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I'll ponder it over night, but I'm really happy with what you've done. That's pretty amazing; you got some movement in it with the sunburst and also by off-setting the two lines of copy. I almost like the original heads better because you get a little bit of a Disney feel with the girl in I have a little trouble reading the letters, but I'm color blind to the red side of the wheel.

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That doesn't mean you ought to change the colors, it just grab me as much because I can't read the letters well. Thanks for your feedback DonJ. Greatly appreciated.

I'll make a few modifications to this one, according to your comments, and submit a new design as soon as possible. This is the best of the submissions thus far. I like the sub- title because it defines the title, but since it will on occasion be used in smaller applications, I fear that the detail of the small letters would not be legible. Please work on it some more. I think we have some possibilities here. Maybe we could do one with the subtitle and one without, then it would be usable in most any application.

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The more I look at this the better I like it. However, I was hoping for some more energy. They look like bright kids and I like your colors, but it feels a little static.

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Not Ranked. You got the energy in it, but the design doesn't quite work. Thanks for your creative energies.

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Thanks for your feedback. Should I take time to create a different design, or have you made up your mind with the designs submitted by tsukinoshin? That gives it a little movement. In this format you could even drop the semi-colon between the two lines. That's closer but the graphic doesn't really grab me yet. The kid seems a bit spraddled don't know if that's a word and the parents seem a little extreme. I love what you're trying to capture, though. Thanks for the feedback. I'll work on something different and submit my new design later today. The idea of "seeing stars" is what I was actually trying to portray Excellence, Well Done Shining, happiness, energetic.

However, since you didn't quite like the idea, I'll try to head in a different direction. Creative concept. Letters on the blocks don't pop.

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They would be lost on a marketing piece. The swooshes being unmatched also takes away some of the energy. It looks a bit like a parrot looking to the right. The graphic doesn't capture the title - and I know this is a hard one, rather intangible. Y'know, I like the clean, simple design you've come up with. I'm not quite able to go with this one, but I like your style and I'm going to be submitting another one soon and I hope you'll work on it.

Contest Status… Contest Winner. Contest Discussions 8 years ago Welcome to 48hoursLogo Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your design project: 1.

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Events Logo Inspirations. He was smiling broadly. On seeing the picture, we all laughed, which seemed a pretty reasonable response to the t-shirt culottes. It still works functionally as food.

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And the eater may well enjoy it, and has every right to prepare it that way. An insistence on preferring it prepared in such a way might suggest to some that the eater is either oblivious to the potential benefits, or insufficiently sophisticated to perceive the difference, either of which are possible grounds for the ensuing teasing. One could also drink fine Bordeaux wine mixed with Sprite or Coke as is sometimes rumored to be common in China , but most wine lovers would consider this something to be made fun of. Heck, some people even prefer to eat their dried pasta raw and crunchy right out of the box.

But the eater should be prepared for some ribbing. Bottom line: when someone prefers something in a way that makes less than optimal use of its benefits or intended use, it often results in being made fun of by those who are aware of its full potential.

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These things are pretty universal, and with the exception of those who have specific phobias, most people agree on what they are. They do it for other reasons, many of which stem from fears of various types.

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