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Pop over to frankiepress. Tell us a bit about yourself, please. The lighting is powered by a generator tucked away in the trunk of the car. How are chariots connected to Indian traditions and folklore? In ancient Indian mythology, chariots are equally associated with tales of elopement as abduction of brides.

I vividly recall walking the streets of Arni, Tamil Nadu, on a sweltering evening — summer temperatures in India can touch 45 degrees. Though I hastily photographed the vehicle, the experience stayed with me for many months. Indians take their weddings really seriously, and families believe in spending a disproportionate amount of their savings to facilitate a gaudy celebration.

The chariots are a manifestation of this mindset. Although, the desire to have such weddings is changing with my generation — many are opting for low-key celebrations or eschewing marriage altogether. What is the story behind the jazzed-up cars? Enterprising wedding decorators targeting middle-class, upwardly mobile clients have fabricated these cars to enable a nighttime wedding reception on wheels.

What were you trying to capture in this photo series? Considering the chariots are usually observed in crowded processions, I consciously showed them devoid of human presence, in order to depart from the way Indian weddings are generally represented. The quiet settings are a tranquil remnant of the chaotic celebrations the vehicles facilitated.

Shooting them at night also adds a layer of desolation and loneliness — feelings that are not usually associated with a wedding. Tell us more about how these vehicles are made. The rear seat is removed to accommodate an elevated platform, on which a sofa or set of chairs is placed for the bride and groom. What inspires your photography? My personal work frequently revolves around the themes of family and kinship. Where can we see more of your work? Acknowledging their history is important to the musical gents, as is their colourful, tongue-in-cheek aesthetic.

Words Rebecca Varcoe. As for their sound, you might imagine a poppier version of Tame Impala or OK Go — but with trumpets and saxophones and seven dudes on stage, dressed identically and all grooving in unison. Starting a high school band is the classic teen dream, but few plucky kids manage to make their rock star goals reality.

Even fewer transition their music from the annual school talent show to real-world stages post-graduation. Indeed, despite their silliness, the group aspires to use their platform for the greater good. The first celebrates their close friend — a trans woman named Shula — and her experience negotiating identity within their sometimesconservative Jewish community.

It appeared as if their musical collaboration had come to an end, until early , when they all found themselves back on familiar soil. Maybe we should start focusing on our music a bit more! But at the same time, it has some kind of meaning to it. For the record, the answers to my earlier questions are: dunno, who cares, and go for it.

Maybe the clock will strike midnight on my birthday and both my legs will explode, or my cerebrum will turn to dust. Getting to know yourself is a vital part of growing up, and you know what? Old friends reminisce about celebrating our 18th birthdays, sadly lamenting that the party is now over. I give less of a stuff about what other people think, and it feels pretty darn good. Like many people, my early adulthood was spent stressing about fairly irrelevant things, such as: does that person hate me?

Did I make a fool of myself? And, can I pull off corduroy pants? Expert baking by Lighthouse. Creating the perfect pizza base from scratch takes a little practice, but with Lighthouse guiding the way, you will be mastering it in no time. Our strong, high protein, Australian flour ensures you get expert results everytime, so all you need to worry about is deciding which toppings to apply. For seasonally curated recipes and baking advice, visit our website;.

It was meant to be a non-white version of Sex and the City. And it was. The real story, Michele discovered, was about Natalie connecting with her mum, a Hmong aka south-east Asian immigrant living in Canberra. So, why theatre, as opposed to other storytelling mediums? In fact, his entire catalogue of work has sprung from a peer-led stage-writing community in his hometown of Canberra.

Actor and playwright Katie Beckett is one of the growing number of Indigenous women taking ownership of their stories and writing bloody good theatre. But even then, the same things were happening — I was bashed or raped. After you have a kid, you realise how much your parents do for you.

You want to go act? You act. Pretty good for someone who was never trained in playwriting — or acting, for that matter. Go on Google; ask the local Aboriginal people around you; go to your Aboriginal Land Council where you live. He was really into theatre at the time. The other projects she has in motion are theatrical, too, which is rather different to writing for the screen. But theatre really champions the playwright. Why are you asking me? Hoeing into chef-prepared food is good, obviously, and gossiping about mutual acquaintances is even better.

As plates are cleared away and someone at the table quietly regrets having taken a risk on the breakfast special, a single slip of paper appears alongside a frowning, overworked waitress. Strategically leaving everyone else to sort out the bill is so dang rude that it almost demands begrudging respect, but I reckon you can get away with it once per year at most. Consider yourselves warned, Houdinis of the brunch world.

Everyone has experienced this dilemma, but nobody talks about it. Nothing ruins the pleasant feeling of having ingested your body weight in scrambled eggs faster than sitting around awkwardly while someone painstakingly calculates how much everybody owes for their meal, down to the last cent.

My humble suggestion: split the damn thing evenly. This is neither the time nor place for long division. So, if you imagine a worm devoting its entire being to recipes instead of doing wormy things, this is about what it would do. Janelle was intrigued when a knitter suggested using neural networks to create random knitting patterns — tapping into the collective power of knitting forum Ravelry to help. Now, Colorado research scientist Janelle Shane is showing they can also be put to more frivolous uses.

Like, for instance, generating bizarre knitting patterns. Then the knitters jumped in to give them a go, with varying results. A list of paint colour names wielded comical results sample shades generated included Navel Tan, Shy Bather and Clardic Fug , and a search for Halloween costume ideas was similarly silly fancy dressing up as a Shark Cow or Panda Clam? I want to see what will happen if we just focus on hats. What do you do for a crust? We also own a plumbing business, which Brett manages full-time. Where do you live? In the semi-rural area of Camp Mountain, near Brisbane.

Brett grew up in Brisbane, while I grew up in rural New South Wales, so we love this area — it suits us both. Tell us about the house itself. From what we know, it was built in the s in Newmarket, Brisbane, but was moved to this block about 15 years ago. What goes on there, aside from sleeping? Our home is always buzzing with activity! Weekends spent at home involve board games; puzzles; craft on the front veranda; some cooking; and plenty of playing, bike-riding and gardening outside.

Have there been any challenges or issues in setting up the place? Honestly, most days it looks like a toy explosion has happened before 8am. Also, keeping Dorothy and the cats out of my pot plants is an issue! Could you please describe your decorating style? Combining pre-loved vintage pieces with handmade items gives a space a warm, homely feel, which is what I aim for. Talk us through your family heirlooms.

Are there any with a particularly special story? How have you used colour throughout the house? Which is your favourite spot in the house? Tell us about Floralovely. I mostly write with nibs dipped in ink — the truly old-fashioned way — and have worked with some amazing clients over the years, writing on a variety of mediums like fresh leaves, champagne bottles and shells. How do you separate work from your home life? What does home mean to you? Warmth, safety, hugs, chats, rest, love.

And I posted that shit for people to see. Especially people who might want to sleep with me in the future. That is its function, as per the design of social media. What is terrible, however — what is excruciating, and will lead to me destroying all signs of life around me — is if I accidentally like a photo they posted in Because then they will know that I like them. The goal posts have moved, and I, ancient one that I am, need to move with them. I accept you. The future is ours. Sincerely, your ultimate partner.

Now, I reckon at least half of these crushes like me back. Make your creative career with Shillington. So, we asked some frankie friends a question One way I make sure I get my downtime is to schedule in a few dates with myself each week. Since doing this, I've been so much more productive, because, by taking the time to. How do I look after my brain? I try to be kind to myself. To be fair; to be understanding.

I exercise my brain with art and poetry and puzzles. I treat it to another world completely, with novels and films. I run. I sleep. I eat as healthily as I can. I think my brain probabl b y looks after me more than I look after it. After a hard day writing my hyperpersonal memoir, Get Up, Mum , I like to knock off with a big can. Just kidding! Sometimes my brain is like a dog. It gets restless and wants to be. Lots of fresh air; family and friend time; making things; nourishing snacks; warm baths and comfy self-tucking-in at night.

Gettin n g enough sle e ep is really important, and I avoid drinking alcohol because it makes me depressed. I also do some lazy yoga every day to feel brighter all over. For me, looking after brain means looking after body. My brain is an anxious one. It's forever imagining exactly how the pile of things that make up my life — work, relationships, houseplants — might tumble into an unforgivable mess.

After spending a lot of time and money on all manner of therapies to tame this part of myself, I fell deeply in love with productivity hacks and goaltracking journals. Apart from the obvious thing of. To stay on top of my mental health, I regularly exercise; socialise with good people; say yes to things. Listen u , focus in, then work through iss. Words Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen. Far from being the quiet, introverted evening you may expect, Melanie reckons a Dead Letter Club gathering involves plenty of laughter and drinking while people write.

She sees the events — which are held in pubs and bars around Melbourne — as a way to reignite the creative spark we often lose as adults, as well as a return to the personalised communication that existed pre-internet.

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Are you an artist, crafter, flower and plant grower, boutique wine or beer producer, or artisan food maker? Bookings are casual or long-term. Apply online via our website stkildaesplanademarket. Email esplanademarket portphillip. Unhappy in early life, San Francisco-born Dian found comfort among animals. After working in occupational therapy — which she later credited for her success interacting with apes — she pooled her life savings and travelled to Africa in Enamoured by their individuality and shy behaviour, she began a long-term study of the endangered apes, living alongside them in the Virunga Mountains.

Over time, political upheaval shifted her research to the Rwandan side of the mountains, where gorillas only knew humans as poachers. Her militant tactics made her many local enemies, and in December , she was bludgeoned to death in her home. When we imagine documentaries about the natural world, we hear his soft-spoken voice, and picture him crouching delightedly in exotic landscapes. Always while dressed in a dapper shirt, casually unbuttoned at the collar. And yet, David came from humble beginnings. Initially, he was kept off camera, because his superiors felt his teeth were too big.

Even more impressive: he did it all without laboratory space or research assistants, and with limited library access. Instead, he taught high-school science in St Louis until Charles also campaigned for civil rights, drawing on his entomological research to suggest racism could be both instinctive and learned. He proved that bugs can distinguish between different pitches, and are susceptible to Pavlovian conditioning. Although his ideas are now mainstream in zoology, Turner himself has been shamefully forgotten since his death from heart disease.

Her name combines two colours, but as a gardener and botanical artist, Olive Pink cherished every shade of Australia. Over the next decade, Olive returned to the region several times, eventually planting roots on the outskirts of Alice Springs; these trips sparked an interest in the welfare of Indigenous Australians. She championed Warlpiri and Arrernte self-determination, and her uncompromising criticism of authorities shaped her reputation as an eccentric troublemaker. In , aged 72, Olive convinced the Northern Territory government to let her revive 16 hectares of land that introduced animals had stripped bare.

She lived there until her death at 91, rising at 5am every day to hand-water plants propagated from locally collected seeds. In , her oasis was publicly opened as the Olive Pink Botanic Garden: a heritage-listed national treasure. Rachel Carson wore many different hats: writer, marine biologist and ecologist among them.

More famously, the Pennsylvanian dame roused the global movement against environmental pollution by chemicals — a pursuit that earned her many detractors. She went on to write environmental prose for newspapers, science magazines, and even the US Bureau of Fisheries. Despite her failing health, she continued to agitate for government policy reform that eventually led to the establishment of the US Environmental Protection Agency. Jacques Cousteau was a dashing chronicler of the life aquatic. His marine infatuation began with a car accident that almost took his life — daily swimming in the Mediterranean Sea was prescribed to assist his rehabilitation.

With a pair of goggles strapped on tight, his eyes were opened to the complexity of the underwater world. While in the French Navy in the s, he co-invented a new diving apparatus, the Aqua-Lung, which allowed divers to swim freely underwater for extended periods of time. Over the years, he battled commercial whaling and inspired others to respect the ocean just as he did.

Jacques passed away in Paris in , well into his 80s, and was buried in his ancestral vault… on dry land. Tell us a little bit about your small business, please. I founded Camp Cove Swim in I grew up in a coastal town — Newcastle, NSW — so swimwear was just something I was always exposed to. I studied fashion design at TAFE, and started making my own swimsuits after work and selling them online. It started off very small.

How did it go from side hustle to full-time business? I took that as an opportunity to see if making swimsuits full- time was feasible. What makes your swimsuits special? Our prints. Making your own decisions. What tools were useful in getting Camp Cove Swim up and running? How has it helped you go from small wins to big things?

I wanted a program that could do as many things as possible. Hearing women of different shapes, sizes and colours tell me how happy they are with their swimsuit. Katherine uses cloud-based accounting software from MYOB to get stuff done. Go to myob. By Caro Cooper Fuck you, fuck work, fuck pants, fuck polite, fuck coffee no, I take that back , fuck brushing my teeth OK, no, not that either — but screw everything else. Even though age has worn me down, I still carry the burden of it all. I laugh awkwardly when people insult me, then apologise for my inadequacies. Or do I? Iran has a public holiday to celebrate nuclear weaponry; Victoria takes a day off to celebrate the beating of horses pumped with more steroids than a UFC urinal; South Korea celebrates the alphabet; and Turkmenistan takes.

frankies fantastic fish a chuckles gang adventure Manual

On this day, I would plant my pencil in that goddamn table and claim it, ignoring the waiter passiveaggressively wiping the surface around me. Keep on wiping, buddy. There are a million ways to turn your back on the world without lowering yourself to my level. How freeing and refreshing to get it all off our chests for just one day — one sweet hour period of honesty and freedom, before we wake again to another year of keeping it all on the inside. That is why, when you work in an office, every public holiday is the public holiday you really need. The days are golden. The air smells sweet.

Life, for a brief moment, feels like a big, warm bath, and all you have to do is drift into the fuzzy, aimless distance. My deep enchantment with all things public holiday can sometimes make me feel bad. I feel bad about looking forward to Australia Day. Can we please just change the date and get on with it? I feel bad I can never remember the date of Anzac Day. You get it. Work is terrible and public holidays are nice, but public holidays can also be bad. Do I want to celebrate a person from history?

Maybe whoever invented the Monte Carlo biscuit? Should I try to come up with something happy and friendly? Pat every dog in the park day! Or maybe I should. The wheel in question lists every day in the year, from January 1st through to December 31st. A random member of the public is asked to spin the wheel — then, whichever date it lands on is a public holiday in that given year. The next year, we spin the wheel again. This game show is televised on a free-to-air network, because I think the broadcast spectrum is better than digital media. The end. It will lead to endless complaining about how our economic productivity is being affected by a big spinny wheel.

Slant Magazine

This sounds like a good outcome to me. It highlights how life is sometimes random and arbitrary and has wheels in it. So, before you write off the greatest three-minute television spectacle Australia has ever seen, just remember that life is about finding meaning in how you choose to spend your time.

Hint: some pretty bad stuff. The miraculous possibilities for a. Give me an unexpected day off and I will fill it with 20 straight hours of nothing. For people who are already actively on top of giving a proper shit about the world, this can be a day of rest and reward. This is a dog act, because the real purpose of public holidays is to give everyone a day off.

Any excuse will do. Respecting public holidays means giving people a break from the kind of dickhead behaviour they have to put up with at work, and that means not being a control freak pedant who makes everyone else listen to your pointless opinions. I need a day off just thinking about it. Because public holidays are really about doing fuck all, the best excuse for a new one is purely a matter of utility.

You could go two ways with this. On one hand, you could do some shoe leather investigation to figure out which person specifically has the most influence over public holidays, find out what they personally like, and then campaign for a new holiday based on their hobbies or passions. Does the Undersecretary for Holidays or whatever like Chinese opera? Push for a National Chinese Opera Day. This is the one thing all governments have in common — regardless of incidentals like ideology, physical location, institutional stability, or who personally is in charge.

Crack a tinnie to celebrate wage labour! Get up late and lie around in your undies to show respect for productivity and civic engagement. The sleep-in feels just as good either way. What matters is not the actual occasion, but the experience of getting to do whatever you want. Obey the Law Day? Now that might get off the ground, unlike me on Obey the Law Day.

These days, I use acrylic paint on wood panels of approximately eight-by-nine inches in size. I have created and catalogued over small-format pieces so far. Going to the beach every morning helps put me in the mood to create, as does thinking about my day ahead; having a cup of coffee; playing some music; and sitting down in my studio in front of my drafting table. For me, making art is the best way to tell the stories I want to tell. I came out to friends at school; they were extremely happy for me.

I started to tell people at church, and they cried — the pastor took me aside and told me not to tell anyone else, because it was upsetting them. I grew up in a Christian family in Sydney, went to a Baptist church, and believed in the whole kit and caboodle when it came to God and Creation and stuff. At church, I began hearing about homosexuals being perverted when I was about I remember talking to Dad, and he told me there was something wrong with their make up, but it was also a choice against God and nature.

Around that time, I started having crushes on boys. When I was 17, my parents took me to a Christian conference in Tasmania. I started pretending to have crushes on girls; at one point, I thought I had feelings about men because I was an artist. Creative people appreciate different bodies, or something like that. By 14, though, I knew I was gay. It was a lot like Alcoholics Anonymous. I was going to church three or four times a week, trying to atone for my inner guilt by being the best Christian possible on the outside.

I started to clutch at anything that would help me, including exorcisms. I became really closed off to other people and put walls up around myself. I had this idea that if I shut myself off from any homosexual thoughts, I could starve it out. She said she and Dad had been praying and researching for several years, and had changed their minds — God had made me this way.

It hit me like a tonne of bricks; my parents had done a full Even so, it took me several more years to be comfortable with being gay and Christian. At 21, I joined a Christian pop group and it was full-time ministry for two years — touring around the country, making an album, the whole thing. Compulsive prayers; constantly praying for forgiveness; hand-washing; not speaking to goodlooking guys — it was crippling. One of them was 27, though. I thought about her the whole next day at work, and then she messaged me. Jane is very intelligent, funny and beautiful.

She always motivates me to do better and believe in myself. Our communication is far superior now to what it was five years ago. We continuously have those really uncomfortable and vulnerable conversations about things like monogamy, sex, and differences in long-term goals. We did long distance twice — once for about six months, and then for three months. That said, it was bloody awful at the time. We first started living together properly a few years ago when we moved to South Korea for a year.

We lived in this tiny two-bedroom apartment that we shared with another woman. There was no living area, so our bedroom was pretty much our house. Our relationship is very balanced; neither of us plays a particular role. You can have different interests; find happiness and pleasure in different things; and even have different spiritual or political beliefs, but you need to have a shared notion of what a fulfilling life looks like.

Being fulfilled is different to being happy — it runs much deeper. Recently, we were having an argument while cleaning the house, and putting away egg shakers everyone has egg shakers lying around the house, right? Somehow we ended up solving the argument through an egg shake-off. And he looks around my age!

They all agreed he was the right person, luckily. His ability to stay focused, balanced and humble is a huge lesson for me. We have an extremely loving, creative and very supportive relationship. Adam has allowed me to follow my creative dreams as an actor and musician. Just kidding. Tomorrow is always a new day.

Making him coffee in bed every morning helps, as well. Of course I have. Our relationship is a lifelong commitment, though, and it kills me to think of a life without him. Adam was and is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Relationships are constantly changing; we all have wants and needs, and as individuals we all grow.

We just get better at it. It was love at first sight. We opened up to each other immediately; were engaged after four months; and married — somewhat illegally — within a year. What second date? What does a lesbian bring on the second date? Her furniture. I do all our leases, loans, flight bookings, tax, super, insurance and technology.

Benhur does all the housework — and I mean all the housework. Imagine that; getting seven million people to say yes to your choice of partner! It was a special moment the day of the announcement — we did the victory march down Oxford Street. My husband lights up a room the way no one else can. He has a voice like an angel, and can instantly make the life of any person he meets better. Whenever I wonder about not being together, it breaks my heart. I think we would both die without each other.

Finally, we organised to meet for lunch, which I hesitantly attended, mostly for the curiosity of facing this lovestruck stalker! We ended up having a three-hour lunch. I nearly lost my job that day, but all ended well in a happy marriage two years later. John was a dark, handsome Italian man, well-dressed and very self-assured, and older than me by nine years. He was a true gentleman who would always tell great stories on any topic.

I knew he was right for me because he made me feel well-loved, comfortable, attractive, and we had good times together. Plus, we had a familiarity in our Italian migrant background stories. We definitely never had a normal routine as relationships go. John travelled extensively for work and had a very demanding role in the earlier formative years of our marriage, but we worked together to build a nest for our family.

I happily and proudly took on the role of stay-at-home mum, which made me very independent, more resilient, and a harder worker than I thought I could be. I think the key to a successful long-term relationship is remembering the person you fell in love with. No one is perfect, but you should always have respect and patience for your partner. We argue sometimes; he hates me buying him clothes. We work with the same values in life, so have always been very honest to ourselves and each other.

So, do I see a future together? Absolutely, if he finishes the house! Two years later, while delivering a weekly sports report for a newspaper, a captivating young lady was relieving the regular receptionist. I had the same dumbstruck and irrational emotional reaction. I was stunned. This chick had a truly special and unique effect on me. These days I admire her resilience, youthful exuberance, selflessness, and the way she nurtures friendships and family.

The relationship needs more effort with the passing of the years. The challenge is to make it a priority relative to the new pressures that appear in life as we age. You should also remember to say sorry every now and then; listen more than talk; and have the sense to know when to shut up and let your partner vent. Adele still makes me laugh, especially her snoring. She vehemently denies it, though. I never scrunch the paper up, though! What inspires you? As a child, I spent a lot of time in museums staring at the natural history displays and insect collections, which I think has had a huge influence on my work and the way I curate and display the sculptures I make.

What has been your most treasured creation? It would have to be a hydrangea flower. It was one of the very first flowers I made, and the first thing I created that turned out how I wanted it to. Please describe your art. Influenced by plants, insects and found objects, I create intricate, life-sized sculptures of different species and arrange them into collections and dioramas.

What kinds of materials and techniques do you use? I mostly use recycled paper and wire to create the sculptures, however I also use other recycled materials like fabric and plastics from packaging to create different textures and make them seem more realistic. Techniques in my work include papercutting, embroidery, wire work and carving. When do you find yourself being most creative?

Where did the beautiful old books come from? What other artists do you admire? Nature and botanical illustrators like Beatrix Potter and Ernst Haeckel are very inspiring. I also love the work of artists like Richard Long and Andy Goldsworthy. Do you ever have to scrunch the paper and start again? The result: guilt-free glitter consisting primarily of compostable, biodegradable eucalyptus mulch. All that glitters is not gold. With saving the environment their driving force, the duo donates 10 per cent of their revenue each month to a different social enterprise or not-for-profit, all with an eco-friendly bent.

As for the story behind the brand name, it goes back to a holiday in Prague that brought the ladies closer together. It was a crosseyed, male cat called Vivian that would throw itself across the room, and we spent the whole two weeks basically trying not to kill him. So we had to have Vivian in there somehow — it was so funny and bizarre. That led to an idea: she could create an eco-friendly variety. After a few drinks, she ran the plan past Rosie, who was keen to help out.

Running a business while also working full-time, Claire admits things can get a bit chaotic on occasion. Photo: David Patterson. Illustrations Evie Barrow. Nothing could be further from the truth. If I see an adult consuming sugary fizzy drinks I immediately discount all their opinions and feel embarrassed on their behalf. Real men drink tap water. This particular waxy delight was sawdustscented — because heaven forbid a male enjoy a whiff of lavender!

The truth is, I was pumped to turn my bedroom into a rugged, timber oasis. Unfortunately, once lit, the candle did not emit much fragrance at all; even after accidentally leaving it burning all night whoops , there was very little mannish aroma to be found. The candle smells great if your nose is directly above it and you inhale really hard, but that behaviour strikes me as less manly and more questionable. It sounded smart, but I always hated the scents, so my go-to deo for years has been a gender-neutral roll-on.

This week I tried out Brut, a very manly-man antiperspirant. Dark green casing like a forest! Powerful name it sounds both dominant and vaguely German! And, oh yes… the smell. Readers, the smell was too much. Every time I raised my arms, I felt like I was being haunted by the ghost of a teenage boy. I enjoy both exercising and stressing, so need a reliable roll-on.

Brut may look and sound manly, but it failed the sweat test. No stars. Every square inch of your towel has been clogged up with pubes, bum- crack fluff, chest fuzz, ball scragglers, and so on. It could probably fill a mug. A piping hot mug of male sebum. This towel has turned me into a lesbian separatist. How had it not previously occurred to me to incorporate caffeine into my beauty routine?

The product itself is bright blue and shares a scent with Lynx deodorants. I stood in the shower percolating my hair for two minutes as per the directions on the back, optimistically hoping for the promised stronger locks. Sadly, all I got was a standard-issue sudsing and the vague aroma of a bluelight disco. It serves absolutely no purpose.

I know this because I popped it out of the handle between underarms, and the experience was almost identical without it. Someone at the razor factory clearly ordered too many ball bearings by accident, and left it to the marketing department to come up with a use for them. As I made my way through the soggy breadcrumbs and surprisingly tiny vegetables wee cubes of potato? And probably could have smashed another. You go through a lot of trial and error, but it means you get a really high-quality crossword.

Other rules you have to follow when compiling a grid: it has to be symmetrical, and there has to be a certain amount of white vs. I really just do it for my own amusement. As a compiler, you need to keep updating your knowledge of words. One of my first jobs out of university was working as a typesetter on the puzzles page of The Age.

He became a bit of a mentor to me, and taught me the ropes; eventually I got an email saying they were looking for a new crossword writer at The Age. I had to submit some of my work, but it just made sense — I was already familiar with the page, and knew how it all worked behind the scenes. In January , my first-ever puzzle was published. Other than David Astle, every other compiler at Fairfax is 70 or 80, really. I write cryptic crosswords and the quick crossword on a Monday. Basically, cryptic clues are more like riddles using word play, whereas the quick crossword is just normal definitions.

I have other clients I create puzzles for, too, like the Golden Plains Music Festival, and I write crosswords for special occasions like birthdays and weddings. It becomes an environment of words and nothing much else. There are two schools of thought when it comes to building a crossword. You might. Where is it? Describe Brunswick Picture House in a sentence. Bringing a bit of old-fashioned razzle-dazzle to a beautiful, quiet and vibrant beach community.

Where did you find all the decorative bits and bobs? Late night trawling on Gumtree and eBay is also a passion of mine! What goes on there? What kind of a crowd do you attract? CC: Our audience is as diverse as our programming. How did it all begin? Brett Haylock: We produce and tour circus and cabaret shows internationally, and during a stay in Brisbane we escaped to Brunswick Heads. After taking possession, we began an epic nine-month transformation with a dedicated team of friends, including many members of the circus community.

The reawakening of the Picture House was done by artists for artists. Who would we see on stage? It feels like the secret is out about Brunswick Heads, and internationally acclaimed performers from London to New York are knocking on our doors to perform on our little red stage! Can you tell us anything about the history of the building? Prior to that, from the late s we think , there was an open-air cinema on the site. There have only been two previous owners of the Picture House, both raising young families on the premises.

What do you love about what you do? CC: For me, the best reward has been seeing audience members leave the Picture House smiling and raving, with their feet barely touching the ground. Being able to see the scale of world-class international talent playing in our little village, in such an unexpected location, is awe-inspiring. Describe the space for us. Are there any drawbacks? CC: Our biggest competitor is the stunning beach metres down the road. We work hard to draw people inside with our programming.

How can we contact you? In response, of the students uploaded a video of themselves to YouTube stating their names and showing their student cards. Soon, the hashtag was ripping through social media, being printed on t-shirts, and tens of thousands of students were protesting all over the country. In a nutshell: On February 26, , in a well-to-do suburb of Florida, a volunteer neighbourhood watchman named George Zimmerman shot dead Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, as he returned home from the shops.

It was a heinous crime, and a potent reminder of the fraught position people of colour still hold in American society. But when a court acquitted Zimmerman a year later, it lit a fuse to a long-simmering powder keg and gave birth to the Black Lives Matter movement. The answer is: nobody. Nieto claimed it was. In a nutshell: When Rodrigo Duterte became president of the Philippines in , it was a step backwards for the young democracy. A chauvinist strongman who came to. Sound familiar?

Current logo: a skeletonised shaka. The only thing that matters now is the country. Engage in conversations, not fights. Americans into limbo. Protest, campaign, and make their plight impossible to ignore. Unfortunately, China has spent the following 20 years hammering away at those freedoms every way they can. Matters came to a head in September , when China announced that, while elections would still be held in Hong Kong, from here on in all the candidates would have to be vetted by the Chinese government. Soon, more than , people had joined them; many carrying bright yellow umbrellas to signify their solidarity, as well as offering protection from police charges and pepper spray.

After months of conflict, the protests finally wound down in December, with both sides pledging to continue discussions. The situation with Beijing is an ongoing struggle — meanwhile, the three students who started the Umbrella Revolution have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. In a nutshell: Few topics in America are quite so fraught as the question of what to do with the Dreamers. The estimated 1. In , after relentless lobbying and demonstrations from the undocumented youths who risked deportation in the process , Obama introduced a plan known as DACA, that would allow the Dreamers to stay in America so long as they satisfied certain criteria.

It was a massive win on a question that had baffled the US Congress for decades, and one that can be placed at the feet of the Dreamers themselves, who have formed one of the most potent youth activism networks in the world. In a nutshell: The Arab world has one of the largest proportions of young people around the globe, with almost 60 per cent of the population under the age of In a region plagued by corruption and stagnant economies, where employment opportunities for these young folks are few and far between, the situation was always going to reach breaking point.

It all started in December , when a young fruit vendor in Tunisia set himself. Over the next nine months, more and more people joined them, from eco-activists to local landowners and young people from nearby tribes. In December they received news that the pipeline was being rerouted. They had won. Then a month later, after the camp had disbanded, Donald Trump overruled the decision in one of his first acts as president. Because, of course he did. His sacrificial act worked as a catalyst, with spontaneous protests erupting all over the country, and dictatorial president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was forced to flee.

Seeing this success, youths all across North Africa and the Middle East were soon embarking on their own revolutionary campaigns. Within a year, the Arab Spring had become one of the most significant protest movements in human history, with decades-old dictatorships being toppled in Libya, Yemen and Egypt, and massive disruption occurring in a dozen more countries.

However, the Arab Spring has also become a cautionary tale of the unintended consequences of sudden change, as brutal civil war has since gripped Yemen and Syria; Libya has fallen into chaos; and Egypt has reverted to another military dictatorship. But throughout the rest of the Middle East, an Arab Winter has very firmly taken hold. The solution is simple: change the date to something all Australians can celebrate. Over the past few years, young Indigenous groups like the Koorie Youth Council have been at the forefront of the Change the Date campaign, helping to organise Invasion Day rallies and leading the changethedate social media movement.

In a nutshell: Life remains hard for Native Americans. Struggling with a legacy of dispossession, poverty and persecution, they have vastly increased rates of depression, substance abuse and, among teenagers in particular, suicide. But when the US government proposed an oil pipeline that would travel underneath the nearby Missouri River, threatening a vital source of drinking water for the neighbouring Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, the members of OMYM shifted their focus. You get free delivery. Yep, right to your very own mailbox. There is awesomeness in every single issue. We guarantee it.

A frankie subscription makes a great gift for all the ace people in your life. Oh, and you can subscribe from anywhere in the world. Price is for Australian subscribers only. For international subscription prices, please visit frankie. Your frankie subscription will commence with issue 85 and will be sent around the 24th July, Full terms and conditions: frankie. While the mortgage certainly took the joy out of spending money on clothes, and pretty much everything — I can translate any dollar value into the number of days it could shave off my mortgage term — the truth is, I lost interest in thinking about clothes.

It was just another thing on my to-do list, and when it comes to choosing between eating and ironing, I will always choose eating. Clothes were pushed to the side, so my uniform developed. Shirt, jeans, Vans, every day. Sometimes shorts in summer. A little wild; a little loose. There are many of us moving among you, refusing the freedom to vary our wardrobes and stubbornly enforcing our own fashion regulation.

Our colleagues and friends are kept guessing at the reason behind the strange consistency: was he raised in an orphanage? Did she attend military school? Is he in mourning? We envy the unflattering, mass-produced uniforms of fast food staff, nurses, nuns and cult members. Yeah, me too. Every morning I stand at the makeshift wardrobe in my kitchen and assess my options: one of three shirts — none clean — and jeans, black or blue.

Some days I mix it up by wearing a t-shirt. These are mostly faded, oversized hand-me-downs. All I want is something neutral, boxy and non-descript. I want a uniform. These days, my recurring dream is of a world where every workplace has instituted a uniform. One outfit to rule them all. The euphoria has surpassed that of my previous recurring dream. I would have made a great cult member — I may still yet. In my dreams, the uniform is a floor-length black linen muumuu.

High in the neck; loose in the shoulders and sleeves; barely touching the torso. Workers have some freedom in the shoes they can choose: black sneakers, black boots, black sandals. Upon signing their employment contract, staff are handed a paper package of seven muumuus and a pair of each type of shoe. This dream life is one giant, waistline-free utopia. Clothes were once of interest to me — my coathangers dripped with colour and diverse cuts of fabric.

I even had different clothes for the weekend. Down time was spent scouring op shops for sartorial gold, sneezing my way through the racks. For years I was taunted by a recurring dream in which I discovered a giant, untouched op shop warehouse where everything fit me perfectly. One size fits all. Or you might mime an arrow going though it. Change is inevitable — it just might happen in the most improbable place. In , Play School became the first Australian television program to present a deaf person in a positive light. It would have been the first time many deaf kids had seen a person using sign language on TV.

Sick of the victim stance that writers were perpetuating, Sofya set about creating some new on-screen roles for deaf people. Next step: get hired as a director. Not so simple. So, if I was working, it was because I was generating my own projects, and after a while I found that really exhausting. And, in a way, she literally has been. She had a gun pulled on her; she saw drug deals on.

So they developed sign language in order to get around that, and teach deaf people the word of God. The industry is changing, however — and in a pretty major way. Today, Sofya works at Create NSW, helping to decide which screen projects the state government should be backing financially. It opens their perception to people with disability in decision-making roles, and normalises it in a way that really needs to happen.

The lead role went to Bridie McKim, a Brisbane actress with a mild form of cerebral palsy. Chuck it on, settle on the couch, and Sofya will teach you over signs, plus a few signed versions of nursery rhymes. The kind with a plain black cover that gives no hint as to what juicy stuff lies inside mostly dinner with the folks and bill payment deadlines. A feeling that relaxes your whole body, like a brief and nerdy massage.

With a true-blue paper diary, I can revel in it several times a day — whereas old mate Google Calendar keeps that sense of accomplishment all to itself. I, an office worker in her 20s with a smartphone and a laptop and an addiction to food delivery apps, am distrustful of making digital plans. Phew, feels good to get that out in the open. The parties I skipped; the catch-up dinners that made my week. I know that, in theory, I could wake up in the morning to a sultry robotic voice telling me when all my meetings are and what the weather is going to be like and which awful international news broke overnight.

But while my plans may be flexible, my method for managing them is not. I am the exact person the Moleskine marketing execs have in mind when they develop their strategies for peddling paper products. Coworkers and friends have scoffed at me, and implied with raised eyebrows that writing down plans is outdated; frivolous; maybe even childish. I remember walking through downtown Wollongong in the middle of winter one day when I was a kid. There was a woman with really bright clothing moving through the crowd, and everywhere she walked she left people smiling behind her.

That was when I realised you can create a little island of happiness around you by wearing bright clothes. My bright shirts are part of my stage clothing — a way to set up a relationship with the audience. My wife makes all my shirts — very rarely do I buy any. So, the majority of shirts she makes, and she buys the materials, too.

Generally, they last between three and 30 wears before they begin to get a bit tired. There was one shirt I was especially in love with, my shinkansen shirt — the Japanese high-speed bullet train. We bought the material in the Shinjuku railway station in Tokyo. When the shirt wore out at the collar, my wife went to the tremendous effort of unpicking it and putting it on backwards, just so I could get another 20 or so wears out of it. My collection lives on my side of the wardrobe in our bedroom, over two levels — 20 shirts on each level. People have asked me for my old shirts when they wear out, which is a little bit creepy.

Colour is an important part of our lives. I like wearing the bright shirts simply because they can spread happiness in the world around me. Warm lighting; wooden bookshelves lined with paperbacks old and new; inherited silverware; Charlie Parker playing in the background and the smell of your favourite food bubbling away on the stove in Le Creuset pots that you will one day inherit.

Your parents would have that good organic washing powder, too. Your Christmases are food and music and trundle beds at the beach house. Long days spent lounging. Yeah, your family life is a Diane Keaton film. Even my boyfriend is in a different state. Despite my isolation, I rarely feel lonely. Then it strikes me. I start to shiver and the little match girl in me awakens. Oh, woe is me, standing on the outside looking in. Yet here I am. Green with envy and a touch of nausea. Time with people whose plates you can pick from; whose fridge you can raid without judgment. Walking home to my studio apartment on Sunday nights, I can almost hear the familial laughter and tinkle of glasses from every house I pass.

On these nights, the lights in the houses I pass look warmer than ever and the streetlights more harsh. My sister lives more than 30 hours away, not to mention the several thousand dollars it costs to get there. The rest of my family lives in. I know my fantasy of your family dinners is just that. You probably get sick of your parents after 20 minutes.

Maybe you sit there wishing you could be home in your pyjamas, passed out in your own plate of hot vegetable nothingness, too. By Daniel Moore My cat has the best life. He sleeps all day, eats when he wants, and if he decides he wants a pat, you have no choice but to pat. Instead, they go about their days outsourcing the details of life, like getting food and paying bills, to humans.

They live entirely in the moment, and while I do love my furry feline friend, I am intensely jealous of him. The outcome? He gets food. They have no sense of the days, hours, minutes and seconds flying by. As a result, they have next-to-no stress. Which sounds pretty excellent. And when was the last time you saw a cat clean anything, apart from themselves? My cat vomited the other day because he ate too much, too fast. He simply stepped around his disgusting pile of vom and waited by his food bowl for it to be topped up, because, well, he was hungry again.

Cats are the epitome of Zen. You know why? Things go from bad to worse for him, as we are draged into the story. An interesting piece of trivia, Bertie Higgins, who had a hit song called "Key Largo" many moons ago, co-wrote and appears in the film. Available on April Stacy Keach stars as a corrupt judge who has his hands in all the shady goings on in the city.

When an innocent man is killed by the corrupt cops answering the call to a blotched corner store robbery, he returns to our world as a doll out for revenge. Ooga Booga is corny, campy and fun. Magicians Burt Wonderstone and Anton Marvelton are childhood best friends and headlining at their own Las Vegas show together. After doing the same worn-out routine for ten years, Burt and Anton must find their passion for magic again and think of something fresh to do in order to save their show from being stolen by street performer Steve Gray played by Jim Carrey.

Not expecting much from this film, I was pleasantly surprised. The cast works well together and there are multiple laugh-out-loud scenes. Even as an adult, magic tricks are often amusing to me, so I found parts of this movie to be just that. Although I agree with the PG rating, be aware that there are a few crude jokes referencing sexual situations. This movie is not a masterpiece and will not leave you feeling amazed, but if you are looking for a comedy and fun time, this is just that.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey centers around the adventures of Shire-loving Bilbo Baggins who joins the quest to recover the erstwhile thriving Dwarf kingdom of Erebor. In their travels, they encounter orcs, goblins, elves, and stone giants. Truthfully, in spite of the headline, the Hobbit is not a bad movie at all. In fact, it is actually quite entertaining. This first installment is an engaging story that even non-Tolkien fans can easily follow. Martin Freeman brings an endearing and charming portrayal of the courageous hobbit.

It solves the blur action scenes can ail from at the regular 24 fps. Unfortunately for the movie, its predecessors, the Rings trilogy, are a very tough act to follow. Its length, 2 hours and 46 minutes, may be overkill for middling moviegoers. Because the book on which The Hobbit is based was made for kids, the film is ultimately light fare. Worth watching? Of course. And we need our fix. But the movie going journey may not be as unexpected.

Reviewed by Derek. The film is a never ending bloodbath as a girl is kidnapped and delivered into the bloody hands of a sadistic killer. This movie is targeted to fans of the genre and others will only find it discusting He makes a bad decision and ends up owing a drug lord big bucks after two teens steal the money. The film draws you in and holds your attention, which makes for good viewing. Be sure to check out his crime drama available March This is a fun film, check it out!

Available March 5. Take a movie night break, gather around the tv and enjoy. Everyone who knows me knows that I am big advocate for independent films. I praise any high profile actor who takes a film role for the quality of the script and not for a huge paycheck. A Late Quartet is one of these rare independent film gems, which chose an amazing cast based on the script. Daniel and Robert both want the honor and Juliette is caught in the middle for she is married to Robert but feels Daniel is a better musician. If you love classical music, A Late Quartet is a no brainer but this movie is more than just listening to classical music.

It has an outstanding screenplay that deals with human behavior, relationships and loyalty — elements that are often missing in Hollywood Blockbuster films. It is the time of year again when Hollywood starts releasing its holiday film lineup. In "Rise of the Guardians", Jack Frost, voiced by Chris Pine, slowly wakes up not remembering who he is or that he has magical powers.

Jack must assist in stopping Pitch Dark whose evil plan is to stop children from believing in the Guardians and believe in his nightmares. The film is directed by Peter Ramsey, who has numerous credits as a storyboard artist on such films as "Fight Club", "Men in Black" and "Independence Day" but Ramsey will go down in history as the first African American director of a major Hollywood animated feature film! This is my choice for an enjoyable family day at the movies!

Ben Affleck stars in and directs Argo, an unceasingly uncomfortable movie. Because of the mounting possibility of being discovered and killed on the streets of Teheran for the entire world to see, the CIA decides they need to be extricated. In other words, Argo is the ruse to dupe the Iranian revolutionaries and allow the officials safe passage out of Iran. As I mentioned, Argo the real movie, not the fake one made me feel uncomfortable on so many levels.

It transported me back to when I was 13 years old do the math watching the crisis unfold before my eyes on TV. Even my limited understanding of the events at that time made me feel uneasy. Even the comedic moments elicit nervous laughter, not letting the viewer forget for one moment the gravity and severity of the main plot. In spite of the discomfort I felt while experiencing it, Argo is a movie that deserves the highest praise. It tackles an event that is every bit as relevant today as it was back then. If anything, Argo proves that Affleck as a director and storyteller has graduated to the big leagues.

Reviewed by Derek Zemrak. I would have to agree. Classic Tim Burton is back! Landau lends his voice talent to one of the lead characters, Mr. As always Mr. Landau is outstanding with a "Vincent Price" type portrayal. Frankenweenie is a project that Tim Burton started as a short film when he was studying animation at California Institute of Art, 30 years ago. Burton's stop-motion animation, done in black-and-white, pays homage to the classic Universal Pictures such as Frankenstein and Dracula.

This story is about a boy and his dog that touches the heart as it explores their relationship with a tie in to the classic horror film Frankenstein. The detailed, beautifully produced stop-motion animation gives the entire film great depth. This is an award winning and breathtaking venture. The 3D element did not add anything to the movie, as the beauty of the artwork stands alone in 2D.

When Oscar nominations come around in January, I am sure you will see Frankenweenie at the top of the list for best animation. I would agree with Mr. Landau that Frankenweenie is one of Tim Burton's greatest projects; not only for its story but also the visual masterpiece he created with strong attention to detail in both the picture and the voices.

Do not miss Frankenweenie on the big screen. Some movies should be seen in theaters and Frankenweenie is one of them! Also, an added treat for you will be your children exploring the history of classic horror cinema. Anyone who likes action packed movies will enjoy Taken 2.

Mills killed the kidnapper and now the father wants him dead. Taken 2 has all the elements of an intense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Movies are made to remove one from reality if only for a few hours, in this case a short 91 minutes. I find it unbelievable and at times frustrating to see an individual being shot by six people with machine guns and come out alive, but that is just me and this is a Hollywood story.

Taken 2 is predictable and not as solid a film as Taken, but it is still worth the price of admission. Taken 2 is rated PG13 due to graphic violence, human torture and strong language. The Words is the best film I have seen this year. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this past January where it was purchased by CBS films for a reported 2 million and a guarantee of 1. This independent film is about author, Rory Jansen, played by Bradley Cooper The Hangover, Limitless whose latest novel is a literary success.

Rory is riding the wave of success. The problem is — Rory did not write it. Now amongst all the accolades he has to deal with his secret. All the performances are solid but it is the quality of the screenplay by Brian Klugman and Lee Stemthal that shines on the screen. As an independent film, The Words was shot on location in Montreal but was used to depict both New York and Paris, which greatly reduced production cost.

Often times these little gems of movies do not see enormous box office results because of a lack of marketing funds; they rely on word of mouth. The Words is a film that will make you think of your own life.

People will be talking about the movie for days after seeing it, as they reflect on their own lives and the paths that were chosen along the way. You see, he does whatever he wants and his team always covers up and picks up the pieces. Two wealthy businessmen in the district, the Motch brothers, John Lithgow and Dan Arkroyd decide it is time for a change and support local businessman Marty Huggins, played by Zach Galifianakis The Hangover to the Republican ticket. So if you are looking for a no—brainer comedy look no further than The Campaign.

Some things should not be re-Bourne. How is it possible to walk away from the three previous Bourne films that grossed over one billion dollars worldwide? Well do what any good producer would do, produce another Bourne movie. Shearing is the provider of his enhancement drugs.

Bourne Legacy, rated PG13, is not a reboot, sequel or prequel; it is a film of its own. The problem is that the film does not offer anything new. How many times have we seen an agent on a single mission in the middle of nowhere? This is the opening scene in Alaska. Yes, there is plenty of action, fight scenes, numerous dodging of bullets and motorcycle chase scenes. What is new is that the motorcycle chase goes on too long and it takes place in Manila, Philippines. The action does not deliver the heart—pumping thrills to the audience that the previous Bourne films did.

This is a direct result and vision of a new director in the series, Tony Gilroy Duplicity, Michael Clayton. Gilroy wrote all of the screenplays in the Bourne series. In this version, there is no trip to Mars. This is when the non-stop action truly begins. But the film lacks both a story line and development. So if you are looking for good, mindless fun at the movies then Total Recall is a good choice. Plus President Obama makes a brief appearance. Sort of. Dog Days is the third movie for the 1 best selling series by author Jeff Kinney. The time is summer vacation and Greg Zachary Gordon is up to his old tricks and mischief with his best friend Rowley Robert Capron.

The film addresses teen issues such as "awkward parent moments", "sibling troubles", "first crush," "telling the truth" and "admitting to your mistakes". I had the chance to contact Zachary Gordon and ask him a few questions about the movie. Do you feel this was an important element of the film? Zachary Gordon This message definitely was an important part of the film.

My character, Greg, continually messes up and doesn't take responsibility for his mistakes. All his Dad wants him to do is own up to what he does wrong. Frank, Greg's Dad, sums it up by telling Greg what his own father, Greg's grandfather, said, "A man who never made a mistake never made anything.

Has the cast developed a friendship over the three Wimpy Kid movies? Zachary Gordon Some of my best friends are part of my Wimpy family. We became so close and had so much fun throughout the course of filming the three movies. Although most of us live in different parts of the country, we try to stay in touch as much as possible through FaceTime - and as for the guys, we play Call of Duty on Play Station Live - that's the best way to stay connected. The friendships I have made these past few years are what I will remember most about filming these movies.

And if so how many times? Zachary Gordon There wasn't a ride exactly like the Cranium Shaker from the book in Vancouver, so we had to settle for the next best thing. The amusement park's most terrifying ride was the Revelation, which spins its passengers at 62 miles per hour on either end of its foot propeller like arm. I love amusement park rides, but the build up to this ride was a bit intimidating. We were promised iPads if we went on the ride, so it made me think it must be horrific!

On the day we filmed, Robert and I were strapped into the ride, while the crew was setting up cameras and doing other technical stuff for about an hour and the anticipation was awful. So by the time we began, I was more anxious than usual. Once we rode it, I went on eight more times! I loved it. For Robert, who doesn't like amusement rides, once was enough. This is a good movie to enjoy with the whole family. As with the other Nolan Batman films, The Dark Night is dark, suspenseful, a quality screenplay and has incredible cinematography.

The movie is not for children and I question the PG13 rating, due to the extreme violence, tension, sensuality and language. The opening scene sets the tone of the film and you know that we will be taking a hair raising rollercoaster ride for the next two hours and 40 minutes. The entire cast is outstanding and kudus go to Director Nolan. Selina is intended to be the latest Catwoman but the character is never addressed as Catwoman in the movie.

In summary, I would say that The Dark Night Rises lives up to the marketing hype with a suspenseful story that keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entire two hours and 45 minutes. Woody Allen is back! As with many Woody Allen films, the location is the major part of the story. Their stories could be four short films, but Woody Allen makes it all work as one. The outstanding cast proves that actors love working with Woody Allen. The witty dialogue in Woody Allen at his best.

As a side note, his next project will be filmed in New York and San Francisco, which should be a real treat to see. Hollywood is producing remakes that are only 10 years old! Where is the creativity in movie making today? Well that would be in Independent Films but that is a story for another day. In this remake, Peter Parker Andrew Garfield, The Social Network , is a high school student struggling to figure out who he is as he deals with why his parents disappeared when he was a young child. The film deals with many issues that teenagers face such as first love, social acceptance, and belonging.

I have to say a lizard with a British accent is always more dramatic. Come on Hollywood it has been 10 years give us something new! Needless to say, Medira is against this plan for her marriage. The three guys vying for her love are as humbling as the Three Stooges. Medira is more skilled in archery, horseback riding and mountain climbing. What is a princess to do? Well life takes a turn when a spell is cast on the Queen and Medira must save her mother by breaking the spell.

Brave opens with the breathtaking animation of the Scottish landscape — a feature that has made Pixar Studios unique and you know immediately that you are watching a Pixar movie. The problem with Brave is the story. It is not like the sophisticated screenplay past films such as Wall E and Up. Do not get me wrong — Brave is not a bad movie, it is just not what we have come to expect from the high standards that Pixar has created in their previous13 films. After the teacher is sentenced, Donny lives the high life until the money runs out. Do you hear anything funny yet? These are all talented actors but not in this film.

I guess Adam Sandler set his goal to win a few more. Jack Black School of Rock plays Bernie Tiede, the local assistant in the Carthage funeral home and the most loved resident in town. He is also the person who is involved in everything from singing at the church, directing and performing in the local theater and comforting the locals with any needed support. It is a stellar performance when an actor makes you forget all his other roles and pulls you into the character.

I predict an Oscar nomination for Black! Yes, I said an Oscar nomination for Jack Black! A special friendship develops between Marjorie and Bernie and where the friendship goes is as strange as these two people. The film cuts to documentary-style interviews with the local people of Carthage to get their opinions of the true events that changed their small town.

These intercuts are effective and enjoyable. There is no comparison! Snow White and the Huntsman is a far superior film in all aspects from script to cinematography to acting; it is a joy to watch. The opening five minutes of the film sets the tone by showing something new, creative and visually pleasing. Her performance is mediocre at best. It is worth the rental and you will appreciate her performance.

You will hate this queen as evil oozes through her pores, although in a few scenes she was a little exaggerated. In this version, we learn of Snow White and the prince's childhood friendship. The eight dwarfs yes eight are excellent and deliver some of the comic relief. I was disappointed that little people did not portray the dwarfs. The cinematography is astonishing as it captures the breathtaking landscape of the United Kingdom. The castle is stunning and the dark forest is gloomy.

First time Director, Rupert Sanders, created a great mix of fantasy, fairytale and action. Snow White and the Huntsman is grim with a PG13 rating due to the violent battle scenes and the graphic transformation of the Evil Queen. It is Time Travel which pervades the whole film. He, the last survivor of the alien race, is now a threat to the entire human race. He is full of anger and animosity towards Agent K. Boris, who now has the chance to reverse his misfortune, travels in time to to kill Agent K. The spin is now set in motion. Director Barry Sonnenfield, I feel, does not parlay this sequence successfully in the film.

However, it is still a very entertaining movie, and it is worth the jaunt for a pleasurable movie experience. Reviewed by Derek 3 slates. He is the epitome of abhorrent despotism that is the centerpiece of the entire film. Now, how is this belligerent character parlayed in the film?

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The film expresses this absurdity in the expression of farce and satire. The Admiral General, under the threat of protest for democracy, heads to New York for a speech at the United Nations Assembly sounds familiar? Remember Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? The storyline now aims for the cultural differences between the two individuals. What can anyone expect from toy manufacturer Hasbro when they decided to make a movie based on one of their most popular board games — Battleship? The best way to explain this would be to take the Battleship board game, throw it in the air and let the pieces fall where they may.

This is now a big mess! The special effects were fantastic, jumpy at times, but the story is silly. It made no sense and was confusing because the aliens attack the Navy at sea in Hawaii. Rhianna should have performed a song for the soundtrack and stayed out of the movie. I played the board game as a kid and again as an adult with my son, but it never involved aliens.

Last Call for Mr. Paul

I would have preferred a coming of age drama script! It's one of those films that half the people who see it rave about it and the other half say "What in the world was that? Ultimately you have to judge for yourself, but the film follows a intellectual who creats a following an the WWII vet who becomes his right hand man. It's is worth watching. K follows a man as he wakes from a drug haze behind prison walls.

There he experiences who rules the roost, sometimes in horrific ways. K is a griping film and has some nice twists to keep you interested. This was a gothic soap opera that ran on TV from to , with a total of 1, episodes. The ratings skyrocketed! A comedy! Burton has stated that he was a big fan of the television series, running home each day from school to catch the new episode.

Depp can play any role offered to him; he is one of the best actors of our generation and way over due to receive an Oscar! It is always an experience to see a Tim Burton film, which needs be seen on the big screen, as he is the master of creative, bizarre cinematography. The set decorations and s period piece costumes receive big kudos! Anyone who was a true fan of the television series will be disappointed. The rest of us will find it an enjoyable minutes! As with the book, the movie addresses all aspects of pregnancy, from miscarriage, adoption, mood swings, emotional breakdowns downs to cankles!

The film follows five couples through different stages of pregnancy. However, I would have to say that Rebel Wilson Bridesmaids was the scene-stealer. Rebel had several of the funniest lines in the movie, as the eccentric sales girl in the maternity store. One of the best lines was delivered to her boss "Can I take my 15 minutes Facebook break? As with most pregnancies, surprises happen along the way and this screenplay touches on those moments.

All pregnancies are different; some easy, some not so easy, some complicated and some tragic. High praise must be given to the screenwriters as well as the director, Kirk Jones Waking Ted Devine , for keeping the non-comedic difficult elements in the film. All I can say is; thank you Nations for being open 24 hours a day. I highly recommend this entertaining movie. Is it a marvel and a Marvel? Quibble no more as it is truly a marvel. These extraordinary creatures have big egos and personas to the nth degree. It is unfathomable that the script and film could be developed with these extremities.

This, my fellow avid moviegoers, did not befall overnight. Our quench for thirst, pangs of unbridled curiosity and our incessant need for more superhero movies have been parlayed into a filmic experiment. Their personas have been richly nurtured and developed by Robert Downey Jr. The movie then becomes more captivating and intriguing. It even sounds like a box office magnet to me at this point. The movie is truly whimsical, imaginative, and magical—even at the box office! Reviewed by Beau.

Check out this tense cat and mouse game and find out. Things go wrong when she becomes the target of one of those criminals, hilariously played by Eric Roberts The Dark Knight as a Russian mobster. Tyler Perry stars in a different role from his usual comedies. He plays a police detective looking at moving to a desk job with the FBI, when a serial killer steps into the picture. Plenty of action and suspense, but I found the first 3rd of the film slow and not really caring about the characters.

On Screen & Beyond

As the film progresses it does draw you in, but you have to stick with it for the eventual payoff. I have the opportunity to screen many hooror films and most just go for the shock value and no real storyline. I really enjoyed this film and gave a real chill down my spine at times.

A little girl becomes possesed from a spirit in a box and all hell breaks loose! NIce twists and a good story! I recommend this one After his release, he works his way back up the ranks for a shot at the title. It's a typical plot for a boxing story, but well done in this film. Here is another one you'll enjoy if you like boxing movies The movie stands head to toe with the TV show and is one funny film!

The boys head out on a trip to a Greek island after they graduate, with no parents, looking for wild days and nights of drinking and women Check this one out, it's much better than most teen coming of age films! A female bodyguard is assigned to watch a rich man's daughter who has been getting death treats as her wedding approaches. During the case, she is being distracted by a handsome friend of the groom.

A cute film to watch on a date. CUPID is a light hearted romp about love. A girl about to give up on finding Mr Right, is given a mission to help another couple fall in love and is promised that she then will find true love. Don't look for anything to deep, just sit back and have fun with it! We knew from the moment it happened we knew a movie would be in the works. They did a good job with this film considering everyone knows the final outcome, but we knew the ending of Titanic and people still watched it.

I'm sure the huge budget film coming out soon will overshadow this one, but check it out,,,it makes for interesting viewing. Kids will get a kick out of the pirates hey, it's a cartoon, of course you can have pirates and their ship in the desert and the other characters. But the film falls short at times as it moves slow and the characters are a bit strange looking.

But as I said, the kids will enjoy it! Richard Gere stars along side Susan Sarandon and a great cast. Gere plays a Wall Street mogul about to sell his company, that is limping along, before anyone finds out about the problems. Along the way, events happen that makes things worse of course! It features an amusing story in a backdrop of butter sculpting Much in the style of other off beat films such as "Best of Show", "Butter" is quirky but fun.

A film worth watching! What more can I say? This installment has more action than the first and you don't want to miss it! We know they will make a "3" and I can't wait to see who and what that one will bring for us!. It actually is a pretty decent holiday film. It's a fun and heartwarming adventure for the whole family. The plot may not be Oscar material, but it is a fun romp for the holiday season. Kids will love it and the adults will have a goodtime sharing a family little movie time with them. Take a break from the holiday rush and enjoy!. Christmas and dogs always seem to come together in holiday films and it seems Elisa Donovan has done her share of holiday movies with dogs.

She stars in this cute film about a woman waiting for her boyfriend to propose She also loses her job and meets up with an angel. That's all we'll say, but what ensues makes for a fun holiday film. At this time of year, there are dozens of new Christmas films that come our way, some are cute, some are good, some are bad. The plot revolves around a Christmas tree lot and a crazy cast of characters.

Enjoyable holiday viewing. Along the way they end up in some funny situations. Not one of the funniest "stoner" movies, but it does ofer a few chuckles along the way. You'll recognize Erik Estrada in the cast. A group of friends find an ancient coffin that lets them experience the world as a ghost. As the film moves on, they find that they are being dragged into another world where they are losing control.

Not your usual type horror film. Check it out Santa is missing and Gummibar and his freinds set out to search for the jolly old elf! I can't see this one becoming a classic, but still enjoyable for the younger set. Duhamel plays a guy who witnesses a double murder and he becomes the next on the list.

This one will keep you on the edge of your seat! Javier shines in each film! Set in a post- apocalyptic world where the hero, Hirokin, must fight to survive against an evil ruler! Check it out for an entertaining evening. It makes for cute viewing for kids and parents will enjoy a movie they can watch with their kids. Don't look for a deep meaning film, just fun! At this time of year, many of this type of film with dogs flood the market and this one will start getting the kids in the Christmas mood While watching this dvd, you'll feel you had the best seat in the house and of course, it's loaded with great music!

Available worldwide November Tyler Perry serves up another one of his installment's of his Madea franchise. It's one of those wacky movies you just can't help but watch. It may not be the best Madea outing, but it still delivers! Funnyman Tyler Perry never seems to stop working. Being a play it has a different feel than a movie, but the feel is the thrill of performing live! The plot is about a woman who has to move in with her parents because of hard times and what we get is a play filled with songs, laughter and even a tug on the heartstrings! It involves a stolen horse, a young girl in need of an operation and bad guys.

Stir it all together and you have this film! After the death of his wife a man Robert DeNiro tries to reconnect with his family, who communicate through his wife. When they all decline to come to a weekend reunion, he sets out to visit them. DeNiro does a great job in the role. Have some tissues close by! It's one of those movies that you just sit back and take it in and let yourself go with it.