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Heading out to get my Bible study makers now. Where do you find a package with all those colors? Or do you just use colored pencils? I just went back to this post and added the names of the non-bleeding pens, highlighters and colored pencils in the jars. So check it out above. I am looking forward to begin in Jan a new study plan.

I have been going through breast cancer treatment and found it very hard to keep up.

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These last couple months. I had a lot of driving time. Not an excuse but a fact. Thank you for leading the learning of our Lord. I so love it. God Bless you. Hello, I am new to the color code thing and I love the idea of it. I am just not sure how it works. Do you use those spacific colors just to highlight a part of scripture that is talking about that subject? For example if the sentence is referring to grace, and it spoke to me, I would highlight it in purple. I love the new ideas for GMG!

I think the new SOAK method- goes much deeper. My father always kneeled down by my bedside to pray with me as a child, and my husband loves to pray this way too. I am excited to start the new year in Exodus! The new tools for study will be fun to use to help me every day! Time to hit the store for colored highlighters! So excited for the new additions to our weekly times with God and each other. Thank you for all you do to bring women to the Word!

Love this method of study. I missed the Genesis study but will def try to catch up. I will be doing this by myself so I will need lots of reminders to keep me in check. Thanks Courtney for putting some much time and effort into this for us. I has helped me a lot. You can find it here. I have a home-based business and have been praying for it to take off. I am working with my tiny team and we all agreed that I as a leader need to be leading by example from the front lines.

We have pledged to prayandobey this year. We are keeping daily journals as well as sharing praises and problems. I think it is going to carry over into every aspect of my life and business. Thank you for doing this! What a fantastic way to study the bible!!!! I love the color coding, I think it is just those words, phrases, or subjects that she has listed next to the color. I will go be going soon. How many pages is the workbook?

My Bible Color Code

Courtney, I have always wanted to do bible color coding but could never come up with a workable system, using this method of color chart coding is the ideal solution. Thank you for introducing this to us! And I also like the idea of memorization, although for me I will try to put it into practice all five days of the week as this will also help with soaking in the word.

God Bless, Rosalyn. God Bless — looking forward to the Exodus Study.

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Condsidering joining in on trying to read thur Exodus even though I missed the book of Genesis. Will try use the new ideas with the book of Exodus to start the new year. Thank you so much for the printable!! I print it half size and am going to put it into my bible right now. Curious as to what you use the tape for though?? Thank you Courtney for your constant encouragement for women. I am so excited for your video. I have been reading through your old posts trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible about your study methods.

They are so in depth and seem like an easy way to really digest what I am reading. Courtney, thank you so much for putting your heart and soul into these studies for us! I just want to encourage you and let you know that you are definitely shining His light brightly. Excited for January 5! I think the SOAK method is a good tool to get the word in deeper. Looking forward to Exodus. Thank you for all your tips. You have been so helpful during my new journey of digging deeper. I am a fourth grade charter school teacher, who appreciates practical tips on LIFE in order to be more efficient and a better steward of the time God gives me.

I really am impressed and inspired with the story of how your mom used the soap method to disciple you from the time you were in 5th grade. My baby out of 6 children blended family is in the 5th grade! Would you mind sharing either on a post or video how your mom did this with you? Or even sharing some visuals of what your journals looked like at that time? I want to teach my daughter how to study the word but at her level, by making it fun and personal without overwhelming her. I would love to do this with my 14 year old son too.

Bible Highlighting for More Effective Study

I hope I am not too late. I shared about how my mom discipled me at the Women Living Well Conference — you can find the session where I showed the journal and talked about it here:. I use the Crayola Twistables. I felt funny using them at first felt childish —but they are the best—never bleed through, never run out of ink, and are always on sale when school starts. I love your color guide. When I feel I am struggling in a certain area or need to hear from God, I can quickly find entire verses on the topics by color.

Great Post! Hi, Does anyone know if there is something like this for tween and teen boys? Or what would any of you recommend? I love the SOAK version! I started doing that after I had read one of your posts in regards to your Mom. So this will help me a lot! No need to sign up — just join us here everyday. If you would like to get the blog posts via email — go to my blog sidebar and subscribe. I am very excited to use the new SOAK method. I am especially looking forward to the memorization something I really need to do! I love this idea. Thank you for doing this. I never thought of bringing a notebook to church to write down what I have just learned.

I would just write on the notes section and they are scattered everywhere. Thank you and your mom for that idea.

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Love the updated SOAK method, and colored pencils! Hi Courtney, I love your blog. I did have a question though. Maybe I am missing something.

Color-coded Bible study

It is the same — yes. Hi Courtney! Would you mind giving us a little more detail of the discipleship by your mother? Also, can you give me any helpful resources to use for a family devotional with my kids before school? Excited about these methods and our study as well. Hi Courtney, I just had a quick? When I think of soaking I think of the new age or even how the Toronto church is into Soaking. I was wondering if you are meaning the same as what is in this video? I am not familiar with the Toronto Church or this video. This plan has no relation to them and it sounds as though they are unBiblical — so of course we would reject that here at WLW.

The S. Courtney, Thanks so much for the clarification. I am so thankful there are women out there that only want the truth about God and his word. I am so glad I found GMG several years ago and have been doing studies with you and my dear friends I met through this ministry. We all anxiously await Jan 5th to get started.

For those of you that have iPhones or iPads, there is a free app called Scripture Typer that is a great tool to help you memorize scripture. There is another app I just came across on the desiring God website called Fighter Verse. Just thought this may help! I have been desiring to go deeper into scripture going on a decade now and your easy to implement SOAK method seems like a great fit.

Tips for Marking in Your Bible

Thank you so much. Especially with the analogy of becoming Scrpture sponges. And, I love a good, hot bath. So calming. So, yours is wonderful! I work at three different ones throughout the week. One day I had a patient that had brought her Bible and a current study she was doing to work on in the waiting room. I winked and told her I could tell she was reading my favorite Book.

She then told me about the study she was doing but told me her favorite way to study was with you! I grew up with Godly parents and the things you write about your Mom remind me of mine. I so love Jesus and have been a Christian for many years, but struggle with quiet times. Still after so many years. Figured it was a great time to join you! Excited to be studying with you. Is the eWorkbook something I need to purchase?

Everything is free and there are no sign-ups or enrollments required. To join our Facebook Group for leaders of GMG groups — please email goodmorninggirls womenlivingwell. This group is there to support you as a leader. Thank you so much for posting this! Always trying to find new ways to get more out of scripture when reading on my own. I will be sure to use this method.

I love your site! Helps to keep me on track and I really thank you for it. You truly emulate grace Courtney. So thrilled to start a year off with the right mindset and heart set. Not necessarily in that order. Your method SOAK is so simple and encouraging. I am curious though, I cannot seem to find the memory verse for this week.

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Putting pictures and stickers into your LDS scriptures is a really fun way to liven up your study time and is perfect for students of all ages. You can buy special see-through stickers called Scripture Stickers although they are pricey or make your own "stickers" by cutting out pictures from Church magazines, especially the Friend, or printing out some LDS Clipart.

This way you can lift up the picture to read the text underneath it. Stickers are fun too. Make sure you don't cover any of the text with stickers. You can use star and heart stickers to keep track of your favorite LDS scriptures. Here's what you do: While you're studying keep a look out for those verses that touch you or mean something to you, such as answers to prayers or insightful readings. Place the sticker or you can just draw a star or heart next to those verses in the margin. One of my companions during my mission drew hearts which she called "Love Notes.

Placing notes in the margins is a quick technique to help you get involved with what's happening in the LDS scriptures as you study them. Just write the main event in the margin next to the verse s that describes it. For example, when Nephi brakes his bow in 1 Nephi write "Nephi Brakes Bow" in large letters in the margin. If there is more than one person with the same name you'll see a small number following each name along with a bit of info and corresponding references.

Go back to your LDS scripture reading and write the number of the corresponding person after their name. For example, when reading in 1 Nephi you come across Jacob. Look in the Index, under J, and you'll see four different Jacob's listed. Each has a number following the name along with some references.

Which Jacob you've come across will depend upon where you're reading in 1 Nephi since both Jacob 1 and Jacob 2 are mentioned. If you're in 1 Ne you would put a small one after Jacob's name, but in 1 Nephi you would put a two. Using post-it notes is the perfect technique to have more room for writing notes and still keeping them in your LDS scriptures.

Just place the sticky side of the note along the margins so it doesn't cover up the text. This way you can lift up the note and read the text below. Some of the notes you could write are questions, thoughts, inspirations, coinage, lineages, travel routs, etc.

Go figure. Color coding my Bible helps my Bible come to life. All of a sudden the verse carries 10X more meaning because I can see how it applies to me. That is how a good Bible study session is supposed to work. This is one of our most loved community resources! I even included my own personal study key for you to look at so you can get an idea of how this tool works and what topics you might want to study. I chose the topics that I feel are most relevant in for me in this season of my life. You, my friend, have that same freedom. And remember, you can alter your color key at any time.

I want you to feel free and equipped to study as God leads you. This step was a lot of fun for me! I had a lot of fun with it but was also very specific about the colors I chose and why. The color green reminds me of spring, new birth, and LIFE. Which is why I chose it to represent Christian Living principles and characteristics.

Each of the colors I chose is a reflection of the topic that corresponds. So pick a color; any color. You can move onto step 4 which is simply putting the key to use. You can also use this key as you work your way through Bible study books, theology studies, or really anything you are studying that applies to your life. I am really enjoying using my Journaling Bible because it gives me the option to do both of those things. I can highlight verses or simply use colored pens to write my notes inside my Bible and use the tabs to mark the verse so easy to find when I need it.

Color Coding is a pretty versatile method of studying.