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She seems to be pretty involved. I can't -" He didn't get to finish his thought. I leapt across the table and started pounding his face in. Seconds later, I was subdued by several officers. They placed me back in the chair and handcuffed me to the table. This was getting worse and worse by the minute. I'd gladly go to jail for killing that man. He deserved to die. I just didn't want Ruthie to get dragged into this.

After all we'd been through, at least one of us deserved a chance to be happy. After the room settles, another officer enters the room. Lieutenant Drake has a friendlier, gentle approach, and Stephen begins to soften. Excerpt: "Why are you running? You know running only makes you look guilty and I don't really believe you killed your father. I don't think you're capable.

You have no idea what that man did to me. I don't," he said, trying to hide his surprise at my response. He sat down and crossed his arms. You obviously have a story and you need someone to listen. So tell me your story. Tell me everything. He paid for it when he got home with a beating. He refused to let his father take the one thing in his life that brought him true happiness. He tells the officer about the lifetime of abuse he, his brother Matthew , and mother Marjorie endured by the hands of the cherished small town Virginia reverend, Theodore Phillips.

After years of violent abuse, Matthew disappeared, and Marjorie suffered mercilessly until becoming an empty shell; but Stephen endured by retreating into that loved part of his heart. The beautiful part that Ruthie filled. Stephen divulges the many ordeals that cursed his life that led to the day Theodore Phillips died.

Upon completing this novella, I felt somewhat changed. It is a sad story with victories, and a terrifying tale with soft and loving moments. Such a wide range of emotions that finally left me feeling satisfied—yet not settled. Sep 30, Titi rated it really liked it Recommends it for: anyone who loves a love story. This is a book about two young people who grew up together in the s racial south who eventually fall in love with each other.

This would not be a problem except one is black and the other is white. Stephen is the son a white pastor and Ruthie is a black girl who happens to live in a cottage at the end of Stephen's fathers property. They forge a friendship because they hold a common bond of struggle--Stephen is living with an abusive father and a passive mother, Ruthie is dealing with being b This is a book about two young people who grew up together in the s racial south who eventually fall in love with each other.

They forge a friendship because they hold a common bond of struggle--Stephen is living with an abusive father and a passive mother, Ruthie is dealing with being black in the South. This book was a very quick read I started it at one am not expecting to get through the whole thing but by three o'clock I was done. It was a very fast paced and exciting novel and I could not put my iPad down until I had read the whole thing. I recommend this novel to anyone who loves a good love story.

I must mention there is a plot twist in this book that I kinda guessed from reading the first couple of chapters. Maybe I would not have been so alerted to it if I had not read the reviews before reading the book. Needless to say this was a very enjoyable read and I cannot wait to read more books by this author. Aug 23, --karen Green-berry rated it it was amazing.

This book was recommended in a few bookclubs but so have others, but this one left me speechless. It had so many twist and turns, I didn't know what to expect or say except that it's intriguing and wonderful. Ritchie and Stephen grew up together but their relationship was always considered taboo. The story started with them as children and took us through their childhood as well the stories of the adults as well. Without giving away the story, I must say the story kept me on my toes and I could not put it down until I was finished.

Everyone loves when the characters get their HEA but somehow this was a hard fight that in the end it still seems tainted. View 1 comment. I read this book in 6 hours. All I can say is WOW! I highly recommend this book, its one of the best I've read in a long time. I picked it up because I can relate to the main characters and their interracial relationship, families that aren't exactly accepting, and the negativity that goes along with it in certain places.

This book is so much more than that! I fell in love with the characters from the start, this book sent me through a roller coaster of emotions. A few times I stopped reading wi I read this book in 6 hours. A few times I stopped reading with my mouth wide open in complete shock and that's exactly how I felt when it ended. I won't give too many details as to not give anything away, but this book will leave you speechless. Everyone should read it, I will be recommending it for years to come!! May 07, Karenw rated it really liked it. There were a couple of surprises toward the end of the book, and I did not see them coming.

Hats off to the author for that! The sympathy a reader feels for the protagonist takes a bit of hit when the plot shifts, leaving the reader unsure how to feel. Without including any spoilers, I really can't expand on that. But it is an excellent book that "Ain't No Sunshine" is a well-written engaging book that chronicles an abusive home life and the burgeoning cross-racial love between two young people. But it is an excellent book that has the reader really feeling for and caring about the characters. There were relatively few typos or other errors.

It was a superbly plotted and expertly executed story. Jun 21, Dr. Bronwyn Ph. D of Smutology rated it really liked it Shelves: abused-or-damaged-hero , interracial , young-adult. This was a challenge read and is not at all my usual genre.

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Then bam!!! Everything flips. Well written, dealing with the drama that was that time in history in regards to interracial relationships. I felt like the story was missing some undeniable emotion that gives you real insight into the characters but because it was written in a story telling fashion we never got any other points of view. I wanted more but was still This was a challenge read and is not at all my usual genre. I wanted more but was still very content with the ending. Pixel of Ink readers highly recommended this book so I decided I finally needed to set some time aside to read it.

The beginning felt a little slow to me, but it worked well to read in tidbits here and there when I only had a few minutes to read - so it worked well and I kept reading. Great story! I look forward to reading more books by Leslie DuBois! It begins like an easy weekend read, predictable yet engrossing. There are issues on the book that, in the past, made me put a book down instantly. However, by the time the issue arise, there is a bigger mystery that caught my attention.

Jun 27, Bookwormgirl rated it really liked it Shelves: suspense , erotic-romance. Very good writing and character development. Leslie DuBois pulled no punches with this story and ends it with a twist call me caught up with the story, but I didn't see that twist coming. Between an abusive father, racism, and life in Virginia during the late sixties and early seventies you have a coming of age love story.

I got this as a free read on amazon and had no real expectations other than my friend Shenika gave it 5 stars. Thanks Shenika for finding this one! Jun 03, Vaughn rated it really liked it Shelves: must-read , all-time-favotrites , reread-quality. I did not expect to love this story so much, but it grabbed me from the very beginning.

Yes the story deals with some very uncomfortable sexual themes that many have problems with, but these are themes that are real and true to the time period regardless of how people feel about it. I wish the story had had a different ending but find that this ending happened more times in the south at that time period than people are willing to admit.

Apr 11, Kelster rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book. I thought that it seemed pretty predictable and some of it was but I enjoyed how everything came together at the end. Very smooth read and I remained interested right from the start. I thought the characters were 3 dimensional and I loved that we saw the relationship between Ruthie and Stephan grow and develop over time.

Mar 08, Angie Caudill rated it really liked it. I'm dizzy. This story was like an attempt to answer a riddle. Something like : if Theresa's grandmother is my daughter's mother, how many pencils could you eat before you get lead poisoning. The story did trigger an audible gasp from me which rarely happens. That alone earns it 4 stars. I just finished this book. View all 5 comments. Jul 12, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction.

This is a seriously disturbing story, but it was really well written and just leaves you breathless. Mar 15, Patricia rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle.

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Loved this one. Most of the characters were believable. The ending was not exactly predictable, but, that's what made it so great. Great read! Oct 29, Mercedes Keyes rated it it was amazing. Recommended by readers at JK Space Nook What an enjoyable day I spend starting and finishing this short sweet gem! Jun 28, Trishla rated it really liked it.

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That's all I'm gonna say about that. Jun 29, Marcella rated it it was amazing. Finished this in one day. Was a definite page-turner with some twists I never saw coming.

Ain't No Sunshine lyrics - Bill Withers

This book was absorbing like really!! Not exactly your typical love story and I whoop to that!! So, we start off the story with Stephen and Ruthie apparently arrested by police and Stephen is being interrogated by a neutral cop. We learn about their them from Stephen's story telling to the cop. We learn who they are, how they met and what happened up until how they ended up in the police station.

The book is very short, only pages. It's not that it did not have enough plot, it did and it ha This book was absorbing like really!! It's not that it did not have enough plot, it did and it had plenty to share with readers. However, we don't go through the book in slow paced, the book is relatively medium paced, because Stephen is telling the cop his story, so you can't go through it like a normal story telling pace.

You tell them all the important stuff and you cover enough just so you can convince the cop who is interrogating you. So, generally you have enough to "carry" the story and not confuse the reader. As much as I want to share the spoilers, but I feel like it would ruin the whole book for those who haven't read it. Come on, its only pages long and the story is very interesting and its a page turner!!

Stephen, oh boy this one is in love with Ruthie ever since he was 5 years old. They are so adorable!! But I think, at that time he has no clue that what he felt for Ruthie was actual genuine love. I mean, a boy and a girl can be friends but you don't behave like that with all your friends, only those you really care about. Their friendship matured from best friends to lovers and it was sweet as candy. The story did not dwell on their love story and teen feelings a lot. Like I said before, it had enough to convince the reader and satisfied the short story plot.

If you "feel" their love Stephen is one brave boy and he endured his father's abuse ever since he was a child until he can't take it anymore!! Ruthie is a sweetheart, she cares for Stephen and you can see that she feels really upset when Stephen gets abused by his father.

I'm so glad that Stephen has her in his life! It was creepy when Stephen's dad wanted to share his affection with Ruthie! I knew there was something was up when Stephen's mom found about about his relationship with Ruthie. She said something and it gave us a clue, and I already suspected who Ruthie's father was. And I was right!! At first, I was slightly disappointed by Stephen's reveal about the nature of Ruthie and his relationship, because it ended with "happy ending" vibe.

Glad that was not the case! I had my doubts about Matthew as I was reading this book, because his age confused me a lot!! The twist at the end was WHOA!!

Ain't No Sunshine -- Bill Withers (cover by Canen 12 y.o.)

I mean Stephen and Ruthie did went ahead with their life like they wanted! I hated that Stephen became a temporary manwhore just because he was sad and depressed Come on!! Nov 18, MsKingsPens rated it liked it Shelves: not-at-all-safe , nope-to-certain-content , so-much-drama , wow-that-s-messed-up , , bag-of-cats-crazy , kindle-lendable , free-reads , family-ties , not-a-romance.

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