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As your garden plants grow, thin to the spacing recommended on vegetable seed packets. Then, really, apart from using a lot of common sense, it really is up to you.

Emergency Garden Protection!

The survival of an Emergency Garden will depend on your need for it. Lots of tending, watering and weed-pulling can only help. It seems to me that this is a scenario that we should all think about. After all, were some kind of global catastrophe occur, it really might be our very own quick-thinking and attitude that will save us. What a great thing to already have a healthy, bountiful vegetable garden right at your fingertips just when you are going to need it the most.

Considering an emergency garden is something we should all do. Not only for survival if the worst should happen, but merely for the joy of having it even if we should never have to fully rely on it. It was because of the magnitude of the problem that Mr. The Commission immediately following organization took up the work of spreading the gospel of food preparedness.

Survival Gardening | Plants to Grow This Spring

Mayors of cities and towns, boards of trade, newspapers and other publications were appealed to and they have responded generously, finding the National Emergency Food Garden Commission a practical avenue of entrance into the nation-wide food campaign. In many cities central bodies have been organized to correlate efforts toward successful gardening, establishing these efforts on a systematized basis by cooperation with the Commission.

In a recent statement made by Mr.

This is a measure of economic preparedness of vital importance. It will release, in case of military necessity, the use of thousands of trains otherwise required to carry food; it will relieve transportation difficulties which often now cause a deficiency in food supplies; It will reduce the high cost of living. The way to meet and overcome it is to enlist our boys and girls and men and women to plant vegetables on every spot of ground available. This buying depletes our own supply. Crops were short last year and the year before.

Scarcity of labor will make them short this year. The problem is serious. Patriotic Americans wish to help their country. They can best help by relieving the Government of this food problem.

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They can solve this economic crisis and benefit themselves financially and physically by planting food gardens. Most of them have not done so before. Those who have made such gardens before should increase their efforts. The man, woman or child who allows any soil fertility or available labor to go to waste this year deserves the opprobrium that goes to the military slacker. We are, perhaps, approaching the time when we must adopt meatless days either voluntarily or by government fiat. Whether you eat cabbages raw or shred and cook it, a cup full will give you a total of 33 calories.

How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden

Berries, a great source of potassium, are said to be perfect for losing weight. These beauties are also an excellent source of the fiber and vitamin C our body needs. Contrary to popular belief, corn is actually not a vegetable. Barley is rich in fiber which can be planted during spring and winter. It has several benefits and is consumed by both humans and animals. Cooked broccoli in a cup only has a total of 44 calories. It has tons of fiber and no fat — an ideal vegetable for those on a strict diet. Squash are vining crops that store well. This plant is also an excellent source of nutrients and calories which makes it a perfect addition to your recipes.

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This is also great in pesto and any other pasta dish! With a life cycle of one year only, you will have to plant basil every year to keep your supply going. Peppermint contains menthol properties which make it an effective natural remedy , food flavoring, and even as an ingredient for cosmetics. This herb is adaptive and grows well in almost all locations.

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Every herb garden needs lavender! This amazing plant can be infused into your drinks like tea and lemonade. Chamomile contains volatile oils such as bisabolol oxides A and B, matricin, flavonoids, and other therapeutic substances. The flowers of chamomile are famous for their medicinal purposes.

Survival Gardening: Part 1

In this video are some of the fastest growing vegetables to get in your garden for the spring season from Natural Ways:. There are actually other new discoveries made each year. You can even plant during the late summer with a few of these helpful gardening tips. If you have the time to grow these plants then you have a greater chance of surviving if the SHTF. Do you have more survival garden plants you want to add? Let us know in the comments section below! The contents of this article are for informational purposes only.