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I too have touble with methyls. What did you figure out? I will be so grateful for any advice. Thank you!!! Bea — lot of possible issues going on so hard to pinpoint — but: — need to lower oxidative stress and open up the sulfation pathway. Dr Lynch, thank you very much for your reply! These are very helpful points for me. I will follow them up. As you suggested, I will try B1. Dear Bea, I have the same problem.

CBS mutation and since high doses of methylfolate and -cobalamin no more tolerance for protein foods ans sulfur supplements in the brain. Did B1 help you? Or did you find an other solution?

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I would be happy to hear from you. Thank you! First of all, I discovered that the heart problems upon eating protein chest pains, shortness of breath, etc are all from potassium deficiency. This started when I was given large doses of B12 and folic acid. But eating protein always made it worse. I had to take a large dose of potassium for a couple of months — I experimented with the dose that would stop the chest pains and shortness of breath.

For the brain symptoms, the most useful thing has been supporting the urea cycle. I realized that my brain symptoms upon eating meat were exactly the symptoms of ammonia toxicity. When I tried measures to reduce ammonia, my brain symptoms cleared. That confirmed the ammonia diagnosis for me. Now I take L-ornithine to support the urea cycle.

Having to go without protein was making me weaker and sicker. The only way I found to eat protein is by taking L-Ornithine at the same time. I also take a Solgar product that is Arginine-Ornithine. That also seems to help. I can eat vegetable proteins like lentils, legumes etc, and an egg. But animal meats, e. I also take Calcium D Glucarate. I tried taking B1, but it gave me head symptoms eyes aching, pressure in the head, etc so I had to stop.

I started taking B6 in P5P form , and that has been very helpful for excitotoxicity. I gradually increased my B6 dose, with good results for anxiety. Finally I started taking high doses of antioxidants to relieve the oxidative stress. In my case Vitamin E has been very helpful, to prevent some brain symptoms. Also Selenium because my levels always test low probably due to mercury using up selenium. I have the same symptoms and sensitivity to proteins as you.

Did your symptoms fade away over time or are they still present? Along with brain fog, headache etc. Taking IV glutathione has caused disorientation, slurry speech, lack of balance, clumsiness, excessive sleepiness, short-term memory loss. Bea how was your sodium level when had these IV glutathione? My daughter had very similar reaction when on neuropathy drug because it decreased her sodium and may have done something to her folate level as well as she is low in that now.

Hi Kathleen, thanks for your reply. I went back to my blood tests to answer your question about the sodium levels. They seem to be fine — the normal range is , and mine was However, I think the treatments caused a large Potassium deficiency. I learned that this is common, especially with B12 injections. Taking potassium has helped some of my symptoms. I am sorry to hear about her problems. Thank you Bea for the information about potassium in red blood cells.

They must have checked her electrolytes 6 times but always just normal blood draws. I thought, this would be something most people can start with and take it everyday to adress everything just a little bit. My plan was to do this and then slowly put more supplements into my plan to address my SNPs. At this moment, I feel tired the hole day with brain fog. But also no vitamins or minerals. Do lot of sports and also relaxation. But I have brain fog and little constipation, feeling not good in my colon…. Thank you for this article. I have a question about the B Minus supplement : Is the leucine added for a specific reason and can it cause side effects, perhaps as a result of creating an imbalance with other amino acids?

The amount of leucine in these capsules is very very low. It is not a problem in terms of imbalance. You eat a bite of any protein and you will get more leucine from that. The leucine is to help the nutrients flow into the capsule. I use it instead of magnesium stearate. I notice that many of your supplements contain a lot of herbal ingredients. I was wondering what your stance is on salicylate and other intolerances like oxalates?

Also have discovered I have a problem with taurine. I also experienced that when eating many green veggies I first felt great for one week but then I felt even worse than before…. Also, I could swear that previously you had suggested using NAD in conjunction with glutathione to make sure it converts to the good reduced glutathione and not the bad oxidized glutathione. Also, I forgot to ask — would you suggest remaining on a lower maintenance dose of B1 and molybdenum after doing the sulfite pathway treatment, so that the pathway remains open?

If so, what maintenance doses do you suggest? Caldeonia — one has to experiment and see. There are other backup pathways also that support — such as general liver support milk thistle and calcium D glucarate. Thank you so much for writing this article! I, too, cannot tolerate methylfolate or most B vitamins. Looking forward to trying this protocol and see what happens. When you first posted this, I was reading it and followed a trail?

Thanks so much! Thank you Dr. Lynch, This discussion is very helpful about when to back off, and how to prepare the body to respond the best before adding methylfolate. My son could not tolerate much methylfolate to begin with, so we backed off, added some of your optimal turmeric and optimal start for about 3 weeks, and then proceeded to start with the methylfolate and add slowly from there. He is on about 2. We would love to able to recommend to him a multivitamin, but I am concerned about giving him your multi because it combines niacin and methylfolate.

What are your thoughts about this, and can you recommend what to do? Obviously, our son is getting niacin in his diet already, as well, but he really needs a multi. How do we know how much to take? I feel pretty stable only get mood swings due to bad diet. I am compound hetero childbearing age and take mcg of methylfolate and cobalamin a day, as well as 50 mg of p5p. I feel good. And my folate and B12 levels are high as well. I am worried about the high homocystein in case I get pregnant.

Does this correlate to the amount of folate I am taking? Would love to see a debate between you and William Walsh, PhD. How do you respond to his criticism of methylating supplements and folate? My biggest struggle since trying to deal with my MTHFR is the random days of extreme irritability, sudden anger and maladaptation. I recommend reading this article in full and applying the recommendations. They should help your swings significantly. Watch your sugar intake and carb loading and protein loading. Consider eating more healthy fats instead.

I know it seems odd but can very helpful with mood stabilization. Also evaluate your estrogen levels. Higher estrogens tend to increase irritability. I will talk with my Doctor about the Estrogen cream possibly being an issue. I have been on Seriphos for a few years now and that did an awesome job of helping me sleep at night.

I take oral, topical, and magnesium drops because my levels were so low. That is now improving, especially with the muscle cramping I used to get at night. I also take 2 tsp. I will absolutely look at all of your recommendations and re-read your article.


Hi Maria, I am not a practioner and not qualified to give advice. I can tell you the Systemic Formulas made me very sick and very angry! I was also taking G-Cell and 2 others from SF. They really screwed up my thyroid labs, worst high free t4 and reverse t3 ever complete with hypo symptoms and that was without any increase in my naturethroid thyroid medication. Please please please be very careful with Systemic Formulas!

They put too much other stuff in and you have no control of desired singular amounts! One size does NOT fit all. I am on soooo many Systemic Formulas supplements. This has gone on for 1 year now. Dan Pompa who helps formulate Systemic Formulas to rid my body of lead. Maybe it was too soon…so when my labs came back in December, I had to increase my Naturethroid back UP to 3 grains.

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My other concern is my blood sugar. I never took my fasting blood sugar at home before working with Dr. Using his Cellular Healing Diet, I do not eat any sugar including maple syrup, honey, or high sugar fruits. I have about 9 months left on my coaching contract with Dr. Pompa, so Lord willing things will improve by the end of the year. If not, I need to go another direction. Thanks so much for your input! Hi Maria, I am in the exact same situation as you. My naturopath is great, but I need someone who has fully researched this. To be recommended, more training should be required.

I have severe anxiety reactions to B I try to summarize Dr. This is extremely time consuming and pretty much has taken over my life. I need to find balance, but at the same time need to address this correctly without making things worse. She wants me to try B12 again but I am so fearful.

I am going to take in these recommendations and ask to do them first. Like you, I also have hormone challenges. I am on so many blended supplements and things estrogen patch, migraine meds that I am now focusing on how to get off of them. It is difficult to tell what is helping anymore.

But the 1 thing that has helped is my diet. My hormone symptoms are less and I am trying to wean off the estrogen patch. Recently, I stopedp taking 6 sublingual Perque B12 to see if this would help with my horrible irritability. So, this past 2 weeks, I have been taking 2 sublinguals about every 3 days. When I switched my Natural Radiance Progesterone cream to Progestelle coconut oil based Progesterone oil, after six weeks my hot flashes returned with a vengeance and I had horrible depression for about 7 days last week. Sometimes I wonder if I need to go off ALL of my supplements not my natural dessicated thyroid medication, though for a time, then add back ONE at a time to see which is helping.

Meanwhile, I could bring on deficiencies while slowly adding things back. Last night, I had to switch back to the Natural Radiance Progesterone cream. If methyfolate is making you feel terrible but your homocysteine is Without the methylfolate I feel melancholy and sad. With it can get irritable, anxious and vertigo. Everyday is different. Would love to have any help or suggestion! Thank you for your article. I started taking your optimal multivitamin recently and just wanted to clarify. Note how you feel when reaching for the supplement bottle.

If a bit sluggish or off, then you may need it. In these articles, there are the names of the supplements and in blue text. They are also underlined a bit when you mouse over them.


Click on those and it will take you to the product pages where you can learn more and obtain if you like. Dr Lynch for me molybdenum caused constipation, bloating and wiring effect while I did not exceed mcg. I do have bad reaction to sulfur containing foods. Also when I try to support my liver with milk thistle I get fatigue so gut problems due to toxins reabsorption? Seems that you may need to evaluate your digestive system.

This could significantly help. I am also compound Hetero. I recently found a dr within an hour of my office on your website. He recommended a methyl folate supplement with other b vitamins. I have been taking it for about 6 weeks now. I have noticed no negative side effects past frequent urination, which seems to be lessening. My question is, should I keep taking the folate and b vitamins every day til my homocysteine levels are normal again and then take it as needed and should I do anything else for the frequenct potty trips?

I should also mention the dr had me do a 2 week liver flush which helped with weight loss from the prednisone and I have continued to work hard to keep my sugar intake low. Dr Lynch- thank you for this article! Where do I begin? How do I get tested for Mthfr? Hi Dr Lynch, I am living in Australia, diagnose with dermatomyosits a year ago which was triggered by early breast cancer. Have just finished the journey of surgery, chemo and radium.

I have just joined your page and find it very interesting. So glad you take the time to write these wonderful gems. Retested my hs-crp among other things, labs did not improve actually got worse hs-crp went through the roof, was 8 and went to almost Wanted to keep me on my supplement protocol but I decided not. I take a few things now, not every day but frankly my feet, hands, joints hurt so much I am not sure what helps and what does not.

I will try some of the things you recommended and see how I feel. Thanks again, good info. Not so great probably, but we have to try something. Thank you so much for all of the information you share here. I have a question about electrolytes. I have adrenal fatigue, some early autoimmune disease. The electrolytes you recommend here are high in Mg and potassium, right? Do I need to add salt like pink salt to the electrolyte drink re: adrenal fatigue to ensure enough sodium — or would just salting food to taste be ok if using the electrolyte drink?

She has me on NAC instead of glutathione. If your adrenals are really fatigued and you are losing salt because your aldosterone levels are low, then yes, you may need to add some more sodium to the electrolyte mix. Try the electrolytes without the added salt.

If they are helping a lot — then great. If you feel you want to add more salt, then try that after a few days of electrolytes without added salt. On the first day I started methylfolate and each time I have increased the amount, I have one day of feeling incredibly relaxed. I have fibromyalgia and those days are the only ones I can recall with no pain and no jumping whenever someone touches me.

What could cause this? Does the fact that it only lasts a day mean I still need to increase the amount I take?

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I am homozygous for C It seems that you may need to keep increasing the amount of methylfolate — but do so with an eye to stop increasing and possibly stop. Definitely add in the electrolytes and glutathione — without those supporting, the methylfolate can backfire. The info in this piece is helpful as well and I thank you for sharing! I like to poke fun at myself sometimes — but I see your point. Could be taken the wrong way. Thank you for this article and all your work! My ND has me on your liquid methlyfolate and your multi that has the methlyfolate and methylcobalamin in it.

I take everyother day and only 5 drops of the the methylfolate and 1 capsule of the multi I am also on hydrox B12 and niacin every other day to. I just ordered the electrolyte formula you have as I have issues with being dizzy, insatiable thirst and frequent urination. I take magnesium at night so hopefully this wont cause any problems with that. I am just wondering how do I get the irritableness and anger to go away? She thinks I need to the methyl pathways open so I am taking what she says because I want this to work but will it work?

Thank you again for everything! The methylfolate may be aggravating the irritability. Consider talking with your doctor and getting off it for a week or two. The electrolytes wont interfere with the magnesium at night. One capsule each. I will talk to my doctor and look into getting those supplements. I was only sleep 4 hours straight at night but now I get at least 5 so its better. I find the magnesium helps that. Will the ashwaganda hinder my sleep? Thank for responding. It means so much that you would respond to my message so thank you.

I am going through some methlylation issues today because I went from doing the protocol my doctor told me to do at every three days and as she said if no problems increase to every other day. So last week I did that and yesterday and today have been very bad days. Tired, sick, anxious, irritable, depressed and sad. I am stopping the methylation as you said and I asked my doctor and she agreed. Just hoping this feeling will go away soon. Thank you again for the advise and I look forward to trying the electrolyte formula soon.

Hoping that will help. How do you increase your morning cortisol? My ND has me on your liquid Methylfolate 5drops and multi 1 capsule with methylfolate and methylcobalamin, Niacin and hydrox B12 everyother day. I just cant get rid of the anxiety and anger issues. I ordered your electrolyte product just today because I have bouts with insatiable thirst and dizziness and frequent urination. My doctor says she trying to get me to clear the pathways so I am continuing what she says.

I tried the liposomal glutathione and felt the same feelings as the methyl products, however I tried the glutathione every day in a small amount so would it be better to do that every other day to start and should I still be doing the methyls? Thanks so much again for all you do you are really a blessing.

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  • Hello Robin. All of the symptoms you mention can be linked to diabetes. Doctors have told me that judging from the amount and time of onset of my neuropathy that my diabetes must have been hidden for a long time. This is all evolving science and medicine and what is thought to be correct today could be proven wrong tomorrow. Methylation is obviously a key pivotal genetic issue and needs to be looked at very seriously. I have two copies of the CT mutation.

    Natural vitamins and products are clearly superior to synthetic ones. Natural TMG, another methyl donor derived from beets, seems to have been very helpful to me. But even natural products can have big potential problems. Kidney stones can be caused by too much protien in the diet. Leucine, a BCAA, is beneficial to diabetics. This site of Dr. Ben Lynch has proven to be the most helpful to me because I have serious methylation issues. I hope this is helpful to you. Michael M. Dr Ben, you rock!!

    Thank you so much for all your work and sharing!! Greatly appreciated your feedback on my labs and that you offer such tests and services! Your feedback validated what I have been doing following the info on your website and making continual adjustments as pathways improve or something new in life needs attention. I wish I could get my family to listen. If I stop either, then things get worse, including muscle cramps and twitching.

    I definitely have adrenal issues, but wonder if the taurine is too diuretic as my cramping, twitching seems to get worse when I take either of those. When I add salt, like you recommend above, the cramps and twitching get better, but then my nose and eyes get very dry. I would highly recommend trying the Optimal Electrolyte. The taurine is minimal in there and enough to support electrolyte balance. There is a TON of misinformation about there on taurine. Chronic illness definitely depletes nutrients — tons of them.

    Please check viral and bacterial loads — and see if you can start attacking them albeit slowly and cautiously. Briefly: — may be folate receptor antibodies — more demand to make more blood cells for various reasons — poor absorption — more snps. Niacin may not work for some people as there are other issues — many — which are affected by folate and other pathways. Electrolytes and glutathione are new additions which is why I wrote this article. I generally feel ok, energy and concentration a bit low but sure that is to be expected in pregnancy.

    I have mild pyrroles and Zn:Cu ratio often 10 Zn, 20 Cu. I am taking 5 seeking health natal mcg folate , mcg hydroxycobalaman, phosphatydlycholine, DHA, Zinc pin 30mg , Iron — mostly seeking health supps. Am I best going off the multi and B12 for a while and taking some methionine? I have the seeking health one here but not sure if contraindicated in pregnancy. I am worried being pregnant if I go off the multi I may miss out on something. My diet is pretty good and I have lots of dietary folate, every day.

    Are you eating enough protein?? Need to and this is why I made the Optimal Prenatal Protein Powde r as I know many women cannot eat much during pregnancy — let alone swallow more pills. Do you think I should stop the folate, B12, B6 in particular as they may be bringing it down too much? I was thinking I could try your methionine to up it a bit? I would reduce the B6 a bit and make sure you are absorbing the amino acids — consider an amino acid plasma test to see if you are deficient in any of them.

    I love that you created the protein for mothers. You show such compassion through your formulations. Excellent work. I am reading frantically to figure out where to start. Every time I get worn down, its like mono all over again. I am a mother of four plus three more step children and want to be around for a long time for them. My own other passed, stroke age 29 when I was three years old. I suspect MTHFR but I am so nervous to get tested for not knowing where to start or where to find a doctor who will address my history and condition without bias to how I look.

    I eat a ketogenic diet which helps immensely but I have weeks of malaise that are truly debilitating. I just want to be a good mother for my kids and a good wife who can keep up with the demands of the family. Right now, I am hopeful I can figure this stuff out because here in northern Maryland, there are not a lot of doctors to even choose from let alone that can address my issues,. Do yo know if molybdenum would interfere with bad bacteria in the gut or sulfate reducing bacteria? How do you specifically target sulfate reducing bacteria? I recently had my blood taken for amino acids. It came back that I have 5 different low amino acids and one high.

    I am Herero for ct. Not sure about anything else. I know I do not absorb nutrients well. Underweight and have never been able to put on weight. I see a nd dealing with digestive issues and sibo. I have experienced a LOT of hair loss. Some adrenal issues. Thank you for helping. I have been having repeated episodes of tachycardia, muscle twitches , excessive weight loss , chronic upset stomach altered with constipation and reoccurring low levels of potassium and calcium.

    Low blood pressure and low body temp. Any thoughts on this Dr. I live in a small town in GA with no sign of any medical practitioners with wisdom to help. What are your recommendations for low amino acids. Thank you for the article! My kids have been experiencing blank stares, could be absence seizures. I believe they started sometime around starting 5-mthf 1 mg.

    Does 5-mthf cause seizures if not administered properly? Lynch, I just got a test result back showing elevated neropinephrine levels. I am under the care of a Nutritionist. He wants to do a hair test for heavy metal toxins. Do you have a better test you recommend that I could take to see of I have a methylation problem?

    And maybe some advice on what could be causing my elevated neropinephrine levels and some steps to take? The main side effect I experience after consuming methylfolate even from green leafy veggies is insomnia. Thoughts on which recommendation is best to help with insomnia? I eat a very clean diet lots of leafy greens and exercise regularly.

    Do I need to back off on the methyl folate a bit? I see my healthcare prof. Lynch — I reacted negatively to the normal protocol, and have been taking your Sensitive Probiotics and Optimal Start successfully. I tried to take Optimal Electrolytes but it causes me to experience anxiety. And, should I go ahead and start the hydrocobalamin supplement or wait till I can tolerate glutathione.

    I have also become sensitive to citrus, which I understand creates more histamine. I wonder if the niacin in the electrolytes is causing anxiety for you but that would be odd. Take the electrolytes around mealtime — not away from food — and see if that works — a decrease in anxiety. Also try using the electrolytes when you are actually going to exercise or sweat.

    Need to talk with your doctor about hydroxocobalamin and glutathione. Starting low can really help — just bit by bit. Lynch, Thank you so much for responding to my questions. I will take the electrolytes around mealtime as you suggested. I want to start taking the Seeking Health SOD supplement, but am not sure if I have to find out my blood levels of manganese, zinc, and copper prior to starting. Thank you again. Your work and your words help to keep me encouraged and hopeful.

    I forgot one more question; there is Vit. Hello, I have also recently started the optimal electrolytes product and I experience irritability and aggression from it, similarly to anxiety. Do you think that form of niacin could be a cause? I do already take it with food. I was actually wondering whether the creatine could cause the irritability? I am also taking ornithine, and starting taking this at the same time.

    Name That Book cont. Part II

    Do you think the elevated nitric oxide levels could cause irritability and aggression? I was considering doing the SOD supplement to attempt to address this.. If anything it would be the niacin but usually niacin calms people down — not wind them up. Elevated NO could definitely increase aggression and irritability. Need to determine which one is causing it.

    Key is to understand that supplements are designed to enhance and support. Many are not intended to be taken daily. I think the ornithine was causing it and I will adopt your suggested approach to supplementing as required not as a routine. I did have a further question about muscle twitching as this has been a continuing issue for me and why I started with optimal electrolytes. Also, alot of people say its more effective taking NAC rather than glutathione because of something to do with glutathiones limited ability to cross the blood-brain barrier..

    So was bit confused as to which is better. Lynch, ever since I began the mthfr protocol 4 months ago I began losing weight and breaking out in hives on feet and hands. I overdid it initially and have since been able to maintain without the overmethylating side effects. However the unexplained weight loss And hives continue. Antibody test pending. Is it possible this may be due to kick starting the pathway? I did read that hives and thyroiditis are related. Just curious , thanks! Jennifer — yes they are related and I do know that hives is a very common complaint for those taking too much methylfolate.

    I would talk with your doctor and reduce or stop the methylfolate for now.

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    This is the first I have read that it is an end-goal to eliminate methyl-folate and other active B forms. I thought that it is a life-long need; in order to get usable B vitamins every cell needs, for the rest of life. How does thyroiditis factor in to methylation , or does it? I began losing weight upon starting the mthfr protocol and routine bloodwork revealed i was hyperthyroid. I now have chronic hives. Curious as to whether this is as a result of supplementing with methylfolate? Yes, hives is related to taking too much methylfolate. Do talk with your doctor about stopping it for a bit — and then take periodically.

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on this website. I have reached out to a recommended doctor in my area to schedule an apppointment but in the meantime, am hoping to ask you a few things. I am compound heterozygous, which I learned after a first miscarriage a double trisomy. My homocysteine level was normal at this time. I was taking 6. Around this time, I developed severe cystic acne I am 36 , which still persists but is slightly getting better. My doctor tested my folate and B12 levels, and my folate was normal 20 and my B12 high However, as I am still trying to conceive naturally , I am concerned about getting enough folate etc.

    However, if I am overmethylated, I want to address that safely. I started taking milk thistle to help cleanse my liver, in an attempt to help my skin. We are actively trying to conceive and I may be pregnant now, so I want to do what is right for the baby and I am so lost. I am looking into your supplements now and would appreciate any recommendations, as well as any thoughts if I need to treat overmethylation, or start taking the 5-MTHF again.

    Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide. I have one copy of CT and I am likely suffering from adrenal insufficiency. I have been crashing for 2 months now and have been under high amounts of stress for over 3 year weird symptoms for 3 years too. My blood pressure, the lower number, has been as low as 47 and my pulse dropped to 55 while still awake.

    I am concerned with my body kind of shutting down. Is there anything I should know to help me recover? My bigger question than myself are my three kids. My doctor does not see pediatric cases so I have no idea how to support them and I do not feel well enough to figure out what I should do to support them. Do you have any sources specific to children? My ND and certainly not my MD do not understand any of the adjustments to dosage or complementary supplements that may be necessary and to me this all seems complicated and overwhelming.

    In fact, when one is taking many supplements, how one can identify that the kale they ate for dinner is keeping them up is amazing to me. I clearly will need to find a functional doctor in the Seattle area unless you know of a simple way I can figure out what I need. Not sure on the path. Thank you so much. I was glad to read this article again. I have been supplementing for homozygous for 6 months. Last month, I had a herpes flare. I had blisters on my eyes, mouth, armpits, and other places—very painful.

    I tried cutting back on my supplements, nothing happened. Then I tried increasing. I tripled my methyl folate to mcg, kept methyl b12 at 5, mcg. Within 3 days the sores had just about vanished. In times of stress, increase. Have you noticed virus flair cycles in your own patients? Did I do the right thing? You proved that methylation deficiency increases viral replication and when you increase it, viral replication slows.

    Methylation inhibits many genes — and viruses use our genes and cells to do their dirty work. When you increased your methylation by increasing methylfolate and methylcobalamin, you inhibited viral replication!! Is it safe for a pregnant woman to take Liposomal Glutathione? Most of the labels say that a pregnant woman should avoid or consult with doctor. Also I am allergic to soy and flavorings so it is also difficult to find a brand that does not contain these products. Hi dr Lynch. I have lots of Snps expressing after taking cipro about 4 years ago, I got very sick and GI was bad.

    I use Chaga and Nac Selenium for that. Do you recommend I take the optimal multi and electrolytes? Plus, I am extremely tired all day every day. Am trying to get this right. I have seen 6 practitioners of mthfr, none have helped over the years, they pushed too much too fast, and I had set backs. Any help is something I would be thankful for. So are these recommendations for someone with pretty normal mental health, like just having nutritional deficiencies and stress buildup? I was prescribed the methyl b-vitamins for mental health reasons…I know this is all interconnected, but I feel like a person with serious mental brain illnesses would probably need a different treatment.

    Lynch for this article! I only wish I knew this 2 years ago. My doctor started me on LMTHF after finding out I am compound heterozygous but feeling fine and it has caused me sooo many problems. I now seem to have problems with histamine and salicylate foods! Do you think doing the above might reverse some of these results??

    If one is generally well without methylfolate, and has a negative reaction to it, do you see it as detrimental to be pregnant and not take it? Folic Acid is always emphasized so much! I cannot even tell you how much I appreciate these articles and your Facebook posts. They are helpful until I can find a knowledgeable doctor! Very helpful article. Optimal Start has molybdenum and thiamin in it.

    Would taking this be enough to open up the sulfite pathway, thereby making the need to take molybdenum and thiamin individually unnecessary? Good to always start simply and low and work up.. I have no idea what this all means. Amy made many, many suggestions one being a good multi-vitamin. Took 2 the first day and 2 the second day as recommended and one today. I am a mess now. I have adrenal fatigue with a mix of highs and lows according to a saliva test in October but have been under a lot of duress stemming from chronic horrendous pain in my leg coming from my back nerve pain from sciatica which came from a synovial cyst and a slippage of the L4.

    I was on HC for the adrenals but even at mg of it, I found it never really gave me the benefits it should have and only raised my already high blood pressure and raised glucose. I might have parathyroid disease, have had NHL non hodgkins lymphoma in , high blood pressure, a neck injury, adrenal issues possible thyroid, a HPA axis dysfunction stemming from chemo, the horrible neuropathy in my leg and butt and now this MTHFR.

    This vitamin is not agreeing with me at all. I feel so anxious, jittery, shaky, coming out of my skin. I cannot tolerate supplements well. I think i should stop them. I have no idea what supplements or things to do or not take or do. I am so lost. If you are taking something that is not agreeing with you — yes — you should talk with your doctor about it and see if it needs to be stopped or not. I have a possible chance of having stem cell therapy, do you think that it is possible to correct any of the SNP defects using this methodology? Lynch, I know that I have electrolyte issues. I need to drink water and go to the bathroom constantly yet am always dehydrated.

    My body actually tested a flat 0 for vasopressin. However, whenever I take anything with even a little potassium in it, I get a horrendous headache that lasts for days. No doctor has been able to explain why this is. Is it a Herxheimer reaction of some sort? Maybe you cannot get the potassium into your cells — or you are taking potassium in appropriate ratios.

    I am homozygous and have a very difficult time tolerating any methylfolate. I have an unusual symptom though, and wondered if you might have any ideas or if you think it might shed some light on some other issue I may be dealing with. If I go in the ocean or soak in an epsom salt bath, I break out in hives! Nothing else causes them. It seems unusual because epsom salt is supposed to get rid of hives! Any ideas? Consider having your doc measure your overall total IgE levels — and work on lowering histamine containing foods — and reducing histamine.

    I believe the histamine connection is related — whether the sole reason- doubt it — but definitely one to consider. What I am not understanding is, for example, if taking mg of folate from lemon extract in a vitamin vs. And I am not sure how folinic acid differs and how does the same dosage of folinic acid or folate differ in effectiveness than methylfolate? I would like to periodically test my RBC red blood count folate as an indication as to whether I may be taking too much or not.

    I am not very comfortable with monitoring how I feel. What should the RBC folate blood test range be that is optimal for the body? I would like to know because, from what I have read, that too much or too little RBC folate can turn off the tumor suppressor genes. And I have one CBS mutation, what about methylfolate vs another form of folate?

    All your questions are answered there — in depth — along with a lot of other useful information. Hello Nancy Riggs. You mention a critical area when dealing with folates and methylation, these being involved with cancer treatment and need to looked at seriously. Methylation is a dangerous consideration when cancer is involved.

    If so, follow up immediately! I take mg of TMG from sugar beets a day to assist my methylation but I do so with a little fear! My homocysteine level is 7 good which is a little comforting that my methylation level is good. As you study look closely at 5,10 MTHF and how it is broken down by the mthfr enzyme. Look at formyl THF. Ben might confirm this. Pteroylglutamic acid and natural folate are both effective in raising RBC. Single carbon molecules are are often referred to as Levo or Dextro forms most commonly known as just L or D referring to the direction of light beam refraction as it passes through the molecule, Levo is normally found in nature, and Dextro is primarily man-made.

    Of course natural is superior in supplements but not always what the body gets. Excessive amounts of supplements though can be MUCH more dangerous than not getting enough because they can reach toxic levels. Be careful and educate yourself! I have prescribed your SOD but have not had much feedback.

    Agree with Dr Kim. My practioners also agree Glutathione is poorly absorbed orally. I know your Seeking Health brand is formulated liposomally. Dr Lynch, have you considered creating any topical creams? I did not really believe in them much till I began using them. Pleasantly surprised me. BTW, I really do appreciate reading all your responses! You are a rare gem and greatly appreciated! Ditto to thanks for all your time and work! That goes to your wife as well! He still feels horrible!!

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