetic beauty, before promptly revealing their emptiness. However, while Sorrentino exposes the fallacy of appearance that surrounds materiality, he also seeks to reveal the true meaning of beauty. Mecchia points to the concept of sublime, symbolised by the shots of the sky, as the answer to this quest.

While agreeing with the idea of beauty escaping materiality, this paper argues that true beauty emerges from relationships: love, true friendship, the bound between a father and a son. Sorrentino does not preference form over substance, but rather explores the very idea of what it means to have substance, finding true beauty in unconventional places. Other areas of her research included the juridical language of migration and political discourse.

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She has presented papers based on nineteenth-century Italian literature and contemporary Italian cinema at various international conferences. Russell J. In what is without doubt the most divisive point in its critical reception, the series critically analyzes the current state of the Catholic Church, examining the nature and value of religious faith in the twenty-first century. Kilbourn is Associate Professor in English and Film Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, specializing in film theory, memory studies, and adaptation.

Its popular blend of gruesome murders, gore and eroticism inspired numerous Hollywood productions such as Brian De Palma's Dressed to Kill and William Friedkin's Jade , to name just a few. Thus, it comes as a surprise that before no fully-fledged remake of a giallo has been produced outside of Italy. In a more general sense, the paper also raises theoretical questions about the nature of a remake. Her current areas of research include: Spanish and Italian literature of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Jewish literature, intermediality, visual culture and Italian film history.

Albert, U. Becker, R. I suoi interessi di ricerca riguardano i Television e i Media Studies, le forme promozionali e i Visual Studies. Tra le sue pubblicazioni Imagining. This conference paper will investigate the elements of noir in the first Italian original television series produced for Netflix, Suburra: Blood on Rome Suburra — La serie , which premiered worldwide in and which has been marketed not only towards a younger, but also an international audience that.

The aesthetic features and thematic issues which significantly distinguish it from more traditional, RAI-produced series will be discussed. It will be shown that its success has been achieved by producing a noir that consciously breaks away from Italian small-screen traditions, which tend to be provincial and nostalgic self-appreciation reduced to banality and predictability.

Noir and nostalgia are at opposite ends of an aesthetic and ideological spectrum, and I will show that Suburra can be firmly placed within the tradition of Neo-noir crime fiction. Veicolate anzitutto dai Social Media attraverso i nuovi dispositivi digitali, le esperienze tipicamente cinematografiche del racconto di finzione, di proiezione in situazioni immaginarie e di identificazione con personaggi fittizi — che in passato la moda aveva cercato di rendere possibili soprattutto attraverso il medium fotografico — migrano, in definitiva, verso nuovi spazi e nuovi contesti.

I suoi principali interessi di ricerca vertono sul fotografico e, in particolare, sulle interazioni tra arte contemporanea, moda e social media. The success Ferragamo enjoyed and the creativity he displayed were closely tied to his involvement as a shoe designer for Hollywood and, later, to Italian film. Felicia Caponigri is an American lawyer and Ph.

Her dissertation research, under the direction of Professor Lorenzo Casini, comparatively examines how modern and contemporary Italian Fashion may be legally classified as cultural property under Italian law and under U. The paper presents a mapping of the archival sources, public and private, connected to the activities of the cine-theatrical tailors and costume designers, in order to reconstruct a productive and cultural reality of absolute excellence that, starting from the last century, developed in Rome, a real "city of entertainment".

The show is slotted in the early afternoon hours for a private network and is hosted by popular presenter Maria De Filippi. The goal of the show is to help people find a partner, while filming their dates outside the studios. Much of the show time is devoted to watching and commenting clips of such dates, thereby sparking heated in-studio discussions.

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Through a combination of feminist media theory and cultural studies lenses, the paper will flesh out several threads for analysis, while focusing on how the show is grounded on a pornography and commodification of emotions, the interweaving of ideological gendered discourses and the reproduction of heterosexist norms. Book contributions and articles on Japanese s exploitation cinema are published for the University of Chester Press, Wiley and the Film Studies Journal.

He has been teaching courses on global media, political economy of communication and media and cultural studies in the UK and Qatar. His research interests include social movements, media and cultural studies, critical political economy, digital media. His research work appeared in Branca and Demichelis eds. Previous studies have argued that in the early s a strategia aziendale was used by RAI to decrease anxieties connected to the emergence of young people as social and political subjects in Italian society Morbidelli, Youth-oriented TV shows featured original approaches — like comedy — to the discussion of the ongoing generational struggle in Italian society.

Moreover, media narratives increasingly facilitated the creation of a distinctively Italian youth culture by endorsing the popularity of young Italian stars. Her research explores the social construction of age as an identity feature and its intersectional dynamics in Italian popular culture.

Romanzo Criminale. Scholars have investigated the rise of Italian complex televisual storytelling from various perspectives: domestic and non-domestic televisual storytelling traditions Buonanno, , adoption of American-style production models, changes in viewing practices Scaglioni, Barra, I will focus on the training of the professional screenwriters and on the institutions devoted to the practice-oriented film and television education that in the last decades contributed to form talent for writing and producing television in Italy. Do these schools teach a certain approach to television?

How does this approach impact visual and narrative style, as well as working practices and collaborative process? Is this approach different from the one of the previous generations of writers who were not trained within a film school framework? What are the differences and similarities between Italian, European and American screenwriting schools? His current research interests are in televisual storytelling, transnational television drama, world building narrative practices, transmedia production, cinema and comics. In addition to his scholarly work, he works as script consultant, story editor and screenwriter for the Italian television industry.

As is stated by Rosi Braidotti, the postsecular turn has made manifest the notion that agency, or political subjectivity, can actually be conveyed through and supported by religious piety, and may even involve significant amounts of spirituality Braidotti The empty pool where the statue of a bleeding Madonna lies, upon being found by a squad of carabinieri during the capture of a mafia boss, speaks directly to key themes discussed in this series. Rather than tackling any interactions between the Church and its followers, Ammanniti chooses to situate his discussion of a miraculous event in a secular universe wholly deprived of faith, presenting its most dramatic ripple effects as effectively hidden from the world at large.

The miracle thus becomes a personal engagement with something that is unexplicable, something that lack of faith, portrayed across different walks of life, prevents from providing hope or consolation. He is finishing a monograph on the rhetoric of fear in Italian television drama from the s and s, while working on a new project on uses and functions of religion in prestige television drama from the Global North. Si occupa di letteratura e cultura contemporanea, modernismo e postmodernismo, memoria culturale e precariato.

Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies Conference

Si occupa di letteratura e cultura contemporanea, memoria culturale, postcolonialismo, cinema italiano, Imagologia e scrittura di genere. Religious organisations or individuals typically engage in tactics through which they strain for the visibility, or even supremacy, of their vision in a crowded media environment. While Catholicism is overwhelmingly the religion on the Italian peninsula, Italy is nonetheless becoming religiously plural. In this paper I explore how the filmmaking industry has mobilised to resist the decline of religious filmmaking in the public sphere.

To answer this question, I provide an overview of tactics used both by Islamic religious organisations and by individuals for controlling media messages. I investigate whether minority religions have mobilised and been able to enter the public arena, assessing what support both the Italian state and their own religious institutions and infrastructures have provided. She has published edited books on transmedia and Berlusconi Il 13 giugno del milioni di telespettatori italiani assisterono impotenti alla morte di Alfredino Rampi, un bambino di 6 anni caduto in un pozzo alle porte di Roma.

Fu la tragedia di Vermicino. La RAI trasmise in diretta e a reti unificate per ben 18 ore la lenta agonia del povero bambino. I suoi interessi di ricerca riguardano la storia della televisione e i suoi intrecci con le culture visuali. Ambientata negli Stati Uniti di oggi, racconta una storia finzionale che sfrutta una serie di luoghi simbolici, emblemi e segni tipici del potere americano, per dare forza ad una narrazione basata su dinamiche di manipolazione ed intrighi politici.

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La riflessione che vogliamo proporre riguarda il modo in cui i processi di degradazione e delegittimazione vengono raccontati nelle due diverse serie televisive. He is author of five books, four in Enlgish and one in Italian. Between and he became an important director, working with the most popular actresses of the time.

Presenting costume film, the ads insisted on historical accuracy. Actually while Hollywood costume design boasted historical research, it found inspiration in contemporary fashion. Despite the manipulative ideology of Fascism, women found other ways to affirm their femininity. The American fashion and costumes conveyed through the movie magazines of the s are evidence of new cultural models that stand out in opposition to the Duce and his family and domestic ideals Gundle.

Magazines such as Cinemio , Stelle , Cinema Illustration proposed an image of the new woman built through exotic and sensual clothes and looks. Alongside Hollywood news articles, film reviews, columns dedicated to building a direct relationship between the audience and the entertainment industry, more and more advertisements and fashion columns have accumulated, promoting new ways of dressing, putting on make-up and acting. Myths and habits have therefore been passed through the glittering universe of Hollywood, to the dreamy everyday life of Italian spectators-consumers.

This cultural orientation represented a historical contradiction on which I want to reflect on. With this intervention, therefore, it will be possible to investigate the ways in which the bodies of women have begun to change through the influence of fashion and, altogether, the functions absolved by cinematographic culture in the discursive economy of the advertising message.

Her research interests include intertextuality, adaptation and the transformations of film culture, media industries studies, audiovisual archive and paratextuality. She published many essays in journals and miscellaneous books. She is the author of Il cinema di Leonardo Sciascia. Luci e immagini di una vita and Il corpo esiliato.

Cinema italiano della migrazione She also authored Il desiderio del cinema. Ferdinando Maria Poggioli Mimesis, She is member of the editorial staff of Cinergie and she collaborates with the Apulia Film Commission. The idea that the Oscars turned into a fashion event in the s looms large in popular culture. This paper looks into the association between Italian designers and Hollywood actresses by exploring their presence at the Academy Awards ceremony during the postwar era.

The reactivation of transatlantic trade and the increasing mobility of Hollywood personalities between continents, enabled by the so-called runaway productions after the demise of the studio system, called for an increasing presence of European designers in America. The emergence of celebrity culture was the stepping-stone for this phenomenon. She currently teaches at the Media Department of Stockholm University.

Her research interests include Hollywood History, celebrity culture, archival research, fashion, and costume design. The concomitant loss of identity and centrality of European art film, once a major cinematic form, calls for a new modality of reading, which, I argue, is well served by a modified conception of the minor. Her field of study revolves around French, Italian, and English Narrative and Drama of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Lo scrittore riflette ampiamente sulla domanda: come convivere insieme, anche se provenienti da ambienti e contesti diversi culturalmente e socialmente? Due sono le tesi di fondo del presente intervento. Il presente contributo intende evidenziare la potenza narrativa di questo esiguo spazio in alcuni momenti del cinema italiano. This examination argues that more crucially, costume feeds visual perception, which allows an alternative cognitive system of understanding external realities.

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Simultaneously, it embodies, enacts and enables performance. These overlapping spheres represent aspects of character that are embodied and grounded by costume. This provides an alternative perspective for costume analysis, a new paradigm with multiple vantage points from which to consider meaning. Linda Matheson holds an interdisciplinary Ph. Prior to returning to academia, she enjoyed a career as a costume designer for film, television and theatre, for more than two decades, on more than two continents.

Sophia Loren is among the many international stars she has costumed. Buonanno a cura di , Il prisma dei generi Angeli, ; Sulle onde sonore. Nel minimo comune multiplo della tecnologia piegata a spazio di gioco, sviluppa una discutibile ricerca attraverso pratica di montaggio - come nel disco Suonerie e nel lungomontaggio Glicine presenti nel catalogo Setola di Maiale. Dal cura la rivista d.

The codification of the genres conventions has traditionally been attributed to Costa-Gavras Z ; however, this paper will argue that their roots can actually be traced back to Italy and to the films of Francesco Rosi, Elio Petri and Gillo Pontecorvo. Although unified by their shared commitment to a politically engaged cinema, these three filmmakers are actually remarkably different from one another; yet each of them provided one piece of the jigsaw that would eventually constitute the political thriller genre.

This paper will explore the way in which these innovations, undoubtedly the product of a very specific moment in Italian political and cinematic history, would eventually be adapted to other geo-political contexts. The films dubbing encourages a sense of transnational homogeneity — part of a wider contemporary move towards integration in European politics and media — that sutured Italian spectators into the Czech setting and reframed the national-political other as uncannily familiar. The paper will discuss how, in this uneasy homogeneity, the repressed returns to suggest an alternative imagining of Italian political history.

His research focuses on sound in Italian horror and giallo cinema of the s to s, and is particularly interested in attending to the voice in these films as a way of rethinking their historicity. Roni, Victor Egger e Henri Bergson. Gamba, Metafisica e scienza in Bergson, Coop. Buongiorno, La linea del tempo. Zanfi, Bergson e la filosofia tedesca: , Quodlibet Recensione di H. Bergson, Lezioni di metafisica. Guidi, Mimesis Recensione di N. Cilia, L. Tonetti eds. Marchesini, Eco-ontologia. Riflessioni a partire da: M. Pagliardini, I. Pelgreffi, La direzione della cura.

La Rocca a cura di , Imparare a filosofare. Kant e la filosofia oggi. De Fiore, Risposte pratiche, risposte sante. Pasolini, il tempo e la politica Castelvecchi Editore Recensione di O.