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Wall flowers are small inch flowers.

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Wall flowers are clustered flowerheads of small simple flowers. Wall flowers are fragrant flowers of all colors especially yellow and orange. Each wall flower consists of 4 petals, and 4 sepals. Petals are arranged like X or H.

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There are 6 stamens in the flower, 4 tall and 2 short. The Pistil is at the center of the flower. Nominated for. Rose Carnations Lilies.

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Brassicaceae have flowers with four sepals and petals, and the stamens are typically about as long as the petals.

The flowers are more or less zygomorphic, and the nectary is a flap to a ring outside the stamens. The ovary is…. Brassicaceae , the mustard family of flowering plants order Brassicales , composed of genera and some 3, species. The family includes many plants of economic importance that have been extensively altered and domesticated by humans, especially those of the genus Brassica, which includes cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, kohlrabi,…. Flower , the reproductive portion of any plant in the division Magnoliophyta Angiospermae , a group commonly called flowering plants or angiosperms.

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Biennial , Any plant that completes its life cycle in two growing seasons. During the first growing season biennials produce roots, stems, and leaves; during the second they produce flowers, fruits, and seeds, and then die. Sugar beets and carrots are examples of biennials. See also annual, perennial.

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The definition of a wallflower is a shy or uncomfortable person who doesn't participate in activities in social settings. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Link to this page.