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So we are proud to bring you the Designer Insights of Jeff Shelton.

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More countries line the Mediterranean Sea than any other body of water. Mediterranean architecture touches people through comfort on a basic level with charm, beauty, and nature, wrapped in sculptural elements and tempered by vivid colors and tactile textures. Mediterranean communities are tight-knit, friendly circles where partnership is valued. Invite this engaging design into your living space to encourage social interaction and elegant warmth.

One of Santa Barbara's most exceptional examples of public art occupies a sliver of land in a back alley off Haley Street, just west of the busy pub and restaurant district on lower State Street.

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He also bought a tiny lot in the middle of the same block, not to build on, but so he could use its Haley Street address to possibly run for a position on the planning commission. He tries to find the "master lines" as he begins to develop a design, and treats is almost as an animate being, tracing its path and coaxing it to reveal its special delights. El Andaluz seduces and hypnotizes Chapala Street pedestrians, who often saunter over for a closer look. The mixed-use Santa Barbara development of seven condos and two parts Dr.

Seuss and one part Escher. Wavy plaster walls bow and curve as keyhole openings lead to a shared courtyard filled with dazzling custom tiles. Painted ceilings hold oversized glass and iron fixtures while handmade lamps and flowerpots extend from the walls. The distinctive project was designed by architect Jeff Shelton and features the work of many local artists and artisans.

The Chateau of Montecito - $25,000,000 Italian Tuscan Style Palatial Mansion in California

With artisanal features like sculpted stucco walls and handcrafted tiles, the three-thousand square foot space feels like a gigantic work of art. This makes perfect sense since Annie was a longtime art instructor at Cold Spring School. Santa Barbara architect Jeff Shelton is known for his fanciful, almost Gaudi-esque buildings see his Ablitt Tower, for instance. We also like his garden huts, which he creates using reclaimed wood and vintage doors and windows.

Each of them has a unique, yet consistent theme to the surrounding buildings in the neighborhood…hand finished plaster walls, ironwork detailing and his signature custom tiles. I try to understand the codes and rules. I try to ask good questions to the clients.

Once that is all generally understood, I see what opportunities are left. From the very beginning, the client needs to understand that besides getting what they want, they need to give back to the community.

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It was probably inevitable that Santa Barbara architect Jeff Shelton would end up creating tiles for the homes he designs. Porter Photography by Wayne McCall. A Riviera home designed by Jeff Shelton reaches artistic heights thanks to a team of local artisans. By Peter O. Whiteley Photographs by Thomas J. Inspired by childhood visits to Santa Barbara's now-demolished "House of a Thousand Paintings," architect Jeff Shelton constructed a house covered top-to-bottom in artwork in the middle of an otherwise unremarkable Santa Barbara neighborhood.

It looks surprisingly rad, given how easily a project like this might descend into hokeyness - the lime-green tint and the patterning on the roof really bring the place together - but the real surprise here is how hassle-free the approval process was: no fights with developers, and aside from a few angry notes, no hassle from neighbors, even though the Vera Cruz House is surrounded by neutral-colored, non-painting-covered homes. Shelton and artist Richard Wilke each created about 60 of the panels covering the home, and for the rest, he handed out canvases to local artists, requesting that they paint something from a place they had travelled to, or where they grew up.

By Caitlin Finch.


Jeff Shelton Architect. In her classic book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Jane Jacobs argued that keeping commercial and residential activity in the same place is crucial to the vitality of a city. Forty years later, Americans have begun to embrace the wisdom of her ideas, calling it the "new urbanism" and advocating a return to the high density, small scale, mixed commercial and residential communities of pre-suburbia.

Like Jacobs, they cite the charm and practicality of European cities, which have used this model for centuries.

International Folk Art Collection Makes a Brief Stop in Dallas

An assortment of tile—including various shapes, sizes and colors—was essential in creating the vibrant design of a four-story residence in Santa Barbara, CA. While the walls throughout the home extensively make use of colorful, customized, ceramic pieces, the floors feature decorative cement tiles. The entire house was designed to reflect the Andalucian style of architecture—and the selected tile products were a key in achieving this desired goal. Santa Barbara architect-artist Jeff Shelton may work on big-budget projects, but when it comes to his fanciful garden sheds, Shelton's "less is more" philosophy is appealing.

Known for designing whimsical, Spanish-style residential and commercial buildings around downtown Santa Barbara, he also has a colorful crop of shed designs to his credit. Clearly, not all square feet are created equal. Local architectural icons—white walls with arched openings, red-tiled patios, and tile roofs—dominate the design, yet they're embellished with personal touches that bring a smile. The home celebrates its balmy setting with exterior spaces, seven on multiple levels.

Alongside these balconies are covered porches, all with comfortable features, such as a sitting area, built-in bench, or outdoor fireplace. But Neil Ablitt and his wife, Sue, just moved into their pint-sized palace, a whimsical four-story tower that suggests the hand of Dr. At over 70 feet tall and with a 20 x 20 footprint, the Ablitt Tower is only large enough to house one room per floor, as seen on HGTV's "Extreme Living.

The Ablitts win city approval to build a four-story tower on a square-foot downtown property.

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