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Here's an idea from Dr. Lori Wilfong about creating a readers' theater for vocabulary words. Digital storytelling has become quite popular among teachers,caregivers and other personnelwho are working with learners in this digital age. However, according to one writer it is "not a new concept" Robin, Digital storytelling began since the early s in the state of California by a man named Joe Lambert. Many teachers feel that digital storytelling is an effective instructional tool for them as it can be used to motivate and engage students in learning experiences.

In addition, digital storytelling can help students with communication, organizationaland research skills. But as yet,I do not think there is any empirical evidence to prove the effectiveness or impact on student achievement. Just as there is research data on learning theories there should be some kind of scientific evidence highlighting the effects of this technological tool in the twentifirst century classroom.

I am not taking away the benefits of the tool Recently, policy makers have been asking to see data that drives instruction in the classroom,and since digital storytelling is being used in the classroom then there should be some data proving its effectiveness on student achievement. Hi Hazel, I applaud your comment. While there is a lot of research about differentiated instruction, you've raised a great question about digital storytelling.

Technology here allows the audience to not be limited by time and space. The power of an authentic audience on the learner also has a strong impact. One might argue that the experience of using technology and the power of authentic audience will engage students, thereby increasing student achievement. I personally don't see that making enough of an impact though. It's not the technology tool or creating a story to publish online that impacts the learner -- rather, it's the strength of the task.

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I think about the four quadrants of this Learning Activity Checklist , and try to have all four represented not every single item, just a balance between the four quadrants. Another way to think about the quality of the task it is the Hess Matrix. The bottom line is digital storytelling is an improvement from a worksheet or a bubble in test.

I would like to add Jackie Gerstein's post as a compelling argument for storytelling. Here's another list of iPad Apps for digital storytelling. I've updated this post. You can view it here. Or, you can choose "Anonymous". It is always wise to copy your comment before pressing "Post Comment" just in case something happens.

Click here for a tutorial on how to comment. Thank you! Digital Storytelling and Stories with the iPad.

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February 13, Digital storytelling is a first person story, where the narrator is digitally sharing his or her story; while a digital story is narrated in third person and shared digitally. Both can include imagery, background music, or motion. They also incorporate storyboarding, writing a script, revising, and publishing the elements of writing.

Benefits Here are some of the many benefits of digital storytelling and digital stories: The 21st century skills and ISTE's NETS applied are critical and creative thinking; written, oral, and digital communication; collaboration; authentic learning; digital fluency; informational fluency; and project management.

It is great differentiation for all students including ELL, gifted, and special needs. It increases student engagement in a meaningful and relevant task. It can be used as an authentic assessment. Common Core Standards Many specific content standards can be addressed through digital stories. ELA-Literacy Language. Choose words and phrases to convey ideas precisely. Types of digital stories and some prompts Digital storytelling and stories can take shape as a: Short Story : This narrative shares an insight, a perspective, or an entertaining story.

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Myth, Legend, Tall Tale, Folk Tale, or Fable : While each of these are a little different from one another, they tend to describe origins, values, beliefs, accomplishments, or special events. DocuDrama or Historical Storytelling : This digital story is told from the point of view of a person or object in a different era.

It requires researching a time period, then using creativity to have those facts come to life. Describe and Conclude or Reflective Storytelling : Tell about something you're learning and the impact it has on you. Public Service Announcement, Advertisement, or Persuasive Story : This digital story has the purpose of calling others to action for or against something else. Judy February 15, at AM.

Tracy Watanabe February 15, at PM. Judy February 15, at PM. Tracy Watanabe February 16, at AM. Amber February 23, at AM. Tracy Watanabe March 6, at AM. Jennifer Carey February 24, at AM. Hazel Gibbons March 17, at PM. Tracy Watanabe March 17, at PM.

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Tracy Watanabe March 19, at PM. Tracy Watanabe May 13, at PM. Tracy Watanabe August 10, at PM. Tracy Watanabe February 11, at AM. What type of thinking does the Common Core ask of students when it comes to Craft and Structure? Students as well as teachers can easily use the red, yellow, green system to see where they are and where they are going.

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It is amazing to see them check their progress after each exercise. They are taking responsibility for their learning and looking to see what they missed and why. Also the class wall has provided valuable practice in social media etiquette. ScootPad has increased student responsibility and engagement as well as the ability to use the eBooks to implement Common Core.

ScootPad is the world's most powerful personalized mastery platform built on proven learning science research and data-driven intelligence to deliver continuously adaptive enrichment, automatic remediation and personalized mastery for every student. Toggle navigation. R-I Buffalo, MO. Problem Statement. Read more case studies.

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